Story of my life (chapter-3)

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“CHAPTER–3: pleasure sandwich”

Welcome back people to another chapter of my life story, hope you enjoyed the previous chapters. Story of My Life – 1, Story of my life (chapter-2)

To continue reading my story please read previous chapters first. Thank you.

So coming back to what happened after i discovered my cousin and his sister’s secret is…..

So if you remember that we were thanking eachother after that awesome threesome, naked in each other’s arms, so we got dressed and sat in living room for some rest as we were tired after all that fucking. I was curious so i asked them few questions and i got to know something interesting like my c.s had been fucking her brother’s best friend for over 2 years and her brother’s other friends too, she was a slut i presumed after i heard this but it kinda turned me on.

So as we were talking, suddenly my c.s asked me do i like her brother’s best friend, to be honest i had known him for quite sometime now so yeah he was handsome but it never really crossed my mind before. At first i acted surprised and all but later i admitted that i liked him and would consider going out with him.

And to my surprise my cousin said that his best friend also wanted to spend some time with me and get to know more about me as he had liked me since he first saw me. I was a bit surprised but i little hesitantly agreed. He then set up a date with him for me and told me that don’t worry he is a good guy and he will not disappoint me.

Then my cousin got up and said he had to be somewhere so he gave goodbye kisses to us girls and left. After he left i immediately asked my c.s that how does it feel to be fucked by two guys at once to which she replied that she can’t explain and i had to find out for myself. I was not sure about it, if i could handle two cocks at once, i said in reply. She assured me that it is a bit difficult at first but as soon as you start enjoying you can’t get enough of it.

I said that i would like to try someday but for now i should focus on impressing my cousin’s best friend. And then we talked for few hours and after that she left home. I then masturbated again thinking about getting fucked by two guys at once and rest of the day went as asual.

Finally the day arrived, i had to get ready and i was waiting for my c.s to come and help me get ready, and after some time she was here and she helped me with my dress and makeup and later my cousin arrived and gave me a ride to the destination where i had to meet his friend and kissed me before leaving.

As soon as i walked in to the cafe i started to look for him and someone called me from behind, as i looked back it was him, damn he was looking extra handsome that day, he greeted me and i did same and we sat and chatted for whole time we were there and then he told me that we should go for a ride to which i thought, which ride does he mean and actually i was hoping that something should happen that day, so i agreed without any problem and he took me to a far remote place on a mountain.

The view was incredible, i was about to ask him how did he know about that place but before i could speak he took me by surprise and directly went for a kiss, i was a bit surprised but i responded back by allowing his tongue into my mouth. He was a good kisser and his hand found its way between my legs and started to rub my pussy over panty. My breathing became heavy, so without any delay he pulled my panty down and buried his face between my legs and lick my pussy like a dog.

I was so horny as we were doing all this in the open after a long time and that too with a guy who was not my boyfriend. He then turned me over and began licking my asshole, he was good with his tongue. He made me feel like it was my first time having my ass licked.

I cummed so hard while he was eating my pussy and ass and then stood up and told me to get to work, i without any hesitation pulled his pants and underwear down, and Oh My God, he was huge bigger than my cousin, he had 9.7″ inches dick and it was real fat (i guess because he was two years older than my cousin at that time, that means 26), i was scared at first but then i thought about the pleasure i will be getting by it so i took it in my hand and it was hard, venous and it had a thick head, i loved his cock. It was like from those porn movies.

I licked his entire cock and took it in my mouth easily not entirely because i was good at sucking now after sucking my cousin’s dick countless times. He was moaning and i was happy to see him enjoying after all i was there to make him happy. He then took me in his arms removed my all clothes and bent me over the front side of the car and inserted his monster cock from behind directly in my ass and he was so powerful that it went fully inside with just one stroke, i felt pain and pleasure mixed up at first and few tears left my eyes.

But soon after few minutes i started to feel pleasure like never before, i became so horny that i begged him to fuck me harder, i kept screaming like, “fuck me harder aaaahhhhh please destroy my little hole, fuck me like a bitch, make me your whore, fucke me yeaaahhhhh” and on and on. He also increased his pace and started calling me names like his slut, dirty whore, filthy whore, cheap slut, public slut, and many more and liked it, i never knew but it turned me on so much.

He really fucked me like a bitch for about 10 mins in that position and then took me inside the car and made me to be on all fours on back seat and again took my asshole from behind but this time he went in deeper than before, the level of pleasure i got was unbelievable, it was so much that tears came out of my eyes. He fucked me for another 20 minutes there and came deep inside my asshole and filled me up completely.

We then rested for sometime naked and his cock was hard again and this time he made me sit on his cock and told me to ride his cock and i did it but this time he fucked my pussy for another 20 minutes and then came inside my mouth and told me to drink all his cum which i did. We then got dressed up and left, i thanked him on way back and asked if he would like it again sometime, i was being nice and all but his reply surprised me, he said that don’t act like a good girl and don’t act like i have a choice i said what does he mean, he said that i was his personal whore now he would use me whenever he wanted and however he wanted.

I kept silent but deep down i wanted to be his whore, i wanted to have those orgams again, i wanted to have his cock inside my ass again, i loved the feeling of him treating me like a whore. So i kept quiet and he said that i will be good whore to which i noded and he smiled and rest of the journey was silent.

We then reached to my cousin’s house and he told me that he was also going to stay as my uncle was out on a business trip. I was happy inside that i would get more of his dick. As we headed inside my cousin welcomed us and with a smile on his face asked about our date, to which i replied that it was amazing and i enjoyed a lot and he said that he knew his friend would not disappoint him.

They started talking about the day and i began looking for my c.s but i didn’t find her anywhere so i asked my cousin about her, he said that her friend’s father died suddenly so she had to go there, and there i was alone in a house with my boyfriend and his best friend who both had fucked my brains out.

I was quite scared but i was happy too as it was going to be a long night because i had to pleasure two dicks this time and probably i would try the double thing too, so i told them that i was tired from the trip and would rest till dinner to which my cousin’s best friend said that go ahead because i wouldn’t be able to rest tonight, i couldn’t help myself but smile and went away.

I rested for few hours and it was dinner time already so we had dinner and i went to washroom to freshen up and came back to living room and i was surprised to see that both the boys were naked waiting on sofa stroking their dicks and i also saw a bottle of lubricant on the table, i instantly got that i was about to be demolished by these two studs all night.

So without any further delay i jumped out of my clothes, they said that i am a one horny bitch, and i straight away sat on my knees infront of their dicks held them in my both hands and started stroking them gently. Then i took one of them in my mouth and stroked other with my hand and this sucking and stroking went on for quite some time.

They both then got up and my cousin lifted me on his shoulder again like a doll and tossed on a towel in the corridor and started pouring the oil over my body, it was like a typical porn scene, as they both massaged my body with thier muscular and powerful hands. His friend was massaging my ass and his three fingers were inside my asshole coming in and out and my cousin was busy with my pussy, his four fingers were inside my pussy going in and out. They were double penetrating me with thier fingers

They were training me for their dicks. After some time my cousin came over me and put his dick inside my pussy and started fucking me roughly as my pussy was lubricated well, he was really furious and i was in heaven, my cousin fucking my pussy hard and his friend fingering my asshole at the same time, it was a dream come true.

It went on for 10 to 15 minutes and then he got off me and his friend turned me over and inserted his monster in my asshole from behind and he too started fucking me like an animal, i had already cummed twice. But more was waiting for me as he suddenly lifted me up and he himself laid on his back with my back on his chest and his dick inside my asshole, i felt like it was time and i was right as i saw my cousin positioning his dick infront of my vagina, he looked at me and i looked at him but didn’t say anything, so he understood that I wanted this and he pushed his dick and it went in fully in just one stroke and it was unbelievable, just how much pleasure i got.

I felt like my both holes got tighter all of a sudden and i was going crazy because it was hard to handle the amount of pleasure i was getting, and after few minutes i passed out. When i woke up i was still in between the two with both my holes filled with their cocks, they were pounding me like it was the end of the world.

I don’t know how long they fucked me like that but i do remember that they double fucked me three times that night and also my cousin went to bed early but his friend is a beast in bed, he is never tired, he fucked me almost for about an hour after my cousin slept. It was really long night, they both stretched my holes that night but i enjoyed every moment of it.

I was becoming more and more addicted to sex, the more i got fucked even more i wanted badly. I was glad that i had two boyfriends or should i say masters now because i was sure by now that i was really their personal whore and it didn’t bother me but it actually turned me on.


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