Reunion of Bina ,Jeet & sunny :part-2

It’s a hot day as spring weather have had made us cool in the morning hour but as Bina ,a 27 years married lady is in a resort’s room with her younger brother Jeet and his best friend sunny ,two of them made me hot .my brother and his friend is just 2 years young to me but as my hot vagina got it’s early morning dose ,it’s well satisfied. I am not a rotten gal/lady as my college life was too simple and my strict disciplined mom gave me little freedom to enjoy my life there. A sexy gal of 20-22 years have always put a salwar suits or long skirts with tops to cover her body but my life changed as I got married to a guy of modern society ,his thoughts as well as living standards were much in the line of a cosmopolitan as I got married ,there I bought too many sari , petticoats and blouses , my sexy boobs were covered in 32C size brassiere as my waist was just 26 inches and my V shaped butts were bit heavy as it measures 36 as I got married at the age of 21-22 years ,I left my parent’s home and as my hubby Anish was an IT professional ,we both moved to a flat in Noida and than my hubby gave me freedom to enjoy my life but it was restricted to dressing sense and living standards but as our married life starts fuelling with love ,sex and romance ,he starts making me a dirty lady as I was well known of first night with hubby ,getting fucked and loosing virginity was on card as I was mentally prepared for it but on first night he forced me to suck his cock and than my sexual desires started I spent a month with him ,I started drinking beer and smoking cigarette but it was a ocassional move and as time passes ,Bina get addicted to it , watching porn videos and drinking beer was like a routine affair with my as my sexual organs were loved prior to marriage ,it was a secret affairs with my brother Jeet and my life starts changing my mind ,my modern outfits ,my drinking habits and my dirty mind is thinking of an extramarital affair also but I was too scared in doing so.lastly ,for his promotion Anish put my body in his bosses hand and than my sexual life was too satisfactory,now Anish and his friend Kirti started wife swapping as I become a bold , shameless and slut lady.

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I am in home as I am feeling too hot and my younger brother Jeet planned a nice day with his friend Bina ,sunny and Jeet are in a room of resort as I get hard fuck with sunny as Jeet poured his semen in my mouth ,so we three are nude on bed as both guys are too exhausted (read previous story “reunion of Bina ,sunny & Jeet).


So feeling bit dirty as my mouth is in different taste of semen ,my hole is feeling too sticky and so I moved inside washroom as I have my refreshment and washed my sexual organs to feel I am back in room nudely ,sunny moved to washroom and I took out a sexy robes to wear as Jeet is eyeing at my boobs “your sexy body have changed a lot baby
(Me)sure ,now twice a week I have to get fucked as your brother in law have made me a whore for his professional career
(Jeet)oh I see !it’s exciting as I think you are enjoying your life ,isn’t it ?
(I put my robes )sure but seems to have lost my character
(Jeet)don’t feel like that ,change of taste is good for sexual health and desires.”

And I can see sunny there as his nude cock is bit erected and than Jeet hold his boxer as he moved inside looking at me ,sunny smiled “you are too sexy baby ,for last 5 years I have never thought about you of becoming such a gorgeous lady
(Me)sure but seems that your cock’s size have remained as usual .”and both sits on sofa beside eachother as I starts putting wine and soda in glasses ,so holding my sexy breast he starts squeezing it and as Jeet moved inside room ,he starts eyeing my hand on Sunny’s cock as he sits opposite to us and hold his glass “really ,a young brother is nude with her sister
(Sunny laughed)sure you sister-fucker ,remove your sister’s robes to show me her sexy body
(Bina drinking wine)I am able to remove my clothes but both cocks are hanging like a thick fleshes with no energy.”and as sunny starts opening my front faced ropes of dress ,I felt like getting his love again and there I put my half emptied glass on table as I lit a cigarette to smoke and as my legs bend and got stretched ,Jeet hold his cock “now it’s my turn baby ,sunny you have already visited Bina’s cunt
(Sunny took out my robes)sure but let it grow like a cock first ,it’s in erection.”

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As he hold his cock to show me and my lovely breast is in Sunny’s palm as he is massaging it hard while I hold his semi erected penis ,so looking at me Jeet took the cigarette and now he sits to my right side ,so like a vegetable in between sandwich I am going to be cooked . so Jeet hold my breast as he put his face on it and starts sucking as sunny is rubbing my cunt with his fingers ,so getting back with both of the guys are like doing my sexy affairs prior to my marriage and as I am jerking Sunny’s cock hard ,he hold my breast and put it in his mouth as he is sucking it hard ,so both guys are sucking my boobs as I can feel Sunny’s cock growing harder and it’s my pleasure to get fucked again .now as my body is under sensation ,I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah suck you guys ,both are my first love ,ooh .”and as Sunny’s finger vanishes in my hot cunt ,he is fingering my hole fast and it’s a hot orgasms but still lacking the peak of pleasure and than Jeet put his glass on table as he have made my breast a hot round ball and looking at me ,he hold Sunny’s wrist and said……

“your penis is fully erected
(Sunny)than need it in your ass hole
(Jeet)no in your mom’s hole .” and I left Sunny’s cock as position were explained.

We three are nude on king size bed as I get laid with my legs wide and Jeet hold his position to love my hot tunnel as he took a pillow and put it under my sexy sunny is near my face and now I turned my face towards his cock as I put my knees to swallow his cock and as half of cock he shoves in my mouth ,I put my hand on his waist and starts sucking his 7-8 inches long and thick cock ,so sunny have hold my hairs as I am spinning my head to get his cock in full erection and now as my both legs are on eachother ,Jeet put it wider and his face is in between my strong I took out his cock and laid straight on bed and Jeet starts kissing her sister’s vagina as I am getting aroused ,now sunny knelt on my face as he hold his cock and put his hand under my head just to put it up and as he pushed his cock inside my mouth ,I starts getting my mouth fucked with his long cock and as I am feeling jeet’s tongue licking my glory hole ,it’s my pleasure to get two cocks at a sunny is hitting my deep throat with his glans and as I am like a whore on bed ,Jeet took my fleshy labias in his mouth to suck and I put my face back to remove Sunny’s cock from my mouth .so I can see his long cock with smooth shaft to base and glans reddish and he walked away as Jeet is making my dry hole a wet one and I screamed louder “uh ah Jeet your sexy sister’s vagina is getting fluids in it ,taste it you dog”and he is comfortable with my vagina’s fluids as he licked and tastes he also left me but his cock is in semi erection and now sunny is back on bed as he starts rubbing my wet vagina with his fingers “it’s your valuable property and will be loved by your own brother

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