The Great Sen Family : 14

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It wasn’t long before 40 yrs old Rahamat married Prankrisno’s 48 yrs old widow mother Probhaboti….. in which Parveen had to take a major role for the completion of that holy purpose. However this marriage saved the Odisan widow’s long cherished chastity because Rahamat had married her before her debut in the ‘Special Service’ at “Sandhyatara” hotel….. and for that she always felt grateful to him.

On the other hand, Prankrisno was now very much happy noticing a glow on her mother’s gloomy face which he couldn’t see since his father’s death. But the most embarrassing person probably was Rahamat’s only son Rahim when his new mother Probhaboti caught him in a awkward situation. Actually that day Probhaboti came to their house for the first time without prior intimation….. after marrying his father.

His own mother was died when he was 19 and after two years now his father got remarried to a woman 8 years older than himself. But he was mostly surprised as it happened so unexpectedly, at first he couldn’t digest it properly. Actually during his father’s second marriage, he was away from Kolkata on a sports competition trip. Later when he met with Probhaboti, after coming back from Siliguri…. realized things happen so quickly.

Anyway, that day without warning him anything, his father showed up home with his new wife at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and they found Rahim jacking off in the living room while watching a hardcore Malayalam porn. Actually being alone in the house while his wife Soma went out for a shooting early in the morning, he felt himself horny and decided to watch the new Desi-flick.

The irony of the situation was he was watching a young teenager fucking a woman old enough to be his mother. Hurriedly, he switched off the TV and beat a hasty retreat to his room….. covering his swinging prick with his hands. But before leaving, he noticed his new mother’s eyes was fixed on his ten inches hard cock…… erecting from his hairy scrotum like a steel rod.

Later that day, at noon, he worked up the courage to emerge from his own bedroom to find his father and his new bride at the dining room table eating lunch. He was blushing when he entered the room. His father jumped up and said, “Rahim, I want you to meet your new mother, Probhaboti Mohanta.”

Rahim was stunned beyond his imagination as his jaw dropped by his father’s unexpected announcement. At no time in the last two years had his father made a little relationship with a woman…. dated a woman or even talked about a woman. Being a famous cameraman of Tollygunge film-industry, he had so much opportunities to be close enough with a no. of well-known hot actresses, but he never showed any filthy interest to them.

That’s why most of the heroines in Tollygunge film-industry felt themselves safe in his presence and they respected him too for his sober attitude. Anyway, Rahim assumed that after his mother had died, his father had lost interest in life…… and the subject just never came up.

Probhaboti spoke first saying, “Rahim Beta, I’m glad to meet you….. your father has told me so much about you.”

Rahim stammered funny as his father told, “Sorry Rahim, it happened so fast, I couldn’t even mention about her. I know this is so sudden and unexpected to you and I’m really sorry for not intimating you either. Actually I met her at ‘Hotel Sandhyatara’ just few days ago and we hit it off immediately…. and both being widowed, we found a natural bond.”

After that brief introduction, Rahamat did the most talking….. asking his son about his plans for the week while he mumbled his responses…… quickly inhaling his curry. And when Probhaboti added her own or asked him a question, he would either give her a very curt response or not really say anything at all. Finally, as he was about to drink water from a glass, Rahamat clanged his fork against the side of his glass to get his attention.

“OK… OK, enough of the awkwardness,” He said. “Just a minute while I say a few words.”

His son put down his glass and looked at his stepmother, and then back at his father. “I just wanted to ask you to give your new mother a warm welcome into our home. I know all of this has happened very sudden and you will need some time to get to know each other, but it is a situation which you will learn to accept. From now she is your new mother and you will treat and respect her as such.”

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