Romantic sex with Anushka

Romantic sex with Anushka – A perfect mallu girl for love and sex

Hello friends. I am Vinith, 20 years old. This incident happened with my classmate Anushka. Let me tell about Anushka. She is a thin girl with moderate colour and medium sized assets. She is moderate in weight. A perfect mallu girl for love and sex. We met in first year of college and since first day, I had a crush on her. She also showed interest in me as I was a class topper. But we both never openly proposed. This incident happened in 2nd year of college.


Anushka always used to smile at me gently and genuinely that I never thought she would be having naughty feelings on me. But, once we were playing Stare Truth Dare. She got the truth section and the question was whom she wanted to have sex with if she got a chance. She was bit hesitant but later told my name “Vinith”. I was shocked. I felt very shy and embarrassed. But from inside, I was very happy. Then onwards, we got more closer and our classmates used to tease us. We also got more romantic. We used to chat naughtily on WhatsApp. Not sex chat. Just naughty. One day I was in a very sexy mood that I openly told Anushka that I felt like having sex with her. She was surprised but happy about it. She told that she never thought I will speak so openly. But then, there was no further step and she went offline. But I know she wanted me badly…..

Next day, I took the bold step. Generally, our physics lab is always open and free. No restrictions on entering it. The staffs are very friendly. So I went to Anushka and told her that physics mam has called her. She also came with me. The teachers room is inside the lab and enclosed. When we entered the lab, I took her to the staff cabin. She also came with me innocently. As soon as we entered the cabin, I pushed her to the table and kissed her neck. She didn’t resist. I closed her mouth and said not to scream. She was shocked. Then, I got hold of her from the back tightly and whispered in her ears “look Anu, I know u like me. Do you want me to continue kissing?” She nodded shyly…. So I got the green signal. I kissed her lips. Then neck. Then her back… Then slightly kissed her navel without opening her dress. She was very scared that suddenly she said “enough Vinith. We will see later.”

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I was also scared and embarrassed about that we didn’t talk for a few days. After some days, I got a message from her.
She: Your lips are very tasty and Ur saliva is very hot.
Me: Did you like it?
She: Girls don’t speak out everything openly.

I understood her mood.

She: Do you fantasise about me. Tell the truth.
Me: Yes. I would like to have you as my wife.
She: What would you do to me if I become your wife.
Me: I will fuck you like a my queen. Make you cum on my face. Satisfy your carnal desires.
She: Omg. You love me or my body?
Me: Both baby. Neither of them comes for free.
She: Will you marry me and then fuck me or want to just fuck me.
Me: It’s your wish sweety. I am ready for anything.

Then we started chatting dirty and sexy. We talked about how our honeymoon would be. Finally, we decided to get into action. Anushka was a hosteller as she was from Kerala. So it was not easy for her to come out. Only for extra classes, the hostel gave permission. So we waited for an extra class. On a Sunday extra class, our staff had planned to take us out for an industrial visit. We planned and bunked the visit. We hid in the classroom. Nobody noticed that we came. The building was empty as it was Sunday. We got the perfect chance.

Anushka was in a blue colour skirt and a black tops. She was wearing black earrings. I was very much seduced. We entered the class and locked the door. I got her from back and kissed her neck and back. Then I touched her two soft melons. They were not melons, but two ripe mangoes. I pressed them gently and softly so that she should not feel hurt. We were smooching. I kissed her passionately. I mixed both of our saliva. It was very tasty and smelled very nice. I licked her tongue and sucked her juicy lips. Her hands were rounded my neck. And my hands were on her mangoes. Then I kissed her cheeks and neck. Wetted her with my hot saliva(as she called it). Then slowly opened the buttons of her tops. She was wearing a white colour bra. She was a girl of medium colour. But as all malayalee girls, she had a polished skin glowing due to the coconut oil they use. The white bra on the glowing skin was really awesome. I kissed her in bra… Licked her back side and applied my hot saliva. She was enjoying with eyes closed. Her navel was very nice and she had a good tummy. Generally girls with a tummy are an attraction for boys rather than a flat girl. I kissed her tummy and licked it. I kissed the navel. Then I took away the bra. Her two mangoes were hanging. I got hold of them and sucked one and massaged the other. The nipples were hard and erect. I pressed the nipples. Anushka moaned…. Sshhhh aaahhh mmmm uuhhhhh…. Then I sucked the other melon. I applied the saliva on the boobs also .. I pressed them hard. Then I laid her in the desk. Pushed her hands.. I started licking her armpit. It was hairless. I had already told her to remove them.

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Then I completely wetted her armpits. It was a bit salty but tasty because she didn’t sweat very much. She was brought up in a closed environment and did not sweat so much. It smelled nice and she was enjoying. Then she asked me to undress. I removed my t shirt and baniyan. She also wetted my torso and kissed me all around. She laid me on the desk and came on top of me. She kissed my hairy chest and carressed the hair. She told me that the hair made me look sexy. She always said me that she liked me because of my hair. My moustache and beard made her like me. She played with my hairy chest and licked it. She had asked me to bath with lux soap as she liked the smell because it was manly. She kissed my belly and licked my nipples. Then she fully applied her saliva on my torso. Then we moved forward. I untied her hairs as it looked sexy. I made her stand up and removed her skirt. She was wearing a black panty. It was fully wet. I saw the wet patch.

Then I removed my trousers. She sensed my manhood. And we hugged immediately. We kissed passionately. Smooches. I carressed her trunk. She carressed my back. Then I laid her on the desk.

She: You love me so much Vinith?
Me: Yes. Love your very much Anu.
She: No. You are lying.
Me: No baby. I am true. I love you. What you want me to do to prove my love.
She: You have done enough to prove your love. I believe you baby. Go ahead.
Me: what shall I do?
She: lick my pussy. They are waiting for Ur hot saliva. I want to feel your moustache on it.
Me: Sure baby. You like it?
She: yes. I have been fantasising Ur moustache and beard on my pussy.

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Then, I opened her panty to further prove my love. She had a clean shaven pussy. It was darker than her skin colour as all of us have. I saw tiny hairs on them. It was fully wet and smelled very good. I had asked her to wash it with soap. It was like the padmini pussy(as described in Kamasutra). The pussy was soft, polished, filled with juice and virgin. I touched her pussy and started massaging it. I spread all the juice over her pussy and massaged it. I inserted my 2 fingers in her hole. She moaned ouch. I think it pained her. She put her hands around my trunk and held me tightly. Then I explored her pussy. I found the clitoris. It was exposed. It was highly aroused and coming out of her pussy petals. It was erect and stimulated like the penis. I touched the clitoris. She liked the feel and got aroused. She moaned. Viniiiiiiith…. Go ahead. I massaged her whole clitoris. She couldn’t control herself. She took my manhood out and started massaging it. Then I took her pussy juice and applied it on her boobs and nipples. Then I stimulated her clitoris and made her feel like heaven.

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