The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

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Brian’s eyes went wide, still locked on his sister’s as she pushed herself down his hard shaft. Her lips stretched as she pressed down harder, and his cock slipped into her warm tight pussy. Beth whimpered as her brother’s cock penetrated her, his head sliding between her pink lips. She looked into his eyes as she slid herself down, feeling his cock slithering inside her, feeling her big brother entering her with such pleasure. She lowered herself down, the feeling so intense until she was sitting on top of him with the full length of his cock inside her pussy. They stared at each other in disbelief, their eyes still locked, then, brother and sister burst out laughing.

It was a liberating laugh, a laugh of disbelief and relief that brother and sister exchanged as they broke the taboo of incest for the first time while their friends watched. They stared at each other as they laughed with disbelief, still processing the fact that they were having sex, that brother’s cock was deep inside sister’s pussy. With that thought in her mind and her brother’s laughing face under her, Beth slid her hands to Brian’s chest, their laughing slowly died down, and Beth grinned as she started moving.

“Oh fuck!” Brian moaned as his little sister slid her tight young pussy along his rigid shaft. He ran his eyes down the length of her naked body, her bare tits looking spectacular atop him, then focused his gaze on her pussy and watched it slide up his hard shaft. He watched as she pulled up, her lips moving along his shaft until only the head remained, then she slid back down, pushing his erection back into her wet pussy as Brian moaned again.

‘You like that?” Beth asked with a kinky smile as she started riding her brother’s cock for the first time, sliding her cunt up and down his cock in sensual motions.

“Oh god yes!” Brian moaned and a naughty grin covered Beth’s face.

“How does your sister’s pussy feel?” Beth asked with a fiendish grin and started riding him faster.

“Fuck! It feels amazing!” Brian moaned and looked at her pussy, watching her pink lips wrap around his cock and take it in greedily. She rode him with a fierce passion, getting her first feel of his hard cock, and as she continued to ride him Beth let out cute little moans and groans that were driving Brian insane.

Tom, Kelly, and Jimmy were watching Brian and Beth fuck with astonishment, they couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe they were watching brother and sister having sex and it turned them on so much. The guys were both hard and stroking their cock as they watched Beth ride Brian’s dick, her sexy tits bouncing. Between them Kelly was also watching intently, her body burning with arousal as she fingered her drenched twat.

Beth continued to let out arousing sexual sounds as she rode her big brother’s cock. She raised herself again, sliding off her brother’s cock, then pushed herself down, harder this time. “Ugh yes!” she moaned as she impaled herself on her brother’s dick, letting it stretch and rub along her wet pussy. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as their naked bodies connected, an echoing slap sounding as she pushed him all the way inside her, enjoying it immensely.

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