Story of My Life – 1

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This is going to be really long excerpt from my life. Those expecting for a quick jerk off material then this is not the story you’re looking for. For novel readers, I did my best. I have given detailed description of events that happened, just for my love of writing.

More importantly I haven’t cooked up anything, hence everything I have written is exactly what that happened. So i even decided to write the trial and errors. Enough of disclaimer let me introduce you to the story.

I am 27. My kinky mind vanished as soon as I met this girl who became my wife. She meant world to me, although disastrously she passed away in an accident, along with my FIL. My MIL barely survived with multiple fractures. The disastrous event was one of the biggest traumas of my life; that which totally changed me. She was everything I wanted from a woman; she was faithful, loyal, very affectionate and always was by my side. Hence I wasn’t looking at any other women sexually as I used to before.
In fact, marrying her made me more rich. I was employed with Central govt, and she was the only daughter of a very successful businessman in my community. So the entire asset came under my control.

Since the day my wife died, I became socially aloof. To overcome the trauma I asked for a transfer to Assam which I got; it definitely helped me but not my attitude. Whenever I moved out and saw couples I got instant outburst, sometimes I got annoyed, other times, I wept silently and even felt jealous. I began hating life as I felt there was no purpose for my existence. .
I stopped supervising the businesses I got from my in-laws and let the managers have full control of the enterprises. I wasn’t having the high profit motive anymore. This was also the moment I decided to take VRS and do something which I liked.
I was fond of designing a dream villa. But my work was made simpler because of a friend who was running a construction company. He was grateful to me for making his clearances quickly in the past, so he took full control and asked me to just visit the place once it is all over. So again I was left alone with nothing productive to do.

I started a youtube channel, where I posted the videos of some of my philanthropic acts to encourage others to do the same. But it wasn’t well received so I discontinued uploading videos although I continued offering donations and foods just for my personal satisfaction. This was the time I came across night life of the city. Which got me back my adventurous I used to be. But I wasn’t totally into it.

One late evening when I was trying to find people to offer the food I purchased that evening I saw this mid-aged woman sitting on the lawn infront of CMBT, Chennai. She told me it’s 1000/night (but it was actually for 3 hrs). I wasn’t really in for having sex but I felt lonely and asked if she can stay till morning. She said that will cost more. Money wasn’t an issue for me, but just peace of mind so I was willing. And why I chose her to hang around was her ingenuity, and also she seemed reasonable and polite. She had a charisma unexpected from a prostitute.
I got to know she was forced into prostitution in Mumbai when she was around 13. Escaped from there and when she couldn’t find any other job to earn good money to take care of her 2 daughters she continued renting her body.

I listened to her past patiently and then took her to a restaurant when I got to know she didn’t have her dinner. I gave the food I already had to another old man lying down near the place I parked my car. She was pleasantly surprised by my act. She told me how worse men treated her, and continued narrating many of her bitter past. I just drove mindlessly around listening to her stories.

At one point she asked how long it will take to reach my place. That was when I realised I wasn’t going anywhere and then asked for directions to her house. She kept asking “Why” while at the same time obediently giving the directions. She said her daughters don’t know about her job.
When we reached her place, one of the kids was awake and was studying, occasionally staring at me. I looked around her dingy house and realised how pathetic a life some people live.

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