Cheating with a couple (True story)

Cheating with a couple (True story), This one is about a threesome I had with a couple I didn’t know one weekend when Aimee went out of town.

Aimee had gone to visit some family members for the weekend, and I’d stayed at home because I couldn’t get out of work that Friday, so I spent a quiet evening at home both Friday and Saturday nights. By Sunday evening, I was bored and horny. Aimee wasn’t going to be back until the next day, which was Labor Day, so I was off work and didn’t need to go to bed early. I was flicking through the TV channels when I saw an advertisement for Quest chatline, and decided to give it a shot, so I called the number, and got a free trial of 60 minutes. In my recording, I said I was new to the chatline, bored at home, and just looking for something to get into. Then I started “browsing the system” in their live chat room.

I wasn’t having much luck at all, as most of the callers seemed to be either just looking to chat or were offering sex for money. I refuse to pay … I’ve never been that desperate. Anyhow, I was about to hang up when I heard a greeting from a woman claiming to be a 35 year old female who had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted a good-looking stranger to spend the night with her, so I sent her a message, telling her of my availability. After about five minutes, she sent me a message back, and asked me a few questions, like what I looked like, etc. We talked like this for a short while, then she gave me her number and told me to text a picture, which I did. She then called me. I couldn’t believe it was that easy!! But it seemed to be, and before long, we were talking, exchanging pictures via text, and then she asked me to come to her house, which was about 15 miles away on the side of a mountain. I agreed.

I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth, rushed to the pharmacy, bought some condoms and lube (Aimee and I never use protection or need lube), and headed her way. Aimee called me on the way to say good night, and we talked for a few minutes. She asked where I was going, and I just told her that I was heading out to the RedBox to get a DVD because I was bored. She bought it, and hung up a few moments later. Anyway, I drove up the mountain, got lost, and had to call the girl for directions. She seemed to be legitimate, and I was just hoping it wouldn’t be a big joke, with me showing up late at night at some stranger’s house and them not knowing who the hell I am.

I eventually found where this girl said she lived. It was in a nice complex of cottages near a country club, with private parking. I called her as I was pulling up near her house, and asked her to come to the door so I knew it wasn’t all a big joke. Parking next to a yellow Ford Mustang, I saw a light shining on some stairs, and looked up to see a slim blond woman standing at the side door of this cottage. She seemed to be wearing sexy underwear underneath a black robe of some sort. She waved, I got out the car, and made my way up the stairs. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. This would be the first time I’d have cheated on my wife.

At the top of the stairs, I got a better look at this girl. She said her name was Liz. She was slim, petite, with clear skin, blond hair, and big black secretary glasses. Her boobs didn’t appear to be big, but I could tell they were at least a handful, and her legs seemed sexy. All in all, I was pretty pleased and turned on. She invited me in, and pointed down the dimly lit hallway to the living room. As she closed the door and I started to walk that way, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a guy in the living room, putting the TV remote on the coffee table! I stopped, turned to Liz, and asked her what the hell this was all about. I was pretty pissed. She gently touched my back, told me to relax, and said it was her fiancé, and that he just wanted to watch. I hesitated for a few seconds, then decided to just roll with it, so I headed into the living room. The guy was actually really cool, introduced himself, shook my hand, apologized for the deception, and said that he loves to watch his girl in action with strangers and tell her what to do while he watches and jacks off in the corner. The idea turned me on, because it was exactly what I liked to do with Aimee.

I was invited to sit down next to Liz on the sofa, and her fiancé, Jack, sat in an armchair across the room. The lights were dim, some porn was playing softly on the TV, and a few vibrators were lying on the coffee table. Jack had a beer, and Liz had a yellow drink of some kind. She seemed nervous, but both of them seemed like really cool people. Anyway, after about 10 minutes of idle and somewhat boring chit chat, Jack took control, and told me to kiss Liz. I took her head in my left hand, and pulled her towards me, my tongue finding hers. My right hand ran down her back, realizing that her robe was silk. She smelled so good, I could feel myself getting hard. She was wearing fishnet stockings, too, and high heels, which I hadn’t noticed before. We kissed for a minute or so, and then Jack told me to slide off her robe, which I did. She looked so sexy in revealing black lingerie and fishnet stockings. I loved it! As I was drinking in the view, Jack asked me what I thought, to which I simply replied, “Very sexy”.

He then told me to start rubbing her pussy through her panties, and as I did so, she started breathing a little faster. She was already wet, and I could feel how moist she was as soon as my fingers made contact. Very soon, she was gently pushing up against my fingers, then she took my hand and placed it on her left boob, which, as I said, was a nice little handful. She then leaned in an we started to kiss again, and her left hand found my crotch, rubbing me through my jeans. I was hard and could feel myself pulsing against the resistance of my clothes. As I pulled away from the kiss, I glanced at Jack, and realized he had taken off his pants and was slowly stroking his cock. I knew how he must have felt, as excited as I was to watch my wife fucking someone else. Jack’s next instruction was simply, “Go for it, guys”.

I turned back to Liz, slowly unfastened her bra, slid it off, and started to lick on first one nipple, and then the other. She moaned every so slightly, and her breathing started to speed up again. I started to rub at her pussy again, and then I turned her on her back on the sofa, pulled off her panties, and gently leaned in and started to tease her clit with my tongue. She was very wet and very tasty. Her legs were up in the air, resting on my shoulders, and I swirled my tongue round and round, tasting her sweet juices and driving her insane. Her hands grabbed the back of my head, pushing me harder into her pussy, and very soon I was fucking her in and out with my tongue. She was moaning louder now, and without warning I felt her tense and moan louder than ever, and I realized I’d given her an amazing oral orgasm. I pulled away after that, again glancing at Jack, who was now completely naked, but otherwise in the same position, slowly stroking his cock as he watched.

Liz then started to fumble with my belt, unfastening it as I pulled my shirt up over my head. She pushed my pants to the floor, and I felt her hands caress my legs, my thighs, my butt, before finally and gently reaching for my already stiff cock, and working it up and down, slowly at first, then faster. I couldn’t believe I was standing naked in front of a woman who wasn’t my wife, being jacked off by her, as her fiance sat naked on a chair, turned on by it all, and masturbating to what we were doing. It was such a rush. I then felt Liz’s tongue teasing the end of my cock, and I started to shake a little. She was good! Soon, my whole cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, and it felt fantastic. This went on for about five minutes, with Jack slowly stroking, and Liz sucking me hard.

Jack then asked me to sit down, and asked if I’d like to fuck Liz. I said yes. He nodded to Liz, and she mounted me on the sofa, lowering herself towards my cock. I reached for my pants to get a condom, but Liz stopped me, saying she couldn’t get pregnant and was clean, so I again just rolled with it. She grabbed my cock and began to work it into her pussy, inch by inch, until she was sitting with my dick completely inside her, her fiance naked and stroking as we fucked. She began to work herself backwards and forwards, slowly at first, then faster, and faster, and faster, becoming more vigorous as we found our rhythm and thrust together. Her arms were around my neck, my hands were on her ass, and she was the tightest little pussy I’d ever been inside. Her lips found my own, and we kissed as best we could in time with our grinding humping thrusting rhythm that we’d worked out. She soon tensed again, and let out a huge scream, and I could feel her juices flowing down my cock and onto my legs. She stood up after that, and bent over, asking me to fuck her from behind. I was only too happy to oblige, and began to ram her little pussy hard and fast, hearing the sopping wet noise of dick inside pussy, knowing that she was horny and turned on and it was me that was doing it. I could see Jack stroking harder now, and, oddly, it turned me on even more. I continued fucking her, then realized that Jack was filming us on his phone. This was enough to put me over the edge, and I spurted stream after stream of hot cum inside this strange woman, who was loving every minute of it.

Spent, I came out of her, and flopped onto the sofa. I thought we were done, but apparently not. Jack wanted to know how long it would take me to get hard again. I told him to give me a few, so we all sat around and talked for a while, all three of us naked, Liz still dripping, Jack still hard an occasionally stroking, and me not quite hard, but not yet soft either. Jack then started asking if I’d ever been with a guy, to which I replied no. I wasn’t sure where the conversation was going, but again decided to roll with it. He said that one of their fantasies was to suck off the same guy, and asked if I’d be ok with it. I’d never really thought about that before, but the idea oddly turned me on, and I agreed. Next thing I know, I’m being led by Liz into their bedroom, where I’m asked to lie on my back on the bed. Liz took off her heels and her fishnets, and crawled onto the bed, kissing me, and working her way down my body to my once again fully erect cock. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment. I felt the bed shake as Jack got on it, and felt a second pair of hands on me. I glanced down, and saw the Jack was massaging my balls as Liz sucked me off. Next thing I know, Liz has backed off a little, and Jack’s mouth is wrapped around my cock, going up and down, and to be honest, if felt better than when Liz did it! In the meantime, Liz moved up to my face, stood over me, and I buried my head in her pussy, grabbing her ass, and listening to her moan. It was incredible. It was all a bit of a blur, but at one point, I remember Liz was sucking me again with her ass stuck up in the air, and Jack was fucking her doggy style. I could feel him thrusting into her as she sucked me off. It was a huge turn on, and I could feel myself getting ready to cum, but I somehow managed to hold off.

This went on for a while, then the next thing I know, they’re both down there licking my dick from either side. I feel a finger brushing my ass hole, and realized that Jack had lubed up his finger and was trying to poke me. It tickled, but felt good, so I opened my legs a bit and he worked his finger into me. It burned a little, then I realized he was massaging my prostate. It was an odd but not uncomfortable sensation, and overall I enjoyed it, but he stopped after a minute or so, and asked Liz to get on top of me again. She mounted me, and slowly started riding me again. I was so hard and so horny. I thought of Aimee, and wished she could have been there to join in. She was probably fucking someone else, too, because I’d told her to go ahead if she found someone. Jack got on his knees behind Liz, and slowly tried to work his dick inside her ass. The pressure on my dick as he did so was pretty intense, but I loved it, and soon neither Liz nor I were moving at all, but Jack was fucking her and doing all the work, stimulating both Liz and I as he did so. It was pretty intense, and I loved every minute of it. He soon came in her ass, and I felt cum dripping onto my legs. Liz then turned to face away from me, and she began to fuck me up and down, slowly, then faster and faster. She was so tight and I could feel my orgasm building up. Jack asked if I was ready to cum, and I said yes, and as I did so, Liz got up and before I knew it, Jack had descended on my cock with his mouth and was swallowing stream after stream of hot cum, right down his throat.

Spent once again, I lay there sweating, breathing heavily, heart pounding. Liz collapsed beside me, leaning her head on my shoulder. She, too, was spent and exhausted. Jack disappeared into another room to get a beer, and Liz whispered in my ear that she’d had a great time, and that Jack is gone from Monday morning to Thursday evening every week. She said I can come over any time, as long as I call first. Soon, Jack came back with his beer, and we all laid on the bed for a few, before I decided I had to leave. I got my clothes from the next room, shook Jack’s hand, kissed Liz again (and grabbed her ass), and left.

I passed out in bed at home, and woke at 10 the next morning when Aimee, who’d gotten an earlier fight home, was rubbing my cock through my boxers. Should I tell her what happened, I thought?

I didn’t. It’s my little secret. I treated her, though, to the cock of a stranger we met a few days later …

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