The Great Sen Family : 14

It wasn’t long before 40 yrs old Rahamat married Prankrisno’s 48 yrs old widow mother Probhaboti….. in which Parveen had to take a major role for the completion of that holy purpose. However this marriage saved the Odisan widow’s long cherished chastity because Rahamat had married her before her debut in the ‘Special Service’ at “Sandhyatara” hotel….. and for that she always felt grateful to him.

On the other hand, Prankrisno was now very much happy noticing a glow on her mother’s gloomy face which he couldn’t see since his father’s death. But the most embarrassing person probably was Rahamat’s only son Rahim when his new mother Probhaboti caught him in a awkward situation. Actually that day Probhaboti came to their house for the first time without prior intimation….. after marrying his father.

His own mother was died when he was 19 and after two years now his father got remarried to a woman 8 years older than himself. But he was mostly surprised as it happened so unexpectedly, at first he couldn’t digest it properly. Actually during his father’s second marriage, he was away from Kolkata on a sports competition trip. Later when he met with Probhaboti, after coming back from Siliguri…. realized things happen so quickly.

Anyway, that day without warning him anything, his father showed up home with his new wife at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and they found Rahim jacking off in the living room while watching a hardcore Malayalam porn. Actually being alone in the house while his wife Soma went out for a shooting early in the morning, he felt himself horny and decided to watch the new Desi-flick.

The irony of the situation was he was watching a young teenager fucking a woman old enough to be his mother. Hurriedly, he switched off the TV and beat a hasty retreat to his room….. covering his swinging prick with his hands. But before leaving, he noticed his new mother’s eyes was fixed on his ten inches hard cock…… erecting from his hairy scrotum like a steel rod.

Later that day, at noon, he worked up the courage to emerge from his own bedroom to find his father and his new bride at the dining room table eating lunch. He was blushing when he entered the room. His father jumped up and said, “Rahim, I want you to meet your new mother, Probhaboti Mohanta.”

Rahim was stunned beyond his imagination as his jaw dropped by his father’s unexpected announcement. At no time in the last two years had his father made a little relationship with a woman…. dated a woman or even talked about a woman. Being a famous cameraman of Tollygunge film-industry, he had so much opportunities to be close enough with a no. of well-known hot actresses, but he never showed any filthy interest to them.

That’s why most of the heroines in Tollygunge film-industry felt themselves safe in his presence and they respected him too for his sober attitude. Anyway, Rahim assumed that after his mother had died, his father had lost interest in life…… and the subject just never came up.

Probhaboti spoke first saying, “Rahim Beta, I’m glad to meet you….. your father has told me so much about you.”

Rahim stammered funny as his father told, “Sorry Rahim, it happened so fast, I couldn’t even mention about her. I know this is so sudden and unexpected to you and I’m really sorry for not intimating you either. Actually I met her at ‘Hotel Sandhyatara’ just few days ago and we hit it off immediately…. and both being widowed, we found a natural bond.”

After that brief introduction, Rahamat did the most talking….. asking his son about his plans for the week while he mumbled his responses…… quickly inhaling his curry. And when Probhaboti added her own or asked him a question, he would either give her a very curt response or not really say anything at all. Finally, as he was about to drink water from a glass, Rahamat clanged his fork against the side of his glass to get his attention.

“OK… OK, enough of the awkwardness,” He said. “Just a minute while I say a few words.”

His son put down his glass and looked at his stepmother, and then back at his father. “I just wanted to ask you to give your new mother a warm welcome into our home. I know all of this has happened very sudden and you will need some time to get to know each other, but it is a situation which you will learn to accept. From now she is your new mother and you will treat and respect her as such.”

“No…. she isn’t my mother,” Rahim blurted.

“Rahim!” His father scolded him angrily. “What did I just say? Be polite. Although she isn’t belongs to our caste like your wife, she is a wonderful woman….. I’m sure you’ll found that soon. But I must agree, like you, I still couldn’t forget the sweet memories of your deceased mother. Anyway, your mother is gone and that’s just life.”

“Yes Abba, I couldn’t replace her still now for anyone,” Rahim replied meekly….. still lowering his head as a small drop of tear appeared in his eye….. reminiscing his mother’s heavenly face. Probhaboti also noticed that and feeling his emotion, she rose from her seat and wiped out his tears with her Dupatta like his real mother.

“No doubt, there wouldn’t be a substitute of your real mother…. but we have to deal with that pain and move on. Now Probha is a new chapter in all of our lives. I assure you she won’t try to replace your real mother but you better understand the recent developments”. He was pleased by his wife’s behavior to his son.

After a pause…. and with a profound tone, he continued, “So from now on, she is your mother and you listen to what she tells you, or you will suffer the consequences. Is that understood?”

Although Rahim lowered his head, he just rolled his eyes. Probhaboti felt at that moment that if she didn’t say anything, she would be treated simply like Rahamat’s wife and not Rahim’s mother.

“Listen Beta,” Probhaboti said….. in the warmest tone she could voice while shuffling his hairs affectionately, “I know I am the stranger here and it is my job to get to know all of you and see how things work around here. So please be patient with me while I do my best to get to know you personally. I know you already are a big married person and don’t want a outsider to tell you what to do. So I hope I can be there simply to support you and your wife both in whatever you need and please don’t hesitate to tell me if I am doing something wrong.”

Rahim still had kept his eyes cast downward while she spoke but he would occasionally glance up at her with a furtive look. And for that brief moment, he noticed her deep cleavage through her low-cut Maxi while she persuaded him….. lowering herself towards him. His searching eyes roamed quickly on her half-exposed milk-white globular tits as he suddenly felt a stirring in his crotch.

Probhaboti noticed his quick glance at her tits which were overflowing from her braless Maxi-gown as a satisfying grin sprayed on her face. Her husband Rahamat could guess that too…. and felt his son really enjoyed to what his new wife was now displaying to convince his arrogant son.

However, next moment he realized that only time would tell how everything would play out. Rahim then rose from his seat with trembling feet to clear his own dish….. then gathered his backpack and were out the door. Rahamat and Probhaboti looked at each other with a knowing smile and more confidence about convincing their son.

“What do you think, darling?” Rahamat asked her as she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, I’m sure it will all work out,” Probhaboti replied as her new husband got up to leave. He kissed her goodbye and was out the door as well.
_____ ______ _______ ______ _______ _____ ___

The rest of the day was spent making small talk with Rahim saying little after his returning from his friend’s house. He was still in a state of horniness….. enjoying his new mother’s hot displaying that noon. However nothing was said about the circumstances or the embarrassing event when they walked in on him earlier that day.

Later that night, he lie in his bed without his wife, slowly stroking his rockhard cock…… remembering his stepmother’s hot boob-show in the presence of his father. He hadn’t cum earlier and he needed relief.

That’s when he could hear the faint sounds of his father and his new mother’s fucking. He was shocked at first and then realized that was natural for newlyweds. He could hear the clear sounds of his stepmother’s moaning and grunting, “Oh yes dear, fuck me hard with your massive cock.”

Rahim tried several times to blank out the eliciting sounds of his parent’s fucking but failed…… all the times imagining himself with his stepmother in her bed in the place of his father. Immediately he felt guilty about such illicit thoughts as he turned over and then tried to remember his own sex with his hot wife Soma who was at present at her parent’s house to lookafter her ailing mother.
____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ _____ ____ ___

Six months already passed…. Probhaboti tried her best to mingle with her stepson by seducing him with her provocative gestures to normalize the atmosphere. Although Rahim always avoided her….. feeling a sense of guilty about his perverted thoughts, his wife Soma tried to keep herself in an oblivious state…. showing neither positive nor negative repercussion to her new MIL.

But what tortured Probhaboti most was her new husband’s sudden negligence about sex. She couldn’t understand what her deficiencies were…. and how a sex-crazed person like Rahamat could avoid sex just after six months of their marriage. Apart from the bedroom-sesson, her relationship with her new husband was a good one….. and for that she’d got a lot to be thankful to him .

Naturally it compelled her to pass several sleepless nights. Not only that…. for the last two weeks, either he didn’t come back from his work…. staying at ‘Hotel Sandhyatara’ or at Tarunbabu’s house. Sometimes she thought it was due to Tarunbabu’s hot and attractive wife Sandhya. But other times she guessed a new big budget movie was taken by Tarunbabu and as a Cameraman he would have to assist him all the time.

However, the most puzzling moment was the hot sex sessions of her stepson and new DIL that occurred next to her bedroom almost every night and it made herself even more horny. He was a twenty-one years old stud…. only doing what most young men wanted to do, so it shouldn’t have angered her.

But it did. Yes, hearing him having sex with his young wife was like a dagger to her heart. And most of the time she managed to put her sexual frustration to one side….. but whenever she heard her Step-Son’s grunting, and his wife’s blissful moaning, it was impossible to bear that.

Actually Probhaboti didn’t want to hear them too…. she strongly rejected that taboo idea. She thought, as a mother….. although not real, she shouldn’t do that.

But like others, she would have the same intention about peeping at their bedroom door with a hand between her legs so that she could finger herself and satisfy temporarily. She couldn’t do that in fear she might be caught red handed.

So in her own master bedroom, she was with her second husband next to her….. turning over and over in a sleepless way. He was fast asleep, oblivious to the passionate noises that his son and daughter-in-law were making in the next room.

For Probhaboti, sleep was now totally impossible, it was going to be torture until they’d finished. And because both Rahim and his wife were young, Probhaboti realized she would have to endure it for a long time. At last when their love-making reached it’s peak, it became a cacophony of sound, with the creaking bed…. taking the lead role.

Probhaboti groaned in frustration, and finally gaining a courage, slowly she rose from her bed without disturbing her sleeping husband. Then leaving her bedroom, she moved towards Rahim’s bedroom and now she could hear them clearly. She was highly aroused, but there was no outlet to her pent-up passion. She was as frustrated as she was when she was a widow.

The doors of Rahim’s bedroom was slightly ajar as Probhaboti peered inside with a beating heart. First she noticed the same Malayalam blue-film was running on the TV while Rahim and his wife Soma were hugging one another and watched the film with great interest….. sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

She noticed Rahim’s fingers dabbled with Soma’s pussy and clit, while she jerked his dick up and down slowly. His eyes were glued to the screen, as he watched a stud with a eight inch cock bang the shit out of a beautiful Malayalam woman.

Rahim felt his sperm building from the pleasure his wife was giving him, as he slipped his fingers into her wet pussy. Just as he felt he was ready to cum he caught a movement in the mirror of his dressing table. As he peered into the darkened reflection, he felt his heart stop. There was his stepmother standing against the door in her red satin Maxi-gown.

He wasn’t sure if she was watching them or the hot Malayalam blue-film that played on the TV, but she was watching. He didn’t know what to do. Should they stop what they were doing….. his mind was in turmoil. As he watched his stepmother, he could realize that she didn’t move, but just stood there and watched.

Rahim began to feel the erotic excitement again which was definitely something new and illicit. Then he felt his cock began to boil as the lust rushed in his veins. His stepmother seeing them this way was doing something to him, he had never felt before.

“Oh..Shit!..” He groaned suddenly as his cum started to squirt. He closed his eyes and pushed his cock deeper into Soma’s palm. His own fingers stiffened and he stabbed them into her wet, swollen pussy as he felt Soma rock on his prick while her cunt gripped his invading fingers.

“Oh.. Oh..Yes..I’m cumming too!” Soma moaned, as her pussy gripped her husband’s fingers.

As they both came back down few minutes later from their mutual climax, he slowly opened his eyes and shifted his vision to the mirror. His stepmother was gone.

He turned off the TV and, even though his pants were drench with cum, they necked some more. He wasn’t sure if he should intimate his wife about his stepmother’s peeping or not. He didn’t know how she would react to what he had seen, or what she would think about him for not telling her when he noticed his stepmother or her stepmother’s previous displaying. At last he decided to keep it to himself.

When Soma was asleep he just laid beside her….. thinking over and over again how exciting the night was. Would it ever happen again? He found hinself wishing for it.
_____ ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ___

Next day he bought a new lesbian porn DVD of two famous hot Malayalam actresses Sindhu & Pratibha. He wasn’t sure how his wife felt about girl/girl stuff, but he figured this was the best way to find out her new side. And, at around 10:00 o’clock, he could feel his stepmother went up to bed.

He told his wife he had gotten a new porn video for them, and she seemed happy about it. They changed their clothes within few minutes and after that he inserted the DVD into the VCR to set everything up again. Next he turned off all the lights and settled in the couch next to Soma.

As he watched the flick, he expected anxiously that today also his stepmother would come as he kept quick glances at the mirror for any sign of, but there was none. He felt a bit of disappointment. In the meantime, the hot scene began to start on the TV screen….. often keeping his eyes on Soma to see how she would react.

He noticed his wife’s eyes glued on the TV screen as he opened the hooks of her Maxi-gown. He slid his fingers between her legs as two hot Malayalam actresses began to make out. Soma’s eyes widened, and he felt her getting moist. He wasn’t sure if it was from his tickling her clit or from what she was seeing on the screen.

“You guys like this stuff, don’t you?” Soma asked in twinkling eyes.

“Don’t you? I thought all girls have a little
lesbian in them. At least that’s what I heard.”

“Who told you that?” Soma responded.

“Just the guys.”

“Well I don’t know about that” She said. “I mean, I never wanted to lick any of my girlfriend’s pussies.”

“C’mon…never?” He queried. “You never thought what it might be like to have a girl work her tongue around your mound? Or lick all your juices while you pushed her head down and rubbed your pussy against her face?” She paused for a moment then, and just watched the screen as the two actresses rubbed one another’s breast with their hands.

“Well.. ” She said, “I didn’t want to do that to another girl but I didn’t say what it might be like to have it done to me.” Soma grinned, as she unzipped her husband’s pyjama and pulled his ten inches huze cock out. He was so engrossed with their lesbian talk, he missed what he was waiting for.

That’s when Rahim noticed his stepmother had appeared…… and like previous night, she stood quietly beside the door in her robe. And seeing that he felt his dick jump in his wife’s hand, as the rush of excitement grew.

Knowing his stepmother was already present and started watching them or the blue-film from a distance, really affected him. He felt his dark side emerging….. wanting to take more chances. The thought of his stepmother watching, made him lustful, and he wanted to step it up from the time before.

As two hot B-grade South-Indian actresses kissed and fingered one another, he worked his fingers into Soma’s pussy and began some erotic talk. “So… why don’t you imagine that one of the actresses on the screen is doing this to you?”

Saying that he moved his fingers in sync with the actresses and said, “Look at her face. She’s enjoying it. She’s going to make her girlfriend cum on her hand.”

“Ohh.. dear.” Soma gasped as her eyes were glued to the screen….. watching two hot actresses explored their bodies.

Rahim shifted his eyes back and forth from the screen to their dressing-table mirror. He realized his stepmother seemed to be also engrossed, but he couldn’t tell from what. Then he caught her move. Her Maxi-gown had opened slightly, and the flesh between her tits became visible. She had her hand in her robe, and she was rubbing her tits!

Rahim untied the slash of his wife’s Maxi-gown and pulled it up until her luscious globes were staring at him. His naughty wife wasn’t wearing a bra, and it added to the sexual tension that filled the air. He lowered his head down and sucked one of her soft nipples into his mouth.

“Ohh…” Was all she could utter.

The actresses on the TV were really getting into it now. Sindhu was at Pratibha’s pussy lapping away while Pratibha was moaning loudly….. holding Sindhu’s head to her pussy and grinding her box into her face. Watching that hot scene Rahim eased his wife’s panties down and removed it from her body.

Although he couldn’t see his stepmother clearly now from there, he was sure if she was watching them, she could surely know what he was doing.

And realizing that he kneeled down in front of his wife and pushed his head between her legs as he began to lick her folds. Her hands went to his head to persuade him further, and guided him towards her clit as her hips twitched up and down. He worked his tongue in and began to toy with her little bud. He could feel his cock had never felt so hard before.

Meanwhile Soma’s pussy was drenched with her pussy-juices and just kept getting wetter and wetter. Both of them could hear the two B-grade actresses on the TV loudly moaning and grunting. In that movie Pratibha announced she was cumming in which Sindhu egged her on, yelling “Cum for me! Cum for me!”

Meanwhile from outside the bedroom, Probhaboti watched Soma ground her pussy to her husband Rahim’s face while he dug his tongue deep into her soaked snatch.

“Oh..Oh..Yes.. That’s it.. I’m cumming!!!” Soma hissed as her body spawned out of control.

Her husband sucked and sucked….. trying to get all her sweet juices. He had never felt her so wet. Her body convulsed on his face as she pulled him tightly to her mound. He almost couldn’t breathe as she was smothering his face with her pussy.

But Rahim had to pull himself away, as he fell backwards….. catching himself with his hands behind him. He looked up at his wife and was just in time to see his stepmother’s legs disappear next to her bedroom. He then turned and looked into his wife’s half open eyes….. they seemed glassy. She had a contented look on her face as she called him back to her.

He crawled over and up her body, as they wildly kissed. Her hand snaked down his body again and began stroking his ten inches dick. It was her turn to get him excited like never before. “Dear..That was really hot. It was like you were the girl doing me. I was so fucking hot.”

“Yes I could tell.”

“Did that excite you too?” Soma asked as she gripped her husband’s dick.

“Yes it did.”

“So would you like to see me getting eaten by another girl?” Soma queried and her husband was flabbergasted.

He didn’t know how to respond to that silly question, but his dick did. Soma could realize that too as she went on, “Oh.. You’re so fucking hard now. I guess your feeling… which means you want to see me cum on a girl’s face…. don’t you?” She said as she worked harder on his steel rod. “Don’t be shy….tell me the truth, Dear.”

“Yessss…” was all he could say, as he felt the load building in his cock.

“So… just me getting licked to an orgasm? Or me doing a girl.”

“B..B..Both. Ohh..” He groaned as the imaginary vision of his wife doing a girl filled his brain.

“You want to see me kissing a woman and feeling her boobs, as I slowly inch my way down her body….. kissing my way down to her thighs and running my tongue over her mound?” Soma insisted…..working faster on her husband’s stiffening cock.

“Ohh.. Ohh.. Yess.” He gasped anyhow.

“Then you want to see me lick her clit and pull her ass to my face….. digging my tongue deep into her wet pussy until she’s cumming hard in my mouth.” She said, as she jerked her husband’s dick faster and harder.

“Oh..God.. Oh..Yess. Yess. Oh..Fuck her with your face honey!!” Rahim groaned as his cum suddenly jetted out of his cock and all over her.

He had never cum so hard. Between knowing his stepmother had been watching them till then, and Soma’s lesbian talk….. his excitement reached it’s top and he wanted more. His body quivered as the last drop of his sperm slipped through her fingers.

“Oh..God darling, that was so hot.” He said as he tried to regain his composure. Then slipping her Maxi-gown fully from her body, she helped her husband to his feet. With his dick still exposed from his pyjama’s fly, they embraced one another and again passionately kissed.

“I think that’s enough for tonight Stud, but it was definitely a thrill.”

“Yes I thought so.” He said as he tucked his dick inside his pyjama and zipped up.

“I’m looking forward to next time already.” She said….. giving her husband a kiss and being completely naked, she made her way to the bathroom.

Rahim’s gaze instantly moved towards his wife’s undulating ass as his thought once again went back to his stepmother’s behavior….. and tried to relive the night’s experience. He was getting hooked on what was happening, and he wanted more.
—- ——- ———- ——— ——— ——— ——– ——-
Next morning during the time of breakfast Rahim stumbled into the dining room while his wife was still asleep. Both his father and stepmother were already there… enjoying their Saturday morning, as he lowered his lean body into a chair…. propping his head into his hands.

“You want me to fix you some breakfast?” Probhaboti asked.

“No. I’ll go make myself something. You may enjoy your time with father.”

“I didn’t hear you at when you two return last night.” Rahamat said….. looking up from his paper as Rahim began to get up and head to the kitchen.

“How could you… with all that snoring you did.” Probhaboti replied…. looking at her husband. “It happens every time you take those sleeping pills.”

“I’m sorry dear, did I keep you awake?”

“Let’s just say it wasn’t easy to rest.” Probhaboti said. “Are you going to take those things every night?”

“I’ve been only taking them when I have some heavy pressure of work…… those pills help me get some rest. You know how much stress I’ve been having recently at work.”

“Yes I know but you’re not the only person it’s affecting.”

“I’m sorry honey. I know I’ve been neglecting your……..” Rahamat said, but paused momentarily when he noticed his son was still present in the room. “You know… I’ll make it up to you.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” She replied with a sad smile.

Rahim could guess that his father had been neglecting his stepmother sexually as well as kept her awake with his snoring. Now some things were making sense to him.

So, between his father’s snoring and his new mother’s not getting enough physical satisfaction, she was obviously restless. That’s why she could have heard their lovemaking…… even reached at their bedroom’s doors.Then through their partly opened doors, she had seen the TV on….. lastly what Soma and he were doing. He was sure it had begun to affect her strongly.

Rahim kept trying to put it all together as he made some scrambled eggs on the stove. He didn’t hear his stepmother approaching behind jim until he felt her touch his shoulder. It startled him.

“Oh..Sorry honey. I didn’t mean to scare you.” She said

“That’s ok Maa. I was just lost in thought.”

“About what?”

“Just…… your Bouma ( DIL ) and the other stuff.” He said, even though it was a lie.

“You really love your wife, don’t you?”

“Yea. I think I do. She’s different from other girls.”

“Well. I like her also.” Probhaboti said.

“So Maa, how long has father been stressed at work.”

“Ahhh.” She sighed. “Not too long. Ever since Tarunbabu gave him the extra duty regarding the management of ‘Sandhyatara Resort’ he’s not been himself. Every night he tosses and turns. Then he takes those dam pills to help him sleep and… Well, it just becomes unbearable to be in the same bed with him.

He could see the frustration in his stepmother’s eyes. He felt himself wanting to reach out and give her a hug to comfort her emotionally, but she walked out before he could manage it. He watched her jiggling ass-gloves with lustful eyes as she walked away leaving him there. He felt like a heel for getting excited by her being in the room.

That night, after completion of dinner, as Rahim moved towards his bedroom, he felt bad for his loving stepmother. So when his stepmother headed upstairs, he whispered to his wife, “Please darling, no videos tonight.”

“Why not?” She asked in a quizzing tone.

“I….. I think, Maa might have heard us last night.”

“Maa! Wow…You think she was listening to us?”

“I’m not sure, but I got the feeling she did.”

“Oh dear…… how hot is that.”


“C’mon, doesn’t that get you turned on thinking your stepmother might be listening to us down here? How voyeuristic is that….. your stepmother wanting to listen to you have sex?” Soma’s explanation was getting her husband turned on as he felt his dick springing to life.

“Oh, I see it’s affecting you. Your cock is bulging.” Soma said excitedly, as she rubbed her husband’s hardness through his pyjama.

His shameful feelings were leaving as the perverted lust was taking place…. affecting him greatly. It made him kissing and fondling his wife for another five minutes. And that’s when for the first time, he was able to hear his father snoring beside their room.

Then with his wife’s initiation, he moved away from the couch to setup their main event. He pushed the play-button of the VCR, the first movie…. a Swedish porn began playing. Soma quickly noticed three characters of the film….. two sexy females with a muscular dark haired stud.

“Wow.. Is this another fantasy of yours dear? Do you want to have two girls doing you?”

“Well, I think that’s every guy’s fantasy, not just mine.”

“You guys are just so naughty.” Soma said smilingly, as she laid her head on her younger husband’s shoulder and rubbed her hand over his bulging crotch.

Rahim now started petting her pussy with his hand and could feel the heat building through her panties. The movie intensified their lust, but it wasn’t that exciting to either of them. Even though it was two girls sucking that stud from both sides, or one licking a pussy while the other was fucked by the guy, it still seemed mediocre.

With an expectation, Rahim then looked over at their dressing-table mirror, and was disappointed not seeing his stepmother beside their partly opened bedroom’s door. But when the second movie was about to begin, he heard a faint sound from behind them. He shifted his eyes and became sure….. there was his stepmother….. standing in her Maxi-gown…. beside the doors.

He turned to the TV as the DVD began to start and was thrilled by the film….. ‘Family Love’…. a Japanese uncensored incest porn. There were two females…. Ayako Kanao & Mizuki Nao with a teenage boy Jhiàng. It was clear by the character’s outlook that they were all family members! It was a Mother ( Mizuki Nao ), her son ( Jhiang ) and daughter ( Ayako Kanao ).

“Oh..Fuck….. dear.” Soma let out a gasp. “I.. never saw this type of porn before. Let’s just watch and see what happens.”

Rahim again glanced at the mirror and felt his face go flush. Despite the distance, it seemed like he was watching the incest movie with his new mother. It didn’t take long before the daughter in the movie was making out with her mother, as the son jerked his dick while watching them.

“Oh….. a lesbian mother and daughter.” He heard his wife utter. “So is that it? You want to see me with my mother?” Soma asked, as she worked her husband’s dick out of his pajamas.

“Nnno… you’re so dirty…. how could say that about your own mother….. she is so shy and conservative.” He tried to protest…. keeping an eye constantly on his stepmother in the mirror.

Unlike the first movie, this one really affected Soma. Rahim could feel that too…. she was getting highly aroused by it, although he wasn’t as willing. He found himself in turmoil. His stepmother was there, but unlike the previous time, he was uncomfortable with this subject. It was just too taboo for him, but Soma always found a way to get him going.

“Tell me dear. Tell me you wouldn’t want to see me doing my mother while you watch.” Suddenly Soma whispered, as she clutched her husband’s hard cock firmly in her hand.

She was getting her husband excited with her obscene talk again. And he couldn’t avoid himself from that as he found himself picturing his wife with her very attractive mother. It made his dick grow harder as he became more relaxed, and found himself watching more of the video and less of his stepmother.

“Mmm..C’mon dear….. don’t worry. You can tell me.” Soma persisted.

“Yesssssssss…… I would like to you see you between your mother’s legs.” He finally admitted as she smiled wickedly hearing her husband’s reply. They continued to watch the hot incest action on the TV as the camera zoomed to the teenage son stroking his massive rod.

“I bet my Mother would be drenched if she saw you jerking your massive cock like that in front of her. I can almost taste my mother’s pussy-juices on my tongue.”

Rahim’s dick was now rock hard hearing his wife’s slutty language about her own respected mother. He started playing with her panty-covered pussy, and slid his fingers down to her mound. She was already soaking wet. He inserted a finger into her, but she pulled at his hand.

“Easy dear. I want to enjoy this. Take your time and watch the movie.” She said as she slowly stroked his pole.

In the movie, meanwhile the daughter went down between her mother’s legs, and her mother was moaning in delight. The mother then summoned her son over to her in which the son obeyed his mother’s plea instantly…..and the mother gripped his swinging cock.

“Oh…… look at the mother.. she wants her son’s cock.” Soma looked so excited as she tightened her grip on her husband’s dick.

Rahim felt the same illicit excitement like his wife…. just watching that incest porn as he turned his head towards the mirror and noticed his stepmother’s slightly parted lips…. being horny watching two hot show at the same time. She again had her hand inside her robe…… massaging her both tits simultaneously. And this time her tits were visible to him through her partly opened Maxi-gown. He was now able to see her kneading her own globes, and he was getting extremely excited by all this.

He looked back at the movie just in time to see the mother take her son’s dick into her mouth. The boy moaned and coached his mother on. “Oh, Mom. You suck so good! Take it Mom. Take your son’s cock.” the boy said as he pushed his mother’s mouth down on his stiffening rod.

Sitting beside her husband on the couch, Soma then bent her head down as he was able to feel her hot breath hovering over his dick. He felt her wet lips being parted as his cock slipped into her warm mouth.

“Oh..God…… my Soma darling!”

“Shhh….. now I’m not Soma.” She corrected huskily”Tonight I’m your mother.” and eased her mouth back down over his prick.

This role-play game which her husband had played on her the last week was now being played on him. He felt his cum building again, as Soma’s mouth slid up and down his pole. And savoring that sweet sensation on his cook, he looked at the mirror again and his jaw fell open as he gasped for air. His stepmother’s Maxi-gown was now completely open and both her huge tits were in plain view to him.

Even she had spread her legs wide open, and he could see her stroking her pussy. She was masturbating right behind him! She was getting herself off in the presence of her stepson while he was getting head from his wife…. pretending it to be his stepmother. His brain was spinning.

He thought he must have short circuited, and he became wild with lust. He pushed Soma’s head down on his dick….. ramming into her face. The words suddenly began to exit his lips, “That’s it Maa. Work my dick down your hot throat. Fuck your son with your pretty mouth. I know I can give you what my father hasn’t been able to.”

Faster and faster, Soma’s lips bobbed up and down on her husband’s dick. His head fell back on the sofa, and his eyes became fixed on the mirror as he watched his stepmother madly finger-fucking her pussy.

Then he noticed something else. She was looking back! Her eyes were now on the mirror watching him. He was so very close to cumming then. He could hear that the actor and actresses on the TV were engaged in fucking, but his eyes never left the mirror.

“Take it Maa. I want to feel my sperm down your throat.” Rahim hissed…… guessing his stepmother in lieu of his wife which got to Soma. She picked her head up quickly, and kissed her husband hard.

“Fuck me dear. I want you inside me right now!”

Rahim pushed her back on the couch and ripped her robe. Like an animal, he was in her….. fucking her like they never fucked before. Her legs wrapped around him and her hands pulled him deeper into her cunt.

“Oh..Fuck me, son…. give your hot lava in your mother’s fertile cunt and make me pregnant with your incestuous seed!..” Soma almost shouted….. always trying to excite her husband even more with her raw languages as her hot pussy sucked on his ramming cock.

Suddenly Rahim felt himself cumming. He slammed himself deep inside…. holding the pressure tight…. his boiling sperm pumped into his wonderful wife’s pussy. Her hips worked rapidly back and forth bringing her own orgasm out.

“Oh.. Oh.. Yes.. your mother is cumming too.. Ugh.. Ugh.. Ugh……”, Soma gasped…. her body quivered under her gasping husband.

He slumped on top of her, their sweaty bodies clinging to one another. He kissed her hard as his dick softened inside her, and they held each other like that for a long time. He almost fell asleep on top of her.

“Hey, I have to get home….. you know my mother is having a problem with my father. She pleaded me to accompany her for the next few days,” Soma said, as she motioned her husband to get off her.

Rahim slipped his soft dick out and eased himself up, glancing over to the doorway Again, his stepmother had vanished.

They fixed their clothes and quietly left the house. Soma and her husband strolled to her house….. just a walking distance….. holding hands. They both were in another world as they walked. Once at Soma’s house, he gave her a goodnight kiss and she looked deeply into her husband’s eyes.

“Dear, tonight was the most exciting ever. Don’t you think?”

“It sure was different.” He agreed.

“Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Good night darling.” He said….. giving her one last kiss.

He walked back home….. thinking about his wife and how crazy tonight was. Then he started thinking about his stepmother and what she had done. He felt his dick swell as he pictured his stepmother’s masturbating so openly.

To be continued…..

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