The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

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Brian looked at Tom’s big hard cock and was eager to feel that in his ass. He grabbed the big shaft, stroked it, then climbed on top of him. He moved until he was squatting over Tom’s dick, his own dick rock-hard, then started lowering himself. Brian grimaced as he pressed Tom’s cock to his ass and pushed down on it. Jimmy’s cum continued to leak out of him and lubricated his ass as he slid Tom into him. Tom’s cock was big, and Brian let out a moan of pain and pleasure as it entered him, stretching him open. He kept pushing down, his cock hard as steel, and slowly continued until he was sitting down on top of Tom with his entire dick up his ass.

“Ugh shit!” Tom moaned in pleasure as Brian started riding him, sliding his ass up and down his cock. It felt amazing, the way Brian rode him, his hard dick bobbing, taking him into his tight ass hole again and again, and Tom looked up at the expression of bliss on Brian’s face. He moved his gaze down Brian’s hot naked body, looking at his nice hard cock, then grabbed Brian. He held him in place, stopping him from moving, then slid him off his dick. He had Brian lay down on his side, then got behind him and spooned him. Tom then slid his hard dick back into Brian’s ass and continued fucking him.

“Fuck yes!” Brian called out as Tom fucked him, thrusting his big hard cock into his ass. Brian was so hard, and each thrust sent waves of pleasure through his body. “Yes!” he called out as the pleasure rose, Tom still giving it to him. He let out another loud moan, then started cumming. “Ugh god!” Brian moaned as each time Tom shoved his cock into his ass he shot a load of cum. It felt so intense, burning pleasure flowing through him, and as Tom kept thrusting, Brian just kept cumming, shooting his sperm on the floor as everyone watched.

Beth came for the first time that night to the sight of her big brother cumming on Tom’s big dick. She was frantically fingering herself, rubbing her clit, and came as her brother started shooting his load. It was so hot, the way his hard cock throbbed, the way Tom’s cock slid into his ass, and a soft unnoticed tremble shook her body as she orgasmed blissfully. No one noticed, they were all too busy watching Brian and Tom, and all through her climax, she continued watching them.

“Fuck Bri I’m almost there!” Tom called out as the last of Brian’s orgasm flowed through him. Brian’s cock leaked a few last drops of cum, and Tom groaned behind him. He slowed down a little, but after the blowjob he already received, Tom could not hold on anymore. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” he called out and grimaced.

Brian jumped off Tom’s cock and got on his knees next to him. He grabbed his hard cock, slick with Jimmy’s cum, and started stroking it quickly as he wrapped his lips around the head. The moment Brian’s lips wrapped around Tom’s cock he squirted his first load, moaning loudly, and continued shooting his load into Brian’s mouth.

Tom moaned and groaned as his orgasm hit him, electrifying pleasure flowing through his body as he ejaculated inside Brian’s mouth. His whole body jerked with euphoria as he came, load after load of hot spunk shooting out and filling Brian’s mouth. Brian did not slow down even for a moment as Tom came, he just kept on sucking. He eagerly took his friend’s sperm in his mouth, sucking him dry, then swallowed it all.

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