Family Strip Poker

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Before going further I must suggest you, this story contains 4 % of Hindi words which is not affecting the story line in any way.Hi I m Rohit(Just a name chosen) from Mumbai. This incident happened just few months back at home. First let me introduce to you my family . In my family we are five people. Me and mother, father, my brother Raj and our sister Renu. We are based in Mumbai. We both brothers and sister are born n brought up in Mumbai.

We went to same school, same college, shared same room at home, shared almost every secrets and facts of life, in short we are very close to each other. In villages marriages happen at an early age so when my brother was born mother’s age was just 14 and my father was 16.

Today when I am 21 my sister is 22, Raj is 23. My father’s name is Sunil and mother’s Sheetal. We are very broad minded family. Many times in the childhood we have taken bath together. I mean me Raj and Renu.

Though father can afford different rooms for his every child but he was of opinion that by sharing we come closer than we will by just staying under one roof. Actually our parents think that we should live life to the fullest and enjoy every part of it. Few times I have seen Raj’s hard on in the morning. I am sure he is not less than 7. My sister and mother is just sex bomb. In our family all are very fit n fine n sexy n handsome n good looking, thanks to regular gym.

Many times in gym, while doing exercise I have seen pointing nipples of both females and none of them try to hide it in any manner. Also the sweat makes their body looks more sexy then before. When I Raj and father join them it’s a great time. All the males are ogling at their sexy n slim figures. Many times I have seen that father is looking at Renu, Raj watching mom n Renu even I like to watch them a lot.

Most often we get very hard while doing this. Initially I use to get
embarrassed by this but then it became normal. After all it’s human behavior. We also do not hide anything from family members be it any reason of enjoyment. Even at 39 father looks very young and actually the fact that he is otherwise also young we came to know when this event took place. My father have its own business, mother is housewife but likes loads of outing, kitty parties ,etc. Raj is software engineer and I am into father’s business.

Renu is moms copy. One Sunday we were having breakfast which is normal and routine of Sunday. On Sunday normally all are at home except me and mom. I go to my friends place and mom has her time with her friends. While having lunch papa asked

Me: what you will do now after this.
I said: nothing special just routine going to friends place.
Mom: what you always do at your friends place.
I: We play games on net or play some cricket that’s it.
Raj : what games
I : Strip poker.
Papa: on net ?
I: Yes.
Mom: How u play on net?

I : it’s simple. On net we play shooting game and when the one who loose will have
to take off one piece of cloth until we get naked. I further said: Why u people are asking in detail Do u also want to play? I asked this with full confidence that will say no to it. However to my surprise something different happened. Everybody was looking at one another. So I got up
and as I left the chair mom said: wait. Today I do not have any source of time pass
so let us try this.

She asked to others which nodded in agreement. I was very much
happy with this. Also I noticed Raj and Renu who were equally glad.
I said: ok, you people finish breakfast then we will play.
Papa: here we will play with bottle.
Raj: yes. But first we shall make sure that all are wearing equal number of cloths.
Now all started counting how much material each is wearing.

I said : I, Raj and Papa are having same no that is 4
to this papa said : no I m having only 3 cloths on me.
Mom (Jokingly) : Are you not wearing your underwear? that jockey’s.
Papa : Are, I m not wearing any vest.
Renu : Than wear it na.
Papa : Sheetal how much are u having with you?
Mom : 5. Now little reluctantly she went to her room and came back. Now it was
clearly visible that she was not wearing any bra.

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