Mom & son have day on bed: Bina watched them

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In previous story as my mom Juhi caught me (Bina mishra) with my brother Jeet in a hot position ,she gave us a nice punishment as Juhi ,a matured lady of 41 years get fucked (read previous story “my mom caught me nude with my brother ” & it’s part 2 ) Infront of her married daughter as she got a hard penetration from Jeet’s penis.

So as days passed ,we three are now a shameless birds and next day…..

Juhi , my mom have a nice bath in the morning as dad have left for his office and looking at him in a sexy bath robes was like a day going to be a hot one and Juhi sits near me in dinning room as my eyes are on her sexy nude legs to semi nude thighs and looking too hot as her cleavages is visible in clothes ,she asked me

“Bina ,today you will only see your mom’s sexual desires and it’s fulfillment
(Bina bit outspoken) sure mom ,I think you both will need my help also
(She laughed)oh it’s not in my mind as my holes are in fire and I am capable of getting fucked for an hour or so with him
(Bina)sure but after his cock pouring semen in your vagina ,who will make it erect again
(Juhi smiled)oh that’s the problem but don’t try to make my sexual affair bit changed
(Bina)trust me mom ,I will only be yours assistant on bed ,not going to have your son’s cock in my vagina.”

So Juhi moved to brother’s room as I followed him to look her physical affair and as I get inside room ,I can see son and mom holding eachother in arms as I am feeling too embarrassed.

So as Juhi is kissing her sons neck while rubbing his bum ,I am feeling too excited but shy ,so I moved but mom screams “hello sexy ,be with us” and than I moved Infront of them as I can see Jeet kissing her mom’s lips hard and as I am a mere spectator ,I thought to be a hot lady making them fully aroused.

So as Jeet is sucking her mom’s lips and Juhi is rubbing her big boobs hard on his chest ,I just bend down and pulled down my brother’s Bermuda ,so his cock is in erection as Juhi is too horny and like a slut lady dying for his love ,she hold his penis and starts jerking Jeet left her lips but no mercy from my hot mom as she put her long tongue in Jeet’s mouth and while sucking it hard ,he is rubbing her mom’s butts and now my hand is on mom’s waist as it’s between their bodies and as I hold mom’s ropes of robes to open ,she slightly moved back and now mom’s robes is opened.later on ,Jeet took out her tongue as his lower part of body is nude and looking at me mom smiled

“I have put a pill for strong erection in my purse
(Jeet sits on bed’s corner)no ,my natural erection is enough.” And there as Jeet’s face is straight to mom’s vagina ,he put her one leg on bed and wild lady spread her legs as she is looking down to him and Jeet starts kissing her mom’s vagina as his palm is rubbing her butts ,her robes have been opened but yet not removed ,so Jeet’s hand moves inside it as he is rubbing her heavy buttocks.

Jeet is busy in kissing her mom’s soft glory hole as I hold my mom’s robes on shoulder and took it out ,so I can see her labias too wider as Jeet’s tongue is licking her hole and mom is moaning like a hungry lady

“uh ah fuck fuck my cunt with your tongue but soon make my hole your personal address for hours
(Bina feeling too hot) mom you are feeling too aroused ,so be on bed and get a hard fuck
(She screams loud)yes but let Jeet suck my hole to make it wet.”

And a 41 years gorgeous lady is standing while putting her one leg on bed and I can see Jeet’s cock lumping like a roaring tiger as I hold my mom’s big breast to squeeze and after a while , Jeet is too hot as his goal haven’t fulfilled ,so making a matured lady’s cunt a wet one is a herculean task and now Jeet hold her mom’s waist as she hold it and than pushed him on bed.

Juhi get laid on bed as Jeet is near him ,but Bina sits near brother’s waist as I can see my brother putting his face on mom’s boobs as he swallowed Juhi breast and than starts sucking it. Now I am too curious as I took out my night wear and as I got nude ,I moved to my brother’s bum as he is on his knees while drinking mom’s breast and now I put my face on his ass as I put my fingers on his ass hole and starts licking his reddish hole ,so Jeet looks back as he hold her mom’s left breast and took it in his mouth to suck while Juhi is hot “ah it’s my son who is getting my breast milks and I am feeling on top of world “but than Jeet starts kissing her mom’s fleshy tummy as he is moving down to her vagina and now I starts jerking my brother’s cock fast as I can see Juhi rubbing her legs on Dunlop’s bed and now Jeet is holding her mom’s thigh as he is putting his lips and she is in complete sensation as she is screaming in pleasure “uh oh ah my son ,don’t make me too hot but start fucking your whore mom’s cunt with your hard tool “and than Jeet walked away,so I am looking at mom’s sexy body as she asked

“you can suck my son’s cock but after he fucks me you will have to make it hard
(Me)oh means a physical agreement for us.”and as Jeet came back with his long thick erected penis ,I am desirous to suck it .so as he sits on bed ,I hold his penis and pushed him on bed ,like a hungry lady I swallows his cock and starts spinning my head as my mom wake up and moved inside feeling his cock getting erected in my mouth ,I am sucking it hard as he is inciting me

“uh ah oh sexy suck you bitch it will not cum till I fuck your mom for 10-15 minutes”and now I licked his cock as Juhi is on bed but on her knees and elbows , so in a doggy position Juhi is waiting for Jeet’s penis and Jeet hold his penis as he starts pushing it in mom’s wet cunt .now looking at their physical affair ,I get laid near my mom as I hold her saggy boobs and as a Jeet fucked her mom hard ,she abused him louder

“you mother fucker ,fuck fuck me hard ,I am your sex slave for a day
(Jeet is going hard )oh my sexy lady and in night I will masturbate my cock as you will enjoy my dad’s cock.”

And as Juhi is shaking her waist fast ,both are enjoying their fuck and while pressing my mom’s both boobs ,I am getting horny but no one is here to fuck me ,so a long dildo will satisfy me and after 7-8 minutes of fuck session ,Juhi starts shouting

“oh my son ,you are so strong and enduring in sex , unbelievable
(Jeet is fucking her with speed and power) sure my sexy mom ,move your butts fast .”

And as I can see my brother giving my mom hard fuck ,she is swinging her butts fast and lastly ,Jeet screams loud “it’s cumming ash oh uh “and as his penis Poured lot of semen in mom’s vagina, I got Jeet’s cock to suck as our days started with a nice pleasurable love cum lust session.

Added by Bina Mishra

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