Mom explains to son that masturbation is normal

Mom explains to son that masturbation is normal, family taboo, Mat’s mother, Pam, bent over beside him in his room picking up towels and dirty socks. Feet apart and ass spread wide, Mat visualized his cock sliding in and out her pussy as she moved about the room. Today his mom was wearing her short, cotton grey shorts that deliciously stretched over her fat, round ass. It left little to the imagination as Mat could see every dimple and jiggle as she squatted and walked about. “I don’t know why you think the floor’s a hamper. The day this floor’s clean without my intervention is the day I call the police and tell them you’re missing.”

Lost in how tan and round her thighs were, Mat awoke from his trance and said, “To change a man you must first change his grandmother,” he joked.

Pam laughed. “Don’t use that line with me. Your grandmother isn’t nearly as messy as this.”

“Perhaps the other one, then.”

“Heh, your guess is as good as mine,” Pam said.

“Gram and Gran are coming over when, exactly?”

“Should get here tomorrow sometime after lunch.”

Mat was a senior in high school who lived alone with his mother. Perhaps he was a soon to be budding success, or maybe a soon to be shut-in; no one could tell. He was handsome enough and got decent grades, though. His mother cherished him, and, consequently, probably put up with a little too much from him. His whole life it had always just been him and his mom. To his knowledge, his father wasn’t dead, just nonexistent; and, honestly, he was alright with that. He might have some subconscious primal rage in him about being fatherless; but, as of now, it hadn’t crept to the surface. All was well. He was just a normal teenage boy lusting over-

His mother, Pam, was not quite so forgettable. She had the build of a housewife; short, a little stocky, with curly, luscious hair that could be fixed up quickly; but the first thing you noticed about her was her magnificently large tits. Mat checked a bra once that was right out the laundry and it read 38EE, which he believed because they were pretty huge. They were all the time jiggling and bouncing as she moved about. When her nipples got hard, which was often, the areola seemed as big as coke cans. They were absolutely great, but her ass, on the other hand, was the real show stopper to Mat- big, smooth and each cheek almost perfectly circular. If you just saw the front half of her, you would never guess she was packing that kind of heat behind her. Almost every friend Mat had ever had admitted to jerking off to her and that big sweet ass of hers. Mat couldn’t blame them. He had been jerking off to her since he and his cock had started having late night discussions.

Pam continued picking up dirty laundry and Mat’s cock was now at full mast as he sat in his computer chair watching her. She picked up a sock and looked at it quizzically: “This one’s all hard and rough in spots. What happened to it?” she asked, feigning seriousness.

Mat got red in the face and said, “I don’t know. I guess it got dirty while I was running outside the other day.”

“Right. Likely story,” she said. She walked out the room and turned around and said, “You don’t have any tissues or paper towels in here, do you?” Mat shook his head. “I’ll be sure to pick you up some this evening, then. Maybe you can clean up your mess with them instead of your socks.” She started to walk away, but turned around again and added, “Because, from the looks of it, you’ve been making big messes quite often lately.” Mat’s face got real hot and he looked at his computer screen to avoid her knowing eyes.

After she had put everything in the washing machine and changed into a respectable jean dress and a black turtleneck, she came back in his room and said, “Well, I’m going to the store to pick up some things before your grandparents get here tomorrow. Want anything in particular for dinner?”

Almost fully recovered from the earlier accusation, Mat replied, “Um, I’m in the mood for pizza. Nothing store bought or ordered, though. Let’s make it.”

“OK. Why don’t you get the dough ready in the bread machine while I’m out, and I’ll pick up some toppings.”

“Awesome,” Mat said. His mother then came over and kissed him on the forehead and ruffled his hair. He put up with it like any other boy his age would; yet, unlike other boys, he didn’t lose the opportunity to turn his head at the right moment so he would get a nice feel of his mom’s tits brushing into his face. Pam noticed this not so subtle movement, and let her tits rest against her son’s face for a moment or two. She looked down at his crotch and saw that a sizeable tent had formed. Unconsciously, she pushed his head harder into her bosom, and noticed that she herself was getting aroused. Her nipples were becoming erect, and there was a drop of moisture sliding down into her panties. Pam shivered and left as quickly as she could.

Once Mat heard her car back out of the driveway and switch gears, his shorts were dropped to his ankles and his cock brought out. He ignored a computer with a cable connection as he had all the imagery he needed in his mind: Up, down, up down, his hand instantly pumped. God her ass was so round! He wanted nothing more than to fuck her up the ass. He’d lube that nice little pucker hole of hers, stick a few fingers up there for a while, and then instruct her to sit down on his cock. God, the feel of that fat ass coming down on his cock would be heaven on earth, he knew it. And those tits! He could still feel them pushing against his face. So soft. So huge. Had he detected a hint of an aroused nipple before she left? Did she push his head against her tits on purpose?

Mat was about to cum before a very warped, perverted idea occurred to him. Cock in hand, shorts abandoned at his desk, he walked to where the bread maker was in the kitchen. Should he? Would she notice? Mmm. What if she did notice? She wouldn’t know what it was. There’d be no way. But she just might detect a new ingredient. Oh, he had to do it now. It was so erotic and wrong… He pulled out the tray and began pumping his cock over it, all the while thinking of his mom and her gorgeous ass. He couldn’t wait to watch her eat his own cum. Know that while they were watching a movie on the couch, his sperm was traveling through her body. That thought sent him over the ledge and he began shooting rope after rope into the container. He must have ejaculated seven very large shots of cum in there. There was so much he wondered whether it would interfere with the baking process.

Mat went and put his shorts back on and walked back into the kitchen to finish putting the ingredients in for the dough. Even after he cummed, he was still horny. There was no moment of thinking, “OK, Crazy, clean it out now. Fun’s over.” He just looked down at the tray quizzically and calculated how much water he should put in with so much cum in there.

His cock was still hard and pushing against his shorts when he started the breadmaker. Well, he could make some garlic dip…


His mom came back an hour and a half later, and the dough was almost done spinning in the bread machine.

“Mat, come help me with the groceries, will you?”

“Sure, Mom,” Mat replied.

Mat went out to the car and grabbed the rest of the groceries. Arms full, he staggered up the front porch and closed the front door with an awkward ninja kick. The groceries were in tall paper bags, but he could still see his mom leaning down to pick up some fallen vegetable cans on the floor. Tits dangling and ass in the air, she looked as inviting as ever. Planning to use the paper bags in his arms as an excuse, Mat walked up behind her and planted his crotch square into her ass for a few seconds and got a good feel.

“Oh! Jeez, sorry, Mom. I didn’t see you there.”

Pam laughed. “Whoa there, tiger. If you’re going to do that, at least give a girl a warning so I can put my hands out to catch myself.”

Mat laughed and said, “Sorry,” again, putting the groceries on the counter as he did.

“Is the dough almost ready? I’m starving,” Pam said standing up, nipples at attention.

“Yeah, it only has a few more minutes.”

“Great. This bag here has all the essentials. While you’re doing that, I’m going to get into something more comfortable.” She turned to walk out of the kitchen but stopped short of the door: “Is this garlic dip?” she asked.

“Yep,” Mat said as calmly as he could.

Pam put a finger in the simmering pot and brought it to her lips. “Mm! It’s delicious!” She sucked on her finger for a moment and was then reminded of something, though she had no idea why: “Oh! And I almost forgot: Here are some paper towels and tissues for your room. Didn’t know what would work best for you, so I got both. I’ll go and put them by your bed where you’ll be able to get to them easily when you need to.”

Mat was red in the face again. She was so nonchalant about him masturbating…That was what she was implying, right?


“Mm, this pizza’s delicious!” Pam said next to him as they sat on the couch in the living room. She was back in her grey shorts from that afternoon, but was now wearing a black cotton v-neck shirt showing off a lot of cleavage. They were sitting close to one another watching some romantic comedy on one of the premium channels they got. It was a Friday ritual sort of thing.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“The crust tastes different somehow. Almost sweet. Did you do anything different?

“I tried a different recipe I found online. Actually called for vanilla extract of all things.” Mat was a good liar.

“Well it’s wonderful. I could eat it all by itself.” She then dunked some crust into the ‘special’ garlic sauce Mat made and took a big bite out of it. Some sauce dropped from the crust and fell onto her chest, sliding down into her cleavage: “Good lord,” she said, “I am making a mess of myself.” Picking up a napkin and wiping off her chest, she pulled her shirt out and looked down to see if any had slipped further. Mat tried to continue eating and not ogle her conspicuously, but he noticed she had a birthmark on her right tit and it made his heart leap.

“Sorry,” Pam said, “Not trying to make you blind.”

“Huh?” Mat said, as if he hadn’t noticed her tits almost falling out.

“It’s hard to keep these things in one place,” Pam said, reaching into her shirt and pulling her bra back into place.

Mat finished eating just before the movie they were watching ended. He was delightfully full and feeling rather content. Watching his mom eat his pizza and slurp on the garlic sauce had made him unbelievably horny, and, yet, strangely satisfied at the same time. It was as if that glow that proceeds a good cum had just now set in. Pam was still eating long after he had stopped: “I really can’t get enough of this. You really shouldn’t make pizzas this good. You’ll make my ass even bigger, if that’s possible,” she said. Mat laughed.

“Hey, careful there, young sir,” Pam said. “You weren’t supposed to laugh ‘all knowingly’ at that.”

“What?” he replied.

“Do you think I have a fat ass? Honestly, should I lose weight?” Pam asked.

“No, I think you’re perfect.”

“Please, come on, let’s be honest with one another. My ass is pretty big.” His mom had been drinking off and on that night while eating. She didn’t drink often, but, when she did, she became ‘Super Honest Mom’. “Here, in case you’ve forgotten, let me show you.” She stood up in front of him with her ass a mere foot away from his face and put her hands on her waist. “See, my ass begins right here,” she said pointing to her hips, “and it doesn’t end until all the way down here,” and she ran her hands slowly and sensually down her ass until her fingertips were at the bottom of her cheeks. “That’s a lot of junk. It ain’t muscle. See,” she said, and she lifted her ass cheeks a few times and let them drop. They jiggled like mounds of jello.

Mat chuckled nervously and shrugged his shoulders. “Mom, I think you look good,” he reiterated.

“You’re apparently not seeing what I’m seeing. Take one more look,” she said as she pulled her shorts up from the top, causing the fabric to ride up her cheeks. She arched her back as she did, and Mat was sure he could see the lips of her pussy and the little pucker of her asshole through her shorts. “That’s one big butt, you can’t deny that. I probably shouldn’t do this to you after eating, but look, it’s so big I can even make it clap.” She clapped her ass without making any movements with her back or legs. Her ass and upper thighs positively danced before him.

“Uh, you look great,” Mat said red in the face. “I don’t know how I can convey it to you.” Mat had picked up a thin pillow when she pulled her shorts up and had put it on his lap to hide his super hard-on.

Pam turned and looked at him, her eyes falling to his crotch. Smirking, she sat down and exhaled: “I raised such a gentleman; and a liar, too, it seems.”

“I’m not lying. You’re a very good looking woman.”

“But you said you didn’t know how to convey it to me.” Mat’s face instantly got red. “Anyways, thank you. But I’m pretty sure other guys don’t feel the same way as you seem to.”

“I don’t know about that,” Mat said.

“What do you mean?” Pam asked.

Mat hesitated for a moment, but relinquished and said, “OK, I’m going to tell you something, but you have to promise not to freak out.”

“OK, sure,” Pam said.

“Almost every friend I’ve ever had has admitted to fantasizing about you,” Mat said.

Pam was silent for a moment. “Um…What you mean is they’ve admitted to masturbating to me?”

“Um, I guess so. Yeah, more or less.”

“… Even now?” she asked.

“All of them are at least 18 with raging hormones. Especially now,” Mat replied.

“Well, these are probably to blame,” Pam said lifting her tits and weighing them in her hands- Mat’s eyes and cock widening. “They tend to attract attention.”

“Actually, they like your butt. They like both, but they’re very verbal about your butt.”

“What do they like about it?” Pam asked, unconsciously wiggling her hips; her nipples pushing against her V-neck shirt.

“Honestly? What you don’t.”


“They like how round it is. They say it’s the perfect ghetto booty,” Mat said.

Pam flushed and said, “Really? In my days, having a ghetto booty was a bad thing. Now it gives guys hard-ons?”

Mat coughed at his mom using the word ‘hard-on’ and said, “Yeah, guys are into butts these days.”

“Which do you prefer?” Pam asked. “Ass or tits?”

“On you? Totally your ass,” Mat said, instantly realizing his mom was talking about girls in general.

Pam smirked and raised her eyebrows. “Why thank you. Not exactly what I meant, but thank you. So you also like my ass? It’s wasn’t really your friends we were just talking about, was it?”

Red in the face, Mat said, “No, my friends have admitted to jerking off to you.”

Pam smiled warmly at him and asked, “And you?” Mat blushed and didn’t say anything. “It’s OK, honey. It’s quite flattering to know that I have that effect on you.”

“Really?” Mat asked.

“Uh-huh.” Mat’s heart slowed down in anticipation. Pam put her left arm over his shoulder and scooted in close to him. Her tits pressing into his chest, she started rubbing his inner thigh and asked, “So, do you jerk off to me? Be honest, do you?”

“Um… yeah… I have a few times.”

“You jerk off to other girls, too, though, right? Not just me…”

“Oh, of course,” Mat said, lying.

“Good. A little bit I can understand. Freud said it’s completely natural, of course, as has every other psychologist. But, still, you have to be interested in girls your own age. Healthy girls, not some dried up old hag like me.”

“Hey, I won’t have you talking about my mom that way!” Mat jokingly exclaimed.

“I’m serious! Young girls need to be ravished, too. Otherwise, when you get older, there won’t be any horny milfs like me walking around anymore, because there won’t be any women who appreciate a good, hard cock.” Mat’s heart fluttered and his cock became a raging bar of steel in his pants. “Whoa, I’m being way too honest right now. I should probably shut up before I reveal how much of a slut I am.” She hiccupped and visibly wavered on the couch. “Man, I am really feeling it tonight.” She looked at the pillow resting on her son’s lap and smiled: “We’re going to need another Friday ritual if I’m going to drink myself into a drunken stupor every time. Do you mind if I put my head on your lap? I’m feeling really disoriented.”

Almost recovered, Mat replied, “No, go right ahead. Mind if I change the channel? Movie’s over, and the next one doesn’t look like any count.”

“Sure. I don’t care what we watch, just as long as you don’t go anywhere,” she said as she put her head on his lap and pulled her feat up on the couch.

Her face pointed to the TV, Mat now stared at her voluptuous body without restraint. He just wanted to reach out and grope every part of her. Instead, he rested his right hand on her side and tried to watch the TV. Pam immediately took his hand and pulled it up to her upper stomach so it was grazing the bottom of her tits. She pressed it hard against herself and moaned softly.

Resting in such a provocative pose, Mat noticed that the bottom of her shorts had ridden far up her ass. They were so far up that he wondered how she was even comfortable. He was thus soon again fighting another losing battle against the growing hard-on in his shorts. He was worried his mom would feel it poking against her cheek and freak out; instead, she didn’t seem to notice anything; if she did she gave no sign of noticing. She just laid there and squeezed his hand up against her, breathing softly.

Mat changed the channel to a movie station right when a new program was coming on. He didn’t know what it was, but a parental warning came up moments before the WARNING: STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT label flashed across the screen. Pam said, “Ooh, these are always fun.”

“You want me to keep it here?”

“Please, I know you want to. Don’t worry. We’re both adults here, right?”

“I guess so.”

It was a ‘documentary’ about social taboos. One of the segments centered on older females and younger males.

“Hmm, oddly appropriate, don’t you think?” Pam said and squeezed Mat’s hand, pulling and pressing it closer to her. Mat could feel the softness and warmth of his mom’s stomach and the outer edges of her tits grazing his knuckles.

After some jazz music and sporadic shots of people hanging out in clubs and having drinks, the camera switched to a guy in his early twenties:

“‘Yeah, I’ve been sleeping with older women for some time now. Started when I was in college. I was having trouble getting laid, so I went online and found a free message board for ‘casual encounters’ in my area. I posted an ad along with a picture of me and my cock, and I got five responses that night. Three of them were of older women, and a couple of BBWs in their late twenties. The one that stood out the most, though, was a woman in her early forties. Writing was sensual, and the pictures…very provocative. So I wrote her back and we met up that Friday.

“‘I think she sensed I was a virgin, because she took things slow. We first went to her couch, had a few drinks, and talked for a while. I was so nervous, though, that my hands were shaking, and I was having trouble lifting up my wine glass to my lips without spilling any. But she noticed and just smiled. It was great. Then she started kissing me and rubbing my chest. I loved it, but I was, for some reason, still afraid to reach out and touch her; so, she scooted in close and pressed her big tits against my chest, continuing to kiss me slowly and sensually. I’d never been kissed like that- and it actually almost made me cum. Slowly she unzipped my pants and took out my cock, and started stroking me- our lips never breaking contact. She must have known I was going to cum fast the first time because she was unfazed when I came. She smiled, stood up and got a washcloth, and cleaned me up. Then she immediately started sucking on my cock, and I was hard again within moments. Cock fully erect, she hiked up her skirt and jumped on top of me without a condom. We fucked for over an hour. It was easily the greatest night of my life up till that point. And that’s…that’s the sort of behavior I’ve noticed with older woman. They love cock. They don’t care about the usual stupid things that younger women do. They just want sex and sexual contact. And they don’t feel like they’re giving you anything they themselves don’t want.'”

The camera then went to a woman who had been sitting next to the man. She had short cropped blond hair, and was wearing a white tank top much too small for her big tits.

“‘Do you agree with what he said?'” a voice behind the camera asked.

“‘Oh, absolutely,'” the woman said. “‘I admit, that when I was younger I didn’t enjoy sex very much. It was just something I did to get my boyfriend to shut up. Then, in my mid thirties, this bomb exploded and all I could think about was getting laid. I finally understood what it was like for all of my boyfriends over the years. And the irony was that all the men my age had moved on and were no longer as sexual as they used to be. So that’s how Brian and I met. Are sex drives are on equal footing, and every time we meet there’s this…this sexual collision between us that’s just totally cosmic.'”

“‘Are you just in it for the sex?” the interviewer asked. “Are you, like he said, just looking for cock?'”

“‘At first, yes,'” the woman said. “‘I was, and still am, uninterested in marriage or having babies; but that’s not to say our ‘meetings’ haven’t grown into something more than just sex. Relationship isn’t the right word, because we both go on about our lives and feel no need to call or write; but we do care for one another. Was I looking for that? That caring and all in the beginning? No, but I’m not going to throw it aside either, because it is nice. It’s a nice thing to have.'”

The younger man looked at the older woman and they smiled at one another. He leaned in and kissed her, and they started French kissing passionately. The camera lowered down a little to take in more of the woman’s breasts, which were slowly becoming more and more aroused. The skin around her cleavage had become flushed and pink. The young man pinched one of her nipples and she moaned out loud.

“That woman’s got some nice tits,” Pam said, and pulled Mat’s hand so it was pushing up beneath her tits.

On TV, the couple laughed and looked at the camera. “‘Sorry,'” the younger man said. “‘We get worked up easily.'”

“‘No, please continue. Say or do what you feel. There are no rules here. Is she wet?'” the interviewer asked.

“Please,” Pam said. “I can smell her from over here.” Mat laughed.

“‘Let’s see,'” the young man said. The woman’s cheeks blushed and she closed her eyes. The man leaned in and kissed her neck, slowly spreading her legs apart with his hands as he did. He removed his hands from her thighs for a moment to rub her stomach and love handles, but she kept her legs open, visibly wanting him to continue. Sucking on her ear lobe, he pulled her panties aside and stuck two fingers up her pussy and moved them around in circular motions. She started to breathe heavily and grind her hips against his hand. After a moment, he brought them out and held them up. The camera focused on his fingers as he moved them like scissors, showing the clear, slimy fluid stretch and sparkle in the light.

“Yep, I say she’s ready,” Pam said, laughing. Pam raised her head and moved her hips to reach in between her thighs for a moment before pulling her hand out and relaxing again. Mat wasn’t sure, but he thought she just repositioned her panties. When she put her head back down, though, she laid it forcefully right on top of his balls. Mat grimaced in pain, but chose to not say anything. Pam exhaled, found Mat’s hand again, and placed it this time right on top her tit, pushing it hard against her nipple, which was-

“‘Mm, so hard,'” the woman said and took out the young man’s cock, which was below the camera’s sight. She then leaned in, and her head started bobbing up and down on it. The man simply moaned and closed his eyes.

“This is fucked up,” Pam said. “They’ll show us her pussy and pussy juice, but not a hard cock. A BJ is no more graphic than what they just did. Don’t you agree?” she asked. Pam leaned up and looked in Mat’s eyes, taking her hand off his for moment to balance herself. Mat still kept his hand over her tit, though, and squeezed it a little.

“Yeah, I guess it is unfair.”

“Come on, you know you want to see it, too. Boys don’t watch porn where BJs are just implied. People get off watching other people get off. It’s as simple as that. Has nothing to do with gender.”

“Are you saying everyone’s bisexual?” Mat asked, rubbing his thumb over her nipple.

“Well,” Pam said, closing her eyes for a moment in pleasure, “…yeah, if they watch porn and feel the need to masturbate.”

“I don’t know, that seems like a leap,” Mat said.

“Mind telling me why you frequent sites centered on just cumshots, then?” Pam asked.

Mat stammered for a moment and Pam laughed. “Yes, I know my way around a computer, and have ways of knowing what you’re looking at- regardless of whether you clear your history.” Mat stammered again, but Pam said, “It’s OK. I just like to know whether you’re looking up terrorist organizations or how to make bombs- it’s a mother’s job. But all you look at are the news and porn sites, which is just fine by me.” Pam then leaned back down and returned to watching the program. She put her hand on her hip and left Mat’s hand over her tit, which was openly playing with her hard nipple. On the TV, the older woman was still going down on the man when he groaned and apparently came in her mouth. The woman sat up, her nipples now half way out her top, and opened her mouth to show the cum inside.

“‘Oh, and another thing about older women,'” the young man said, “‘Is that they generally have no problem about swallowing cum.'” The woman then closed her mouth and swallowed, still smiling at the camera when they switched to another scene.

“Wow,” Mat accidentally said.

“Liked that, did you?” Pam said. “Of course you did, I can feel your hard cock trying to poke my eye out.”

Mat instantly removed his hand from his mother’s tit.

Pam sat up and smiled into her son’s eyes. “It’s perfectly alright, Mat. You’re not the only one worked up.”

“I’m not?” he asked.

“Um, no,” Pam said and looked down at her tits. “It’s not exactly cold, you know. And…”

“And what?” Mat asked.

“Well…” Pam bit her lip and put her hand down into her shorts for a moment before bringing it back out. She showed Mat her index and middle fingers, both of which were coated in a thick, white gooey fluid.

Mat looked at her fingers, slightly confused. Pam blushed and said, “Some women’s pussies lubricate differently. Most have clear lubrication, while some of us have what essentially looks like cum.” Mat couldn’t help but moan, and Pam smiled. “Like that, huh?”

“God, yes. That’s hot,” Mat said.

“Mm, I’m glad you like.”

“Really?” Mat asked.

“Uh-huh. A lot of men are turned off by it for some reason, whilst a select few cum in their pants when they see it.” Pam removed the pillow that had been on Mat’s lap and looked down at the tent in his shorts: “Seems like you’re closer to the latter.”

“Uh, yeah, I’ve been close to cumming for a while.”

“Mat, you do know it’s totally alright if you have to masturbate? You know that, right?”

“You don’t see anything weird or wrong about it?” Mat asked.

“Mat, honey, I was raised in a household that was very open about its sexuality. My parents made no bones about fucking. They told me and my sister straight up if they were going to go to their room and fuck. Sometimes they didn’t even make it to their room. I was an adult before I realized most households were nothing like mine.”

“You saw Gram and Gran have sex?” Mat asked.

“Um, more times than I can remember. Sex was open, and masturbation was talked about without embarrassment. My mom actually bought me my first dildo, if that tells you anything.” Mat’s eyes widened and he made a weird face. “It’s true. I was talking about masturbating with her one day, and I said it took me a really long time to cum; so, she bought me a vibrating dildo the next day. That opened up a whole new world,” Pam said, laughing. “You know, this is actually good that this is coming up, because your grandparents are going to be spending two weeks here, and they’re still very active and forthcoming.”

“They still have sex? What are they in their sixties?” Mat asked.

Pam laughed. “Age is not something that’s going to stop my parents. So, don’t be surprised if you hear them fucking, or if you see one of them masturbating- especially your grandfather. That man has to cum at least four times a day or he’s very grumpy. And mum’s not always around to give him relief.”

“You’ve seen Gran masturbate?”

Pam merely smiled and nodded. “Like I’ve been saying, my folks have no inhibitions about sex. Also don’t be surprised if you walk in on one of them jerking off and they don’t even stop. Hell, they’ll probably try to have a conversation with you in the midst of it and ask if you if you want to join. And as for your grandfather: Look out when he’s about to cum, because he can really shoot a rope across the room.”

Mat laughed and said, “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” He moved his hand to his mom’s lower back just above the curve of her ass and asked, “How has this never come up before?”

Pam eyed her son’s cock pushing against his shorts and said, “Well, I’ll say before anyone that how I was raised was a bit fucked up; but it worked for me and I enjoyed it. Not everyone’s like me and my family, though, and I wasn’t sure you’d be OK with it. But, the way things have been slowly simmering tonight, it’s become apparent to me you’re one of us. You’re as sex crazed as the rest of us, maybe even as much as your grandfather.” Pam looked down at Mat’s crotch again and said, “So alright already, take that cock out and jerk it before it explodes. I know you want to. You’ve gotten two times harder in the last minute, and I can see precum coming through your shorts.”

“You want me to jerk off right now?” Mat asked.

“Yes,” Pam said rather indignantly. “You have to know it’s alright, and that I see it as a normal, necessary bodily function.”

“Um, OK,” Mat said. Not having to be told twice, Mat took off his shirt and unbuttoned his shorts, sliding them off to the floor. All he had left on was a pair of designer briefs, which were soaked with precum, and a pair of ankle socks.

“Mm, good boy,” Pam said.

Mat looked into his mother’s hungry eyes and slid off the last of his clothing. He was now sitting naked on the couch with his horny, big titted mother. Mat leaned back into the couch and started jerking his cock in front of his mother.

“That’s a good boy. Jerk your cock,” Pam said.

While jerking, Mat put his hand back to his mother’s lower back and reached around and squeezed her love handle.

Sighing, Pam put an arm behind his back and leaned into him, making sure her tits were resting on top of his chest. Mat, in turn, pulled her in tighter. Pam put her head on his shoulder and watched his cock leak out precum with each stroke.

“You’re going to cum a lot when you do cum. Your balls are almost as big tennis balls,” Pam said. “I’ll have to look out, you may drench me like your grandfather liked to do.”

“You used to masturbate with Gran? You just didn’t watch?” Mat asked, knowing the answer, but wanting to hear her talk about it.

“Yeah,” Pam said. “It was essentially a ritual. Mom had to go to work real early, like five or six, and dad didn’t have to go in until nine or so, which was when I had to go to school; so, we got up at the same time. And, being both highly sexual, we generally both woke up very horny.”

“What about grandma? Did you ever masturbate with her?”

“Yeah, she showed me how to use my dildo properly.”

“Did she use it on you?”

“Uh-huh. She was ruthless with it, too. Made me cum four times in one sitting without giving me a break. Wanted to show me what a cock could really do for a woman.”

“Mmm,” Mat moaned and slid his hand down over his mom’s ass, squeezing both her hefty cheeks.

Pam looked up at Mat with red cheeks and said, “You really do like my ass, don’t you?”

“Oh god, yes,” Mat said, pumping harder now.

Moaning, Pam arched her back and wrapped her legs around Mat’s, pushing her tits hard into his chest. Mat spread his hand over both her clothed cheeks and slid his middle finger over where the pucker of her asshole was. He pushed in just to see what her reaction would be.

“Ooh! Don’t know if I’m quite ready for that!”

“Sorry!” Mat said. “Couldn’t help myself.”

“Mm, right answer. Well, we’ll see. Since you obviously love it like no one else ever has, I’ll work on it.” Mat almost came right there, realizing his mom was talking about letting him play with her ass.

Mat then reached around and started forcefully fondling his mother’s tits, which, he learned, were very sensitive.

“NNNahhhhh, not so hard!” Pam said. “They’re very sensitive. Lightly… Mmnnn…yeah, like that.” Mat was now just encircling his fingers lightly around his mother’s nipples as he jerked off. They were thick and rubbery, and Mat really wanted to just pull and tug on them. Mat stopped jerking so he could fondle his mom with both hands, and she didn’t argue. She moaned and cooed with each motion. When he started lightly tugging on both nipples, Pam squeezed him with her thighs harder, and started grinding her pussy against her son’s hip. “Oh yes, don’t stop, Mat, don’t stop!” Mat reached in her shirt and took out a tit. It was heavy and warm, and felt right at home in his mouth.

“Mmmmphfff!” Pam moaned.

Seeing that his cock was unattended, Pam reached out and squeezed his balls. They were heavy and stock full of cum. She spit into her hand and lubed up her son’s cock. After sliding her hand up and down for a few strokes, Mat let out a deep, guttural moan.

“Ooooohhhhh, Goodddddddd,” Mat cried.

“That’s it, baby boy, cum for mommy!”

Rope after rope then spewed forth from Mat’s cock as he bucked and lurched like a wild steed. The sensations were too much, he could barely handle it. The tip of his cock was so sensitive it was almost painful the way his mom expertly encircled her palm around it with each stroke. And with each stroke another rope of cum was brought out from the very depths of him, further lathering up his cock and making it even more sensitive.

Finally, when he was done shooting ropes, his mom stopped pumping his painfully sensitive cock. It was the hardest cum of his life.

“Yep, you are like your grandfather. Like to cover me in cum.” Pam gripped the base of his cock tightly and squeezed her way up, bringing forth one last river of cum. She pinched a rope away from his stomach and brought it to her lips, tasting it. “Strong and thick. Mmm.” She looked down at her tits and saw that her son had given her a pearl necklace. “Think I should wear these to the ball?” she asked, pushing her tits outs and grinning.

Mat pulled her in closer and started sucking again on her nipples. Pam couldn’t help but gasp and moan. Her tits were covered in her son’s cum, and yet he was cleaning them off for her with his tongue. Looking down, she saw that his cock had quickly sprung back to life. Pam spit in her palm again and began to jerk him off once more.

One hand squeezing and holding onto his mother’s double E tit, and one hand slowly reaching down inside his mom’s shorts and gripping bare ass flesh, Mat was quickly again into the throes of passion with his mother. Lifting and squeezing his mother’s heavy ass cheeks, Mat heard the unmistakable sound of wetness in between her legs. Knowing they were far, far past social taboos, Mat stuck his middle finger up his mother’s cunt.

“Oh God, YES!” Pam screamed.

She was so wet Mat knew he could easily stick one, if not two more fingers up her pussy. He slid in his index finger, and then inched his ring finger in. Pam merely moaned and bucked her hips. Looking up at her closed eyes, Mat stuck his pinky in and waited to see if it caused any pain. Pam opened up her eyes and looked down at Mat, took the tit out his mouth, and French kissed her son. It was slow and sensual, and deeper than anything Mat had ever experienced. He didn’t want it to end, so he placed his hand behind her head and held her there. She moaned again, and the kiss, somehow, went even deeper.

Mat’s cock was getting a little dry, but he wouldn’t let her leave their kiss- but, knowing that his chest was still soaked in his own cum, she ran her hand down in it and placed it back on his cock; sensing that his mom had just used his own cum as a lubricant, Mat spiraled even further into the throes of ecstasy. All four of his fingers were steadily pumping in and out of his mom’s pussy, but his thumb was up to nothing. He remembered she had politely asked him not to, but he somehow had a feeling she wouldn’t object any more. Lubing his thumb up in her pussy juices, Mat slowly eased it into her asshole.

Pam’s eyes opened up real wide as she frenched her son. Mat had just stuck his thumb up her ass, and it felt totally cosmic. In fact, it somehow drove her even wilder. He was keeping it lodged in, lightly moving it back and forth, while the rest of his hand pumped in and out of her pussy. It was too much-

Pam broke off her kiss and screamed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Ohhh Goddd, I’m cumming.”

Mat, on the brink of cumming himself, pulled her back into a kiss before erupting once more. Rope after rope shot forth, and Pam pumped and pumped his cock long after it felt good and well into the realms of where it felt unbearably good. Meanwhile, Mat’s hand was still pumping, his thumb still pressing inward, fingers going deeper and deeper with each thrust, and Pam felt herself cumming so hard that she felt herself going somewhere new, somewhere deep, somewhere unknown. When she reached this new place, there was a sudden explosion of heat amongst her loins.

“Ahhhhhhhghghghghghhhhhhhh!!!!” she screamed.

Mat’s hand was suddenly far wetter than it had been previously, and was sliding in and out his mom’s pussy with the utmost ease. He kept pumping until he felt his mother’s body stop trembling and begin to breathe deeply; he took his hand out and rested it on her plump, warm ass, still underneath her shorts.

“I think I just squirted,” Pam said breathlessly.

“Mmm, I know you did,” Mat said.

“I’ve never done that before,” she said.

Pam picked her head up and kissed her son passionately one last time before lying back down on his chest and breathing heavily; but, upon seeing that his cock was still semi hard and a droplet of cum still attached to the head, she leaned in and sucked on his cock for a moment, moaning and milking it for every last drop. The sensation was incredible, and it was the first time Mat had had his cock in a woman’s mouth; however, feeling cosmically empty and infinitely consumed and quenched, Mat, fell into a deep, deep sleep- his hand never leaving his mom’s divine ass, and she never taking her mouth off his beautiful, vibrant cock, as she, too, fell into that same blissful abyss.

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