The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

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The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

I’d like to thank Brian for sharing his story with me. It was not his intention for me to publish the story when he first told it to me, but after hearing it I couldn’t resist sharing it and fortunately he agreed. The names of the people in the story have been changed, but other than that I kept to what Brian told me.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome and encouraged.


Their First Taste

An original true story by Starrynight

The music was loud and upbeat, the basses’ vibrations flowing through the air as random feet tapped on the floor. The bar was packed, yelling, laughing, and singing echoing throughout it, and everyone around the table raised their shot.

“Happy birthday man!” Tom yelled over the music, holding his shot glass up along with the rest and smiling towards Brian.

“Happy birthday big brother!” Beth added. They all cheered, then downed yet another shot, the burning liquid sliding down their throats and increasing their intoxicated state.

It was Brian’s thirtieth birthday, quite the occasion, and a lot of friends came to celebrate with him. They talked and laughed, cheered, danced, and above all, they drank. As the night went on things slowly started dying down and people left until they were only five.

“You guys wanna move the party to our place?” Jimmy asked when they were down to only five. It was him, Tom, Kelly, Tom’s girlfriend, Brian of course, and his younger sister Beth.

“Sure. Sounds like a plan.” Brian said drunkenly, and after paying their tab they wobbled together to Tom and Jimmy’s place. When they got to their place all five of them raced to the backyard, eager for a dip in their pool.

“So…skinny dipping?” Tom asked with a grin.

“Hell ya!” Jimmy called out and started undressing without giving it a second thought. They were all drunk and excited, not feeling any shame as they stripped down completely.

Jimmy and Tom were naked immediately, their limp cocks swinging as they jumped into the pool cheering. Brian shook his head, laughing, and looked at his beautiful twenty-five-year-old sister as she started stripping shamelessly next to him. He had seen her naked before, a few years ago at a nudist beach, but he still watched hypnotized as she removed her clothes, and he started undressing too. He pulled off his shirt and pants, then gave Kelly a sideways glance. Kelly was already naked, her perky b-cups and smooth pussy on display. She smiled at him, knowing he was checking her out, then jumped into the water.

Brian’s gaze moved back to his sister as she pulled down her panties, exposing her smooth vulva. She was looking back at him, and with his eyes on her amazing pussy, Brian pulled his underwear down, exposing his semi-erect six-inch cock. He looked back at Beth, mesmerized by her naked pussy, and watched her remove her bra, exposing her amazing tits.

“Are you guys coming?” Kelly asked from inside the pool. They stood there facing each other for a few moments, both completely naked, and grinned sheepishly. They were drunk and having fun, and a moment later they both jumped into the water with a splash. All five of them frolicked around in the water completely naked. They splashed around and dunked each other, shouting, and laughing all the while.

Beth was the first to leave the pool, the cool waters getting too cold for her. She climbed out to the warm night, showing her sexy ass on her way out, and stood there on display, her sexy body dripping with water. She was soon followed by Kelly, and shortly after the boys.

Jimmy rushed back into the house and came back out a moment later with a bottle and shots. They drank some more, keeping their buzz, then went into the house.

“What do you guys wanna do now?” Tom asked once they were inside.

“How about we play truth or dare?” Beth suggested.

“Ooh, sounds fun.” Kelly piped. “I think the birthday boy should go first.” She added.

“Good idea.” Beth agreed. “So, Brian, truth or dare?” Beth asked her naked older brother.

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