Indian Mom makes sure son gets his rights

Incest stories, Indian Mom makes sure son gets his rights, This is the story of how I finally came to inherit what should have been rightfully mine. My name is Raja and I grew up in an orphanage, I never knew who my mom or dad were. The only thing I knew was somehow I was always treated special at the orphanage, I always got the toys I wanted as a kid, and got the best education I could.

Somehow all this was not enough, I was not sure why I was abandoned, I tried my best to find out from the orphanage who abandoned me and who was providing for my well being, I knew someone must be shelling a lot of money for me to be taken care of, but no one said anything to me. They only consoled me saying, someone is happy to take care of you and you should be grateful for that. I noticed I was given my allowance, the previous day, a beautiful woman used to come by the orphanage and talk to the supervisor. She was breath-taking and I would wait out for her, just to have a glimpse of her. Looking at her always made me feel good, I did not know what it was, my friends at the orphanage used to tease me about her, saying I was crazy about her and she was much older than me, and I don’t have a chance with her and all that. I didn’t care, but always she would come up in my dreams as beautiful as ever and always smiling at me. I was in love with her!!!!!

Now I was 18, and ready to move out of the orphanage, I was studying for my degree at a nearby college, but really had no enough money of my own to move out. I did not like staying there and made my wishes known to the supervisor and asked if my sponsor could help me put up a place of my own, and hopefully of meeting the woman who was in my dreams all the time. The supervisor came back saying the sponsor could not help at this time, but would definitely take that into consideration about that. It was at least a year before I heard from the sponsor about this and the supervisor came by and offered me a letter from my sponsor. I was delighted to get it and and it was a job offer as an assistant manager at a nearby tea estate arranged by my sponsor, I would however have to continue my studies as a pre-requisite. I was very happy and was glad I was going to get out of this place, I wondered if I would meet the woman who used to haunt my nights. With these thoughts I made preparations to leave the next day and slept.

The next morning, saying goodbye to all my friends,some of them still teasing me about the mystery woman, I left for the estate. I was greeted by the servant taking care of the guest house and making sure I was comfortable and everything and I should report for work the next morning. I could not wait for next morning.

The next morning, I reported for work and was greeted by a 60 year old man, I was disappointed. Quickly he showed all the work I was supposed to do. He told me I should learn everything fast as in 2 years I would be made manager. He informed me that the owner was the one who recommended me for the job and had asked me to be trained well. I did not know who the owner was, he informed me the owner was a 34 year old lady by the name of Rukmini and she would meet me for lunch in 2-3 days. I wondered if this was the same person who came in my dreams!!!!

The 2 days were spent restlessly, me learning the stuff (I had my summer holidays at college) waiting for my lunch meeting. The day came for my lunch and I dressed up my best, neat shirt, ties et al.

I arrived at the huge house a little early for lunch as I could not wait, I was ushered in by the servant to the drawing room and I was announced. As I waited, I saw a beautiful woman emerge from upstairs clad in a lovely pink saree, pink blouse smiling, it was her!!!! I just watched spellbound as she walked down the stairs smiling, looking at me just like in my dreams. My heart jumped and I could feel the loud beats in my ears!!!

She was now in front of me smiling, I got up and just could not speak, here was the angel of my dreams and I could not mutter a word.

“I am Rukmini,” she smiled and offered her hand.

“I … I ….” I stammered offering my hand.

“You are Raja,” and she smiled again.

I squeezed her hand, she did not draw away and just led me to the table, her hand in mine. I sat down next to her. The servant came by to serve, but she waved them off and started serving herself!!!!

“Raja, It is so nice to see you, I have been wanting to introduce myself for a long time, but never got the opportunity before, finally I get my chance, I hope you forgive me” she said.

I was just looking at her, she was so breathtakingly beautiful, but managed to recover and finally speak “Oh no, I should be thankful to you, you have helped bring me up and even helped get me a job, I will always be happy to do anything you want me to”.

“No, No, you dont have to be thankful about that, you are a wonderful kid and you have turned out to be well mannered too”.

“Thank you madam”.

“Dont call me madam, call me ….” she hesitated a bit, then continued “Rukmini”.

“Yes madam, I mean Rukmini,” I stuttered.

She smiled and again my heart jumped.

She served me food all the time smiling, enquiring about my days at the orphanage and whether I was missing them. I could hear her speak all these , but I was just looking at her and sometimes down afraid she would find out about my boyish crush and she would send me away again, I nodded and answered her questions. We finally finished our food.

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“I hope you learn a lot at the job soon, the manager is a good man and a good teacher, so you learn as much as you can from him” she said looking at me smiling

“Yes, Rukmini”.

“Do you have any girlfriends?” she asked.

I was a little shocked and answered, “No”.

“Good, You can concentrate on work,” She smiled at me again and she took my hand and led me to the door.

“Will you come tonight for dinner too, if you are free?” She asked.

“Yes, I will be happy to,” I answered eagerly.

I came home for dinner and we had a pleasant dinner, she wanting to know all my likes and dislikes, I was only happy to tell her, the only thing I could not tell her was “I love you”. She told me to come for lunch and dinner everyday at her place and she would wait for me, I was only happy to oblige.

Days passed, and I took her out on some dates as well, I got to know she was never married and her parents had just passed, the week before I took up the job and she was very alone. She always dressed well and I was always in awe of her. I told her she just needs to relax and have some fun. I invited her out to go to a discotheque with me, she was hesitant at first , then agreed. She had given her servants a week off.

I arrived at her place for our “date” on my bike and there she was dressed to kill in a black beautiful dress, sleeveless top, a little cleavage, her skirt just ending before her knees, she was a 10, her 36-26-37 figure looking at me smiling as she hopped on to the bike and whispered “Raja, let us have fun”.

I nodded “Yes Rukmini” and we drove off her arms around my waist hugging tight. I had a hard on the whole ride and I am sure she could feel it, I wanted to tell her before the end of night, how much I was in love with her, I just did not know if I would be able to. We had a lot of fun, dancing, I was holding her tight and she was in my arms the whole night.

I drove her back and she thanked me for the night, I leaned and kissed her on the mouth, she was shocked and looked at me “No, NO.”

“I am sorry, but I cant help it,” I replied back

“I love you Rukmini, with all my heart.”

“Oh Raja, I love you too but ….”

“Rukmini, then what is the problem?”

“Raja, You are still young, and I can’t talk right now,” and she started going toward the house.

I parked the bike and followed her, “Please Rukmini, tell me , we can solve the problem together”.

I grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth, this time deeply, she reciprocated for a moment and then drew back running towards the door. I ran behind her, she opened the door. I was right behind her.

“Raja, if you respect me, love me like you say, you should go back and rest, I will tell you everything tomorrow”.

“Why not now?”.

“It is very difficult for me to say this”.

“Dont you love me?”.

“Yes, but ….”.

“But what?”.

“I love you Raja, I love you a lot but …”.

“Oh Rukmini, stop with this buts and please tell me what the problem, I am sure we can work it out”.

“I dont know if we can” she replied.

“If we love each other, everything will be easy to solve”.

“No, No not this ” and she started sobbing.

I held her close and said “I will take care of you, Rukmini, I have always loved you, our ages should not matter at all, we will be happy together”.

“What do you mean always?” she asked.

“Well, I have seen you come into the orphanage everytime before my allowance, and kind of knew you were the one who was caring for me”.

“Yes, I always cared for you Raja, but this is different, have you ever wondered who your parents were?” she looked at me in a sad way and asked.

“Yes, I have , but they dont care about me and I dont care about them, I only care about you”.

“That’s not true, atleast one of your parents cared for you” She said.

I was shocked and angry “Who?”.

she was silent. “Who?” I again asked her.

“You will be angry with me if I tell you” She replied.

“You mean they asked you to take care of me?” I asked.

“No, No, I am your MOTHER

I stood shocked and speechless as she looked me pleadingly hoping I will forgive her.

“What?” I was just so angry , I looked at her glaringly, nodding my head I left on my bike she came running behind me. “Dont worry, I will take care of myself” I shouted knowing she would be worried.

I slept, my dreams still haunting me. I got up and was more confused. I was still in love with her, even after knowing she was my own mother. I wanted to marry her and have kids with her!! What was I thinking, I did not care she was my mother, in fact it was more exciting, and no one knew, I could be with her legally and no one would know!!! I was smiling as I thought, my anger had completely melted, how could I be angry with this woman, who had taken care of me, who used to fill my dreams, who had a beautiful smile, and whom I would restlessly wait just to have a glimpse of, so what if she was my mother, she was still a woman, a beautiful woman, a lovely woman, a sexy woman, who aroused me at every thought, my thoughts racing as the phone rang.


“It’s me” she said, my moms voice so unmistakeably sweet.

“What do you want?” I pretended to frown.

“Please come over, I want to talk to you”.

“You told me what I should know” I frowned again.

“No, No You should know I did not abandon you”.

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“What do you mean?”.

“Please come over, I cannot talk over the phone”.

“I will be there now”.

I drove as fast as I could, it was just a couple of miles, and rang the bell.

She opened the door, in a beautiful lovely red saree, and as I walked in, she closed the door and hugged me for a long time. I finally walked her to the sofa and we sat down, both facing each other, I was smiling at her and asked her to calm down.

“Raja, I love you a lot, I never abandoned you, I never wanted to put you in the orphanage, but I was young and was pressured and I did not know what to do”.

“Tell me Rukmini”.

“Call me mom”.

“Mom, MOM”.

“Oh Raja, my son” and she hugged me and kissed all over my face, and moving her hands all over my arms, noticing my hard on only all too evident. She did not say anything, just smiled ” I wanted to take care of you all the time, Raja, my son, my darling” and she sobbed.

“Mom, MOM calm down, tell me what happened, I promise I wont be angry”.

She related how she became pregnant at 15 by a boy she came across at the fair, she was not in love with him or anything like that and her parents were angry with her when they found out and the boy never knew what happened and she never found what or who or where he was. Her parents secretely arranged for her delivery as an abortion would be dangerous for her life, I was born and taken away to the orphanage, and she found out where I was taken to when she was 21 and had finished college, her parents wanted her married, but she refused, they threatened to disinherit her, if she did not marry and provide a heir to the fortune, she said they had already a heir in me, but her parents never considered me and she was angry with them and refused to marry as she did not want someone else to have this, but they made it clear in their will that she could not transfer her property to me directly and only her future husband and children born through the union could she transfer the property to and finally when they died, she invited me into the estate for me to look after what was rightfully mine. She said she took care of her body so she could attract me even if she was a lot older than me, so she could attract me, was a little shaken when she was informed I wanted to move out, but was glad I did not. So the only way to get my inheritance was make me fall in love with her as a woman and marry me.

I was listening to her and held her hand, ” I am sorry mom, you are wonderful, sorry about the way I behaved last night”, then hugged her.

Son, I am sorry too, I should have told you earlier”.

“Why didn’t you even come and meet me?”.

“I was afraid I would never be able to leave you”

“Oh, I love you mom” I hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks.

Son, kiss me on the mouth”

I bent down and kissed her on the mouth, lips touching, my tongue delving into her tongue, our first kiss as a man and woman, so wonderful, my eyes closed and feeling her soft sensous lips.

“Mom, I love you”.

“I love you” Mom replied

“I love you too son, not just as a mother, but as a woman, I want to make up all the time I lost , I dont want to lose you to another woman, I want you to know that” she continued as she took my hand and placed it on her heart.

“Oh Mom” I said looking at her sweet lovely face.

“Oh my darling son, oh my love, my Raja” and she hugged me tight “I am so happy now”.

We were in each others arms for a long time, kissing and cuddling as we looked deep into each others eyes knowing everything was right. I was really HARD, my cock was poking through her saree as we embraced tighter, my hands touched her ass squeezing and pushing it towards me as she looked at me with an inviting smile.

“I am your woman” she whispered in my ears, nibbling at it slowly.

“You are my goddess, my sexy mother goddess”.

“Yes, your mother is all yours”.

I smiled and lifted her and carried her to her bedroom. I kissed her mouth for a long time, as hands rolled across her thighs and I removed her petticoat, my fingers fingering her cunt from outside, I put my head inside her saree and smelt her sweet cunt, “It is so sexy mom”.

“It is all for you, my darling stud son”.

“Oh mom, I whispered and kissed her again in the cunt, hand unbuttoning her blouse as she lay there stroking my hair, one leg raised, I removed her saree and she was just in her blouse, I removed the blouse and felt her nipple, “aaaaah” she moaned.

“You are so beautiful Mom”.

“Suck my nipples Raja, my son, my lover” as my tongue circled her breasts and I sucked her nipples as she moaned “Fill my breasts with milk, my love so you can have your mother’s milk”.

I was aroused more hearing this and looking at her smiling, my mother , my woman laying naked waiting to be made love to by her son, her lover.

I kissed her navel, and kissed her cunt again, my hands sliding across her thighs and legs as she looked at me. I start licking her tongue and she unbuttoned my pants as I switched positions to a 69 as my cock burst out at her mouth, she took it lovingly, “My son is a stud, just like mom wanted, it is so long and hard and thick” and kissed and rubbed it all over her face and then took it in her mouth. She licked the top and she started sucking, it was sheer heaven as my tongue pounded her cunt, we were sucking so hard within moments we were cumming in each others mouth. I whispered, “Mom , that was awesome”.

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“Just like my handsome son” she answered back.

We kissed each other in the mouth, our cums mingling in our mouth

“I want to be inside you mom”.

“Whats stopping you, I am yours , my love”.

“Oh mom” I moaned as I cock turned hard again and I was in my mom’s wet cunt.

I slowly pushed inside her as we kissed.

“Slowly ,my son, I have been waiting for this a long time” she said.

“Rukmini, I love you”.

“Raja, I love you”.

“Rukmini, I want you to marry me”.

“Raja, Oh Raja , my love”.

“Will you marry me?”.

“YES” she shouted as my cock thrust deep inside her cunt.

I kissed her and started pushing in her cunt faster and faster.



She was moaning and pulling my ass towards her cunt as my hand was playing with her breasts and we were looking at each other, our faces sweating as I pounded into her cunt. It was tight at first, but her wetness combined to make it even better. She was SCREAMING as I fucked her horny sexy cunt.


My hands roaming all over her body, pinching her waists and thighs as I pounded her cunt with my heavy rod, our bodies shaking, I was noticing the ecstasy on her face, as she egged me on, bucking her ass towards my cock, sucking it in her cunt, her hands roaming over my back, as she screamed, her first fuck since I was born. Our entwined bodies a delight to watch in the mirror, the union of two lovers, who wanted each other so bad, it did not matter they were mother and son, all that mattered was we loved each other with a passion that would bind us forever in each others arms. As I banged her cunt harder and faster, I leaned into her face and kissed her lovely mouth, my object of desire for so long and she smiled naughtily as she pouted for more. My mouth biting her neck as she moaned for more, I could not hold it any longer….

“I am cumming mom”

“Fill me son, fill me nowwwwwwwwwww”

“I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmming”

As I came into her cunt, I lay down on her and I kissed her.

We fucked in every way possible that week, I got officially engaged to my mother, always called her Rukmini in front of everyone, and mom in private, I was still 19 and had to wait 2 years to marry her, we even got a place near my college for rent and she lived with me as my girlfriend loving me and cooking for me as my mom. I again proposed to her in front of all my friends and slipped a ring on her, all my friends were happy, I was united with the woman of my dreams, ofcourse they did not know she was the woman who gave birth to me, and willing to give birth to my children.

I introduced her to everyone as my future wife, and my mom was thrilled everytime she heard me say that and it would result in some hot hot playing, always starting with my mom reaching home, spreading her legs, showing her already wet dripping cunt and saying “Your mom wants to bless your marriage” and pulling my head towards her cunt and rubbing all over my face. Our days went on this way and I graduated before I was 21, my motivation to get back into our house and live there with my love.

My mom promoted me to manager after the old man retired and became my personal secretary, I take her everywhere and fuck her, she soon became pregnant and I married her she was seven months pregnant on my 21st birthday.

She teased me about marrying a pregnant woman,and wondered what her mother-in-law would say, I reassured her that I would fuck my mother if she objected and she smiled wickedly.

Our first night was so hot, my mom decked in her marriage gown and so visibly pregnant, bringing milk to me, I poured the milk on her and licked her and sucked her breasts and her cunt and the whole night we screamed our love for each other, my mom thrusting her nipples into my mouth telling me “SUCK MY NIPPLES, MY HANDSOME HUSBAND, MY STUD SON, SUCK YOUR WIFE, SUCK YOUR MOTHER, DRINK ALL THE MILK THAT YOU MISSED AND MORE, SUCK MY NIPPLES WHILE YOU PUSH YOUR SEXY HARD LONG CUNT INTO YOUR WIFE OF A MOTHER’s CUNT” as she rolled her fingers into my hair, both getting dirty!! I bit her nipples hard as she massaged by balls, egging me to fuck her hard “Oh mother, my cute sexy wife, my horny woman, my cunt of a woman, getting fucked by your own son, wanting to have your own son’s baby, you sexy sexy lovely darling, your cunt is getting torn by your own son whom you married and made your husband, so you can have your son’s cock in your cunt always, I am going to bang your cunt and every hole you have” I screamed as she looked at me pouting her lips. My mom was so aroused, she leaned forward to kiss me and bit my cheeks, as I poured my semen into her wet wet cunt!!!

Our child was born 2 months later, my mom, my love, my Rukmini transferred the property to me and I finally became the rightful heir, my loving mother making sure I got what I was always supposed to get including her and her milk she promised!!!!

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