Story of my life (chapter-2)

“CHAPTER–2: friends with benefits”

Story of My Life – 1

Welcome back people to another chapter of my life story, hope you enjoyed the first one. Please read the first chapter before reading this one, thank you.

As i told about my first encounter with my cousin, let me tell you what happened after that day.

So things went well between me and my cousin after that day, i was his girlfriend and i was really happy because he not only made me happy with his surprises but he also used to drive me crazy in bed, he fucked me everywhere after that day, like in every corner of my house, in his car in different destinations, in different hotels, in his house while his sister used to hear my moans, in scenic destinations where nobody could see us, while taking shower together, and in many more situations.

This went on for few months, and i was really happy with what was happening, but it was not the happy ending for me, there was so much more to come. Like i remember the day when he fucked my ass.

I remember i was alone at home and my cousin came over, i was happy to see him because i was horny as hell, so i told him to fuck me as soon as he entered the house, he gladly took off all his clothes and took me to bed and threw me like a doll, God i liked when he handled me like that.

i was already naked, but he had something different in mind that day, instead of climbing on me he went out of the room, i wondered where he went, but he returned soon with some oil from kitchen, i asked him what is this oil for, you always fuck me without it. He smiled and said i will find out soon.

He then played with my pussy and boobs and i also sucked his cock hard, he then suddenly lifted me in his arms, my arms around his neck and legs around his waist, he then pushed me on his cock and in one motion his dick entered my pussy and he fucked like for about 10 minutes.

He then threw me again on bed, and told me to bend over which i did, he then brought the oil and applied it to my whole ass and asshole too, i was surprised and told him to stop. I told him that it will hurt like hell because he was really huge.

He told me to relax and if it will hurt that much he will withdraw immediately and i agreed, he then massaged my ass and put one finger inside my asshole, it really hurt but after sometime it was okay. I was feeling strange and suddenly he entered his second finger also, now i was about to scream but he covered my mouth with his other hand and stopped his fingers for a while allowing them to adjust.

He then started to move his two fingers again slowly but i still felt a little pain, it was bearable though. So i kept silent and after some time i found myself breathing heavily, i was enjoying his fingers inside my ass now, it was a warm new feeling, i liked it very much.

He then told me to get ready as he was going to use his dick now, i just nodded with my head and he got up and pressed my legs together and positioned himself over me, i could feel his rock hard dick between my ass cheeks, i was scared but he told me to relax and let it go in.

And i felt the tip of his cock touching my asshole, after few moments later he pushed his head inside and a little scream escaped my mouth, he asked if i was okay, i said yes continue. So he gave a little more push and few more inches went inside, it was paining now badly and i told him to stop which he did and kept his dick inside and told me try to relax my muscles.

So after few minutes he again pushed his dick without any warning and more than half slipped in because he had lubricated my asshole well, but it started to pain again and a few tears rolled down my eyes and i told him to stop and he stopped but only for a few moments, he told me we are nearly there and gave full hard thrust and his entire length slipped inside my ass, i felt like my ass was in pieces, it was paining badly but he was fully inside now and he rested his dick for few minutes now to let my ass adjust to his dick.

After few minutes he took out his dick entirely, i was surprised and looked back and saw he was pouring some more oil in my asshole as it had spread now a little, then he again positioned himself over me and put his dick against my asshole and pushed it in, this time to my surprise it went straight in though i felt a little pain but it went in like a knife in butter and he started to give small thrusts, which i started to enjoy after few strokes.

Seeing that now i was okay he increased his pace and started to pound my ass faster and i was surprised to realise how much pleasure i was getting by getting fucked in ass. I was moaning like a bitch and he liked it. He even started to pump me hard and he came within just 5 minutes deep inside my asshole, i could feel his warm load deep inside my asshole.

I asked him why he didn’t last long this time, he said my ass was so tight that it gave him so much pleasure that’s why he came early and hard, he also said it was his best fuck till date.

After that day he used all my holes as he pleased and i became addicted to having dick in my ass, in short i became obsessed with anal sex. I loved the feeling of hard dick pressing against my anal walls deep inside my butt hole.

After that day he used my asshole more than my pussy and i loved it, it would just drive me crazy to have a dick in my ass. But it wasn’t the only dick that was going to penetrate my ass.

I remember i once visited my cousin’s home unannounced and what i witnessed was shocking, i saw my cousin and his best friend double fucking my cousin sister (she was same age as me), my cousin was lying on the floor having his sister over him, his cock in her pussy and his best friend’s cock in her ass from behind. I just kept staring for a while and then i left the house and returned home, i was angry but at the same time i was imagining myself in my cousin sister’s place, to my surprise i touched my pussy i was wet just by the thought.

After some time my cousin came over along with his sister, i was confused how to respond and anyhow i went out to living room and avoided any eye contact with either of them, we all were silent for few minutes and then i broke the ice and said, you wouldn’t have come to just sit here silently.

As soon as i said these words my cousin sister came and sat beside me and asked me to forgive her, and said she should have told me earlier. I was shocked and told her what do you mean earlier and she replied that they have been fucking for quite few years now and my cousin had a crush on me for over a year now.

My cousin also apologised and told me that he loves his sister very much just as much he loved me, we were equal in his eyes he said that. I was still confused but i thought they have been living together since they were born so it was natural to grow into what they are now. I told them that i forgive them on one condition that he has to fuck us both there and then because i was still horny because of what i had seen earlier.

They gladly agreed and we began undressing and my cousin sat on the other side and asked me and his sister to give him a great lesbian show and he will join us later on. So we agreed and my c.s started to kiss me and responded back, it was different from men’s kiss but it was tasty and it really turned me on. We then ate each other’s pussy, it was a different experience but i liked it, my c.s tasted amazing and i loved it she even licked my asshole but i couldn’t do the same not that time, she said it was okay and we continued untill i felt a dick pressing against my asshole while i was eating my c.s, it was my cousin boyfriend, he started fucking my ass while i was eating my c.s’s pussy. It was amazing

He then switched the hole with his sister’s asshole and fucked her for few minutes and came all over our faces and then we licked his cum over our faces with our tongues one by one.

I hugged both of them and thanked both of them for giving me such an awesome experience and they both hugged me and told me that it wasn’t a one time thing, a lot more is yet to come…

“End of chapter–2”

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