Meeting my college friend : meet turned romantic

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Is it true that a married lady will be the sole property of her husband ? if yes ,than I remained my hubby Ankit’s love for years but from there ,he starts wife swapping and we get company of Kirti & Sonal but it’s my mind to get laid with a stranger Rashid and rims ,a 26 years married lady is too sexy ,bold and gorgeous.

It’s my sexy body which can give you (guys/mens) immense pleasure but as I loves doing physical activities with strangers ,I have made some priorities for it as age doesn’t matter but guys strong physique with his charming face and character matters,so it’s a weekly trip to my parent’s home as I was wondering for some fun there ,a routine daily life with little fun have made my life bit unsatisfied.

Rima is in her parent’s home at Varanasi as my dad retired from government service ,he have build a home near rath Yatra chowk in my college life was just like a simpleton girl with strict discipline from my mom and till I got married ,I never got touch of any guy on my body ,so on first night physical relations between me & Ankit was great as I got different kind of satisfaction with lot of as I am in parent’s home ,I am bit relaxed from my routine life but feeling bore evening ,I received call from my friend Renu and we both have planned to meet outside home as I am curious to spend some nice time out of home ,so in the evening ,after having a cup of tea ,I put my leggings and crop tops on sexy body as push up brassiere with a panty is under it .now I took my purse and than put high heel straps sandals on legs as I walked out of home ,so hired an auto rickshaw to move to Lanka area as we both feel better and free inside university’s premises of B H U .

So sitting alone in autorickshaw as going towards University ,as traffic have put it’s speed curtail ,at bhelupur chowk my eyes stuck on Amar ,my college friend as he was on bike alone and there i put my head out of autorickshaw as I screamed louder “Amar ….Amar “and his eyes got my look ,so I asked driver of auto to put it side for a while as Amar came there and looking at me ,as I came out of it……..”oh Rima ,nice to meet you after a long time
(Me)yes ,how are you Amar ?
(Amar)fine ,but where are you going alone ?
(Me)going to university to meet someone
(He)oh I see !heavy traffic will take lot of time ,so leave the auto as I am also going towards University” and first feeling bit shy , but than paid money to auto driver as I sit on bike with my both legs in same direction with my one hand on his shoulder ,he is a handsome guy with athelete physique and as bike is moving slowly ,I am bit uncomfortable with a slight distance with him there .

So inches closer to him as I put my one arm in his waist and than my ignited mind gave him the touch of my soft breast on his back ,once I thought it as a shameful act but my mind have overpowered my sexy body and as we both are out of heavy traffic ,he is driving bike at a great speed and lastly we both are out of University main gate as he stopped the bike and asked

“Rima ,from here you can move away
(I am bit confused)Amar ,are you busy or
(He smiled)if you will ask for a coffee ,I will have it .”

And than we both moved towards University Birla temple as we are sitting on chair waiting for cold coffee and I asked him “Amar ,are you still bachelor or
(He laughed)feeling too free with no bonds in my life
(Me)and what’s about your professional life ?
(He)after completing management course ,I am working in a private firm and you
(Rima)hubby is an IT professional in Lucknow as I am in role of a housewife .”

And his charming face with tall figure of near about 6’0 feet is making me feel hot and as we are drinking coffee ,I took out my mobile number and put my friend’s number in DND list as I am too excited to have some fun with Amar and as our faces are straight ,he is eyeing my sexy boobs to smooth thighs and I can’t make any verbal proposal to him but he can do it.lastly ,as our coffee finished I opened my purse to give money to shopkeeper but there he hold my hand and took out his purse to pay as my hand got his nice touch and than I put my hand back .so looking at me Amar asked …..”excited to move inside Birla temple.”

And my eyes blurred on his bulge on jeans as I nodded my head and we entered temple premises but he hold my wrist and I was not showing any signs of resistance to him as we both removed our sandals at it’s gate ,than offered prayer inside temple and left the Amar is looking bit confused as he asked “so Rima ,I think you should wait here for your friend
(While looking at my mobile)till now she have not called me once
(He)ok than let’s move to Ganges ghat
(Me)sure I love to sit on ghat in evening hour .”

Our mind matches as it’s our first meeting for love cum romance ,so it’s 06:30 pm as it’s a dark evening in the month of October and Amar took me to Tulsi ghat as it’s a safe romantic place for couples but it’s my first extramarital affair in native place .so as we are on Tulsi ghat ,it’s too high from river Ganges but as too many steps and a large squared shape is there ,it’s a nice place and Amar took me towards the squared shaped platform as we both sit there and our faces are straight .so as his arm rounded my neck ,I am bit shy and looking at him I smiled “Amar ,you have missed your opportunity dear ,and he kissed my face “not baby,friends is an important part of life ,and bit romantic “sure but putting arm in friend’s neck and shoulder is hot”,as I took him by surprise while kissing his face our faces are again straight as I can feel his palm rubbing my nude shoulder and I inches closer .so I starts rubbing my left breast on his inner chest and he is too hot as he hold my hairs and put his lips on my lips to after getting married ,my hubby as well as Rashid were my bed lovers but it’s a new chapter of my erotic our lips are sealed as I opened my mouth and took his lip in mouth to suck,so Amar have put his hand on my back as I put my heavy butts on his thigh and now smiled “now feeling comfortable “and he is well shocked with my acts as my strong character with traditional view have made me a “Didi”character in college premises.

So he is squeezing my right soft boobs as my hand is rubbing his back and as his hand starts lifting my crop tops slight up ,I showed my resistance and he overpowered me as Amar hand is on my nude tummy and going upto my chest ,while sounding sexy  “,uh ah Amar , please don’t ignore my sexy body”and he hold my round breast on brassiere as he starts squeezing it and my palm is moving on his bulge as I am feeling too my dirty mind is thinking of it’s unzipped jeans to hold his cock as Amar is of my age ,he was a flirty guy in my class and I know his love affairs with gals but it was like a time pass and as he put his lips on my lips again ,I moved ahead as I put my long tongue in amar’s mouth ,sucking it hard he is trying to push up my brassiere and so I helped him to dislodge my bras from my boobs and now Amar is sucking my tongue as his hand is pressing my breast my body is in sensation and after a while ,I pushed his face and now feeling bit relaxed after getting hot with his french Amar is more aggressive as he lifted my tops to neck and than put his face on my breast and like a mom ,I put my breast in kids mouth as he is sucking it while massaging other my hand hold his buckles as I am removing it ,now Amar left my right tits as he lowered his jeans and briefs to knees ,so in a dim light his cock circling dense pubic hairs is showing it’s erection and now I grabbed it to jerk fast ,so Amar swallows my left breast as he is sucking it hard and my sexy voice “uh ah oh Amar ,how we will fulfill our desires here “and his long as well as thick penis is making me aroused ,so my vagina inside panty is opening it’s mouth to swallow his cock but it’s not possible here .lastly he left my breast as I put my head on his shoulder ,now my palm left his cock and he said

“Rima ,you are too sexy
(Me)thanks for it but it’s a public place
(He)we can enjoy foreplay here and than we will think about other step.”

As we are sitting on step of the platform ,so I left my shyness as I sit on ground infront of his legs and now hold his cock .now he inches forward to put his bum on the corner of platform,so looking at each and every directions ,I hold his penis and removed it’s skin ,now his soft round glans is rubbing my lips like a revelon lipliner on it and getting horny ,I swallows it to suck.nothing new for a slut lady like me as I am in extramarital affair with a guy Rashid in Lucknow ,so as his 2/3 Rd cock in my mouth hits the throat ,I starts spinning my head fast and sucking his penis fast as my vagina is in fire but removing my leggings here is a tough task and as his penis is growing harder in my mouth ,I took it out and put my long tongue on it to lick .so looking at him ,I said

“Amar ,now I am too impatient and my inner sexy organ is lacking your touch ,so how to move ahead
(He)suck it darling ,I will love your sexy body here while keeping safety in mind.”and now I swallow his cock as I am feeling too aroused and while sucking his long cock in my mouth ,I am giving him a hard blow job as he is in fire “uh ah oh Rima you are too wild , love to fuck you soon “and as I felt his cock with pre-cum on glans ,I took it out and sit beside him .so he is thinking of going ahead and than he put his hand on my waist as I looked at him……,

“please Amar , don’t remove my leggings here
(He smiled)oh baby !be cool with me.” And as he put his jeans on waist ,but kept his cock out of it ,I am too nervous and now while sitting infront of my legs ,Amar is pulling down my leggings and I put my butts up as he pulled my leggings to legs .so on ghat of river Ganges with my college friend Amar ,I am fuelling my sexy body and now his hand is rubbing my vagina on panty as I opened it’s my cunt is hot as it needs a deep penetration but here ,Amar hold my legs and put it on air as I am well under his control and so crossed fingers made my hole open ,last four years and lot of fuck as cunt’s flexibility is much more and now Amar put his tongue in my cunt as he is licking it fast with my legs on his shoulders ,my sexy voice

“uh ah lick fast my dear ,soon I will pour cum “and he is licking my clitoris as my sexy body is fully aroused but how he will fuck me here ? I know the situation as it’s a deserted ghat and so as his tongue is licking my cunt fast ,my hand is rubbing his hairs gently and slowly ,so I screamed “uh ah it’s cumming my dear”and than as my cunt is full of fluids ,Amar rolled his tongue as he tastes my our body are too aroused as Amar sits beside me and now I hold my leggings on legs to lift it up but he hold my hand as he kissed my face “see this large tree of peepal and it’s round large circumfrances ,it will be safe behind it
(Me)ok do it but soon.”
Now both moved towards that large tree as I took out my leggings and now as I bend down and forward ,he starts rubbing my butts ,it’s a nice position for this place and as my front portion of body is in downwards position ,I have kept my legs closed but than Amar ,hold my waist as he started making my legs stretched ,so as I am like a wild four legged animal on ghat ,he starts pushing his hard cock inside my wet vagina ,it’s the third tool of my life as it’s a bigger one ,so as his 1/4 th cock vanishes inside it ,I am waiting for his hard fuck and than he is pushing his penis in a gentle manner as after it seems like putting whole one ,he fucked me hard and my voice “uh Amar ,it’s too hard”as he starts pounding my vagina hard and his speed is too fast ,so feeling in heaven after getting his cock inside wet cunt with fast frictions making my cunt too aroused ,I looked back and smiled as I starts shaking my curvy waist to enhance it’s (fuck) immense pleasure and Amar is too hot as well as enduring ,his cock have given my mouth pre-cum but than after ,it’s 3-4 minutes that his cock is hitting my vaginal hole hard and I am in fire

“uh ah it’s great ,make my cunt a hot boiler than pour your semen dear
(He)you are too wild and sexy ,love to fuck you more.”and as his penis started diminishing it’s speed ,I starts swinging my butts like a whore and after 8-9 minutes ,he starts fucking with speed and power as he starts raining my vagina “uh ah have it you bitch”and my cunt is filled with semen as after a while ,he took out his cock as I used my hanky to clean my vagina and we both put our dresses as we took rest there……..

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