My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 1

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My name is Sonu and this incident is about my mother Pooja which happened two years ago. I have translated everything in English for the benefit of the audience. We are two of us in the house with me 25yrs old with average build.

Pooja is typical Punjabi woman 5-7” tall, 43 years old with a figure of 38D-30-36. She has maintained a perfect figure doing yoga and other necessary things. She is very fair and regular to the parlor to ensure she always looked perfect.

My father left us 18 years back so it’s just the both of us since then. We are blessed with a very self-sufficient and decent quality of life because of everything left behind by dad. Pooja is a quite a fun loving person and very easy to get along with.

Often many of dad’s friends and brothers visit us sometimes with their families and many other times alone. She is very particular about all her clothes which had to be semi-transparent and when at home she wears night suit pajamas or salwar kameez.

When in pajamas she never wore any innerwear and the outline of her curves showed. When wearing salwar kameez, she wore matching bra and panties underneath which showed thru all her dresses. We have an independent house and have been living here since a long time.

Pooja’s bedroom is on the ground floor besides hall kitchen dining etc. Mine is on the 2nd floor next to gym room as I want my privacy. 1st floor had the home theater room & two guest bedrooms. I was aware she was the talk of the town among all the men and boys and everyone’s eye candy.

This is also because whenever she stepped out of the house it was in a sari or jeans or skirts. Her sense of dressing was very good and she always wore perfect matching makeup. Her dresses were tight fitting accentuating her curves making her look extremely desirable.

I observed on many occasions, men would drool over her also undressing her with their eyes. I am sure she was also aware of this. I installed a high end security system in my house with cameras (built in microphones) covering all the exteriors especially the front and rear doors.

When she asked I said it was a security system for safety when we were not at home. I work in a IT company and am out of the house at least 12 hours a day and I wanted safety for Pooja. I wake up everyday at 8.30am and after freshening up have my coffee in the hall sitting with her.

I took the newspaper and saw a flustered look on her face. I looked at her chest and saw two damp patches around her nipples. I thought maybe she was lactating because of the wetness at the exact spots but as far as I can remember she never did before.

Unable to decipher the puzzle I asked her. She said “oh it is nothing, it got wet when I was working in the kitchen”. I believed it and continued reading the paper. After finishing the newspaper, I went to my room to work on my computer.

The first few days of installing the CCTV system, I did some trials leaving the cameras running 24/7. When I was browsing today morning’s recordings I saw the milkman Raja who delivers milk was taking his own sweet time chatting with Pooja sometimes standing very close to her.

Pooja was smiling very happily while talking to him. I was mostly able to see Raja’s back from here because he kept moving all over the place. There was one more opposite camera which was installed to cover rest of the driveway which was directly facing them.

She was wearing light pink nightwear pajamas and everything inside was visible because of the bright morning sunshine. Raja is a very tall and heavily built man in his 50s dressed like a typical villager. While speaking to Pooja he was openly rubbing his cock over his dhoti.

He frequently held his cock over his dhoti pointing at her and Pooja was smiling looking at him. He stepped very close to her placing her hand on his cock and stroking it a few times and she retracted it still smiling.

He placed his palm on Pooja’s butt over her pajamas massaging it. Pooja let him do it for some time before removing his hand. He repeated this multiple times alternating between stroking his cock with her hand and massaging her butt.

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