Cousin’s afternoon seduction

As my legs got treated in a week,we have complemented each other thrice,a great sexual affairs comes to an end as orthopaedic doctor raman have enjoyed physical love with his patient swati in during a 22 years gal with whitesh complexion and height of 5’7 feet as her lovely tits started growing i use to wear 34C size brassier as my round dome shaped ass is attractive,i have never laid myself on bed like a submissive gal rather i have enjoyed sex on i started attending my classes as my normal life have been in process but it’s physical love that’s lacking in my life.

It’s a weekend as i have thought to be in home for a day and my mom Urwashi as well as dad have left home for some meets,so i am in home with my PC as i am watching an english movie and it’s 10:45 am as my cousin Veer knocked the door,so i walked to door to open it as i come to know from my mom that cousin will come today from chandigarh as he have to join a conference here,i opened the door as veer is standing there with a large bag and i smiled to welcome him as he moved inside,looking at me he hold me in his arms like his younger sister and kissed my i felt little embrassed as his chest got the touch of my left breast,now i took him to guest room as he put bag in room’s corner and i walked towards kitchen,now took a bottle of water as well as glass to give my cousin and as i came inside room,he is not there as i can see his jeans and shirts open on bed,so sitting near bed’s corner as veer came out of eyes gazed on his bulge as he is in his briefs only,so looking at me he took a towel and wrapped on his waist,so i said…………..

“just wait,going to prepare cup of coffee.”and i walked to kitchen as i am in my shorts as well as tops only,so my sexy thighs with nude legs are making me bit shy and i came in dinning space with cups of coffee as cousin also came there and we both are sitting on sofa as he have put bermuda with vest on his body. Veer is a smart guy of 26-27 years as his physical appearences seems nice,his charming face is too attractive,swati have never seen his relatives in an improper manner but for last one months,my mind have become a sexual horizon with thoughts changing day to i can see veer eyeing my boobs as his eyes moves to my thighs also,so not feeling too shy as i have put my face straight while drinking coffee,he said………….

“swati,in last 3-4 years you have changed a lot
[swati looking at him]oh but i have never changed veer
[veer]you can’t analyze it as your figure have become attractive while your some parts have grown bigger
[swati well surprised]sorry veer,can’t make remarks like this as we both are in blood relations.”and i walked away to my bedroom as i am totally surprised with cousin’s remarks,later on i came out of my room to see veer as i am alone in home with duty to serve my i frisked inside his room as i can see him lying on bed and there i stand near his face…………..

“veer,have your bath and than i will prepare breakfast for you
[Veer woke on bed]as you wish.”

And as i am standing there ,veer put his legs on ground and what happened to my mind? , i can’t say but as he stood there i took him in my arms as i started kissing his neck to face and veer is not an innocent guy as he started rubbing my bum my boobs are pressing hard on his chest and than our face are straight as my lips started kissing his lips.

we two are in eachother’s arms as i am kissing his face and his lips are sealed on my neck to face and lastly,he hold my hairs as he took my lips in his mouth to suck and i am standing on ground with my cousin as his hand is measuring the roundness of my sexy ass,so i freed my lips as i pushed my long tongue in his mouth and much to his disbelief ,his eyes are dreaming of it but it’s a real physical love as he is sucking my tongue hard and my sexy boobs are pressing hard on his chest with his hand trying to hold my buttock’s fleshy parts and as he is sucking it hard,my eyes are closed as i am in seuxal relationship with my cousin but he have not forced me for sex rather i have dominated him,love to do as i pushed his head back to free my tongue from his mouth ,he is still kissing my face and than we looked in eachother’s eyes as i started removing his vest and as my hand hole his bermuda on waist,he is bit shy and i smiled………..

“veer ,sorry you are too smart,leave our relationship and just start trying different things.”

He is voiceless with my act as my hand pulled his bermuda down to legs ,he started pressing my soft breast hard,it’s a nice afternoon as we both are standing in room and as he is in briefs only,he started removing my tops and i am too hot as well as horny as he made my upper parts nude an now pushed me on bed,so we can have some oral sex as i slept on bed ,my lovely boobs are making him hot and he put down his face as i hold my breast and pushed it in his mouth,now my hand have hold his hairs as he is sucking my breast hard and as my other hand is on his briefs,i am desperate to see his long penis .so i pulled down his undies as i hold his semi erected cock in my hand and veer is sucking my breast like a kid getting milks from his mom’s my body started shivering as i am in sensation,my vagina got the thunderstorms as cyclonic waves are rising inside it,so he left my breast as he took right one to suck but it’s my hand which is masturbating his long thick penis,a great sexual affairs have just started as his hand is pressing my sucked boobs and his other hand is pulling down my shorts,it’s have an elastic lock,so it’s tight also and lastly he pulled down my shorts to legs as my lower parts are nude,i have not put panty on my hot vagina as i keep it free from inner wears in as his mouth is sucking my breast hard,i am screaming in joy……..

“oh ah uuh veer suck suck hard,make me your sex slave it’s nice…..”and he left my breast as he sits near my waist as he took out my shorts out of my a 22 years horny gal is complete nude but i have put my thighs one on other to keep my cunt invisible from him but it’s my mind going to enjoy it inside my each and every veer put his face on my chest as he is kissing me and like a hot gal i am enjoying his love,he is kissing my flat tummy to deep belly as my legs are rubbing on bed and it’s my glory hole which is in fire,so he took a pillow as he put it under my ass and now i stretched my legs wider and looking at my reddish vagina,he smiled…………

“oh so nice,have lost your virginity swati
[swati put his palms on face]yes veer,i have lost it three weeks ago.”

And he put his face in between my thighs as he started kissing my labias with his hand moving on my waist,now feeling too hot i put my fingers on labias as i widend it’s hole and veer is licking my vagina fast as i am dying for his penis inside my he is licking my cunt like a stray dog,i am fully under his control and it’s a nice day for me as i am shouting”oh uum aauch its nice but make me your fuck buddy”and he is still rolling his tongue inside my cunt as my cunt is in rest for a week,looking for someone desperatly to get fucked,it’s my cousin who is loving my cunt and than he left it.

Swati walked to washroom as veer followed me and both are nude as we both hold eachother in his arms,now he opened the cascade as our nude body is getting wet and water is flowing on my deep gorges of boobs as i kisses his lips,now knelt infront of his legs as i hold his cock and removed it’s skin,so rubbing it’s soft round glans on my face to lips and making myself hot as well as horny,he have hold my hairs as i opened my mouth and veer put his 23 rd penis in my mouth as i started sucking it wildely,he is screaming in joy”oh ah you are too sexy aah suck hard”and as i am moving my head fast ,he hold my hairs tightly as he starts fucking my mouth with his hard cock,it’s a hot iron rod hitting my throat and i am enjoying cousin’s penis in my as my vagina is waiting for fuck,it’s heat melted as vaginal juice starts flowing out of it,so i left his penis and started licking it with my tongue and now i signalled him to lick my cunt.

So i stand there as veer knelt infront of my legs,my legs are wide as he hold my one leg an put it on his shoulder and now his face is near my vagina,as i widend it’s hole ,he starts licking my cunt with his long tongue ,so my juice is getting tasted and i am in heaven.later on we both are standing on ground as i started masturbating his cock hard to make his tools cum,but he is resisting to suck it,so sits on my legs and took his cock in my mouth as i hold his waist and now starts my mouth giving his hard erected cock a nice and fast jerk.He is shouting”uuh uumm aahh swati be hard and fast ,i will cum soon.”and after 2-3 minutes of blowjob ,his cock poured cum in my mouth as i drink it and than licked it to’s a nice day……………

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