Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 2

Second Chapter of Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families

Being a Sati-saddhi and devoted wife till yesterday, the famous Bengalee singer Sharmila Chowdhury felt extremely disgusted after the incident with the Muslim kid Hanif Ali Khan. That day in the morning after completing her bath in the sacred river Ganga, she offered puja in the Kalighat Mandir before the Goddess Maa Kali and begged her blessings. A flower dropped on her head from the Goddess’s hand, Sharmila’s face glittered with joy, her guilty feelings and tension vanished slowly.


Her devotion to the Goddess Maa Kali increased more and she established a Maa Kali’s marble statue in her worship-rooom.  That night she also disclosed all the happenings to her husband and confessed her sin to him. Samaresh listened all but being an open minded gentleman, he didn’t mind at all.

On the other hand Samaresh became excited tremendously by his wife’s adultery and by his favourite actress’s nasty and vulgar incestuous activities. That night he fucked his wife like a horny dog, Sharmila clearly realized her husband’s sudden passion and smiled happily.

Next day after finishing her daily puja and other household chores Sharmila went back into her only son Soumya’s room first and replaced his porn stash under the mattress. Then she walked back into her own bedroom. What a mess! She worked quickly to remake the bed and then sighing, she opened a window to let the smell of previous day’s sex out of the room. She felt a little ashamed of herself. She had really gotten way out of control with that muslim kid.

The memory of it made her blush at first. But the more she thought about it, and how wild the boy had been himself the more she began to smile and the more her cunt tingled. Her embarrassment lifted. As long as the kid was discreet, and she sensed he would be, why should she feel this way? She had to admit she had loved every hot minute. Hanif had taken her to places she had never thought she could go to. She could hardly wait for her husband to return.

Samaresh got home from his office ( Bank ) as usual at around 7o’clock. He had been rubbing his cock through his jeans the whole drive home. Ever since he knew about his wife’s illicit relation with Hanif and saw Parveen Khatun’s porn pictures, all he wanted to do was stay at home and join in the fun with Hanif and Sharmila.

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Actually Sharmila herself was dreaming for a long time to involve her husband into a threesome. Hanif’s entry in her life and her husband’s open minded attitude created the situation and she didn’t want to loose this great opportunity. She told her dream to Hanif and the kid’s eyes glittered with joy. In the meantime Sharmila also intimated Hanif about the conversation between her husband and her in which Hanif became relieved from the tension.

As Samaresh entered the worship-rooom, he saw his wife bent over in front of the statue of the Goddess Maa Kali in a praying mood. She was completely nude and is being fucked from behind by Hanif. Sharmila was 4 years younger than her husband Samaresh and at 30 she had lost none of the sex appeal that had attracted him to her 13 years ago. Leaning against the door frame he watched as her big tits shook back and forth in tandem with each of Hanif’s fevered thrusts.

Undoing his jeans, Samaresh began to play with his cock as he watched his beautiful wife beg her baby lover to go faster, his thin boyish cock sliding in and out of her wet sex. Rubbing his balls with his free hand, Samaresh couldn’t hold back any longer, he needed a mouth on his cock.

Stripping off completely he entered into the worship-rooom, did “Pranam” to the Goddess with folded hands and presented his 8″ meat to his horny wife’s mouth.
“Good Evening honey. Hungry?” Samaresh wished his wife.
“Right you’re ,” panted Sharmila as she grabbed her husband’s thick cock and began to work her tongue around his fat cockhead, paying special attention to his piss slit. Pre-cum was oozing from his cock and she was hungrily lapping it up. “Oh baby, I’ve been waiting all day for this.” Samaresh said and watched the kid’s fucking.
“Oh Uncle! Without your consent I was fucking your wife, please don’t mind.” Hanif begged and without pausing his thrusting, he touched Samaresh’s feet.

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Samaresh became amazed by the kid’s behaviour, he blessed him and said,”It’s OK, don’t worry about that. Your aunt told me all. But how’s your aunt today?”
“Fantastic. Kakima is so wet and tight. Just like a virgin cunt.” Hanif was right. Sharmila had always had a tight pussy. They used to joke that it was made of elastic. Samaresh felt his wife’s tongue move down his shaft and onto his balls. She sucked one of his hairy testicles into her mouth and then the other as she jacked his cock roughly with her hands.

Samaresh had always loved his wife’s appreciation of balls and ass. Before he was married he had been with plenty of girls and none had realised the sheer pleasure that ball and ass play brought to a man. When Sharmila had gone straight down there on their first date, he knew that she was the one he’d marry.

“Oh. Oh. I’m gonna cum!!” shouted Hanif as his baby prick pistoned faster in and out of Sharmila’s soaking cunt.
“Hanif sona, malta tomar kakimar gude dhelo” panted Samaresh. “Fill her with your young spunk.”

Hanif didn’t need to be told again. He reached over and squeezed Sharmila’s tits as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot seed into her pussy. Pulling out, he stood beside Samaresh.

“Your turn Uncle,” he said, holding his cock out for Sharmila. “Kakima please clean me up. But uncle, you might wanna stick it in her ass. It’ll be pretty gooey in her snatch.” Hanif advised.  “Yes darling, fuck my ass,” Sharmila spat, grabbing Hanif’s cock and immediately licking his cum and her own cunt juice from his length.

Not happy with that, Sharmila reached between her legs and slipped two fingers into her sodden sexhole. Scooping out some of Hanif’s cum, she rubbed it over her husband’s shiny cockhead and then played with it with her tongue before gobbling it down.

Reaching down again, Samaresh stopped her. “Not yet, dear. I gotta lube up.”
Reluctantly, Sharmila left her pussy alone and contented her self with rubbing her nipples as she sucked on her kid lover’s cock. Samaresh, slipped his cock into her wet snatch with no resistance. Hanif hadn’t lied, he had really filled her up. No surprise, thought Samaresh.

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When he was fifteen, he could cum bucket-loads and be hard again in no time. As he worked his hardness in and out of his wife’s cunt, slicking it up with her cream and his Hanif’s spunk, he licked his fingers and began working them into his wife’s puckered asshole.

“Yes Ohhhhhh yes. Stick your fingers in me,” Sharmila moaned as her husband slowly worked in his fingers up to the knuckle. “Get me ready for your cock.” Sharmila panted.
“Less talk, more suck,” said Hanif. Now hard again, grabbed Sharmila’s head and held it in place. Bucking his hips up and down, he began to fuck her mouth from below, stopping every now and then so that she could get some air.

Samaresh took his cum covered cock from his wife’s pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her shit-hole. He rubbed it around in a circular motion a few times, just to tease his wife, who was unable to object due to the fact that Hanif was treating her mouth like a second cunt.

Then, Samaresh pushed his cock hard into his wife’s ass. Half his length disappeared into her shitter and he heard her try to shout out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Drawing out slowly, he pushed back in, this time all the way to the base, his balls slapping off her pussy. Picking up the pace, he fucked his wife’s ass as hard as Hanif was fucking her mouth. The feeling was unbelievable.

Two weeks ago, he and Sharmila had had a boring sex life. They fucked monotonously once in a week. But ever since the affair of Sharmila with her Muslim baby lover, they were engaged in some sort of sexual activity around the clock and Sharmila had really taken to the role of family slut, there to be fucked whenever and however they pleased.

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