Son’s best friend : Left him shocked & satisfied

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Left him shocked & satisfied – Son’s best friend

It’s not a suitable time for me to attend religious melas organised by it’s guru and feeling too relaxed as well as satisfied with guys / mens ,it’s my opinion to enjoy life with all that addicts and habits that give you satisfaction and it’s my religion and karma to perform Kaam (sex) with my lovers and Nancy ,  a 37 years matured lady have been with her son also as I know it’s a sin for me in Indian society but if a lady or gal get raped by a stranger or by their relatives , law always punished them and lastly guys/mens live a life of their own style but a gal or lady being raped are seen as slut and people always criticize them for their dressing sense ,so conservative thoughts are prevalent in Indian society ,where both genders are treated unequally .

Nancy is in her mind thirties as it’s the age where almost lady are on peak of their desires but it’s lacking inside my body or mind as I get married at the age of 19 years only and for 7 years I was like a Indian ideal wife for Vivek but once extramarital affair starts in my life ,a long list of lovers / bed partners starts visiting my home as hubby always leave home in the morning and back home at late night.

So my son Rohan once hold my arms as I was in unconscious state with my body and mind under control of wine and there I seduced my son like a young guy feeling his cock in stranger’s vagina but her mom have been fucked with Rohan’s cock but now a days he is not so interested in a lady of my age with modern thoughts and outfits can’t be a beggar for cocks and as my sexy body have little extra fleshes on my tummy or butts ,it’s not looking voluminous and my V shaped butts are really a shaky part of sexual organs .

It’s a hot afternoon as I am alone in my home and my son Rohan have left for college but he have missed his cell phone in as maid have left for her home and I have already had a lot of drinks as I am watching t.v in dinning room and Rohan’s mobile starts ringing as it’s in his room ,so I walked towards his room to receive the call as I picked the mobile and starts talking…..

(He)hello aunty ,want to talk Rohan
(Me)he is sleeping soundly as he is too ill
(He)oh I see !”

And than I can see his name to whom I was talking. He is Rahul ,my son’s best friend and my ignited mind is on Rahul as he is coming soon to meet his ill friend and so Nancy have made a romantic mistake as she is dying for stranger’s cock in her feeling too romantic ,I moved inside my room and opened the wardrobe to choose a sexy dress ,so took out a robes for my body.

Now I removed my skirt and tops as I am in white brassiere and G string ,so put robes on my body.while standing infront of a large mirror ,I can see my hot body as robes ropes are opened with it’s front portion having ropes to put it I have made my mind to show my son’s friend Rahul ,my sexual desires and it’s a hot dress to impress him as to incite him for physical love without any verbal put robes intact as I moved towards refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine, now I sit on sofa and starts drinking wine again and it’s 12:10 afternoon as door bell starts ringing, so I walked towards door to open it and there I can see Rahul with security guard cum driver standing as looking at them ,I smiled and driver moved away as I asked

“come inside Rahul
(He moved inside)what happened to Rohan
(Nancy)he is in his room ,go and meet him.”

As he opened his shoes and walked towards Rohan’s room ,so I locked the door and now moved towards Rohan’s I entered his room ,I can see Rahul sitting on a chair and I thought he is bit sure of his friend getting refreshed inside washroom but he was unaware of my sexy activities looking at me ,he stands and looking too smart in his black trousers with blue stripe white shirt ,I took him by surprise as I hold him in my arms and he screamed “aunty , please don’t do it ,Rohan is inside washroom
(Me)ok I will go ahead with you .”

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