Find love with my sister and our cousin at a family reunion

Find love with my sister and our cousin at a family reunion, Grandpa’s ranch butted up against a big swatch of National Forest. He used to say he didn’t know for sure where his property stopped and the federal land began, so he never farmed too close to the forest. Every August, Aunts, Uncles, and every flavor of cousin from first or second to those once or twice removed descended for a weekend family reunion that required a scorecard and a degree in genealogy to sort out how everyone was related.

Depending on your clan, the annual Gallagher-McGee Family Reunion was referred to as the Camp Grandpa’s, Camp Reunion, or simply as Camp. Though my sister and I had started college, it was still a mandatory weekend of family together time. Worse, my sister and I (along with a few other cousins) were expected to arrive the day before the reunion started to help set up the camping area.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be the brother of the hottest girl in school? Well, that’s me. Worse, Maggie was a party girl with a reputation for being easy. I went through school hearing about her party exploits. I can’t complain. Her generous bustline, tight, tiny ass, and reputation for being a flirt kept me safe in high school. Though two and half years separated Maggie and I, because I had started school earlier than most and skipped a grade, we went through high school in the same grade. I felt like the runt of our grade and would have been easy fodder for every bully in school had Maggie not looked out for me.

“Hey bro,” she would say, sliding up alongside of me in the hallways whenever I looked in trouble. “How’s it going?” The guys hassling me would back off, seeing me as a way to get to closer to my sister. In exchange for her protection, I became her built-in excuse-maker. Any time our parents wondered where she was, I would make up a quick lie about how she was at the movies with a girlfriend before texting her the name of the movie and its synopsis in case Mom or Dad would quiz her the next day. Maggie and I grew up as a team, getting along as well as oddball twins separated by a couple years instead of minutes. Maggie was the popular, hot chick with reddish, auburn hair who loved to party while I was her nerdy, misfit little brother.

The family reunion camping area at Grandpa’s had been transformed through the years into a well established campground that was only used once a year. There were a dozen camping sites, each with electricity and running water. A few sites even had concrete slabs poured to accommodate those family members who had upgraded from tent camping to RVs or pop-up trailer tents.

My troubles began as soon as Maggie and I showed up to help mow grass and ready the camp because that’s when I first laid eyes on Holly Gallagher. Holly had missed the last three reunions when her parents allowed her to attend the preseason cheerleading camp. Now that she had graduated high school, no more mandatory cheerleader, and she was back. Those three years had been good for her, transforming her into a full blown woman. I gaped, slack-jawed, the first time I saw her and Maggie was right there to call me out on it.

“Will you stop staring at her?” she grumbled. “It’s embarrassing.”

“I’m not staring,” I replied, even as my eyes tracked Holly’s cute bubblebutt sashaying away.

“If you stare any harder, you’re going to burn a hole in her shorts.”

“Maybe,” I said, memorizing the curve of her hips and the way her blonde ponytail swayed side-to-side with every step. Just before she stepped around into one of the cabins, she glanced back in my direction and flashed me a smile so dazzling it should have included sparkles at its corners. I quickly looked away, focusing again on the massive barbeque Maggie and I were scrubbing together.

“Why do you do that?” Maggie asked, catching my shy, embarrassed look away as easily as she had my longing stare.

“Do what?” I asked, fighting off a blush and hating how well my sister knows me

“Trust me, the way she shook that ass and glanced back to make sure you were looking, she’s interested.”

“Not everyone comes to a family reunion to hook-up,” I scoffed, giving her an accusing glare. There were always rumors about this cousin or that one sneaking off into the woods for a bit of fun. For Maggie, I knew it was more than a rumor. Both of the last two years I had caught her sneaking into the woods with one of our cousins, leaving me to figure out an excuse for her when Mom and Dad had asked where she was. I called her out on it. “Wonder if Seth will be here this year.”

“We didn’t hook-up,” she insisted until she noticed my raised eyebrows. Wearing a playful smirk, she quickly amended her statement. “We just fooled around a little bit.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, nodding because I knew better. “And what about the year before that with Kevin?”

“Yeah, well, that was an accident. He got me drunk.” She scrubbed for a moment before asking, “Were you spying on me?”

“Are you kidding? You sneak back into the tent with that freshly fucked look about you and you think I can’t tell?”

“Perv,” she giggled before added, “Well you know they say, ‘Incest is best.'”

I rolled my eyes and went back to work. I was fine as long as Holly wasn’t around, but whenever she was, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She became that unattainable girl who remains forever just out of reach. My eyes couldn’t stop following her as I memorized every graceful movement she made, like how she would reach occasionally behind her head and stroke her long, blonde ponytail. Holly would raise her arms over her head, capturing her golden strands with both hands and stroke its length twice before letting it fall back against her. God, I loved seeing her making that simple gesture. Every time she did it, she would bow out her chest, thrusting her perky, teacup sized tits up and outward while her t-shirt would ride up, flashing the even tan of her flat stomach.

Maggie caught me staring again. “You could do her if you wanted to, you just need to talk to her.”

“First off, let’s assume she’s okay with getting it on with a cousin,” I said. “Why would she want me?”

“Because you’re a hottie!”

“Says my sister,” I groaned.

“Says the hottest chick you know,” Maggie grinned, striking a pose. “Dammit, bro, you’ve got to get over yourself. You’re eighteen with a year of college behind you. High school is over with, you know?”

“I know,” I agreed, hanging my head. Somehow, I had to shake feeling like the runt.

“Don’t you get tired of just jerking off?”

Blushing, I reminded her that I had had a girlfriend during my last semester at college. She had been my second official girlfriend.

“Just looking out for you,” she said. “You’re a brat, but I still love you, bro.”

I rolled my eyes before saying, “Love you, too, bitch.”

“Maybe I should go hit on Holly,” she said, forcing me to look at her to see if she was serious or not. It was rare when I couldn’t tell the difference.

“No way,” I said, finding myself in one of those rare instances.

“Why not? She’s cute.”

“Yeah, but you don’t. . . you know. You don’t go that way.”

“Are you sure?” Maggie asked, flashing a deceptive grin I couldn’t read before she strolled in the direction of Holly. “Hey girlfriend, where the hell have you been?” A few moments later, Holly and Maggie laughed and giggled together as if they were old friends, and I was stuck wishing from afar.

There were two cabins in the camping area where the advance team of cousins spent the night after a day of getting the campground ready. One was used for the boys with the other reserved for the girls. Holly and Maggie spent that first night in one cabin while I bunked with Tony and Dorian in the other one. “Dude, your sister is hot,” Tony told me.

“Yeah she is,” I agreed, just like always. There was no reason denying Maggie’s good looks.

“Ever see her naked?”

“Dude, gross!” Dorian groaned. “That’s his sister!”

“Yeah, but damn, you know?” Tony said, unwilling to let go of the idea.

“What about Holly?” I asked, thinking she was even prettier than my sister.

“She’s like every other cheerleader,” Dorian reported. “She keeps her nose stuck so far in the air, she would probably drown in a rain storm.”

“So, checking out your cousin is okay, but not your sister?” Tony asked, calling out his brother.

“Fuck it, I’d do them both,” Dorian laughed before asking me, “Hey, do you play Minecraft?” We spent the rest of the night talking about video games instead of unattainable girls.

The combined Gallagher-McGee clans began arriving the next morning. RVs were parked, pop-up trailer tents popped, and at our campsite, Maggie and I helped Dad pitch our massive, three room tent that only saw the light of day once each year.

Sharing a tent with your Mom and Dad sounds more awkward that it was. The big tent we used was divided into three sections. Mom and Dad slept in the section to the right of the doorway while Maggie and I shared the section to left. Maggie and I had long ago worked out the logistics of sharing a space by pushing our cots against opposites walls. It was too hot in August for sleeping bags, so we used a thin blanket and a sheet and learned how to get dressed or undressed beneath our sheets whenever needed..

Most nights, Mom and Dad sat up late drinking and laughing with the other adults. I always tried going to sleep before they staggered back into the tent. I didn’t need to think about the giggles or groans I sometimes heard. Headphones helped, too. Still, it didn’t take a math or genealogy major to figure out when and where the three month old babies around camp had probably been conceived.

That first day was filled with aunts remarking about how much I’ve grown and uncles who would lecherously stare at Maggie while remarking on how she was going to be a real heart breaker. There were lots of little chores helping people getting their campsites set-up. Smaller kids screamed a lot while the athletic pre-teens organized volleyball games and the middle teens sulked about being dragged to another family reunion against their will. With our oldest cousins starting families, the number of unique campers had grown. The photographer hired to take a group picture of the family needed to stand on top of the pavilion to capture everyone in a single shot.

I only caught glimpses of Holly during the day, which was just as well. That night, I had to man the inflatable movie screen for a showing of a kids movie. Whenever cousins would start to pair up along the fringes of the darkness, an aunt or uncle would sternly remind them, “That’s your cousin!” and I wondered how Maggie had ever managed hooking up with Kevin or Seth with so many watchful eyes everywhere.

After packing up the inflatable screen and putting away the projector, I strolled past groups of adults drinking and laughing in the pavilion on my way back to the tent. As usual, I was first back to the tent. I crawled into my cot and pulled out my tablet. There’s no WiFi at Camp Grandpa’s, but I had loaded my memory card with plenty of porn. Why not? It’s not as if I was going to get lucky.

Wearing headphones, I didn’t notice Maggie coming back to the tent until she pushed back the flap to our side. I reduced my movie with a press of a button and pulled up a video game. “Have fun?” I asked, smelling the alcohol on her.

“Holly’s funny as hell,” she said, sitting on her cot.

“You’ve been with her all this time?” I asked. I hadn’t seen either one since dinner.

“Yep,” Maggie said, pulling off her shorts as I wasn’t even there.

“Really?” I asked, moving from my side to my back and staring straight up at the canvas ceiling instead of watching my sister getting undressed.

“Oh big deal,” she said, throwing her shorts at me. They landed on my stomach. “I’m wearing panties.” She told me how she had swiped a bottle of liquor and drank it with Holly. “She thinks you’re cute.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, glancing at my sister without thinking about it. I didn’t need my sister pimping me to our cousin. She had her back turned to me, but was topless as she changed into a t-shirt without a bra. I quickly looked away, back to staring at the ceiling.

“You could so tap that,” she said, snatching her discarded shorts before she froze, staring down at me. “Damn, bro.”

“What?” I asked, glancing down. I was beneath my sheet, but that sheet didn’t offer any cover from the outline of my swollen cock any better than my shorts could contain it. I quickly rolled on my side, covering my hard-on with my bent knee. I felt stupid as hell letting her catch me like that.

“That all you?” she asked, still standing in the space between us.

“No, I always shove a couple socks inside my shorts before I got to sleep,” I said, rolling my eyes at her stupid question.

“I’m just saying, you’re hung,” she said, retreating to her cot and sitting down. “Roll over again.”

“No,” I said, laughing at how stupid she was being. Why would I want to do that?

“Fine, then I’ll just wait until you’re asleep and I’ll pull your covers off of you.”

“You would,” I said, still laughing. I had seen Maggie drunk before and I knew alcohol turned her into a flirt. “Did Holly really say she thought I was cute?”

“I keep telling you, chicks think you’re a stud.” She worked out her covers and slipped between them. “Are you going to jerk-off?”

“No,” I said, turning my back to her.

“If you do, you have to let me watch.”

“I’m not jerking off in front of you.”

“But you were going to, weren’t you?”

“Shut up,” I grumbled, embarrassed and frustrated.

“We could both do it.”

“You’re drunk.”

“I love you, little bro,” she said. Those were words we weren’t afraid to say to each other. We grew up saying it and we still did. “Even if you are a brat.”

“I love you, too,” I replied, hoping she would shut-up.

“You’re a good little brother.”

“And you’re my favorite big sister.”

“Hey, I’m your only sister!” she protested, quickly working out my joke. When she was quiet for a moment, I mistakenly hoped she was falling asleep. I wasn’t so lucky. “I think I’m going to start calling you my big brother.” I ignored the temptation to ask why, but she still supplied the answer. “Because you have a big dick.”

“Shut-up,” I groaned.

“Really big,” she added, determined to get in the last word before we fell asleep to the distant sounds of parents still drinking in the pavilion.

I was hard when I woke up the next morning. Hard and missing my sheet. The first thing I did was glance at Maggie. She was soundly asleep and I’m sure I had kicked off my covers without her help. Mornings were quiet affairs around the campsite with most of the adults sleeping off booze and most of the teenagers doing what they did best: sleeping late. Only the families with youngsters were awake, doing their best to keep their toddlers quiet and happy. I made coffee on our camp stove, plugged in my earbuds, and rocked out while surfing the net on my phone until a long shadow creeped up my leg. I glanced up, surprised to see Holly standing there.

“Maggie’s still asleep,” I said, pulling out an earbud in case she had something to say.

“Actually, I was hoping to score some coffee,” she said, still looking half asleep.

“Sure thing,” I said, fumbling for an extra cup and only pour a few drops on my hand before passing it to her. “You can bring the cup back whenever.”

“Is it okay if I drink it here?”

“Sure,” I said, feeling my heart pounding inside my chest as she pulled up a folding camp chair and sat down.

Holly blew across her cup before taking a small sip. “Mm, hot and black, same with how I like my men,” she said, flashing me one of those dazzling smiles that deserved sparkles at its corners.

“Me too,” I said, meaning my coffee, not men, and I stumbled over myself trying to make that distinction while Holly laughed at me.

“It’s okay. It’s funnier the other way.” She sent down her coffee and did that move with her hair where she grabbed it with both hands before allowing it to cascade against her neck. I stared at her tits before catching myself and quickly looked down to my coffee cup and made sure it was still black. If she noticed my stare, it didn’t show. I tried to think of something to say and came up blank. Fuck, I sucked talking to girls. Finally, she filled the gap. “I’m your Aunt Abby’s daughter.”

That made Holly and I first cousins. I nodded and smiled, starting another awkward silence I desperately searched for a way to fill it. “You weren’t here last year,” I blurted out.

“Or the two years before that,” she said. “Cheerleading camp, but I graduated this year.”

“Cool,” I said, still feeling lame with my single syllable words.

“So Maggie’s your older sister?”

“Yep,” I said, caught myself, and over corrected with too much of the story of our life. I explained how I had skipped a year, how Maggie had started late, and talked until I realized I was talking too much. “Anyway, a lot of people think we’re fraternal twins.”

“Around here, I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?”

“Yeah.” Dammit. Once more, that was all I had.

“Your sister is really pretty.”

“She knows,” I said and Holly laughed, though I didn’t realize I was being funny.

“I remember coming here when I was little and hoping I would grow up to be as pretty as her.”

“You’re prettier,” I said before realizing how bad that sounded. “I mean, you know, you are, but I it’s not like I’ve been checking you out or anything.”

“Yes, you have been,” she said with a twinkle in her eye as she sipped her cup of joe. “You blush a lot.”


“It’s cute. You’re cute.”

I could feel myself blushing a deeper shade of whatever color I had become.

“We should hang out later,” she said.

“Sure,” I managed without stuttering.

Holly flashed me another smile bright enough to sell any brand of toothpaste before handing me her coffee cup. I watched her cute little bubblebutt as she walked away and, of course, she had to glance over her shoulder and catch me staring. She smiled, gave me a tiny wave, and strutted away as I kept staring.

The camp made due with only four toilets inside a long, narrow shack. Behind the building were four showerheads with partitions, but not doors. After Holly’s visit, I climbed beneath my sheets and pulled on my swimsuit while Maggie softly snored. I grabbed a towel and took a shower just in case Holly and I spent time together later that day.

By the time I made it back to our tent, the three sleepy eyed relatives most closely related to me were drinking the coffee I had made. “Good morning party animals,” I said with a wide grin and in a voice filled with more cheer than any of them could face.

“Shut-up,” Mom groaned, though she gave me a weak smile, too. Dad just grunted while Maggie didn’t even look up from her coffee cup.

Once inside the tent, I stripped off my bathing suit, toweled off my private parts, and dug around for a new pair of underwear, except I couldn’t find any. That was odd; I was positive I had packed one clean pair for every day of Camp Reunion. I dumped out my bag, but couldn’t find any. Beneath my cot, I found the shorts I had worn that morning. Oddly, the underwear I had left tangled inside was missing, too.

“You decent yet?” Maggie asked from the other side of the partition that separated our tent into three rooms.

“Hold on.” I snagging my closest pair of shorts as Maggie pushed back the partition. “Do you mind?” I nearly tripped trying to turn my back to her.

“Nice ass,” she giggled, still holding her cup of coffee as she sat on her cot.

“Where’s my underwear?” I demanded in a low tone since I knew Mom and Dad were just outside the tent.

“Why are you asking me?” she asked with false innocence that I didn’t buy for a second.

“I’m serious, I can’t go commando the rest of the weekend.”

“Sure you can. Chicks like when a guy goes commando.”

“Give’em back.”

“Can’t,” she said in soft tones that wouldn’t leave our room. “I think I tossed them into the woods or something.”

“You bitch!” I snapped, louder than I should have.

“Probably,” she said, getting up and leaving. As soon as she was gone, I searched through her stuff, but never found my missing underwear.

I didn’t say anything to Mom or Dad, why would I? Maggie had pranked me; big deal. Without a word to anyone, I hung up my swimsuit and towel on the line behind the tent and tried ignoring the sensation of freeballing inside my baggy cargo pants. That didn’t stop Maggie from eyeing me as if she could tell the difference between me going with or without underwear. Somehow, I’d get her back.

“Who were you talking to this morning?” Mom asked as she peeled the wrapper off a breakfast bar.

Cousin Holly, she’s Aunt Abby’s daughter.”

“I think I know my own nieces,” Mom said before checking to make sure she had it right. “Pretty blonde, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen her around,” Dad said, giving me a stern look. “What did she want?”

“She was looking for Maggie,” I said, unsure how much of the conversation Mom or Dad may have overheard.

“Good,” Dad huffed, still staring me down. He didn’t suffer hangovers very well. “Just remember she’s your cousin, okay?”

“First cousin,” Mom added.

“Almost a sister,” Dad said, as if I needed the extra emphasis.

“I get it,” I snapped, embarrassed and pissed off at the same time. I snagged my cell phone and went for a walk. The last thing I needed was Mom and Dad riding my ass. After spending every summer of my life at Camp Reunion, I knew the best places to hide without anyone thinking I had wandered into the woods and gotten lost. The secret was being within eyesight, but out of earshot. I flopped down against a favorite tree and fucked around my cell phone until a grumbling stomach forced me back to our tent for food.

I was halfway through a baloney sandwich when Maggie strolled up. “Where have you been hiding?”

“Around,” I said with a shrug. “Where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Mom when shopping with her sisters and the last time I saw Dad, he was drinking beer and playing horseshoes with the brothers.” Maggie rummaged around in the cooler until she found a Ziploc bag filled with carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli. “I got quite the lecture after you left this morning,” she said between bites. “Mom and Dad are afraid you’re trying to hook-up with Holly.”

“Have Seth or Kevin tried to get with you yet?” I asked.

“Relax, big bro,” she said, picking up on my meaning. “But since you’re a brat, I’m supposed to chaperone you and Holly. Hey, if you get lucky, can I watch?”

“Shut-up, bitch.”

“You really think Holly is prettier than me?” she asked.

I studied her for a moment trying to figure out if she had overheard our conversation, too. If she had, that meant she wasn’t quite as fast asleep as I had thought when I was getting changed in front of her. “Why?”

“Because Mom said that’s what you told Holly and Dad went to the fucking left about it. He said that if you were going to hook-up with her, you might as well hook-up with me, too.”

“Fuck him.”

“No thanks,” Maggie laughed. “You know I’m not going to tell anyone anything, right?”

“I know.”

“Except I told Holly you have a big dick.”

“What the fuck?” I demanded while choking on the last bite of my sandwich.

“Well, she has a right to know. Not every girl wants a big dick.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

“Crazy enough to know you should take your swimsuit off the line and hide it,” she said.


“Because I told Dad you were going swimming with a bunch of the guys while I spend the afternoon hiking in the woods with Holly.”

It took me a moment to realize what she was saying before I started smiling. “Is Holly cool with that?”

“Yeah, except I’m really doing that.”

“Oh,” I said, confused.

“But you can come, too.”

“Is Seth or Kevin or someone coming with us?” Maybe she had worked out a double date or something.

“Probably not,” Maggie said, ducking into the tent and leaving me confused. I followed after her.

“Wait a second, why am I going?”

“So you can spend time with Holly,” she said as if I had lost fifty IQ points.

“And why are you going?”

“Because if you hook with Holly, I want to watch. Now, do you mind? I want to change.”

I pulled my swimsuit and towel off the line behind the tent and came back around the tent in time to see Holly strolling towards us. She smiled as soon as she saw me. “Are you coming with us?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, reduced again to one word/one syllable answers. It didn’t help seeing her wearing a pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts and a bikini top. It was all I could do to give my single word reply to her face and not her cleavage.

Because the camp had eyes everywhere, we made a big show of me walking away from the two women. Once I caught up with them, I stashed my swimsuit and towel inside the small backpack Maggie had packed. Of course she made me carry it.

It took us ten minutes to reach the ravine that marked the limit for most people. As kids, we called the rocky crevice “The Canyon,” and it was as far as we were allowed to head into the woods. But we weren’t kids anymore. The only way across was climbing into it. Standing at the bottom, I got had a great view of Maggie and then Holly’s tight asses while they scrambled up the other side. Because I see it all the time, it’s not often that I notice my sister’s ass. The way her shorts barely covered the bottommost curve of her asscheeks made it easy to understand why other guys would stare at her walking by. I got the same view of Holly’s ass while boosting her up the opposite side of the ravine. If nothing else happened the rest of that day, I would have been happy.

It felt ten degrees cooler beneath the thick canopy of the forest. The ground was soft and earthy with little groundcover able to grow with so little direct sunlight. The sounds of the camp were far behind us and it felt as if we had the world to ourselves. Just the same, we kept checking over our shoulders to make sure no one had followed us until we felt satisfied. “I think there’s another creek up ahead with a cool rockfall,” Maggie said.

I hung back from the two girls without thinking about it and admired how similar they looked. They were roughly the same height, dressed identically with short jeans and the string of their bikini tops bouncing against their backs. The summer sun had revealed more of the red in Maggie’s auburn hair. Both had their hair up in ponytails. The way their narrow waists gently flared into perfect asses was irresistible. I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a pic of their asses swaying in unison.

The electronic snapping sound turned their heads. “Pervert,” Maggie said, though she was smiling as she said it.

Holly just giggled before asking Maggie, “Ever get tired of the way every guy stares at your ass?”

“Not really,” Maggie said. “You?”

“Not if he’s cute,” Holly said with another musical giggle that became my favorite sound ever. “Though Uncle Damian is creepy.”

“Yeah he is,” Maggie agreed. “And his kids are creepy, too.”

“Tell me about it,” Holly squealed. “If Dorian or Tony stare any harder at my ass, they’ll go blind. I bet they jerk each other off every night thinking about us.”

Maggie laughed, glanced over her shoulder at me, and added, “That’s what he was doing last night when I came back to the tent.”

“Was not,” I grumbled.

“That’s how I know he has a big dick.”

“Oh-my-God, did you catch him doing it?”

“I just saw the tent beneath his sheets,” Maggie said.

Holly’s giggle didn’t sound quite as musical as before. She turned around, walking backwards for a few steps while she faced me. “What if she had caught you doing it?”

“She didn’t,” I said, frustrated that Maggie would say any of that shit. “I wasn’t doing anything.”

“But you were hard,” my sister insisted.

“Shut-up, bitch,” I snapped back, growing more embarrassed. What the hell was wrong with her?’

“I told the brat he could do it, if I could watch.”

“No you didn’t!” Holly gasped, sounding shocked. “Would you have really watched?”

“Why not? Dick is dick, right?”

“And I’m the pervert?” I asked. It was a lame retort, but it was all I had. I needed more. “Why don’t you tell her about Seth or Kevin?”

“Maybe I already did,” Maggie said, glaring at me over her shoulder and I knew I had crossed a line.

“No you didn’t,” Holly innocently corrected. “You mean our cousins Seth and Kevin?”

“Maybe,” Maggie said, sounding unsure of herself. That was a new tone from her.

“Oh-my-God, they are both so hot!” Holly squealed. “Did you do it with them?”

“Yeah,” Maggie admitted.

“At the same time?”

That stopped Maggie in her tracks. “Really?” she asked. “Do I look like the kind of girl who would do two guys at once?”

“Maybe,” Holly said, laughing it off as a joke comment.

After ducking beneath a low hanging branch, Maggie came clean about her experiences. “Seth last year and Kevin the year before that.”

“You told me you didn’t fuck Seth,” I said.

“Right. We didn’t, but we did everything else,” she clarified.

This time it was Holly who stopped in her tracks. She glanced at me before asking Maggie, “You told your brother about it?”

“No, he figured it out when I came back to the tent. He was probably jerking off the entire time I was gone.”

Thankfully, Holly ignore the comment about what I may have been doing that night last year. “Does Seth have a nice one?”

“Not as nice as Kevin’s.”

“Too bad. Seth is cute.”

“Kevin’s cuter.”

“Maybe,” Holly said.

“Who do you think is cuter, Seth, Kevin, or my brother?”

“Your brother,” Holly said, flashing me one of her award winning smiles over her shoulder.

“You’re just saying that because I told you he has a big dick.”

“I’m serious! Your brother is a lot cuter.” She turned around, walking backwards again as if it was the same as walking forwards. “Is it weird that your sister knows you have a big dick?”

“It’s weirder that she wants to see it,” I admitted.

“Says my brother who just took a picture of my ass.”

“You and Holly,” I pointed out before realizing that didn’t sound any better. “I don’t spend my time checking you out.”

“What if I got naked, would you check me out then?”

“Probably not,” I said, feeling my face flushing as I grew more embarrassed.

“Really? So you’re saying that if I got naked in front of you, that wouldn’t get you hard?”

I shrugged, unsure what else to say because it was embarrassing, especially with her saying all that stuff in front of Holly.

“I won’t tell anyone if you want to test him,” Holly offered.

“I bet we’ll get him hard without even getting naked,” Maggie said.

“For sure,” Holly agreed. “Guys are like so easy to get hard, aren’t they?”

“My senior year, I had a Spanish teacher. . .” Maggie began, relating a story about how she would purposely prick tease the Spanish teacher. That prompted Holly to tell how she would sunbathe in her backyard whenever her neighbor was mowing the grass just to see the bulge in his shorts.

Maggie laughed before swapping another story as if I wasn’t there. I got through high school by not calling attention to myself. That’s a habit I still have and I think it’s part of the reason why Holly and Maggie felt comfortable talking as if I wasn’t there. I’m good at making myself invisible. Except I heard every word.

By the time we got to the spot Maggie had mentioned, I regretted not taking the time to jerk-off last night. I like to get off at least once every day because I think it keeps things primed down there. Sometimes I’ll jerk-off before I got out on a date to take the edge off my libido and I can still get off two or three more times. As it turned out, I had gone two days without rubbing one out and that was turning into a problem for me.

Large, smooth boulders stood sentry over a clearing near the creek as the trees gave way to a sunny, grassy flat spot. As soon as Holly saw the open space, she did two cartwheels and a flip, demonstrating her cheerleading tumbling skills. Maggie followed with a couple cartwheels of her own, showing off that she still could. Laughing, the girls took turns showing off while I shucked off the backpack and fished out a bottle of water.

“That looks good,” Holly said, jogging over to me. She took the bottle of water from my hand, took a long sip, and handed it back. It was such a simple act, nothing more than her getting a couple swallows of water, but as I took another sip, I was hyper aware her lips had just touched the mouth of that bottle. It not the same as kissing, but it’s close, isn’t it?

“Isn’t this a great spot?” Maggie asked, opening a second bottle of water. “And there’s a pool in the water over there. It’s not very deep, but it feels like a jacuzzi.” We dropped our cell phones inside the backpack, kicked off tennis shoes, and I stripped off my t-shirt. I noticed both girls staring at my bare chest.

“What?” I asked, looking down at my bareness.

“Nothing,” Holly said with a happy grin. “Just enjoying the view.”

“When did you get so cut?” Maggie asked, still staring at chest and flat stomach.

“I worked out a bit at school,” I said, feeling self-conscious. I’m not as cut as some guys. I don’t have a six-pack or bulging muscles, but then again, my “freshman fifteen” all landed on my chest and arms. Gone was the scrawny young man who went through high school almost two years younger than his classmates. I thought about my swimsuit, except I didn’t want to get changed in front of them. I stayed in my loose shorts and followed them towards the creek.

The water was as clear as glass inside the pool formed by more rocks before the creek gave up and circled around them. Maggie was right about it not being very deep. Your knees would stick out of the water if you bent your legs, but we didn’t care. We sat facing each other and I tried not to stare as the girls scooped water with cupped hands and poured it over themselves. They were songless sirens and I struggled with remaining calm.

“It’s so unfair that guys can go topless,” Maggie said, staring at my chest.

“Go for it,” I laughed, daring her to do it without saying the dare. I didn’t need to say it, Maggie got it. Honestly, with her reputation as a party girl, I half expected her to strip off her top as soon as I had suggested it.

“I’ll do it if you lose your shorts,” she shot back, raising the stakes impossibly high for me.

“No way.”

“What if we both do it?” Holly asked, upping the ante.

I shook my head.

“What if I wasn’t here?” Maggie asked. I shrugged, afraid to commit to the truth. “Then what difference does it make? Remember what Dad said?”

Of course Holly wanted to know what we were talking about and Maggie put it on me to tell her. “That you’re my first cousin,” I mumbled, embarrassed and frustrated that Maggie would bring it up.

“And what?” Maggie gleefully asked, enjoying the way I was blushing.

I stared through the water at the rocks and mumbled the rest. “And doing stuff with Holly would be like doing stuff with my sister.”

“I’m just glad my brother isn’t hot looking.” Holly said before going wide-eyed and slapping her hand over her mouth as if trying to catch words already spoken. “I so didn’t mean that!” she quickly squealed.

“It’s a good thing he IS my brother,” Maggie said, out-loud and unafraid of her words. “Especially now that I know he has a big dick, because I so want to see it.”

“It’s not that big,” I muttered, not really knowing for sure. I had never measured it or compared it with someone else’s because I never saw the point. Whatever I have is what I have and it wasn’t as if I could change it. Besides, I’m too shy to ever brag about having a big dick like a lot of guys do.

“That’s not what she says,” Holly proclaimed, roaring with laughter at the easy joke.

“Can we please stop talking about my dick?” I asked, unsure if it was possible to die of embarrassment and worried I would soon find out. Of course Maggie twisted things around.

“Why? Are you getting hard?” she asked, slipping a foot between my legs and wiggling her toes against my crotch.

“Cut it out!” I squealed, wiggling away from her. And yes, I really did squeal. I’m not proud of that, but it made them giggle.

“If you get hard, you have to show it to us,” Maggie said, still laughing.

“Says who?” I demanded.

“Those are the rules. You get hard and you have to get naked.”


“So we can see it, you big dummy,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“And then what?” I snapped, so annoyed with her games. “Are you going to do anything with it?”

“Pull it out and see what happens.”

“Ooo baby,” Holly moaned, clearly enjoying the brother-sister game playing out in front of her.

“Tell you what, you spend the rest of the afternoon naked, and I’ll give you a blowjob,” Maggie offered with a straight face and in a completely reasonable tone as if she was trying to sell me a car.

“Who says I want a blowjob from my sister?” I asked.

“According to Dad, it doesn’t make a difference if I do it or Holly does.”

“We could do it together,” Holly offered, beaming with joy with the fun they were having at my expense.

“Would you like that?” Maggie asked, pouncing on her suggestion. Her voice dropped into a low, sultry tone as she asked, “Would like it if both of us took turns sucking that big, hard cock of yours?”

I’m not an idiot. Even without hearing their conversation about being prick teases, I could see through her ploy; she was trying to make me get hard. Unfortunately, knowing what she was doing didn’t stop it from working. At least the ripples and tiny eddies in the water helped obscure what was happening inside the thin fabric of my cargo shorts. I leveled my gaze at my sister and asked, “Why would you even want to suck my dick?” Her answer surprised me.

“Why wouldn’t I? Dick is dick, you know?”

“Did you suck off Seth?” Holly asked.

“Yeah I did,” Maggie admitted without shame. “And according to Dad, that’s like the same thing!”

“You just want to see me naked,” I said, unwilling to believe Maggie would cross that line.

“Well, I want to see her suck you off,” Holly said, giggling. “I don’t care that you’re brother and sister. In a way that sort of makes it hotter.”

“Wow, and I’m the pervert for taking a picture?” I asked, trying to make a joke that fell flat. Holly’s smiled fell away and she looked as if she had been slapped in the face. Fortunately, Maggie had my back and was quick to put us back on track, not that I realized where the train was going, but Maggie still took the sting out of my stupid words.

“Maybe I want to see you naked, too,” Maggie told the hot blonde soaking with us.

“Tease,” Holly said, with a dismissive little giggle.

“No way, you’re hot as hell.”

“Stop it,” the pretty blonde said as a touch of pink rose to her cheeks. “You’re going to make me blush.”

“Besides, you’ve got great tits, too,” Maggie said, reaching out and grabbing one of them.

“Oh-my-God!” Holly squealed, looking shocked, but she also didn’t pull away or try pushing Maggie’s hand away. Instead, she said, “You’ve got great tits, too,” grabbing one of Maggie’s bigger tits. They locked eyes for a long moment before both of them turned towards me.

“Stand up,” Maggie said, still holding Holly’s tit.

“No,” I said, panicking. I could feel my heart racing as my cock swelled bigger and harder. Why were they still holding each other’s tits? I froze, afraid to move and draw any attention to the change inside my shorts.

“What if I do this?” Maggie asked, pulling Holly’s bikini cup to the side and exposed our cousin’s titty to us.

“Hey!” Holly said, looking down at her exposed breast without trying to cover herself.

“Oops,” Maggie said, covering our cousin’s bare tit with her hand instead of fixing her bathing suit. “Wow, that’s really nice,” she said, distracted for a moment before turning her attention back to me. “Now stand up and let us see.”

What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t stay in the water and wish away my hard-on. “You’re a real bitch,” I hissed while working through my options. Did I have any? If I didn’t stand up, would they send me back to camp? Making matters worse was the playful look in Maggie’s eyes daring me to do it. She had a way of getting whatever she wanted. If I stood, at least she wouldn’t win the unspoken game of one upmanship between us. Giving up on losing, I stood and my thin, wet shorts clung my body, outlining my swollen prick with enough detail to prove I was circumcised.

“Oh wow,” Holly said as her eyes went wide.

“Now take them off,” Maggie insisted.

“Take off your tops,” I said.

“No way,” Maggie said, pulling Holly’s top back into place. “That wasn’t the deal.”

“Yes it was,” I whined, feeling trapped. No way was I getting naked and I sure as hell wasn’t doing it alone..

“No, that was the deal, but you wouldn’t do it,” she said, as her eyes kept moving back to the big bulge inside my shorts.

I looked to Holly for help, but that was stupid. What motivation did she have to take my side? Still, she tried to soften the blow. “She did say she would give you a blowjob.”

“Are you going to help her?” I asked, remembering the rest of that deal.

“She told me last night that she loves sucking dick,” Maggie said, answering for Holly.

“It’s true,” she confirmed, giving my cock an extra reason to throb. God, I hoped they didn’t notice, except they were both staring so intently at my crotch, how could they miss it? I held my hands over my bulging cock though that didn’t stop them from staring.

“Of course, no reason for us to get naked if he won’t do it,” Maggie suggested.

“Which is unfair, because he already saw my boob,” Holly stated.

“I know one thing for sure,” Maggie mused. “Nothing’s going to happen if he doesn’t get naked.”

Standing in knee deep water while they tried to stare at my hard-on felt stupid. I was hard and they knew it. While I didn’t believe Maggie would suck my dick, the hungry look in Holly’s eyes held promise. “I still think the two of you should get topless,” I complained as I felt my willpower wavering. I had no idea what would happen if I got naked. They would probably laugh at me or something. But then I turned the question around inside my head. What if I didn’t get naked? That was the thought that sold me as I began working the front of my shorts. If I didn’t do it, I knew I would spend the rest of my life wishing that I had.

As soon as I undid the button and zipper, my loose fitting shorts were heavy enough from being wet that they fell down my legs until they were floating just above my knees. I let them fall, moved my hands, and let them have a good look before I sat back down in the water.

“”Oh-my-God, it’s beautiful,” Holly gasped.

“That’s like porn star sized,” my sister said, staring through the water at my cock.

“Shut up,” I said, tossing my shorts in the grass. It felt awkward as hell being naked and hard, but there comes a point where I don’t think any guy cares anymore. That was the point I had reached. Fuck it. I was hard, they knew it, and I didn’t care anymore.

“I’m serious, bro,” Maggie said, staring through the water. “That’s at least eight inches.”

“And you’ve got big balls,” Holly pointed out. “I like that. You ever shave them?”

“No,” I growled, wondering if this was how the rest of the afternoon was going to go.

“Stand up and let us see it again,” Maggie requested.

“I’m not standing up again until both of you are topless,” I said, still feeling as if I was sailing a rudderless ship.

“Okay,” Holly said, untying the back of her bikini top before lifting it over her head and tossing it towards my shorts.

We both looked to see what Maggie was going to do. At first, all she did was stare at Holly’s tits before she stood, pulled off her top, and tossed it into the grass. She was such a party girl, I may have been the last person in our high school to actually see her topless. Her breasts were full and firm looking without the slightest hint of turning into sagging, floppy tits; but their best feature had to be her full nipples. Her nipples were as fat as the tip of my index finger and nearly as long as the first knuckle of that finger.

“I think he approves,” Holly giggled, noticing how I was staring at my sister’s tits.

“You like?” she asked, leaning over and shoving her titties in my face. “Kiss’em,” Maggie said, shoving one of her tits in my face. “Kiss your sister’s titties.”

“Wow, that’s so fucking wrong,” Holly giggled, moving to get a better view of what was happening.

“Stop it,” I said as she rubbed her tits against my face.

“Really?” Maggie asked. “You’re not going to kiss them?”

“Stop it,” I said.

“Fuck, dude, I would have munched on both of them until she made me stop,” Holly said, looking and sounding disappointed.

“Show him what he should have done,” Maggie said, shoving her tits into Holly’s face. A look of surprise crossed over Holly’s face before she began sucking on Maggie’s big, fat nipples. Maggie grabbed the back of her head, holding her there while squirming and squealing as if she was having an orgasm. “Yeah baby! That’s it! Suck it!” She finally pulled away, laughing as she sat back down.

“Just for record, that’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that,” Holly said, smiling though her face had turned bright red.

“Did you like it?” Maggie asked.

“I didn’t hate it,” Holly said in a smallish voice as her face turned a brighter red. She cupped her breasts and pouted. “Wish my tits were bigger.”

“Why? You have great tits,” Maggie said, copping another feel for herself. “Can I suck on them?”

“If you want,” Holly said, looking dismayed but she didn’t stop my sister, either. I don’t think many people can stop my sister once she gets going. While I had never witnessed her in full “party girl” mode, I had heard the stories.

Maggie sucked for a moment at one of Holly’s nipples before moving to her other one, too. When she pulled away, she was smiling. “And just for the record, that’s not the first time I’ve done that.”

“Really?” I gasped, surprised at her confession and fighting against how good the gentle currents of the creek felt swirling around my hard prick. Feeling my cock throbbing in the water was an interesting sensation, as if I could make a current of my own.

Holly looked interested in my question, too. “My girlfriends and I will sometimes mess around in front of the boys at parties, you know, just to tease them.” Maggie explained.

“Mess around how?” Holly asked.

“We’ll just kiss and stuff,” Maggie said, shrugging it all away, but not before she added, “I like kissing girls.”

“That’s so cool,” Holly said, looking amazed, amused, and fascinated at the same time, which was precisely how I felt, too. After staring at my cock for a bit, she looked up and asked, “Do guys really like going down on girls?”

“I do,” I admitted.

“Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I began, fighting off my awkwardness. “It tastes good and I like how I can make her feel when I do it.”

“So you’re saying you’re good at eating pussy,” Maggie blurted out, making the conversation feel funny again. “Can you make the girl squeal?” Maggie asked.

“They always get off, if that’s what you mean.”

“Good enough.” She smiled as if she was proud of me.

We sat and soaked for a while longer. I’d like to say I got used to having them looking at my hard dick, but I didn’t. It felt weird and exciting being naked and hard in front of my sister. I wish I could say I only stared at Holly’s tits, except I couldn’t keep my eyes off Maggie’s tits, too.

“Did anyone bring a blanket or a towel or something?” Holly asked.

“I saw a blanket in the backpack,” I offered.

“And there’s sunscreen,” Maggie said, standing up and climbing out of the water as if being topless in the woods was the most natural thing in the world. Holly followed while I hung back, wondering what to do. I wasn’t worried about someone catching us, we were too far from the camp and too deep into the National Forest. But how could I get out of the water without showing off my raging hard-on to my sister and our cousin?

The girls spread out the blanket in the sunniest patch of grass before Maggie called to me, “If you stay in the water, your dick will get all wrinkly,”

“That doesn’t happen,” I said, realizing I couldn’t stay in the water all afternoon.

“Is it going to bother you if I get naked, too?” Maggie asked Holly.

“Oh-my-God, I was so thinking the same thing!” Holly said, sounding relieved. “I hate tanlines, don’t you?”

“I know! I always fake bake.”

“You ever get a spray tan?” Holly asked, wiggling out of her wet Daisy Duke shorts as if I didn’t exist even though I was staring directly at her butt.

“No, but I do get waxed,” Maggie said, rubbing her pussy as if checking to see how smooth it felt. “I did it right before we left.”

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Not too bad and I go all the way, too.”

“Full Brazilian?” Holly gasped.

“I don’t want any hair down there,” Maggie said, laying out on her back as if being naked in the sun was as natural as water being wet or the sun being bright.

“I usually keep a landing strip, except this week because I was in a hurry,” Holly said, laying down on her back, too.

Feeling invisible again, I held my hand over my hard-on, and tried to remain invisible as I moved to the backpack and collected the towel I had packed. I pulled out my swimsuit, too, but Maggie called me on it. “Don’t even think about it,” she said. Instead, I held the towel in front of me for as long as I could, kept my back turned as I spread it out, and carefully laid out on my stomach. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was better than laying on my front where they both could stare.

I moved up to my forearms and stole a quick glance at both girls. While laying on her back, Holly’s smaller tits flattened out until they were nearly gone except for her pinkish-brown nipples. My eyes roamed across her flat stomach and I saw she was completely bare down there. Of course my eyes made the same journey across Maggie’s body, too. Her tits were flatter, but she still had gentle swells up top, too. Her nipples still looked amazing and so did her flat stomach and lack of hair down below. I felt my cock pressing against the world as if it could change the Earth’s orbit ever so slightly.

“This feels so good,” Holly said, rubbing lotion across her chest. “I wish I could do this all the time.”

“We can come back tomorrow,” Maggie said.

Holly surprised me by turning her head towards me and asking, “Will you come, too?”

“Sure,” I said, surprised and happy at the same time.

“You should put some lotion on his back,” Maggie suggested.

“Yeah, your ass is like a new kind of pale,” Holly giggled, squirting a zig-zag line across my back.

“Guys never fake bake and they should,” Maggie said, sitting up and looking over Holly’s shoulder.

I squirmed when Holly’s hand slipped over my bare ass, I couldn’t help it, not even when she stopped and to squirt another line of lotion across my backside. “Feel good?” she giggled as her fingers worked between my legs and brushed against my balls.

“You tell me,” I asked, which was pretty damn brave and out of character for me.

“I bet I can make it feel good,” she said, digging deeper between my legs and caressing my balls.

“You’re going to make me feel too good,” I cautioned as my cock throbbed so hard I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control its reaction.

“Maybe that’s what I want to do,” she cooed, giving my balls one more playful squeeze before working her hand across the back of my thighs. “You have really nice legs.”

“Thanks,” I said, still fighting off the thrill I was feeling.

Holly did both my calves before laying back down on her back. I propped my head on my hands, stared into the woods, and tried not to think too much about the naked girls laying next to me or how good the sun felt on my bare ass. Neither felt as good as Holly’s tiny hand on my balls, but it felt close.

“Is it weird being naked in front of your brother?” Holly asked.

“Not as weird as knowing I want his dick,” Maggie chuckled.

“Shut up,” I replied.

“Love you,” Maggie said. I kept my usual reply to myself. We had already crossed more lines than I ever imagined crossing with my sister and I was worried. What if Maggie and I ended up doing more? What if she was serious about giving me a blowjob? Would I let her do it? And if I did, how would that change things between us?

As if reading my mind, Holly turned her head towards me and asked, “Will you really let your sister suck your dick if she wanted to?” she asked, staring at me with her pretty blue eyes. Part of me wanted to ignore the question, just shrug it away as if it didn’t matter, but I couldn’t do that. Laying naked with them felt like a secret pact had been formed, one I had to honor.

“Maybe,” I said.

“What about me?” she asked, still wearing that same, open-faced look of innocence. “Would you let me do it?”

That answer was easier. “Yes,” I said without hesitation and she smiled. “Is that something you want to do?” I asked, stunned at my own bravery.

“I really like doing that,” she said. “Is that weird?”

Before I could answer, Maggie had to put her two cents into the conversation.”Oh, just blow him and get it over with,” Maggie said.

“You first,” Holly said.

“Bring it over here, stud, and I will,” she said, staying exactly where she was. “Because I’m not moving from this position for another ten minutes and then I’m flipping over to keep my backside tan, too.”

“Do it,” Holly said so softly that if I hadn’t been looking at her lips, I don’t think I would have caught it.

“No,” I said, paralyzed with fear. There was no way I was going to shove my cock into Maggie’s face and insist on a blowjob. Maggie and I might have the same parents, but I could never be as bold as her.

Holly looked disappointed before turning her face back up to the sun. “I like how the sun feels on my woochie.”

“Your woochie?” Maggie asked, laughing.

“What should I call it?” Holly asked. When she giggled, her tits jiggled ever so slightly.

“Pussy is always a good word,” Maggie offered, still laughing. “Try it. Say that that you like how the sun feels on your pussy.”

“I can’t say that,” Holly said without saying it.

“What? You can shave it and show it off, but you can’t say it?” Maggie asked, laughing even harder.

“Pussy,” Holly said, still giggling. “Happy?”

“Much,” Maggie said, sounding satisfied.

“If I roll over, who wants to rub lotion on my back?” Holly asked.

“I will,” I quickly volunteered.

“Maybe both of you can do it?” Holly asked, rolling over.

Holly propped chin up on her hands and stared straight ahead while offering Maggie and I her backside. I had to roll over to be in a good position which meant Maggie could see my hard cock. I knew she could see it because she looked right at it and smiled before she picked up the bottle of lotion and squirted it across Holly.

I won’t lie and say I didn’t look at my sister. I noticed her full breasts swaying as she moved her hand across Holly’s back. After coating Holly’s back, I grabbed the lotion bottle, and squirted more than enough lotion across the globe-like mounds of her perfect, bubblebutt. “Go for it,” I told Maggie, curious what my sister might do.

“Fuck, did you put enough lotion on her?” She gave me a playful smirk as she smoothed out the lotion across both of Holly’s buns. “This is what you really want to see, isn’t it? You’re wondering how far I’ll go, right?” She slipped her fingers between Holly’s buttcrack and kept going, following the contours of her cheerleader body until her fingers were had moved well past Holly’s ass. “Someone’s really wet.”

“I wonder who,” Holly said, arching her back.

I was content to watch the show, except that wasn’t good enough for Maggie. Grabbing my hand, she laid it on top of Holly’s perfect ass and giving me a tiny nod. I knew what she meant and took advantage of it, reaching deep between Holly’s legs until my fingers touched the hot, wetness of her pussy.

“I bet that feels good, too,” Maggie said reaching across Holly and grabbing my hard cock. Her hand was covered in lotion and felt good as she pulled on it. “I want this,” she purred before returning her hand back to our cousin’s legs. We finished by pulling the copious amount lotion I had placed on Holly’s ass for the rest of her legs, too.

“That’s the closest I’ve ever come to a threesome,” Holly announced when we were done.

“Oh bullshit,” Maggie said. “You’re a slut and you know it.”

“More a wanna-be slut,” Holly said, stretching out on her stomach for a few minutes. She wasn’t allowed to stay like that long before Maggie announced it was time for us to do her back, too. “Both of us?” Holly asked.

“You know it,” Maggie said, rolling over and leaving me with one of two choices. I could either reach over and around Holly to help with the lotion or I could move to the far side of my sister. As much as I liked the first idea better, that felt presumptuous, but I didn’t like the idea of moving because I didn’t want to show off my hard-on. I stayed put until Holly ratted me out.

“Aren’t you supposed to help?” she asked after drawing a zigzag line down Maggie’s back

“I guess,” I said, standing, covering my hard-on with my hand, and moving to Maggie’s far side. I tried positioning myself so my prick was still hidden. Lying on my front, I smeared lotion across my sister’s shoulders, keeping it as platonic as possible. That worked until Holly drew a big line across Maggie’s tight, tiny butt and another line halfway down each of her thighs.

Holly didn’t hesitate smearing the lotion across Maggie’s ass, including between her buttcheeks and lower. “Mm,” Maggie said, squirming and parting her legs farther apart to allow better access.

“I love how smooth you feel,” Holly purred, really working her hand between my sister’s legs while I tried keeping my hand to the outside of Maggie’s bare ass. Again, Holly noticed. “I think you missed a spot,” she said, giving me a whimsical smirk that I recognized as a dare. “I know she’s your sister, but she’s still a girl, too.”

“Better?” I asked as my fingers slipped down and around the curve of Maggie’s ass.

“Getting there,” Holly said, watching what I was doing. “Pretend she’s me.”

I nodded, knowing what she wanted to see. Maggie laid perfectly still with her ass poking partway in the air and her legs open for whatever might happen. Keeping my eyes on Holly’s naked body, I allowed my hand to slip between my sister’s legs until I felt her pussy. “Oh baby,” Maggie moaned, making it weird. I rolled my eyes and moved my hand to her thigh. If nothing else, I had done it. I had touched my sister’s pussy, though I had kept my eyes on Holly’s perfect body the entire time.

We finished her calves before laying down again, all three of us laying on our stomachs, which suited me just fine until Maggie said, “You need to roll over.”

“You’re going to sunburned your ass.”

“No I won’t,” I said, knowing I already had a good base tan.

“I’m serious. Your ass is getting pink.”

Looking over my shoulder, I strained my neck around until I could check for myself and saw she was right. My shoulders, back, and lower legs might be able to take all the sun I could give them, but not the white flesh of my ass. “I should get dressed,” I said.

“No, you should roll over and work on your front.”

“No way,” I said, knowing the show I would be giving them.

“We’ve already seen it,” Holly said.

“I know,” I said, stalling for another answer that I couldn’t see.

“If you do it, I’ll put the lotion on you,” Holly suggested and that sealed the deal for me. No way was I going to refuse an invitation like that.

“Just you?” I asked.

“Does it really matter?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I said, still feeling self-conscious about showing off my hard cock to both of them. It was one thing feeling hidden beneath the gently swirling waters of the creek. It was another thing to lay on my back in the full sun where they could both watch it throb with need.

“Oh, just do it,” Maggie said, getting up and moving to my otherside. When she tried pushing me over, Holly joined in by pulling me over. I gave up, let them do it, and a moment later I was laying naked on my back with my hard-on throbbing in the sun. “Wow, you are really excited.”

“I wonder why?” I said, sure that I was blushing as both girls stared at my throbbing cock. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the view I had. The girls knelt on either side of me and I had full view of their beautiful bodies. Unsure what to do with my hands, I wound up putting them behind my head. If this is what they wanted to see, then fuck it, have at it.

Holly picked up the lotion and drew a squiggly line spread across my chest and my flat stomach. Both girls began spreading out the lotion. “I can’t believe how much you filled out since high school,” Maggie said as her hand slipped over my pecs to my shoulder and the squeezed my bicep.

“You’ve got a great body,” Holly agreed, rubbing her hand in a small circle across my stomach while keeping her fingers just above my tanline.

I braced myself for what was next because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle it. I was too excited and had missed two days of jerking off. If either one of them began rubbing my cock with lotion, I didn’t think I could hold back. “I’m really excited,” I cautioned as Maggie picked up the bottle of lotion.

“We can see that,” she said with a happy smile before squirting a long stripe of lotion down the front of each leg.

Holly giggled, instantly catching on to Maggie’s plan. Rather than put any lotion on my middle section, they skipped it, rubbing my thighs, knees, and calves instead. My cock expressed its objection about being forgotten by throbbing even harder. “Wow,” Holly said, unable to keep her eyes off my cock.

“I love it seeing a guy that excited,” Maggie said, staring right along with her.

“This is like the longest I’ve ever stared at one without the guy wanting me to do something to him.”

“How much more do you think you can take, bro?” my sister asked.

“You’re torturing me,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Probably,” Maggie said, rubbing lotion around my cock area without touching it. “How much am I allowed to do?”

“Anything,” I groaned, no longer caring if she was my sister.

“Give me your hand,” she told Holly, having her fold three fingers into a fist while leaving her index finger sticking out as if she was pointing at something. “You see this spot right here?” she asked, using Holly’s finger to point at my circumcision scar. “That’s like the magic spot on every guy’s dick. If you rub right there, it really drives them crazy.” Holding Holly’s wrist, Maggie directed Holly’s slippery, lotion coated index finger directly over that special little bundle of nerves, guiding her and making her finger draw a very light little circle around that spot.

“Stop it,” I hissed, feeling my cock throbbing as if I was going to blast off.

“See?” Maggie grinned, pulling away Holly’s finger. “That’s like a guy’s clit or something.”

Holly looked at my face, giving me that dazzling smile of her. “Did it really feel good?”

I nodded my head, too excited for words until I had taken a couple deep, calming breaths.

“What’s your record?” Maggie asked me, drawing a blank, questioning glance from both Holly and I. “You know, the most numbers of times you’ve gotten off in one day. Everyone has a number and they all know it.”

“Five,” I said, too far out of mind with lust and need to argue, lie, or obfuscate.

“And how many of those did you give yourself?” she asked, grinning.

“Three of them,” I admitted, pissed that she would ask me such a personal question.

“Whoa,” Holly said, taking a moment to think about it. “Which happened first?”

“Yeah,” Maggie said, piling on so I had to answer the question.

“I did it twice before my date, twice with her and then once more afterwards.”

“You came twice times with the same girl in the same night?” Holly asked, looking surprised.

“I’ve had guys do that with me,” Maggie said. “But I don’t think they had done it twice before our date or that they could still do it again afterwards.”

“You really are a stud,” Holly said, glancing down at my still throbbing prick as if it was magical.

“What’s your number?” Maggie asked Holly, surprising the pretty blonde.

“With a guy?”

“Total in one day.”

Holly blushed before admitting, “I’m not sure how to count them, because sometimes I can have more than one of them, especially if I’m doing it.”

“Ever squirt?” Maggie asked.

“Ew, no. I’ve seen that in videos and I don’t think I want to do that. Have you?”

“No. I’ve come close once or twice, but instead I just get really, really wet down there. Like, buy a new mattress wet or something.”

“Yeah,” Holly said, looking very pleased with Maggie’s answer. “What about you? What’s your number?”

“Six with a guy and nine on my own.”

“In one day?!” Holly asked, looking surprised. “You did yourself nine times?”

It didn’t happen often, but I saw a very faint blush rise to Maggie’s cheeks as she nodded her head. “I wanted to see how many times I could do it and I think I could have done it more if I had started sooner, but it got late and I got sleepy.”

“Wait a second, what’s your number?” I asked Holly, realizing she had never given a number.

“Only four,” she said in a quiet voice. “Two with my boyfriend at the time and then two more later that night. But the ones later that night, the ones I did myself? Those were really long ones.”

Maggie turned her head, looking again at my cock. She ran her finger up it from my balls to the tip of my prick. “So, what do you think we should with you?”

“I don’t know,” I said, feeling very vulnerable and unsure of myself.

“Is it okay that I’m doing this?” she asked, lightly tracing her finger along the length of my cock again, teasing without coming anywhere close to pleasing.

“I guess,” I said, feeling more exposed than ever. It felt so wrong being turned on by sister, seeing her naked, being naked in front of her, being hard and having her touching me. One thing piled on top of the other, leaving me feeling very strange.

“Do you think it’s wrong that I’m doing this to him?” Maggie asked Holly.

“Yes,” the pretty blonde answered. “But that’s what makes it so hot, too.”

“I’m really excited.”

“Me, too,” Holly softly confessed.

“It’s just a dick,” Maggie said as if she was talking to herself instead of us. She grabbed its base and tapped my stomach a few times with my cock. “A long, beautiful, thick dick.”

“Does it hurt being that hard?” Holly asked.

“It aches because I want more, you know?”

“From me?” Maggie asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, scared by the answer that I really felt. Deep inside, I knew I didn’t care that it was Maggie touching me.

“Mom and Dad would be so pissed if they knew we were doing anything like this,” Maggie giggled, caressing my thigh instead of my cock.

“They would freak the fuck out,” I agreed as a nervous chuckle escaped me.

“Do you care?”

“Not really,” I said without considering the words until they had left my mouth and even then I knew I had spoken the truth.

“You guys are making me so horny,” Holly said, squirming and looking as frustrated as I felt.

“Your nipples are really hard,” Maggie said.

“They’re really sensitive right now, too,” Holly said, looking down at herself as she ran two fingers over her left nipple. She shivered before pinching her nipple as if that would make it feel better. Taking a deep breath, she planted her hands on her thighs as if she couldn’t trust them after touching her chest.

Maggie stared at my cock again for a few moments before looking up at Holly. “What should I do?” she asked.

“What do you want to do?”

“Everything,” Maggie snorted, laughing. She reached across me, grabbed Holly’s hand and laid it on my body. “You do something to him.”

“Like what?” Holly asked, rubbing my thigh.

“Make him cum so I won’t,” Maggie said with a desperate, pleading tone in her voice.

I tried to think of something to say, but I was speechlessly and afraid that if I so much as breathed too hard, I might break the spell that had fallen over us.

“Why me?” Holly asked.

“Because I don’t know what happens if I cross that line,” my sister groaned, biting at her lip, which was something she only did when she was really stressed.

Holly laid down with me, pressing against me and I became hyperaware of her nakedness pressing against mine. “Is it okay if we kiss?” she asked, hovering over me.

“I guess,” I said.

“And is it okay if your sister does stuff while we kiss?”

I nodded, scared and excited at the same time.

That was all the invitation Holly needed. She leaned over the rest of the way, pressing her bare chest against mine while covering my lips with her. The moment our lips touched, they parted, and my tongue found hers for that most intimate of dances.

At first, nothing else seemed to be happening except us kissing. My cock kept throbbing. I knew Maggie could see it. I knew she was probably staring at it throbbing, and for the first time since I had gotten naked, I didn’t care. She had done this to me. She had tricked, teased, and dared me into getting hard and naked. If anything happened, it was her fault; not mine. I kept kissing my cousin, ignoring that she was too closely related to be considered a kissing cousin. I don’t know why that felt okay, but it did.

I don’t know how long we kissed before Maggie made up her mind, but it felt like a long time. And then it happened. I felt a concentrated, warm breeze against my cock one moment before I felt warm, moist lips engulfing it. I moaned into Holly’s mouth and she responded by kissing me harder. It was the sort of kiss a person can get lost inside of and I almost did, except for the second mouth on me.

Maggie was sucking me. I knew it. She knew it. If anyone was in the dark about what was happening, it was Holly, but something told me she knew it, too. Maybe she heard the soft suckling sounds of Maggie working me over. Or maybe one of the hands I felt between my legs belonged to Holly, I don’t know. I felt a hand around my cock and one more on my balls. Did they both belong to Maggie or did one of them belong to Holly? And, if one of them belonged to Holly, which one? Was she holding my cock or fondling my balls?

I didn’t have long to work things out and didn’t bother to try. I was too excited, too much in need to object, complain, or worry about who was doing what. Three things mattered to me at that moment. One, I was finally kissing the girl who I had been staring down since I first saw her. Second, my sister was sucking my cock. And third, I was about to cum.

I moaned again, I guess as a warning that my orgasm was imminent or maybe because it all felt so good. Does it matter? I moaned and I came. My tight balls finally released their pent-up desire and my sister’s mouth never left me. My sister kept her warm, wet lips around my cock, pumping my shaft, and draining my balls of every drop I had to offer for that orgasm.

Somehow, Holly could tell my moment had passed. She broke away from our kiss just in time for me to see my sister sitting back up again. “How was it?” she asked Maggie.

“Yummy,” my sister said before leaning across me and kissing Holly. Lying between them, I stared up and watched their kiss. It wasn’t short and I’m pretty sure tongues met, too. “Thank you,” Maggie said afterwards.

Holly smiled, but wore an odd looking expression on her face. “You okay?” I asked.

“I never kissed a girl before,” she said, finding her smile. “Not like that.”

“Is that bad?” I asked.

“No, it was good,” Holly said, touching her lips as if making sure they were still hers.

I glanced at Maggie to see how she was doing, but as soon as our eyes met, our gaze lingered until she finally asked, “Are we still okay?”

“I think so,” I said, finding it easier to smile now that my aching need had temporarily subsided. She looked down at my dick, still wet from her mouth, and caressed it.

“That made me really horny,” she pouted, squeezing my cock as if to see how hard I was.

“Me too,” Holly moaned, looking at my cock and at Maggie. I watched one of her hands slip between her legs and watched it wiggle for a moment before she caught me watching. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I can’t help it.”

“Go for it,” I said, tentatively reaching up and playing with her tits. Since she seemed to like that, I kept doing it.

“Oh fuck,” she murmured, clutching at herself and rubbing faster. She held my hand over her tit, as if afraid I was going to move it away, which was foolish, because there was no way I wanted to stop playing with her tits. I rolled her stiff nipple between my finger and thumb and watched as she first gasped and then came. “Wow, I really needed that,” she said as a shiver ran through her.

“What about me?” Maggie asked, pulling on my cock with one hand while clutching at her chest.

“Go for it,” I said, running my hand up her thigh until it was touching her hot, wet pussy. I shoved two fingers inside of her before pulling them out and rubbing her clit. Maggie gave me a shocked and surprised look, but didn’t pull away. That’s when I sat up, pushed her hand out of the way, and began sucking on one of her fat nipples.

Holly crawled halfway across me, kneeling on all fours and sucked on Maggie’s other tit for a bit until that wasn’t good enough for Maggie. She grabbed at Holly, pulling her up until their lips met again. Their hungry mouths met with my head sandwiched between their chests and I kept rubbing my sister’s clit until she came.

“Thanks,” she gasped, rocking back on her heels and looking at us with a stunned and amazed look on her face. I knew how she felt. A big smile grew on her face before she started laughing and the next thing I knew, Holly and I were laughing along with her. I still don’t know why were laughing. No one had said or done anything funny, except it suddenly felt very good to laugh.

Our laughter ended with three kisses shared between us. Maggie kissed Holly again. Holly kissed me. And then I kissed my sister on the lips, a real kiss, and it didn’t feel gross or weird. “So that just happened,” Maggie said after our kiss.

“Yeah, it did,” I agreed, caressing her chest as if it was something I had always been allowed to do.

“You have a great cock,” Maggie told me, rubbing it again.

“And you have a great everything,” I told her. We shared a smile that felt like a promise that we would be okay regardless of what had just happened. “I love you, too,” I said, finally returning the words she had spoken so long ago.

Holly stood, stretched, and looked around the open space. “What time is it?” she asked. None of us knew, except we weren’t lying in the sun anymore. At some point the shade of the trees surrounding us had overtaken our sunny spot.

“We should probably head back,” I said, hating myself for stating the obvious, but someone had to say it.

“I don’t want to,” Holly said, frowning.

“We really should,” Maggie said, confirming what I had said.

“I know, but I still don’t want to,” Holly pouted, making Maggie and I laugh as she stomped over to her clothes. She tossed us our clothes before wiggling back into hers. It wasn’t until I picked up the backpack that I realized I was dressed wrong.

“Wait a second,” I said, dropping the backpack. I shucked off my shorts, unashamed of them seeing me naked, and squirmed into my swimsuit.

“Good call,” Maggie said before leading the way back to camp.

The three of us were quiet during the walk back. The biggest change wasn’t our lack of conversation, it was how we walked. We walked together, side-by-side. Finally, we reached The Canyon. Once we crawled up the opposite side, I handed over the backpack. Holly wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply before I headed off in a different direction to maintain our ruse. I was glad for a bit of time to myself. I needed it to walk off the hard-on I had from kissing her.

Every evening of the reunion there’s a big barbeque at the pavilion giving everyone a chance to mingle with their relatives. Dad had a beer buzz from spending the afternoon pitching horseshoes and drinking beer. He didn’t approve how Maggie was dressed. Dad didn’t approve of much. When Holly and her family paraded by, I guess turned my head, because I got another mini lecture from Dad, “Looking at her is like checking out your sister,” he growled.

“Yeah, I get it,” I said, biting back a smirk. He had no idea how I much time I was spending checking out Maggie, too. She was still my sister, but something had changed, too.

After dinner, I lost track of Maggie and Holly. With dozens of kids to wrangle, the older teens were expected to help out while our parents drank, laughed, and carried on. I had the job of showing a movie again. Afterwards, I took a lap around the camp, hoping to run into Holly or Maggie without any luck. Frustrated, I gave up, headed back to our tent and with nothing better to do, I fired up my tablet and tried losing myself in an action flick.

Though there were car chases and gunshots a-plenty, I couldn’t keep my mind off what had happened that afternoon. I knew Maggie and I crossed lines brothers and sisters weren’t supposed to approach. Then again, we crossed even more lines playing with Holly, too. Had Maggie crossed more lines than me by kissing our cousin? Hell, maybe Dad had it right along, maybe it didn’t matter whether Maggie had kissed a girl or if I had gotten a blowjob from my sister while our cousin helped. If one drop of what had happened was wrong, didn’t that make all of it wrong?

Near the end of the movie, Maggie finally came back to the tent. I popped out my headphones the moment I saw her.

“Watching porn?” she asked, which is exactly what she always asked me.

“No,” I said in same exasperated tone she got every time she asked that question. It’s funny life has little scripts we follow without thinking about. It was gloomy inside the tent, if you had to do anything detailed, you’d need a flashlight. After staring at the bright tablet screen, I could make out her silhouette and nothing more as she moved to her cot.

“Mom and Dad still getting drunk?”

“You know it,” I said, smiling whether she could see it or not. “Did you get lucky?”

“With Holly,” she whispered in a even lower tone than before.

“You are so lying!” I challenged, though that wasn’t how I felt. Truth was, just the suggestion that she might have fooled around with Holly was making me hard. I rubbed the growing lump inside my shorts.

“We didn’t go all the way,” Holly said, slipping off her cot and moving closer. She sat next to my cot so we could talk without anyone else hearing. “We just made out and fingered each other.”

“No way,” I said, unsure what to make of her story aside from getting really hard. “Did you like it?”

“It’s different making with a girl,” she said. “Hot, really hot.”

“I’m so hard,” I admitted.

“Really?” she asked, slipping her hand over my covers and feeling for herself. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, with over thinking my answer. Though Maggie’s simmering sensuality could make most men lose their ability to speak, she was my sister. I was immune to her powers. Instead, I wondered if it would be okay for me to take off my shorts.

“She really likes you.”

“She said that?”

“Yeah, and more than just because you have a big dick. She thinks your funny because you’re always so shy.”

That made me blush and change the topic. “I need to jerk-off,” I said, which had little to do with her words and everything to do with her hand rubbing my hard cock.

“Can I . . . nevermind,” she started before cutting off her thought.

“Watch?” I asked.

“Help,” she said so quietly I nearly missed it.

“You can do anything you want,” I said, pulling off my sheets before undoing my shorts. Maggie helped me pull them off my legs.

“What if Mom and Dad come back?” she asked, touching my exposed cock.

“I don’t know,” I said, not really worried about it..

“I liked sucking you today,” she said, gently tugging and pulling on me. “Is that weird?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I used to suck off guys I didn’t want to fuck.”

“Is that why you did that to me?”

“Maybe, I don’t know,” she said, moving her hand to my thigh instead of my cock. “This is really wrong, isn’t it?”

“Probably,” I said, taking over for her missing hand. We had no business doing any of this and we knew it. “What happened with Holly was wrong, too.”

“True,” she said, slipping her hand back over my hard cock. She grabbed a lock of my pubic hair and pulled on it. “We think you should shave down here.”


“Because it’s sexy when a guy shaves, too,” she giggled as if that was stupid question. “Close your eyes, okay?”

“Why?” I asked a second time, as if I was a very philosophical owl.

“Just do it and promise me you’ll keep them closed,” she said, moving to her knees.

I did close my eyes for the first part, at least until I felt her warm, wet lips around my cock for the second time that day. She made a loud slurping sound that worried me. “Quietly,” I whispered, looking down my body. In the gloom of the tent, I could make out her form and little more, but I knew it was her. I knew it was my sister with her mouth around my hard cock and I didn’t care. I caressed her hair as she kept her slurping noises to a minimum. I lasted longer than this afternoon, but not by much. The thrill of what was happening was too much for me to resist its pleasures. I stifled a moan as I came, no longer worried about shooting off inside her mouth. As I came, there was a soft moan from her, too. She didn’t stop until long after my orgasm ended.

“Thank you,” she said, kissing my chest before easing away. “I needed that.”

“Okay,” I said, confused. I was missing something, but I didn’t know what.

“I needed to know I still like dick, too,” she explained before getting changed. Maggie pulled off her shorts and bikini top before pulling on an oversized t-shirt. My imagination filled in the parts of her body I couldn’t really see. I pulled my shorts back on because it felt wrong to sleep naked in the same tent we shared with our parents. Relaxed from my orgasm, I rolled over and clutched the remainder of my hard-on. “I love you,” Maggie very quietly said.

“You too,” I mumbled, unsure if I said it loud enough for her to hear before closing my eyes and falling deeply asleep.

We woke to the sound of birds chirping in the trees and the tent glowing with the rising sun. I glanced at Maggie and she gave me a sleepy smile. “Good morning,” she whispered.

“Good morning,” I replied with an easy smile, my first of the day and it felt good and right. I pushed off my sheets and pulled on a t-shirt. I watched her wiggle into a pair of panties and shorts beneath the long t-shirt she always slept in before she turned her back and swapped the oversized t-shirt for one that was the correct size.

We went about our morning routine in a camp that was still very quiet. After our first cup coffee, Maggie asked if we could go for a walk. She headed towards the pond and I walked alongside, waiting for her to start the conversation. Once we were out of eyesight and earshot of the camp, she stopped, faced me, and I saw the worried look on her face. “Do you think what we did yesterday was wrong?”

“Absolutely,” I agreed without hesitation.

Maggie blinked in surprise a couple times. “Wow, nothing like taking a moment to think about it.”

“What’s to think about?” I shrugged, drifting closer to the treeline so I could lean against a tree. I would have sat, except the sun hadn’t been up long enough to burn off the morning dew. She followed, standing in front of me with her arms crossed as she studied me. I waited for her to say something else, hoping she would. I didn’t know what to make about the expression on her face. She looked confused.

“So, why did you, you know, let all that stuff happen yesterday?”

“Let?” I asked, biting back a chuckle. “I’m not sure I let anything happen as much as just rolled with the flow.”

“I guess,” she nodded, accepting my take on things. “I can be pushy sometimes, can’t I?” That did make me chuckle and was glad a tiny smirk briefly appeared on her face, too. But that little half-grin was only a flicker. “Do you think yesterday was my fault?”

I took a moment to consider my answer. “No,” I decided. “I might not have control over what makes me hard, but I didn’t have to do anything.” She kept looking at me, waiting for more than I had. I sighed, feeling put on the spot and started walking deeper into the woods for no good reason than because it took us farther away from camp and other people.

I kept hoping she would fill the silence like she usually did, except she didn’t (damn it).

“You’re really pretty,” I said, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “All my friends tell me that all the time. Most of them can’t even talk to you because you’re too pretty.”

“Stop it,” she said, wearing a tiny smile.

“It’s true and you know it. You know how much guys like looking at you,” I said.

“I’m okay looking.” She shrugged.

“Uh-huh,” I said, grinning at her false modesty. “But here’s the thing, before yesterday, I’ve never really thought about it. I mean, I noticed. I knew you were pretty, but I never thought about it in that way, in that ‘I want to bang her’ sort of way. Does that makes sense?” She nodded. I stopped, looking at her and I mean really looking at her. I ran my eyes across her body the way a lover caresses the bare flesh of his girlfriend. My gaze eventually landed on her imploring eyes. “If you didn’t make me hard, I think there would be something wrong with me.”

“I didn’t used to, though, right?”

“Right,” I agreed, walking again instead of staring at her. That was dangerous, because I knew how she looked without that tight t-shirt covering her breasts. “Is that good or bad?”

“Good,” she answered. “I think I would have noticed if you had always been looking at me the way other guys do. You’ve never been creepy.”

“I am now,” I admitted in a small, quiet voice. “Why did you turn your back to me this morning when you were changing shirts?” She looked confused by the question. “I mean, I’ve already seen your titties. I’ve done more than see them, right?” She nodded.

“Maybe I didn’t want to tease you?”

“Does that mean I can’t do this anymore?” I reached out and caressed her chest for only a moment.

“Do you want to do that?” she asked. Did she realize how she was arching her back ever so slightly, accentuating her tits and I struggled pulling my eyes away from her chest so I could look her in the eyes.

“Yes,” I admitted, unsure if I was blushing or not. I felt my heart racing, pounding against my chest so hard my t-shirt should have vibrated. I clenched and unclenched fists, struggling with keeping my hands at my sides and my eyes on her face.

“You can’t want me like that.”

“I know,” I groaned. My eyes slipped to her chest. She wasn’t wearing a bra or a bikini top, not yet. Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve. Maggie’s pronounced nipples meant they always showed if she wasn’t wearing a bra. Even around the house, Mom or Dad wouldn’t let her walk around without putting on a bra or something. I could tell the difference. Maggie’s nipples were hard and I felt a stirring inside my shorts. I went from feeling nothing nothing special down there to getting hard, all the way hard, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Maggie glanced in the direction we had walked. Had she heard something? Was someone coming? We were deep inside the treeline, out of view of the camp, but not a safe distance away. Anyone heading to the pond might be able to see us. My gaze followed hers, looking and listening for the crunch of dry leaves. I didn’t see or hear anyone. When I turned my eyes back to hers, though, I saw her looking at the front of my shorts and I knew she could see my hard-on.

“You have a great cock,” she said, still looking down.

“Okay,” I accepted without anyway of knowing otherwise. She kept staring at it and I couldn’t stop how it grew harder still, slowly working its way upwards inside my loose, baggy shorts. If she hadn’t stolen all my underwear, my boxer briefs would have kept it pressed tightly against my body. I don’t believe anything could have stopped me from getting hard, but wearing underwear might have helped keep the change to myself.

“Come here,” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling us farther into the woods, past some brush, until she pressed me backwards against a fat tree. She deftly worked the button and zipper on my shorts, gravity dropped them around my ankles and she grabbed my nakedness. “Still feel as if you have a choice?”

“Yes,” I said. I might not be able to dismiss my hard-on, but I was physically stronger than her. I could brush away her hands. I could push her away from me. I didn’t have to let her do anything to me, except I didn’t stop her. Why should I? I wanted this as much as she did.

“Fuck, I love how you feel,” she said, looking between us and staring at her hands gripping my hard cock and balls. My eyes followed hers, watching her tiny hands as she caressed me. We weren’t very far away from camp and what we were doing felt risky and dangerous. What if someone decided to go for an early morning stroll? I pushed away the thought, sure we would either see or hear anyone or maybe I didn’t care. It was the second of those two.

“I love how excited men get because you can really see it. A guy can’t fake or hide it. You either are excited and want it or you’re not, you know? I nodded without the questioning look. “Can you keep a secret?”

“What do you think?” I asked, caressing her chest, rocking one of her stiff nipples between my finger and thumb. Her nipple felt as hard as my prick.

“How you feel right now is how Holly makes me feel.”

“Okay. She makes me feel this way, too. Both of you do.”

“But you’re a guy.”

“Yeah,” I acknowledged, knowing I was missing something, but not what that could be.

“I love dick. I mean, a lot,” she said. I nodded, whether she noticed me doing it or not. I knew her reputation and I had witnessed her instructions to Holly yesterday. A girl doesn’t understand a man that well without some hands on experience. “It’s why it’s sort of okay for me that I love your dick, too. I know it’s wrong because you’re my brother and everything, but I don’t really care. It’s not like we’re going to get married to each other or start dating or anything, is it?”

“Right,” I agreed. Maggie was rambling, which was something new for her.

“It doesn’t have to mean anything, right?” she asked, receiving another nod from me. “So why does messing around with Holly make me feel so funny and this doesn’t?”

“Because she’s a girl?”

“Maybe,” she said, still playing with me. “I like kissing Holly.”

“Me too.”

“I like it a lot. Is that wrong?”

“Is this?”

“Yes,” she giggled. “Can we fuck?”

“Not here,” I said, feeling too close to camp for something like that.

“Later?” she asked, looking in my eyes for the first time in a long time.

“If you want.”

“It’s okay if you want to fuck Holly, too.”

“Good,” I smiled, but she was looking down again, watching her hands and looking at my hard cock. I still felt as if I was missing something. I took a guess, “You want to go all the way with Holly, don’t you?” She nodded. “And you’re afraid, if you do, you’ll be a lesbian?”

“That’s what they do,” she said, looking relieved that I had finally caught on.

That’s when I started laughing. I couldn’t help myself, even with Maggie looking shocked and pissed, I didn’t stop laughing until she pulled on my nut sac. “Maggie, there is nothing on Earth that can make you give up dick, not even pussy.”

She blinked twice before a big smile grew on her face. Her smile didn’t last long, because half a second later, she was kissing me, shoving her tongue in my mouth while pulling on my hard cock like a lover. “Five,” she said, after our kiss. “That’s your number, right?” I recognized it as the number I had confessed yesterday when we were confessing the most numbers of orgasms we had ever had in a single day. I nodded. “You deserve six,” she said, dropping to her knees and wrapping her lips around my prick.

I leaned backwards against the massive tree we were hiding behind as my sister sucked my hard cock. She didn’t play or tease with sucking me and she didn’t tell me to close my eyes. When she looked up at me, I saw the happy smile in her eyes as she eagerly tugged and pulled on my cock. I didn’t have a reason to hold back or pace myself. Quite the contrary, considering how close we were to camp, if I wanted to get off, I needed to do it quickly. I relaxed into the amazing sensations of her warm, wet mouth and the urgent caresses of her hand. I moved up on my tip-toes as my orgasm rapidly approached, straining with the building tension in my balls until blessed release overcame me and I shot my first load of the day deep inside her mouth.

Maggie stayed on her knees and kept my cock inside her mouth until she was convinced I had released every drop that orgasm had to offer. She pulled my shorts halfway before standing, smiling, and announcing, “That’s one.”

“I’m not sure I can orgasm that hard four more times,” I said, still catching my breath as I got dressed.

“Guess we’ll find out,” she said, still smiling. “You, me, and Holly.”

We went back to our tent at a camp that was still slowly waking up. Before Mom and Dad woke, Maggie put on a bra before earning their scowls. Dad reported that he was going fishing and Mom wouldn’t commit to doing anything until Maggie and I revealed our plans.

“We should go on a picnic,” Maggie suggested to me. “Holly and I found a really cool rock formation yesterday. We could hike there together.”

“Holly, too?” Dad asked, looking sternly at me.

“Oh, let them go,” Mom said. “Nothing’s going to happen with Maggie there.” If only she knew.

I carried an extra heavy backpack filled with snacks and a blanket as we headed off into the woods, retracing yesterday’s steps. I caught the way Maggie eyed Holly and recognized her hungry stare as the kind of lecherous look guys usually give my sister.

“I had fun last night,” Holly offered in a quiet, shy voice as we walked three-by-three through the woods.

“Me, too,” Maggie replied, sounding just as hesitant. I smiled, recognizing the tone in their voices for what it was. They were nervous, afraid of liking something more profound than messing around with a cousin.

“So did I,” I announced, excited about not being the shyest one of the group for once.

“What did you do?” Holly asked.

“I might have sucked him off again,” Maggie answered for me.

“Wish I could have watched,” Holly said.

“Watched or helped?” Maggie asked.

“Either. Both. Taken turns. . .” our cousin said without a hint of embarrassment.

As we walked, I realized I was their foil, their excuse for doing things without it being too gay. The assumption between the two of them was that today would be a threeway fuck sandwich. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go all the way with my sister. Just as Maggie was concerned about maintaining her love of cock if she went too far with Holly, I was concerned about how my relationship with Maggie might change if we went too far.

Our sunny spot in the woods looked the same. We spread out the blanket, sipped some water from a shared bottled, and eyed each other expectantly. “Is there any reason why we shouldn’t just get naked?” Holly asked, verbalizing the question I was thinking.

“No,” Maggie quickly answered.

“Good, because your brother has been hard since we started walking,” Holly said, grabbing hips, pulling me towards her, and working the front of shorts as aggressively as Maggie had early that morning.

“You are definitely related,” I said, looking at my sister and laughing.

“Doesn’t he have a great cock?” Maggie asked, and the two girls massaged my cock and balls while pressing against either side of me. “I told him this morning that I thought we could break his record of five.”

“Are we starting at zero?” Holly asked, making a good guess.

“No,” Maggie and I said together.

“Is it okay if I go down on him?” our pretty blonde cousin asked and she wasn’t asking me. She was asking my sister for permission.

“Go for it,” Maggie said, pushing Holly’s head towards my crotch.

Holly bent at the waist. wrapped her lips around my cock, and never pulled her mouth away as she dropped to her knees in the soft grass.

“Feel good?” Maggie asked, rubbing her hand across my bare chest and playing with my nipples.

I nodded, staring down at sight of my beautiful cousin on her knees. While still leaning against me, Maggie undid her bikini top and pulled it from between our bodies, leaving her firm breasts pressing against my arm. Without asking, I rolled a nipple between my finger and thumb. At the same time, Holly slipped her hand up Maggie’s leg, cupping my sister’s ass. With a tug from Holly, Maggie squirmed out of her shorts and Holly’s hand caressed the bare flesh of my sister’s pussy, slipping her thumb inside her slit.

“Fuck, she’s going to make us both cum,” Maggie moaned, giving me a happy and excited look.

“Are you that close?” I asked. Maggie’s eyes fluttered right before she gave me a tiny nod and hooked her arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a kiss. I kissed her back, too lost in the moment to care she was my sister.

Holly’s mouth felt wonderful on my cock. I can’t describe it any better than that without comparing her to my sister and I’m not going to do that. How do you compare perfection against perfection? Holly’s love of cock showed as clearly as Maggie’s. She wasn’t afraid of sucking me, wasn’t afraid of trying to take me deep inside her mouth, and I felt her moaning. Knowing she was touching Maggie’s pussy pushed me along fast, faster than I would have liked, but I didn’t see a reason for holding back, either. I groaned into Maggie’s mouth, tensed up, and came. In the back of my mind, I realized she was moaning, too. Was she having an orgasm, too? It sure felt that way.

Holly stood, pulled my naked sister tightly against her, and they kissed while I stood by rubbing my wet, still hard cock, tingling with the thrill of another orgasm and wishing I could have another that very minute. “So, that’s a two-fer,” she told me after their kiss, confirming Maggie’s orgasm.

“No, this is a two-fer,” Maggie said, pulling Holly between us. Without needing to say a word to me, Maggie and I worked as a team, stripping Holly naked before we stood side-by-side, each of us sucking on her tits.

“Go for it,” I whispered to Maggie, nodded downwards, suggesting that she should keep going.

“You do it,” she said, pushing me in that direction and I didn’t fight her. I dropped to my knees, cradled Holly’s tiny, firm bubblebutt, and pulled her to me. Holly gasped, giggled,and struggled a bit until she was straddling my face and I pressed my mouth against her hot, wet pussy. In a way, I was “going-up” on her instead of “going-down” on her because of our positioning. Either way, it amounted to the same thing, I had my cousin’s sweet, delectable, bald pussy pressed against my mouth and was determined to repay her in kind for the blowjob.

Holly squealed and nearly fell over, except Maggie was right there to catch her. Looking upwards, between Holly’s legs, I could see my sister’s pussy. That encouraged me to eat Holly with greater intensity, licking and lapping at her pussy and swollen clit with all the intensity I could muster. I squeezed her asscheeks, massaging them as I licked her pussy until I felt her legs began to tremble and she began her first series of orgasms with us.

I love eating pussy and I don’t ever stop just because the woman against my mouth is having an orgasm. Last year’s college girlfriend hated me doing that. She always got too sensitive after her orgasm for more. She would squirm and wiggle away if I kept going, ruining the mood. But not Holly. If anything, it felt as if she was bearing down on me for more and I eagerly gave it to her, lapping up her juices as they dripped into my mouth and feeling as if I captured a moment bliss unknown to the world.

“Enough,” Holly eventually groaned, leaning against my sister and it wasn’t until she tried to move that I realized how weak she had become in her knees. She held on to my sister for support, telling her, “Fuck, he’s good at that.”

I stood, leaned against Holly’s backside, and kissed Maggie again. I did it because my face was covered in Holly’s pleasure. Maggie eagerly kissed me back.

Sweaty and sated for the moment, the three of us made our way to the pool in the creek. We eased into the same spots as yesterday. “You still look hard,” Maggie said, back to staring through the gently rippling water.

“I mostly am,” I said without needing check, I could feel it with the way the water swirled around me.

We were quiet for a long while, just enjoying the sensations of being naked in the woods with the sounds of nature around us. Holly was first to break the silence, “I love you guys.”

“And we love you,” Maggie said, answering for both of us well enough that I just nodded my agreement.

“And I love that you two can be together.”

“Yeah,” Maggie said, giving me an easy smile before adding the insult I had grown up hearing from her, “Even if he is a brat.”

“Better a brat than a bitch,” I replied, sticking to a script that dated back as far as I could remember. I splashed her, which got me splashed back, and started a full scale splashing war between the three of us until we were wet from head-to-toe and breathless from laughing so hard.

The blanket and the sun called to our naked bodies for another tanning session. Gone was my shyness. I didn’t cover-up my hard-on as I walked to the blanket. Instead, I allowed it to bounce and bob while it pointed out the way. When we reached the blanket, I stretched out on my back. The girls insisted on putting me between them.

While coating each other with lotion, both girls were impressed that I was fuckably hard again. In better control of myself, they were able to stroke and caress my hard-on without getting me off, which they both did and I believe they both enjoyed doing, too. While putting lotion on Maggie, I slipped my up Maggie’s thigh towards her pussy, she squirmed and Holly said, “I think she likes that.”

“I think I like lots of things,” Maggie said, caressing Holly’s shoulder. Our cousin leaned over, kissing Maggie on the lips. Maggie slipped her arms around Holly and held her there. I slid my hand farther upwards, from Maggie’s thigh to her pussy. I slipped two fingers inside her pussy, fingering her hot and wet. She tilted her pelvis upwards, welcoming my touch, so I didn’t stop what I was doing.

When I had tentatively touched my sister yesterday, Holly had told me, “Pretend she is me,” and I had kept my eyes on the pretty blonde while caressing my sister. This time, I rubbed Maggie’s pussy without substituting her pussy for Holly’s. I glanced at Maggie holding Holly against her and followed my sister’s body until I was watching my hand caressing her pussy. Maggie was as beautiful as any woman, including Holly, and I would be a fool not to appreciate the gift of being allowed to pleasure her.

I leaned over and kissed Maggie’s flat stomach. I know she was my sister, but I knew I loved her, too. I gave her a second kiss, moving down her body, across her hip bones, until I was pushing her legs apart and settling between them. Maggie bent her knees and presented her most intimate parts to me. I don’t know if she expected me to do more than use my fingers or not. I did realize how we were positioned so similar to yesterday’s blowjob. Instead of Holly kissing me while Maggie went down on me, Holly kissed my sister and I pressed my mouth against Maggie’s pussy for the first time.

I heard Maggie moan the moment my lips touched her. I felt a hand behind my head, caressing my hair and I looked up her slim, beautiful body. I expected to see Holly blocking my view. Instead, I saw Maggie stretched out in front of me, up on her elbows, watching and smiling down at me. “Do it,” she purred.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” Holly asked, sitting next to my sister and watching. The pretty blonde caressed Maggie’s chest, sliding her hand across stiff, firm nipples while she watched brother and sister share the most intimate of kisses. I felt on display in a way that a shy person seldom enjoys, except I didn’t mind so much. In a strange way, having someone watching me going down on my sister made it better. I love Maggie, I always have, and displaying that affection felt right.

“Oh fuck,” Maggie gasped, squirming beneath me. “So good. So fucking good.” She fell backwards, dug her heels into the grass beneath the blanket, and pressed upwards. Her hand pressed against the back of my head, as if I might pull away, though I had no intentions of doing that. I cupped her ass, pulling her tighter against my mouth, and focused on her swollen clitoris until Maggie cried out again. “Yes!” she screamed, rolling her head from side-to-side. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I felt her legs quivering, saw her stomach undulating, and did all I could to make sure she received every bit of the pleasure she deserved until Maggie went limp.

“That was so sexy,” Holly said, leaning over my sister and kissing me. She wrapped her hand around my hard cock, caressing me. When our kiss was over, she told Maggie, “He got so hard doing that to you.”

“You should do something about that,” Maggie said, leaning up on her elbows again.

“But he’s your brother,” Holly said.

“Yeah, and you’re the reason we’re here,” Maggie said.

Holly looked confused. “I am?” When she looked at me, I gave her a small nod and an equal small shrug. Too much had happened between us for me to start lying.

“But, I thought. . .” Holly started to say before her words faded out while she looked from me to Maggie.

“That I wanted to do my brother?” Maggie asked, filling in the blank.

Holly nodded, “Isn’t that why you told me he had a big dick, because you wanted to ride it?” She winced when Maggie laughed at her confusion.

“I think she was trying to pimp me out to you,” I explained.

“But you like seeing him naked, don’t you?” Holly asked. “I mean, you said you gave him a blowjob this morning.” She looked at me, I guess trusting me to keep it real. I nodded, confirming Maggie had given me a blowjob.

Maggie gave me a very rare, shy smile. She sat up, eyed my cock before caressing it with Holly. “He really does have a nice cock, doesn’t he?” She gave me a tiny kiss on the cheek. “You know I love you, right?” I nodded. “But just because we fooled around a bit, it doesn’t change anything between us, does it?”

“I love you, too,” I replied, accepting her profession of love for what it was worth. She meant it the same way we always said “I love you,” to each other before going to sleep each night. “And it doesn’t change things a bit. You’re still a bitch.”

“And you’re still a brat,” she said with a big smile. She turned to Holly. “So, you thought you were just an excuse for me to get naked with my brother?”

Holly nodded.

“But what about last night?”

“I don’t know, I just thought. . .” She ended her half thought with a shrug.

“Kiss her,” I told Maggie. She did. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was a real one. “Did that feel like just one of those things?”

“No,” she said, still looking confused.

“Kiss again,” I suggested, slipping backwards I wasn’t between them. Sitting on their heels facing each other, the two pretty women kissed a second time. “Keep going,” I coached, and while they kissed, I moved Holly’s hand to Maggie’s chest. My sister didn’t need to be led; she began caressing Holly on her own. I moved behind Holly and guided her other hand to Maggie’s thigh. That’s all I needed to do. Holly slipped her hand between Maggie’s legs without my help.

As they kissed, I gently eased Holly backwards against me. She unbent her legs, breaking their kiss, but Maggie kept going. She kissed Holly’s neck, across her collarbone, and eventually bobbed her head between her breasts as I cradled Holly against me. My hard-on pressed against her back and Holly caressed my thighs while watching my sister kissing down her stomach. She looked over her shoulder at me. I kissed her lips with my eyes open, watching as Maggie moved between her legs.

Maggie kissed around Holly’s pussy for a moment, kissing across her pubis and down her lightly tanned thighs before zeroing in on Holly’s sex. The pretty blonde in my arms gasped the moment Maggie’s mouth touched her pussy. “Oh-my-God,” she said, looking down her body and watching.

I cupped Holly’s teacup sized breasts, delighting in the sensation of her stiff nipples and the perfect firmness of her body. I watched over her head, resting my chin on her blonde hair and witnessing the end of my sister’s heterosexuality. I knew from the fire in Maggie’s eyes, she had found a new joy. There was no mistaking the thrill Maggie was discovering as she licked and lapped at Holly’s pussy.

“So good,” Holly moaned. “And so wrong.”

“Why?” I whispered.

“Because she’s a girl,” Holly groaned before sharply inhaling. She held her breath for a long moment and I saw her stomach contract. I knew she was having an orgasm even before I heard Maggie’s deep moan. “Ohhh!” Holly moaned, rocking her head against my chest as she gave herself over to the pleasures my sister created inside her body. Holly’s orgasms were as deceptive to count as she had said. Later, she would report she came five times while Maggie was eating her, but in the moment, it looked like one long, extended orgasm without clear beginnings or endings.

Maggie stopped when Holly’s legs began quivering. “Are you okay?” she asked, looking concerned.

“I’m perfect,” Holly sighed, caressing the side of my sister’s face. I don’t know what Maggie saw in Holly’s eyes, but instead of going back to eating our cousin’s pussy, she crawled over her and kissed her lips before moving to the side to give us room.

Maggie smiled at me and caught the look I was giving her. “Yes, I want to do that again,” she said.

“Me too,” Holly giggled.

“Again? You haven’t done it once,” I said, misinterpreting what she meant. I dumped her out of my arms and against my sister. She squealed from the sudden move and landed straddling Maggie. Bending over, she kissed Maggie on the lips before started to leave a trail of kisses down her body.

Holly kissed as far as Maggie’s stomach before my sister put her hand on the pretty blonde’s shoulder. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” Holly said, stretching out on her stomach and making sure she was in a good position before lowering her head and getting to it. Unlike Maggie, Holly kept her eyes closed. As far as I could tell, Holly put everything she had into eating Maggie’s pussy as if it was something she had wanted to do all of her life.

“Oh-God, don’t stop!” Maggie cried out, tangling her fingers in the blonde woman’s hair and riding Holly’s face to another orgasm before she went limp and released her.

“Was that okay?” Holly asked.

“It was only perfect,” Maggie laughed, grabbing at the petite woman, pulling her upwards, and kissing her over and over until they both started giggling. Still holding the other woman on top of her, Maggie looked for me. She reached out, grabbing my cock, and pulled me closer. “Still think you want this?”

“Yes,” Holly said, adding her hand to my cock.

“Is it okay if he fucks you?” Maggie asked. Holly eagerly nodded. Maggie kept hold of her while looking at me. “Go for it, bro.”

I moved behind Holly, who moved to a doggie-style position, poking her tight, tiny ass up and backwards. I glanced downward, seeing Holly’s pussy and Maggie’s, too. Maggie’s pussy and thighs glistened from her orgasm. My cock throbbed as I moved closer to Holly. I rubbed my cockhead across her slit before resting it against the opening of her vagina.

Slowly, I pressed against her tight, tiny pussy and felt her opening for me. I slipped the head of my cock inside her hot wetness and pulled back to do it again. The second thrust, I eased my cockhead and a bit more inside of her, adjusting to the thrill and giving her a chance to adjust to my intrusion. While I had only had two previous girlfriends, they had taught me I couldn’t jam my hard cock deep inside of them on a single thrust.

“He’s so big,” Holly told my sister.

“Tell me what’s he doing,” Maggie requested, caressing the girl kneeling over and around her.

“He’s going so slow,” Holly said, moaning softly. “Just the head, and then some, and now a bit. . .mm, a bit more.” Her description fit precisely what I was doing. “Fuck, he’s big and it feels so good.” She pushed backwards against me. “More.” I did just that. “Oh yeah, that’s good,” she purred.

My cock throbbed hard as I slipped deeper inside. I paused, holding my depth and letting my thrill ease a bit. Holly’s hot, wet pussy felt so good wrapped around my hard, straining cock. I fought against the urge to bury myself deep inside and start thrusting. I wanted to savor her pussy. I wanted this to last as long as it could.

“So good,” Holly groaned and I felt her cock clenching around my cock. “He’s throbbing so much.”

“You’re not coming, are you?” Maggie asked.

“No,” I gasped. “Not yet.”

“You can,” Holly said, pushing backwards again. “I want you to.”

“I will,” I assured her, massaging her tight buns with both hands as I slipped back and forth. Each time, I fed her hot pussy more and more of my hard prick, filling her slowly.

“So fucking big,” Holly groaned.

I reached her bottom. That always happened whenever I did a girl doggie-style. I could get most of my prick inside of my girlfriend, but not quite all of it. That’s what I had been waiting to feel, needing to know how deep was deep enough.

“He just bottomed out,” she reported.

“Can she take off it?” Maggie asked.

“Most of it,” I said, struggling to make words happen. Holly felt as good as she looked and she looked like a perfect angel. Knowing my limits meant I could start rocking back and forth, thrusting in and out for her pleasure and mine. I worked slowly, enjoying the feel of the sun on my bareback, heating my ass that was still a bit pink from yesterday. Holly’s tan was perfect from her shoulders all the way to her perfect ass. I grabbed her hips and gently swayed her forwards and backwards with me, rocking her in the opposite directions of my thrusts.

“Do it,” she moaned as her pussy clenched down around me, nearly trapping my cock inside of her. I pulled backwards against the resistance of her clenched pussy, enjoying it all the more.

“Can’t last,” I whimpered, knowing my body. If I was with one of my girlfriends, I would either stop or change positions.

“Do it,” Holly insisted with a sudden backwards jab of her hips that made me bottom out. “Don’t you dare stop.”

“‘Kay,” I managed, trying to be careful that I didn’t hit bottom again, except she seemed to like that. She kept pressing backwards, making me bottom out, making me fuck her harder than I intended.

“Do it!” she panted, sounding needy. “Do it!”

I let go of her hips, giving her the freedom to move as she wished while I made short movements with my hips. Holly took care of the rest, slamming against me, beating my cockhead against her insides while her pussy gripped, grabbed, and clenched down around my hard, throbbing cock. She was having an orgasm, one after the other and wouldn’t let up on me.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as the thrill caught up with me all at once and I slipping from being close to an orgasm into having one. “Fuck!” I bellowed to the sun, trees, and rocks standing sentry over our spot in the woods and I pumped wave after spurting wave of my hot semen deep inside my cousin’s pussy.

“Fuck, that was hot,” Maggie said while Holly and I struggled with catching our breath. I pulled back, sliding from Holly as I dropped my slightly sunburned ass on my heels. That’s when I saw Maggie’s fingers buried in her pussy and knew she had been masturbating the entire time I had been fucking Holly.

Hot, spent, and sweaty from the sun, we moved back to the creek for a bit. Holly sat across from me wearing an odd expression on her face. “You okay?” I asked.

“You are incredible,” she gushed.

“Thanks,” I said, feeling embarrassed.

“No, I’m serious,” she marvelled, still staring at me with a look of wonder in her eyes. “I’ve never known getting fucked could feel that good.”

I smiled and probably blushed.

“How was she?” Maggie asked, putting me on the spot.

“Good,” I said, uncomfortable with the question. “She took more than my girlfriend can.”

“I loved feeling him bottoming out,” Holly announced as if she was giving the review of a particularly exciting roller coaster ride.

“I didn’t hurt you?” I asked.

“Only in the right ways,” she said, still smiling.

Maggie smiled at me, too, as if she was proud of me or something. Though it was out of character for me to ask something so personal, I still did it. There was something about being together in the woods that made me feel more at ease. “How was it?” I asked my sister, knowing she would be able to guess what I meant.

“How was what?” Holly asked, only picking up that I was asking Maggie a question, but not what I meant by it.

“He means going down on you,” Maggie explained.

“Is it bad that I liked that?” Holly asked.

“Giving or receiving?” Maggie asked, presenting the question I wanted answered, too.

“Both,” Holly said, blushing. “A lot. It was so hot seeing you down there, doing that to me.” Her hand drifted across Maggie’s chest, lingering to caress her breasts. “I never realized I could want another woman, especially someone as beautiful as you.” Maggie leaned in for a kiss and got one, but Holly wasn’t done yet. “I’m serious. I used to fantasize about being as pretty as you,” she said, repeating what she had said yesterday.

“You did,” Maggie assured her.

“I don’t know about that,” Holly said, brushing away the compliment. “But seeing you doing that to me, that’s what made it so hot.”

“What about. . .?” I asked before my words faded away. There was no way I could ask how Holly felt about going down on Maggie.

“Oh-my-God,” Holly squealed, catching my meaning. “That was incredible! I know you said yesterday that you liked doing that, but I didn’t believe you until I did it. Pussy tastes great!”

“Told you,” I said, relieved that I hadn’t gone too far with my half question.

Holly gave Maggie an apologetic look. “I think I still prefer men, though.”

“Coz, even with as good as you tasted, I nothing can stop me from wanting dick.”

“Including your brother’s?”

“Let’s put it this way: it’s a good thing he’s not hard right now.”

“He looks hard,” Holly said, peering through the water.

“Are you?” Maggie asked, looking, too.

“Mostly,” I said, giving my prick a squeeze. “I know I want to be.”

“You need to get that way,” Maggie said, grinning. “You have three more orgasms to go for the record.”

“Can I have a few minutes?” I asked, squeezing myself a few more times. It wouldn’t take long to restart my motor.

Those few more minutes turned into at least fifteen as we lounged in the cool waters of the creek, talking, flirting, and soaking in the magic of being together. I followed when they got out of the water, appreciating their fine asses swaying side-by-side. We drank some water and nibbled a bit on the food we had brought before heading back to the blanket where we sat in a row looking at the woods.

“I love you guys,” Holly said, leaning against me.

“We love you, too,” I said, putting my around her. She rubbed my thigh a few times before her hand slid somewhere more interesting. Leaning over, she pulled my cock inside her mouth and started sucking me. I didn’t complain.

“How’s it feel being the luckiest man on Earth?” Maggie asked, watching her bobbing head.

“Perfect,” I said, caressing Maggie’s tits and leaning in for a kiss that I thought was only going to be a peck. Instead, my lips lingered on hers and as our kiss turned into something much more serious, Holly’s blowjob began feeling better and better.

Holly sat up, Maggie noticed and broke our kiss. “Why are you stopping? He owes us three more.”

“I was getting him ready for you,” she said, moving away, giving us room to fuck.

Maggie’s hand moved between my legs, caressing my cock still wet from Holly’s mouth. “Should we?”

“I don’t want anything to change between us,” I said, staring into eyes that matched mine as I felt a desire no brother should ever have for his sister.

“What if it changes for the better?” she asked. Her eyes never left mine as she straddled my thighs, kneeling with my legs between hers. She rocked backwards, half on her heels and half on my thighs as she stroked my cock. “We don’t have to do anything.”

“Except maybe this.” I sat up far enough to press my chest against hers for another kiss. Maggie put her arms around my back and we embraced, squeezing our bare chests together while we kissed as deeply as lovers reunited after a lifetime apart. My cock throbbed between us. I could feel her heat against my balls as my hands roamed her back and I knew what I wanted more than anything else in the world. I cupped her ass, pulling her closer to me until she was pressing against me.

“Tell me no,” she gasped.

“I can’t,” I said as I pulled her closer to me, slipping a hand between us to hold my cock ready for her.

“I love you,” she said, lowering herself on top of my cock for the first time. I didn’t have the chance to repeat her words before she covered my mouth with hers and slipped her pussy down and around my hard, throbbing cock.

Maggie sank on top of me, taking all of me in her first thrust until her ass touched my thighs. Her pussy felt twice as hot as the sun had felt on my sunburned ass My cock throbbed deep inside of her and I felt her pussy quiver. And for a long time, that’s all we did. We clung desperately to each other and kept our lips locked together with only our tongues moving against each other while we accepted what was happening. We were fucking. My brotherly cock was buried deeply inside her sisterly pussy. Brother and sister. Together. Frozen in time.

I squirmed beneath her, pushing upwards to find the bottom of her pussy, which prompted Maggie to move, too. She rose, maybe misunderstanding my upwards thrust? I don’t know. I remember a brief moment of panic when I thought she was going to pull away from me. Had we had gone too far? But then she moved back down again. One, two, three full thrusts happened before I accepted we both wanted this.

“Give it to me,” Maggie growled, pushing me backwards. I dropped to my back while she planted her hands on my shoulders. “Give me all of that fat cock,” she insisted, rocking back and forth, taking what I willingly offered.

“Do it,” I groaned up at her, finding my voice for the first time in my life. A lifetime of shyness dropped away from me as I fucked my sister, as I fucked the only woman who truly knew me. “Fuck me. Fuck that big dick.”

“I want your cum inside of me,” she moaned, staring down at me with an intensity I had seldom witnessed in her eyes.

The differences in our personalities vanished. “Earn it,” I grunted back, bucking my hips upwards as if it was trying to buck her off of me. Deep inside my sister’s pussy, I became a man.

“I want it all.”

“Take it!”

“Give it to me!”

“Yes!” I panted, loving Maggie more than ever before.

“Fuck me!” she cried out, reaching behind her back, between us, and grabbing my balls as she bounced up and down. I covered her tits with my hands, pinching, tweaking, and rolling her fat nipples as she worked me over. I watched the look on her face as waves of pleasure surged through her. “That’s it. Make me cum! Make me cum, you fucking brat!”

I matched her taunt. “Do it, bitch,” I growled back. “Come on my cock. Make me cum!” It felt so liberating to ignore society and its rules.

“Do it,” she gasped, rocking and quivering on top of me, losing her rhythm as her orgasm tore through her, making her look more beautiful than ever.

“Here it comes!” I warned, grabbing her waist and restoring her rhythm by moving her up and down. “All of it! All of it!!!” I came, shooting and spraying my orgasm upwards and deep inside my sister’s pussy while she squirmed on top of me, panting and quivering with delight until I was spent.

“Oh-my-God,” Holly groaned as soon as I collapsed and relaxed. “That was so fucking hot.” I turned and looked at our cousin, seeing her still clutching herself; seeing the fingers between her legs coated in a froth from her fingerfucking herself

I looked up at Maggie, who was smiling down at me. “Still love me?” she asked.

“More than ever,” I said, pushing myself upwards until I was sitting face-to-face with her again. “Forever,” I said before kissing her again.

Maggie climbed off me and we went back to the creek as a trio. We rinsed off the signs of our lovemaking before noticing the shadows of the trees were once again marching across our sunny space.

“You still owe us two more,” Maggie said as we got out of the water.

“Maybe later,” I said, caressing my spent cock. I was willing, but the flesh was too weak. Both girls decided to let me off the hook as we packed up our stuff. Reluctantly, we got dressed and began our hike back to camp with a pack that felt nearly as heavy as when we left.

Our family’s ate together that night at the barbeque where I had to deal with scowls from Dad anytime I glanced towards Holly. We played it straight, though I sometimes wonder why Mom or Dad never picked up on the vibe between Maggie and her cousin. They sat together giggling like lovers, or maybe I thought that because I knew the truth.

After dinner, I had to setup the movie screen. As families pulled up lawn chairs, I caught a glimpse of Maggie and Holly heading towards the woods. Instead of feeling jealous, I smiled and sat through another family rated movie. It was too dark to try and find Maggie and Holly, so I headed back to the empty tent. I still found it easy to smile, even when alone. Laying down on my cot, I rubbed my hard-on, hoping Maggie would be back soon.

I don’t know how long I laid there watching movies without much interest until she showed up. At some point, I fell asleep, and I only know that I did because I can remember waking to the sensation of a warm, wet mouth wrapped around my hard-on. “Hey there,” I whispered, unsure of the time or if our parents had made it back to the tent.

“She insisted on giving you a good-bye blowjob,” Maggie said, disorienting me until I realized it was Holly on her knees midway down my cot.

“What the fuck?” I said, still surprised.

“Tell me if I taste like her,” Maggie suggested, covering my lips with hers and I could taste the faintest hint remaining from Maggie eating Holly’s pussy.

“I want a kiss, too,” Holly said, pulling away from cock. She kissed Maggie first and then they traed places before she kissed me. “Guess we owed you this,” Holly said as Maggie sucked on me.

“Come help,” Maggie whispered and Holly did. They knelt next to each other and took turns putting my hard prick inside their mouths.

“Almost,” I softly said as I felt my orgasm nearing and I didn’t know who had their mouth wrapped around my cock when I came. I guess it doesn’t matter, because as soon as it was over, they started kissing again, swapping my cum between them.

“That just made me horny again,” Holly whispered.

“Come here,” Maggie said, drawing the other woman to the tent of the floor. I could only see silhouettes, but it was enough for me to realize Maggie was pulling off Holly’s bottoms. I rolled off my cot.

“You know this is crazy,” I softly hushed, moving between Holly’s legs.

“I know,” Maggie giggled, pulling off her bottoms, too.

I went down on Holly, tasting again her sweet nectar, and appreciating it even more than the first time. She was hot, wet, and needful. As I ate her pussy, I saw Maggie straddling her face. That was almost enough to make hard again.

“Fuck, someone’s coming,” Maggie urgently whispered after Holly had already had at least one orgasm from me. She scrambled for her shorts while Holly did the same thing. One-by-one, we each darted through the partition into the middle of the tent. As it turned out, it was only our neighbors stumbling back to their tent, but that was enough to break the spell.

“I should go,” Holly said.

“I love you,” Maggie said, kissing the woman once more.

“I love you, too,” the pretty blonde said. “Both of you.” I got a kiss, too, before Holly left.

It was late and we knew it wouldn’t be long before our parents stumbled back to the tent, too. Reluctantly, we crawled back into our space. Maggie got changed and climbed into her cot. “Well, we came close to my record,” I said, settling down.

“I think I broke mine,” Maggie bragged, sounding sleepy.

“I love you,” I said.

‘”I love you, too,” she whispered and before long, she was fast asleep. That was too bad, too, because sleep wouldn’t come to me. Not until I tied my record.

The next morning we broke camp, working as a family to pack everything away. Since Maggie and I had driven down a day early, we rode back together, too. Dad insisted we follow him home, so I pulled out behind the minivan filled with camping gear and made sure I hung back a safe distance. Still, it gave Maggie and I a chance to talk. “Are we okay?” I asked after half a dozen miles had passed in silence.

“I am if you are,” she said, looking at phone, which was the primary reason she allowed me to drive, so she could text.

I wasn’t sure how to take that answer, so I stayed quiet for a while longer. “It was fun, though.”

“Yeah it was. Do you think it’s bad that now I want to sleep with other girls, too?”


“I mean, I don’t think I’m going to go full lesbo or anything, but that was hot.”

“Was that your favorite part?”

“One of them,” she said, putting down her phone. She slipped her hand into my lap, directly over my cock and balls. “This is better.”

“You’re going to make me hard,” I cautioned, though I’m sure could feel that change already happening.

“Good,” Maggie said, leaning over and kissing my arm. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I said, driving into a new future I couldn’t imagine.

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