The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

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Jimmy, Tom, and Kelly all watched with awe and intense arousal as brother and sister began to sixty-nine in front of them. It was so incredibly hot, watching Brian lick his little sister’s pussy, watching his tongue caress her cunt and lap up her dripping juices. They watched him run his tongue all over her pussy, kissing, licking, and tasting every inch of her, then moved their gazes to the other side.

Beth was enthusiastically sucking her brother’s cock as he licked her pussy. She had her hand around the base while she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. It wasn’t completely hard when she started, but within a minute her brother’s cock was rock-hard inside her mouth, making her already soaking pussy even wetter.

“Oh fuck!” Beth moaned as Brian slipped his tongue into her pussy, getting a good taste of her intoxicating feminine flavor. He pushed his tongue deep inside her, then started moving in and out, trying to fuck her with it. Beth mewled at the delicious feeling, and a moment later he pulled his tongue out and slid it between her legs. He reached her ass, rimming her dirty little hole with his tongue, then started licking her butthole. “Holy shit!” Beth called out in surprise and pleasure as her brother did that. No one has ever done that to her before and it felt amazing. He continued licking her ass for some time, then pulled out and moved back to her pussy, devouring it with a deep sexual hunger.

Beth continued sucking her brother’s cock as he ate out her pussy masterfully. It felt amazing, his tongue strumming all along her vulva, and she felt an orgasm fast approaching. She closed her eyes, feeling the blazing sensation rising, then she mewled as she climaxed on her brother’s tongue.

Brian held his sister’s thighs tightly and grinned to himself as her body started to shudder with his tongue inside her pussy. She moaned, taking her mouth off his cock, and Brian moved his tongue to her clit and kept licking. Another wave of bliss ran through Beth, making her naked body tremble again, then she went still. Brian gave his little sister’s clit a final lick, getting another taste, then pulled his tongue away.

Beth laid on top of her brother breathless for a few moments, then managed to pull herself up. She looked down at his hard cock, then turned around and looked at his face. He was smiling at her, turned on so much from the fact that he made her cum, and Beth returned a naughty smile. She reached a hand for his hard cock, holding it, then climbed on top of her brother once more.

Brian and Beth stared at each other in silence as Beth moved on top of him. She was facing him, looking down at her brother’s face as she slowly straddled him. Brian’s hands moved to Beth, grabbing her waist, and he watched her beautiful pussy as she brought it to his erect member. Brian watched his little sister lower herself, moving her body until she had his cock pressed against her tender lips. His eyes flew up to meet hers, an expression of disbelief and longing on them, then Beth finally did it.

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