My daughter and me (True story)

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My daughter and me (True story), So I’m 37 years old. Im 6 ft 2 with pretty good abs, a very deep voice and a 8 inch cock (blessed) I have 2 kids, my 17 year old daughter Tara and my 10 year old son Aaron. My wife and I broke up a year ago due to personal issues, I moved out and the kids visited me in my own home. Me and my wife got on as friends and everything was perfect, but then one day…

“Hey Dad,” yelled Tara, “we’re here”.
“Okay, leave your stuff at the door I’m showering I’ll be 2 minutes!” I shouted back down to them. I rinsed off the soap from my hair, looked down and realised I had a boner. I couldn’t deny myself this pleasure after several months without sex, so, soap in hand, I wanked for planet earth. Oh it felt good after months without a single fuck. I could hear Aaron running around outside playing with his nerf guns, shooting at his sister. She was a good sister to him. She cheered him up and played games with him and helped him through the divorce. She was a good sibling. And I kept wanking. After a few minutes I had to stiffle my groans, but to no avail.


“Dad? You okay in there.” Tara shouted up to me. Shit, she was coming up the stairs. I couldn’t stop now.
“Errrrr…yeah *moan* I’m just drying myself *heavy breathing.”

She was at the top of the stairs. I still couldn’t stop.

“What did you say?” She asked.

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She tried the handle…the door was unlocked.

Before I had timeto lock it, I grabbed a towel and pretended to be drying my hair.

She opened the door “Dad?”
I pretended to yell in shock as she walked into the bathroom.
“Oh shit sorr-”
She cut off there, she was looking down, eyes fixed on something.
I looked down and realised too late that my towel was failing miserably to cover my bulging cock. I quickly covered, embarrassment painted on my face, disbelief painted on Tara’s.
She finally snapped out of the stare, smiled at me and walked out.
“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” I whispered. I quickly finished off with an anti-climatic orgasm, got dressed and saunted down the stairs like nothing happened.

“Dad!” Yelled Aaron as he ran towards me.
“Hey kiddo! You okay?” I asked him. Keeping an eye on Tara who was smiling to herself in the corner.
She got up and hugged me very tight, thrusting her waist into me slightly, “Hiya dad.” She said happily.

The rest of the day was normal, but every now and again I caught Tara staring at my bulge and she even brushed past it once or twice. What was she playing at? I’m her dad!

For dinner, we had sausage and mash. I kept watching Tara eat sausages in the most explicit way, obviously pretending to give a blow job but I ignore it. Mostly. But she was only kidding, right?

Aaron dived on me with his nerf gun, shooting me in the face with and screaming “Death to the Jedi! Emperor Palpatine shall always rule.”
I pretended to be a Obi Wan and picked him up and soun him round…

Tara walked in.

She was wearing a tight tank top, practically see through with hot pants. I had to refrain myself from yelling WHAT THE FUCK.

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