My wife and a coworker her first time with a woman Part 2

Previously I posted about my wife’s first lesbian encounter where she was taken by a co-worker named Kelly. And what transpired later when she got home and our mad dash to recover video evidence of her encounter from the security systems hard drive. Typical of my wife and her guilty conscience the following morning at

My wife and a coworker her first time with a woman (Later that night)

My wife who reads all of my stories and checks for accuracy as the whole idea of me capturing our experiences was entirely her idea she reminded me that I left out an additional part of the story, capturing the culmination of the erotic explosive experience of my wife’s first lesbian experience and what followed

California girls

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* “Fuck” thought Kate “Fuck that goddamn alarm” she rolled out of bed and squinted at the light spilling in through her bedroom window. *BEEP BEEP BEEP* “GODAMMIT!” she screamed as she fell face first into her pillow and slammed down on the alarm. “Oh shit wait my alarm was on my phone”

A wife’s Fantasy About Black Men

A wife’s Fantasy About Black Men.. My wife has a lot of fantasy’s and many are about harsh esx with black men! The following is one of my wife’s favorite and most delicious fantasy’s! Much of this would be a set up as I would have planned most of it out and have gotten these

Sharing My Wife

Sharing My Wife, I love my wife so much that I want to give her more than I can offer alone: multiple cocks for a gangbang. But in the end, Mandy turns the tables on me… “Ok, you have to stop teasing me. Tell me what the surprise is!” my wife Amanda demanded as we

Mom and son share his boyfriend

Mom and son share his boyfriend.. I always say to people that Donnie and I are like the Gilmore Girls, only Mom and son. Like Lorelai Gilmore I was only in my late teens when I gave birth, a senior in High School with a reputation of being as easy as First Grade Math. The

Cheating with a couple (True story)

Cheating with a couple (True story), This one is about a threesome I had with a couple I didn’t know one weekend when Aimee went out of town. Aimee had gone to visit some family members for the weekend, and I’d stayed at home because I couldn’t get out of work that Friday, so I

First sexual experiences with her best friend and step brother (True story)

First sexual experiences with her best friend and step brother (True story)… I always kind of wanted to be a boy because I grew up with all boys. When my dad passed when I was 11; I took over the whole role as boy. I rarely ever wore girl’s clothes and guys never really saw