Expect the Unexpected-6

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-5 ). Now let’s continue Nina feeling his cock ejecting his warm seeds deep inside her womb went into raptures too. With her eyes closed her body convulsed in violent spasms as if a giant tsunami had crashed thru her. Bunty looking at his mother trembling wildly, … Read more

Family Obligations

It was one of those beautiful Fall days we get in Ohio, with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine to highlight the October colors of the maple trees that lined the streets, but inside my boyfriend’s car — things were a lot more frigid. I was pissed off — beyond pissed off at Jonny Hollister, … Read more

Mom became fitness freak to fucking freak – Part 2

Hi All. I am KKD. I am 19 years old. After seeing the fucking session happened between my mom and dad yesterday night I am unable to sleep for long time in the night. I slept around sometime in the morning. Mom became fitness freak to fucking freak – Part 1 It’s being 8:00 O’clock. … Read more

Is my wife cuckolding me: Four Hours with him

The night before I leave for an out of town trip we meet up with a buddy before heading to a bar for drinks. They hug when he arrives. They always hug. She likes it. She likes him. They always hug, long and deep hugs in which he almost always reaches down and playfully starts … Read more