Busted by aunty

I cant beleave it, my aunt had seen us fucking. Shit im in so much trouble. Why didnt she run down there screaming at me. Whats she gonna do when i get back to the house. As i walk slowly up the path, mary catches up and ask whats wrong with me. I tell her … Read more Busted by aunty

Brother in law

When i was 17 my hubby had me start stripping which was ok i liked the attenion and the money. The clubs around us were not very good so we went to stay with my hubbys sister and her husband cause they lived closer to a bigger club. One night i came in a little … Read more Brother in law

Seducing Sarita Aunty

Hello, ladies and gentle men, this Aakash. This is my first sex story on this site and i hope you like it, and your suggestions are always welcome Now, here we start, so there was this lady, my neighbor, Sarita aunty 34 years of age whom I used to fantasize about, is a divorcee, she … Read more Seducing Sarita Aunty

My horny married sister

I am a guy of 17 years old and my eldest sister Ana is 36 years old and is married since 5 years ago.I must say that since her marriage when I was 12 years old,I have seen her only 2 or 3 times during birthday parties or marriage .When she was home,I often took … Read more My horny married sister