Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 1

Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families

A: Chowdhury Family
1. Sharmila Chowdhury, 30 yrs, Bengalee Playback singer.
2. Samaresh Chowdhury, 36 yrs, Bank Manager, Sharmila’s husband.
3. Soumya Chowdhury, ** yrs, Student of class-vii, Sharmila’s only son.


B: Khan Family
1. Parveen Khatun, 32 yrs, TV serial actress.
2. Mansoor Ali Khan, 38 yrs, Cameraman, Parveen’s husband.
3. Hafiz Ali Khan, Class-ix student, Parveen’s elder son.
4. Hanif Ali Khan, Class-vii student, Parveen’s younger son.

Although Sharmila Chowdhury was accomplished in all types of songs, this renowned Bengalee singer of Kolkata was mainly familiar with Classical Songs and her passion was Rabindrasangeet. More than two hundred superhit Rabindrasangeets by her was the proof. Her established husband and a willing teenage son with luxurious life made herself a happy woman. But recently she was distributed by her baby son’s attitude and behaviour, as he  became very much shy, kept himself lodged mainly in his room.

In this juncture, one day when she was rearranging his son’s bedroom she became a little shocked by what she found under her son’s mattress. She had been cleaning her son’s room when she came upon the boy’s stash of porn. Although any type of porn was easily obtained in internet nowadays, hard copies of porn magazines also available in easy access.

The magazines showed picture after picture of naked south-indian bgrade actresses, posing in the most obscene ways imaginable. Their fleshy legs spread to reveal their moist cunts, their hands pushing their big boobs up and offering them to the camera. Women masturbating themselves with fingers, carrots, cucumbers, wax-candles and even hair-brushes. One magazine showed several women and men engaged in various sex acts.

The novel was an outrageous incest story of a matured film-actress who seduced and had sex with various young crew-boys of film-unit and lastly she seduced her own baby son. It was written crudely, using obscene words and at first Sharmila had sneered at the crassness and nastiness of it. But, as she read more, she felt her own pussy heating up and moistening. Upon reflection she didn’t know why she should be so shocked.

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Sharmila knew boys and men enjoyed this kind of thing. But, Soumya was so young! How could he have gotten hold of the obscene material? From where did he collect or who might be supplied? His only closed friend was Hanif but he was also a baby. Oh my God! How should I tackle this awkward situation!

It seemed to her that just yesterday he had been a sweet little kindergartener beaming at her as he showed her his latest creation from school and babbling to her about his little friends on the playground. She let the book drop into her lap and considered. He encircled his mother’s neck, kissed her soft cheeks and Sharmila also hugged her loving baby boy. But now Soumya wasn’t that little boy anymore. He was nearly **yrs old now. Of course she had seen his naked body occasionally in the bathroom which he forgot to lock and didn’t notice intently but now his body changed too much.

However Sharmila herself also was casual about nudity when her son was not in house. She was nearly naked herself. She wore only a thin short maxi of light cotton and a pair of slippers, her usual cleaning attire. Her large boobs were almost out of the top of the thing.

She thought about her son’s young body, when he was bathing few days ago without locking the door. He was almost hairless at his crotch. A little peach fuzz was just started developing, too light to show, really. His body was still slim, but muscular, in the way young boys were. She had thought his little penis was rather large for his age. It wasn’t hard, but even soft it hung a good six and a half inches from his naked groin. His scrotum was still blackish, but growing larger, a nice little handful.

What was she thinking! It’s wrong and sin to think such nasty about her own son. But she couldn’t control herself. She actually was imagining what it would be like to cup her own son’s young balls in her hand. She had felt a stab of pure lust in her groin that made her pussy tingle and grown even moister. She looked down at herself. The bottom of the maxi had pulled upward and she could see her pubes. She realized she was dripping and that her womanly juices were staining her son’s bed sheets.

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No matter, she was going to wash them anyway, but still! Thoughts of her son’s boyish equipment were turning her on. She wondered how son’s dick looked hard. She reached between her legs and gave her cunt a squeeze. It must have been that filthy book, she thought, that was making her have these incestuous thoughts. She hardly dared name them. She looked through the last magazine.

A man of nearly forty and a boy of only twelve were having wild sex with the beautiful thirty-nine yrs old South-indian bgrade film-actress Roshini. Picture after picture, hardly any text. The man with his cock deep in the actress’s hairy cunt while she had the boy’s baby cock in her mouth. The boy was very cute and seemed to be enjoying having his slim boyish cock blown.

More pictures of the boy fucking his cock into the matured actress’s dripping pussy. The man licking at the place where boy-cock and actrss’s cunt were joined as he jacked off his big cock. Astoundingly hot pictures of the kid on his knees at the edge of the bed, his slender cock rock hard, his face stuffed into the woman’s slick cunt folds.

The last few were the most amazing to Sharmila. The boy was now fucking the matured film-actress’s cunt, and after some time he withdrew his cock from her cunt. Then slightly bending forward he pushed his dick into her slimy asshole and  from beneath the man was now fucking the actrss’s cunt with upward thrust. Oh my God! The bgrade malayalam film-actress was now experiencing two cocks in her pussy and asshole at the same time. Then, the man’s prick withdrawn and shooting a huge load on the actress’s beautiful face. Another shot of the boy withdrawing his prick and shooting a load of jizz on her asshole and pussy lips.

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His young prick looked slick with juices. He had a look of pure joy on his cute face. Sharmila hadn’t even noticed she was rubbing her own cunt until she felt her climax rushing upon her. It was too late to stop it. She gazed with glassy eyes at the hot sight of the baby boy, his body stretched up and back like a bow, his own rampant cock shooting its little load of immature male seed on the actress’s juicy holes.

Without thinking the renowned Bengalee singer Sharmila Chowdhury shoved a finger deeply up herself. Using her thumb to rub her clit furiously, she trembled all over, mewing and gasping, and came. Her orgasm rocked her from head to foot. She thought about her own baby son doing those things with her and warm juices gushed from her opening and coated her hand.

“Oh, Somu! My dear Somu sona!” Sharmila cried out, using her favorite pet name for her young boy. Suddenly she knew what she wanted. It didn’t matter if it were right or wrong. She wanted to suck his baby cock, to feel it up her cunt. To have him sucking her titties like a baby and fucking the shit out of her! She gasped as another hot climax rushed on the heels of the first. She writhed on the bed, her maxi falling open to reveal her still slender and shapely body.

Sharmila Chowdhury jammed another finger up her cunt franticly and sawed them in and out, lost in the thrilling and forbidden sensations. Oh, she was cumming on her son’s bed, she could smell him in the room still, the enticing and yet familiar odor of him. She fell back on the narrow bed her legs wide open and thrashed her head about, her face a mask of orgasmic lust.

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