Mom explains to son that masturbation is normal

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Mom explains to son that masturbation is normal, family taboo, Mat’s mother, Pam, bent over beside him in his room picking up towels and dirty socks. Feet apart and ass spread wide, Mat visualized his cock sliding in and out her pussy as she moved about the room. Today his mom was wearing her short, cotton grey shorts that deliciously stretched over her fat, round ass. It left little to the imagination as Mat could see every dimple and jiggle as she squatted and walked about. “I don’t know why you think the floor’s a hamper. The day this floor’s clean without my intervention is the day I call the police and tell them you’re missing.”

Lost in how tan and round her thighs were, Mat awoke from his trance and said, “To change a man you must first change his grandmother,” he joked.

Pam laughed. “Don’t use that line with me. Your grandmother isn’t nearly as messy as this.”

“Perhaps the other one, then.”

“Heh, your guess is as good as mine,” Pam said.

“Gram and Gran are coming over when, exactly?”

“Should get here tomorrow sometime after lunch.”

Mat was a senior in high school who lived alone with his mother. Perhaps he was a soon to be budding success, or maybe a soon to be shut-in; no one could tell. He was handsome enough and got decent grades, though. His mother cherished him, and, consequently, probably put up with a little too much from him. His whole life it had always just been him and his mom. To his knowledge, his father wasn’t dead, just nonexistent; and, honestly, he was alright with that. He might have some subconscious primal rage in him about being fatherless; but, as of now, it hadn’t crept to the surface. All was well. He was just a normal teenage boy lusting over-

His mother, Pam, was not quite so forgettable. She had the build of a housewife; short, a little stocky, with curly, luscious hair that could be fixed up quickly; but the first thing you noticed about her was her magnificently large tits. Mat checked a bra once that was right out the laundry and it read 38EE, which he believed because they were pretty huge. They were all the time jiggling and bouncing as she moved about. When her nipples got hard, which was often, the areola seemed as big as coke cans. They were absolutely great, but her ass, on the other hand, was the real show stopper to Mat- big, smooth and each cheek almost perfectly circular. If you just saw the front half of her, you would never guess she was packing that kind of heat behind her. Almost every friend Mat had ever had admitted to jerking off to her and that big sweet ass of hers. Mat couldn’t blame them. He had been jerking off to her since he and his cock had started having late night discussions.

Pam continued picking up dirty laundry and Mat’s cock was now at full mast as he sat in his computer chair watching her. She picked up a sock and looked at it quizzically: “This one’s all hard and rough in spots. What happened to it?” she asked, feigning seriousness.

Mat got red in the face and said, “I don’t know. I guess it got dirty while I was running outside the other day.”

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