Mom and son are stranded at the airport

I like to think it was caused by my grandfather’s unexpected passing; but in actual fact, the root cause of it all can be traced way before his death, when I started puberty to be exact. I, like many young boys, was infatuated with my mother. Under the influence of my raging hormones, I jerked off countless times while fantasizing of making love with the woman who raised me. I would even sneak and take her undergarments, naughty little devil that I was, to fuel my imagination.

The strange thing is, she knew about my secret, because she once removed one of her cum-stained pantie from the hiding place in my room, as I saw it in the laundry the next day. She never said or mentioned anything about it though, never gave a hint that she was disturbed or mad, or much less cared.

More than once I tried to get a glimpse at the intimate areas of her skin. Looking back, I guess she was just your average mom. At the time of the ‘incident’ she was 43, somewhat tall at 5’7, about 145 pounds, 38C breasts, with brown eyes and black hair which she liked to keep at a length above her shoulders. Her tits, like most mothers her age, had begun to lose the fight against gravity, but they were still firm for the touch as I later found out. She carried an extra portion of her weight around her ass and thighs, and that gave her a curvy figure. Not particularly a pretty face, I admit, but not bad-looking either. All in all, I thought she was sexy and attractive.


As for me, I recently turned eighteen at the time, but my frame still looked that of a thirteen year old due to the unfortunate delay in my growth spurt. Merely 5’3 in height, consisting of 110 pounds of video game muscle. I was also immature and naive in a lot of ways (still am) so I guess my child-like look was justified. Although fresh and innocent in appearance, little did anybody know I was very perverted underneath.

Anyway, to the story. Grandpa Paul, dad’s father, had all of a sudden died of a heart attack. Dad flew out to Denver the day he got the news. Mom and I would follow in two days because I still had school. We had always been close with grandpa, even though we only see him once or twice a year. He was a very likable old fellow.

We left for Denver two days later as planned. When we landed in Chicago to load off passengers and allow new ones in, we got stuck there by bad weather. The snow had caused a delay in our landing and now it would delay our takeoff.

A friendly ticket agent told my mother that it seemed unlikely for any plane to take off that night. The weather had gotten worse. He offered to book a room for us in case our flight was canceled. She hemmed and hawed but soon agreed.

The flight was indeed canceled.

We arrived at the hotel with many other passengers and were shown to our room. Mom said, “Well, Danny, it’s a good thing we got a room. I’m sure there are a lot of people stuck at the airport tonight.”

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“Ahhh I know. I got a crick in my neck from just sitting on that seat. I’d hate to sleep there.”

“Well, sweetie, take a nice hot shower and go to bed. You’ll be fine.”

Rolling my neck in discomfort, we entered the room. My mother stopped in her tracks. “Ah excuse me, are you sure this is the right room?” she asked the bellhop.

“Yes ma’am.”

“There’s only a double bed.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, that is the room they assigned. I can call down and see if we can make a switch.”

“Would you please?”

The bellhop called and talked to the manager and got nothing. They were full and we were lucky to have a room. He left with an apology and a promise to talk to his boss. Meanwhile we settled in. We only had our carry-ons so we had no change of clothes or toiletries.

“I’m going down and get us some toothbrushes and things okay?”

“Alright mom.”

“Why don’t you take a shower?”


In the shower I let all the tension in my body wash away but found it flowing right into my cock. Thoughts of sleeping with my mom in the small bed made me hard. I begun to stroke myself when there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah,” I called out.

“It’s me, sweetie. Here, I got you a toothbrush. I’m putting it on the sink with some of my stuff.”

Through the semi-transparent curtain, I watched her silhouette walk back and forth across the bathroom. I wondered if she could see me naked. Once I was done, and mom already in the shower, I sat on bed and watched some news about the weather. While my eyes were on the screen, my ears were listening to the sound of running water, and my mind picturing nude images.

When mom got out I noticed her crestfallen look and teary eyes. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I was just thinking about your grandpa Paul,” she said in a depressed voice. “He was a good man.”

“He sure was mom,” I said, remembering the kind, gentle old face. “He sure was.”

“It’s just that these kind of things get to me, you know—death I mean. Makes me remember my own father. Pity you never met him, Danny. I’m sure you would have loved him.” She reached down and stroked my cheek tenderly.

A sense of guilt crept into me. Here was my mother feeling sentimental about the loved ones she’d lost; meanwhile all I could think about was her body. I stood up and gave her a hug, as my own way of expressing repentance.

“I love you mom.”

“Oh Danny, I love you too.”

We ordered some food and talked, about school, about dad and grandpa Paul, about myself, about herself. Our conversations cheered her up a bit, and it felt nice to reconnect with my mother like this. Finally bedtime came.

“Mom you can take the bed and I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine,” I tried to act like I liked the floor.

“Nonsense. Just a while ago you were complaining about your neck. Don’t act all manly on me now.”

“Aww, mom. I’m not a kid anymore. Let me make a little sacrifice for you.”

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She was touched by my gallantry. “Oh Danny, honey, that’s so sweet of you, and I appreciate it, I really do,” she said, giving me an affectionate hug. “But I’m the mother here. If anything I should be the one taking care of you. Come on, I think there’s enough room for both of us. Keep your old mom company.”

“You’re not old!” I blurted out.

“I’m forty-three, you know.”

“Still, you’re one of the best looking woman I know.”

She blushed and for a moment looked somewhat troubled. She probably remembered the pantie she had found in my room. Remembering it also made me blush.

Finally she said, “Why, thank you sweetheart…” Then a little awkwardly, “Well, let’s tuck in?”

I took off my robe and climbed into bed with my boxers and a t-shirt on. Mom, I noticed, had purchased a Chicago White Sox T-shirt that was many times bigger than her own size. It fell on her mid thighs and gave me an ample view to those shapely legs. As she got in I couldn’t fail to notice how her breasts swung freely under the baggy shirt, indicating she had no bra on. Blood once again rushed to my dick.

“Good night,” she said and leaned over to give me a kiss on the forehead. As she did I almost wanted to ravage her neck. It was fairly exposed because of her short hair, smooth and very seductive, like the rest of her body.

“Good night mom.”

I lay there not sleeping for a long time, trying to push away thoughts of my mom. The closeness of her smell didn’t help. It only made my head swim. Thankfully sleep was still able to find me.

During the night I was awakened by something. Years of sleeping with my dad had obviously conditioned my mother. I awoke to find that we were spooning. Somehow my arm ended up wrapped around her hips while my crotch was tightly pressed against her ass. She snuggled closer and the warmness of her body stirred the monster in my pants.

I couldn’t help myself. As if the most natural thing to do, I pushed and ground my stiffness against her. In half-consciousness she responded with her own movement, rotating her hips in time with my thrust. A heated friction was building between our genitals as they kept rubbing each other against the layer of fabric. The head of my dick would occasion poke its way into her slit.

We were soon breathing heavily. Despite her panties, I could feel her wetness seeping through. I boldly reached my hand toward one of her breasts. Her nipples stood out, erect in her shirt. I squeezed and fondled her tits as I continued on with my movement. It felt like a dream.

“Mmmm David, you’re so hard,” mom moaned out dad’s name as I went on with my thrusts, but that didn’t discourage me. My balls were ready to explode. I knew that I should stop. But I couldn’t, God help me, I just couldn’t. I had the overwhelming urge to cum. It felt as if my life depended on it.

My orgasm seized me in a powerful grip. I thrust my hips hard against my mother and could feel my cock slip just barely into her hole— if not for the pantie it surely would have penetrated her. I tried to stifle a groan as the first of many shots of semen erupted from my cock, soaking her panties and leaking some on her pussy.

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All that action eventually awakened her. “Ahhh hmmm so much cum,” she was moaning in pleasure, shoving her ass against my spurting cock, but suddenly she gasp and went rigid, as she must have realized by then that I wasn’t Dad.

***** The bedside lamp was turned on. After my orgasm had subsided, the reality of the situation hit my mom hard. “Oh god Danny what did you do? Oh god, Oh god!” she got up and panicked, almost hysterical.

“But Mom I couldn’t help it. You were snuggled up against me and it just happened.”

“Oh god, Oh god!”

“I’m sorry mom,” I said weakly, but a part of me wasn’t sorry at all.

“Listen Danny. No one can ever know about this. No one. If anyone found out—Oh I couldn’t even imagine!”

“Mom, I’m sorry. I won’t tell anyone. I was just… so horny for you.”

“Shh quiet. I’m going to go clean myself,” she said, rising and going into the bathroom.

I didn’t hear her close the bathroom door so I rose and went after her, just in time to see her stepping out of her panties and about to take her shirt off.

“Are you alright mom? I’m really sorry.” I said at the door.

She jumped at the sound of my voice. “Danny get out!”

“I just wanted to know if you’re okay.”

“God Danny, I’m fine.” She said, incredulous, a trace of anger in her tone now. “Would you please put that thing away.” By that she meant the semi-hard penis that was still dangling out of my boxers. I quickly adjusted myself and went out.

I paced around the room filled with my own thoughts and conflicting emotions. It was still only 2:30 am. After what felt like ages, mom came out at last. She must have done a lot of reflecting, for she appeared to have composed herself. I could barely look her in the eye when I tried to say something, but she simply ushered me back to bed. Despite myself, I had the impression she wasn’t wearing her panties—well, they were dirty of cum after all. When we were once again settled she spoke. “Danny, you can never tell anyone about this, do you understand?”

“Yeah mom, I won’t tell anyone.”

“What happens here has to stay here.”

“I understand.”

“No Danny, what happens here has to stay here,” she repeated, turning to look me straight in the face.

At first I was confused, and then she rested her hand on my chest and started to gently rub.


“Would you like to continue?”

It hit me almost too incredibly.

“You mean to say…?”




Hearing her say that one word, with the unwavering look she was giving me, made my heart pound.

“I-I thought you were mad?”

“I was,” she said simply.

“Can we really…?”

“The damage has already been done. I see no reason why we shouldn’t make the best of it.”

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