Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-2

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Hi All. My name is KKD. I am back with my sexual story with my mother sister. Read Mother sister found that I am matured before you start this story for better understanding. This is continuation of that part Mother sister found that I am matured . After having a memorable session with my Aunty last night I woke up late at morning with semi erected cock.

Next day morning I went in search of my aunty. She was in kitchen preparing breakfast. I straight away nearby her and squeezed her soft buttocks and kept my hand on her navel and started kissing on her neck.

She said
Aunty: “Seems like you enjoyed our previous night session a lot”.
Me: “Yes, I want it once again”.
Aunty: “Yes we can but not now”
Me: “Then when”? disappointingly
Aunty: “Don’t get disappoint. I have another plane to enjoy. First check where your sisters are”
Me: “They are playing in garden”
Now she completed cooking moved towards sink to wash dishes.
Aunty: “Now you have to help me to clean dishes”
Me: “Ok. But how we can enjoy with that”
Aunty: “There is a condition. You have to stand behind me and have to operate the tap when I asked to release and hold the water”.
Me: “Ok”

I stood as she said. Tap is bit far from my hands so have to bend forward hardly to operate tap. By soft touch to her buttocks by my dick it raised with full erection. I am keeping my both hands on tap by hugging her tight from back and able to squeeze her boobs, navel and waist. I am kissing on her neck she is enjoying it. After I was in full erection so I am unable to control and given a hard over her buttocks. She said
Aunty: “You can keep your dick in between my buttocks by lifting up my nighty”.
Me: “Thank you aunty” and given a hard kiss on her cheek.

Immediately took my dick out lifted her nighty and kept my dick between her buttocks. As after night session she didn’t wear any petticoat so my dick is feeling her bare body directly. I started to operate tap even she didn’t instruct me to operate. So, by that I can move front and back and feel like fucking her on her ass.

Suddenly my sisters came and asked aunty to keep them some breakfast that they are feeling hungry. I immediately stepped back and moved her nighty down. But I can’t push my dick inside my shorts at once. So stood behind her like that without movement. My big sister asked mom what brother is doing here. She replied back that I am helping her to clean dishes that you never did helped me before. My dick is still out and fully erected. Sister said then I will help and started ran towards sink. Aunty stopped her and said it all completed you can help me next time and told them to go to dining table and she will bring food. Aunty came to me and hold my dick and pulled it hardly twice and said we are lucky and don’t try to do these when they are around, in a teasing and warning tone. I said ok and kept my dick inside.

We went take our breakfast. After that they went outside to play games with the neighborhood children. Aunty went to take bath and making sounds by keeping her fingers between legs. I started seeing her from bathroom door. After sometime she called me to bring towel. I took it went nearby to door and stood. She suddenly opened the door half and asked to give the towel and questioned me whether I have bathed or not after our night fucking session. I said no. Then she invited me to take bath and she said we need to take bath or at least to clean our private parts after fucking. This is a part of hygiene. I asked did you cleaned you parts.
Aunty: “No but I am doing it now”
Me: “Ok then teach me to clean”

She removed my clothes at that my cock is semi erected. She started to clean my body by pouring water and she came to my dick it is fully erected by touching her nude body. She shyfully smiled at me and said we can have one more session now so that I can teach you how to clean our private parts. By saying that I hugged her tightly. She pushed me back and said I have to do as she said. She said to watch her and sat on a small stool in bathroom and leaned back and opened her both legs widely and now I am having very good view of her vagina. She started to keep her two fingers into the pussy and started to move them fast. She said I have to do that until she says stop. I asked what it is I have seen many times in bathroom you are doing like this? She said it is called masturbation of women as you men do to and fro motion with your dick. I understood and started to do as she said. She started to moan as she moans on during sleeping. By hearing that moans loud I am getting full mood and increasing the speed.

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