Find love with my sister and our cousin at a family reunion

Find love with my sister and our cousin at a family reunion, Grandpa’s ranch butted up against a big swatch of National Forest. He used to say he didn’t know for sure where his property stopped and the federal land began, so he never farmed too close to the forest. Every August, Aunts, Uncles, and every flavor of cousin from first or second to those once or twice removed descended for a weekend family reunion that required a scorecard and a degree in genealogy to sort out how everyone was related.

Depending on your clan, the annual Gallagher-McGee Family Reunion was referred to as the Camp Grandpa’s, Camp Reunion, or simply as Camp. Though my sister and I had started college, it was still a mandatory weekend of family together time. Worse, my sister and I (along with a few other cousins) were expected to arrive the day before the reunion started to help set up the camping area.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be the brother of the hottest girl in school? Well, that’s me. Worse, Maggie was a party girl with a reputation for being easy. I went through school hearing about her party exploits. I can’t complain. Her generous bustline, tight, tiny ass, and reputation for being a flirt kept me safe in high school. Though two and half years separated Maggie and I, because I had started school earlier than most and skipped a grade, we went through high school in the same grade. I felt like the runt of our grade and would have been easy fodder for every bully in school had Maggie not looked out for me.


“Hey bro,” she would say, sliding up alongside of me in the hallways whenever I looked in trouble. “How’s it going?” The guys hassling me would back off, seeing me as a way to get to closer to my sister. In exchange for her protection, I became her built-in excuse-maker. Any time our parents wondered where she was, I would make up a quick lie about how she was at the movies with a girlfriend before texting her the name of the movie and its synopsis in case Mom or Dad would quiz her the next day. Maggie and I grew up as a team, getting along as well as oddball twins separated by a couple years instead of minutes. Maggie was the popular, hot chick with reddish, auburn hair who loved to party while I was her nerdy, misfit little brother.

The family reunion camping area at Grandpa’s had been transformed through the years into a well established campground that was only used once a year. There were a dozen camping sites, each with electricity and running water. A few sites even had concrete slabs poured to accommodate those family members who had upgraded from tent camping to RVs or pop-up trailer tents.

My troubles began as soon as Maggie and I showed up to help mow grass and ready the camp because that’s when I first laid eyes on Holly Gallagher. Holly had missed the last three reunions when her parents allowed her to attend the preseason cheerleading camp. Now that she had graduated high school, no more mandatory cheerleader, and she was back. Those three years had been good for her, transforming her into a full blown woman. I gaped, slack-jawed, the first time I saw her and Maggie was right there to call me out on it.

“Will you stop staring at her?” she grumbled. “It’s embarrassing.”

“I’m not staring,” I replied, even as my eyes tracked Holly’s cute bubblebutt sashaying away.

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“If you stare any harder, you’re going to burn a hole in her shorts.”

“Maybe,” I said, memorizing the curve of her hips and the way her blonde ponytail swayed side-to-side with every step. Just before she stepped around into one of the cabins, she glanced back in my direction and flashed me a smile so dazzling it should have included sparkles at its corners. I quickly looked away, focusing again on the massive barbeque Maggie and I were scrubbing together.

“Why do you do that?” Maggie asked, catching my shy, embarrassed look away as easily as she had my longing stare.

“Do what?” I asked, fighting off a blush and hating how well my sister knows me

“Trust me, the way she shook that ass and glanced back to make sure you were looking, she’s interested.”

“Not everyone comes to a family reunion to hook-up,” I scoffed, giving her an accusing glare. There were always rumors about this cousin or that one sneaking off into the woods for a bit of fun. For Maggie, I knew it was more than a rumor. Both of the last two years I had caught her sneaking into the woods with one of our cousins, leaving me to figure out an excuse for her when Mom and Dad had asked where she was. I called her out on it. “Wonder if Seth will be here this year.”

“We didn’t hook-up,” she insisted until she noticed my raised eyebrows. Wearing a playful smirk, she quickly amended her statement. “We just fooled around a little bit.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, nodding because I knew better. “And what about the year before that with Kevin?”

“Yeah, well, that was an accident. He got me drunk.” She scrubbed for a moment before asking, “Were you spying on me?”

“Are you kidding? You sneak back into the tent with that freshly fucked look about you and you think I can’t tell?”

“Perv,” she giggled before added, “Well you know they say, ‘Incest is best.'”

I rolled my eyes and went back to work. I was fine as long as Holly wasn’t around, but whenever she was, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She became that unattainable girl who remains forever just out of reach. My eyes couldn’t stop following her as I memorized every graceful movement she made, like how she would reach occasionally behind her head and stroke her long, blonde ponytail. Holly would raise her arms over her head, capturing her golden strands with both hands and stroke its length twice before letting it fall back against her. God, I loved seeing her making that simple gesture. Every time she did it, she would bow out her chest, thrusting her perky, teacup sized tits up and outward while her t-shirt would ride up, flashing the even tan of her flat stomach.

Maggie caught me staring again. “You could do her if you wanted to, you just need to talk to her.”

“First off, let’s assume she’s okay with getting it on with a cousin,” I said. “Why would she want me?”

“Because you’re a hottie!”

“Says my sister,” I groaned.

“Says the hottest chick you know,” Maggie grinned, striking a pose. “Dammit, bro, you’ve got to get over yourself. You’re eighteen with a year of college behind you. High school is over with, you know?”

“I know,” I agreed, hanging my head. Somehow, I had to shake feeling like the runt.

“Don’t you get tired of just jerking off?”

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Blushing, I reminded her that I had had a girlfriend during my last semester at college. She had been my second official girlfriend.

“Just looking out for you,” she said. “You’re a brat, but I still love you, bro.”

I rolled my eyes before saying, “Love you, too, bitch.”

“Maybe I should go hit on Holly,” she said, forcing me to look at her to see if she was serious or not. It was rare when I couldn’t tell the difference.

“No way,” I said, finding myself in one of those rare instances.

“Why not? She’s cute.”

“Yeah, but you don’t. . . you know. You don’t go that way.”

“Are you sure?” Maggie asked, flashing a deceptive grin I couldn’t read before she strolled in the direction of Holly. “Hey girlfriend, where the hell have you been?” A few moments later, Holly and Maggie laughed and giggled together as if they were old friends, and I was stuck wishing from afar.

There were two cabins in the camping area where the advance team of cousins spent the night after a day of getting the campground ready. One was used for the boys with the other reserved for the girls. Holly and Maggie spent that first night in one cabin while I bunked with Tony and Dorian in the other one. “Dude, your sister is hot,” Tony told me.

“Yeah she is,” I agreed, just like always. There was no reason denying Maggie’s good looks.

“Ever see her naked?”

“Dude, gross!” Dorian groaned. “That’s his sister!”

“Yeah, but damn, you know?” Tony said, unwilling to let go of the idea.

“What about Holly?” I asked, thinking she was even prettier than my sister.

“She’s like every other cheerleader,” Dorian reported. “She keeps her nose stuck so far in the air, she would probably drown in a rain storm.”

“So, checking out your cousin is okay, but not your sister?” Tony asked, calling out his brother.

“Fuck it, I’d do them both,” Dorian laughed before asking me, “Hey, do you play Minecraft?” We spent the rest of the night talking about video games instead of unattainable girls.

The combined Gallagher-McGee clans began arriving the next morning. RVs were parked, pop-up trailer tents popped, and at our campsite, Maggie and I helped Dad pitch our massive, three room tent that only saw the light of day once each year.

Sharing a tent with your Mom and Dad sounds more awkward that it was. The big tent we used was divided into three sections. Mom and Dad slept in the section to the right of the doorway while Maggie and I shared the section to left. Maggie and I had long ago worked out the logistics of sharing a space by pushing our cots against opposites walls. It was too hot in August for sleeping bags, so we used a thin blanket and a sheet and learned how to get dressed or undressed beneath our sheets whenever needed..

Most nights, Mom and Dad sat up late drinking and laughing with the other adults. I always tried going to sleep before they staggered back into the tent. I didn’t need to think about the giggles or groans I sometimes heard. Headphones helped, too. Still, it didn’t take a math or genealogy major to figure out when and where the three month old babies around camp had probably been conceived.

That first day was filled with aunts remarking about how much I’ve grown and uncles who would lecherously stare at Maggie while remarking on how she was going to be a real heart breaker. There were lots of little chores helping people getting their campsites set-up. Smaller kids screamed a lot while the athletic pre-teens organized volleyball games and the middle teens sulked about being dragged to another family reunion against their will. With our oldest cousins starting families, the number of unique campers had grown. The photographer hired to take a group picture of the family needed to stand on top of the pavilion to capture everyone in a single shot.

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I only caught glimpses of Holly during the day, which was just as well. That night, I had to man the inflatable movie screen for a showing of a kids movie. Whenever cousins would start to pair up along the fringes of the darkness, an aunt or uncle would sternly remind them, “That’s your cousin!” and I wondered how Maggie had ever managed hooking up with Kevin or Seth with so many watchful eyes everywhere.

After packing up the inflatable screen and putting away the projector, I strolled past groups of adults drinking and laughing in the pavilion on my way back to the tent. As usual, I was first back to the tent. I crawled into my cot and pulled out my tablet. There’s no WiFi at Camp Grandpa’s, but I had loaded my memory card with plenty of porn. Why not? It’s not as if I was going to get lucky.

Wearing headphones, I didn’t notice Maggie coming back to the tent until she pushed back the flap to our side. I reduced my movie with a press of a button and pulled up a video game. “Have fun?” I asked, smelling the alcohol on her.

“Holly’s funny as hell,” she said, sitting on her cot.

“You’ve been with her all this time?” I asked. I hadn’t seen either one since dinner.

“Yep,” Maggie said, pulling off her shorts as I wasn’t even there.

“Really?” I asked, moving from my side to my back and staring straight up at the canvas ceiling instead of watching my sister getting undressed.

“Oh big deal,” she said, throwing her shorts at me. They landed on my stomach. “I’m wearing panties.” She told me how she had swiped a bottle of liquor and drank it with Holly. “She thinks you’re cute.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, glancing at my sister without thinking about it. I didn’t need my sister pimping me to our cousin. She had her back turned to me, but was topless as she changed into a t-shirt without a bra. I quickly looked away, back to staring at the ceiling.

“You could so tap that,” she said, snatching her discarded shorts before she froze, staring down at me. “Damn, bro.”

“What?” I asked, glancing down. I was beneath my sheet, but that sheet didn’t offer any cover from the outline of my swollen cock any better than my shorts could contain it. I quickly rolled on my side, covering my hard-on with my bent knee. I felt stupid as hell letting her catch me like that.

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