Family Obligations

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It was one of those beautiful Fall days we get in Ohio, with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine to highlight the October colors of the maple trees that lined the streets, but inside my boyfriend’s car — things were a lot more frigid. I was pissed off — beyond pissed off at Jonny Hollister, my steady guy of more than a year. He was driving me home from school — we’re both seniors in high school and while we weren’t fighting, I was pissed.

“I just don’t get it, Jonny!” I said for about the hundredth time. “My parents are gone…like gone for the entire weekend. We have the house to ourselves and could do whatever we want!” I reached out and stroked his thigh from his knee to just shy of his crotch to emphasize the “whatever we want” part.

Jonny gave me a quick glance, not letting his eyes leave the road for more than a second, giving me that grin that gets him out of so much trouble, it isn’t even fair. “I told you, Alesha — it’s my weekend for family obligations. I can’t get out of it.”

I rolled my eyes in disgust and replied, “You could try! Ask your mom — she likes me! I’m sure she’d let out of whatever obligations you have this weekend. You could make it up next weekend!”

My boyfriend just sighed and grinned at me again. “You know I can’t, sweetie. I’ve got family obligations.” He reached out blindly and set his hand down on my bare knee and let it travel upwards towards my crotch until I put my legs together to deny him access. He sighed again and said, “I’ll make it up to you. There will be other weekends, I promise.”

I stuck my tongue between my lips and blew a loud raspberry in response and then stared out the window, watching the homes of our small town pass by. I felt so pissed off. I pounded my fists against my upper thighs and yelled out, “FUCK!”


I suppose a little explanation is in order. I’ve been dating Jonny since early on in our Junior year. I love him and I think he loves me. He turned eighteen in late May just before we became Seniors and I turned eighteen in early June. We had already been making out hot and heavy and two days after my birthday, he took my cherry and we’ve been fucking up a storm ever since. It hurt like hell at first, but now four months later — his big cock makes me crazy.

This morning, my parents informed me that they were flying out to a book selling conference in New York City — Daddy runs a small religious press — printing lots of Protestant religious books. That meant I had the house all to my self and I immediately had visions of Jonny and me having unlimited opportunities to fuck without worrying about Mom or Daddy walking in on us. But, no, I’d forgotten that it was Jonny’s weekend to do his so called family obligations.

Since Jonny turned eighteen, he’d had some weird family thing going on that requires his complete attention from Friday through Sunday every fourth weekend. He would never clarify what “family obligations” meant, but explained it was something he absolutely couldn’t get out of. I didn’t like it and pouted a bit every fourth weekend, but I always got over it. I mean, I love the jerk!

And I meant it when I said his mom liked me — heck, his whole family liked me. I’d been over many evenings to his house for dinner and to work on homework or to watch TV and his mother had taken a real shine to me much to my mother’s disgust who made it plain that she thought Nikki Hollister was a bit of a slut.

You have to understand, Mom and Daddy were very religious — devout, conservative Christians and I suppose to Mom who never met a high collared dress she didn’t like, Jonny’s mom dressed like a loose woman. I would never think that, although Nikki wasn’t shy about showing off what she had.

She was a tall woman with very womanly curves — I’d guess her figure was a very solid 40DD-26-38. Her large breasts rode high on her body, the upper swells usually on display in the scoop necked blouses and sweaters she preferred and her dress hems were always above the knee and showing off her very long and shapely legs. When you add those brilliant blue eyes and long straw-blonde hair cut like Jennifer Aniston, framing her face, you were talking about a very lovely woman.

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