Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-2

Hi All. My name is KKD. I am back with my sexual story with my mother sister. Read Mother sister found that I am matured before you start this story for better understanding. This is continuation of that part Mother sister found that I am matured . After having a memorable session with my Aunty last night I woke up late at morning with semi erected cock.

Next day morning I went in search of my aunty. She was in kitchen preparing breakfast. I straight away nearby her and squeezed her soft buttocks and kept my hand on her navel and started kissing on her neck.

She said
Aunty: “Seems like you enjoyed our previous night session a lot”.
Me: “Yes, I want it once again”.
Aunty: “Yes we can but not now”
Me: “Then when”? disappointingly
Aunty: “Don’t get disappoint. I have another plane to enjoy. First check where your sisters are”
Me: “They are playing in garden”
Now she completed cooking moved towards sink to wash dishes.
Aunty: “Now you have to help me to clean dishes”
Me: “Ok. But how we can enjoy with that”
Aunty: “There is a condition. You have to stand behind me and have to operate the tap when I asked to release and hold the water”.
Me: “Ok”

I stood as she said. Tap is bit far from my hands so have to bend forward hardly to operate tap. By soft touch to her buttocks by my dick it raised with full erection. I am keeping my both hands on tap by hugging her tight from back and able to squeeze her boobs, navel and waist. I am kissing on her neck she is enjoying it. After I was in full erection so I am unable to control and given a hard over her buttocks. She said
Aunty: “You can keep your dick in between my buttocks by lifting up my nighty”.
Me: “Thank you aunty” and given a hard kiss on her cheek.

Immediately took my dick out lifted her nighty and kept my dick between her buttocks. As after night session she didn’t wear any petticoat so my dick is feeling her bare body directly. I started to operate tap even she didn’t instruct me to operate. So, by that I can move front and back and feel like fucking her on her ass.

Suddenly my sisters came and asked aunty to keep them some breakfast that they are feeling hungry. I immediately stepped back and moved her nighty down. But I can’t push my dick inside my shorts at once. So stood behind her like that without movement. My big sister asked mom what brother is doing here. She replied back that I am helping her to clean dishes that you never did helped me before. My dick is still out and fully erected. Sister said then I will help and started ran towards sink. Aunty stopped her and said it all completed you can help me next time and told them to go to dining table and she will bring food. Aunty came to me and hold my dick and pulled it hardly twice and said we are lucky and don’t try to do these when they are around, in a teasing and warning tone. I said ok and kept my dick inside.

We went take our breakfast. After that they went outside to play games with the neighborhood children. Aunty went to take bath and making sounds by keeping her fingers between legs. I started seeing her from bathroom door. After sometime she called me to bring towel. I took it went nearby to door and stood. She suddenly opened the door half and asked to give the towel and questioned me whether I have bathed or not after our night fucking session. I said no. Then she invited me to take bath and she said we need to take bath or at least to clean our private parts after fucking. This is a part of hygiene. I asked did you cleaned you parts.
Aunty: “No but I am doing it now”
Me: “Ok then teach me to clean”

She removed my clothes at that my cock is semi erected. She started to clean my body by pouring water and she came to my dick it is fully erected by touching her nude body. She shyfully smiled at me and said we can have one more session now so that I can teach you how to clean our private parts. By saying that I hugged her tightly. She pushed me back and said I have to do as she said. She said to watch her and sat on a small stool in bathroom and leaned back and opened her both legs widely and now I am having very good view of her vagina. She started to keep her two fingers into the pussy and started to move them fast. She said I have to do that until she says stop. I asked what it is I have seen many times in bathroom you are doing like this? She said it is called masturbation of women as you men do to and fro motion with your dick. I understood and started to do as she said. She started to moan as she moans on during sleeping. By hearing that moans loud I am getting full mood and increasing the speed.

She is asking me to increase more speed and after sometime she cum a lot in my hands. I swallowed it completely as I likes it. She started masturbating my dick it is too hard and she is moving it slowly and kept it in her mouth at once and started to swallow and eat it. I am feeling very happy So I didn’t question her on what she did. After sometime she took it out and said it is called blowjob. She asked to lick her pussy and eat it. I did as she said. Now she is moaning a lot and asking to fuck her hard. I went to missionary position by make her to lean on the bathroom floor. I started to fuck her hard and she is shouting “Fuck Fuck …….”. I fucked for 20 mins and released my cum in her pussy and asked her whether she will become pregnant if I fuck you like this. She got shocked of that I am asking and said
Aunty: “How do you know all these”?
Me: “You only said to me while watching TV and we are also behaving like what they did in that moving. So, I got that doubt”
Aunty: “Yeah, I remembered. What you thought is correct. But I can’t become pregnant. Doctors did an operation for me to stop giving birth to children when I give birth to my second daughter”.
Me: “Then I can fuck you as I want”.
Aunty: “Yes and you have to learn many things”.

After our fucking session she started to show me how to clean our private parts. While she is cleaning my dick started to raise again. She Slapped me on buttocks one and on my cheeks one and said to keep it in control. And we finished our bathing and I didn’t take any clothes or towel inside bathroom. So, we wrapped the same towel which I brought for my aunt and went to her bedroom and she wear her dress and took the towel and went to my room and wore my cloths this time onwards I started to wear underwear.

I went out to play games with my friends. I played till evening and came back to home. Took bath and went to have dinner and came to what TV as usual. But this time she is wearing a thin layer saree which is making to visible her bare body through that. I said you are looking more beautiful in this saree. She asked in which parts of she is looking beautiful. I showed at navel and waist and buttocks. She asked what about boobs and pussy and thighs. I said some extra clothes are blocking them from visibility. Then remove them without removing the saree she said. If you did that you can have fucking session now. On hearing that I started to remove her blouse hooks one after one now her boobs are visible to me. But while removing blouse from shoulders I am unable to remove it without losing saree from her shoulders. Next I tried to remove her petticoat. I tried by removing it from lower part but immediately after losing petticoat saree fell down from her body and she is standing nude in front of me. She is in full control she is not letting me touch her body. She laughing said “How you thought you can make saree to still stand on body after removing blouse and petticoat”. I too laughed and we went to sleep. She came into bedroom just by covering saree around her body. She left blouse and petticoat in living room itself.

I started to sleep by keeping my hands on her boobs. After sometime I started squeezing them. She started to do fingering and doing moaning sounds. I can’t sleep with that sounds so I woke up and started to keep my fingers on her fingers. She said
Aunty: “You lose the bet. So, you can’t have sex now with me”
Me: “Yes, but I am not keeping my dick inside your pussy. I am trying to help you to do fingering”
Aunty: “I can do that. I will ask you if I need some help. You can sleep now”
Me: “But your moans are making me not sleep”.
Aunty: “Ok, then help me to complete it without making sounds”.

Then I immediately started to give liplock and inserted my fingers in her pussy and started fingering. There is only a thin layer of saree cover her body that too started to move away by my actions. Now I can feel her bare body in many parts on my body. I removed my t shirt and short and leaning on her and giving strong kiss as she stopped moaning and enjoying the kiss. I fingered her for more than 30 mins. But she is not allowing me to go further steps apart from fingering, kissing and pressing her boobs. She is in full control. Finally, after 40 mins she released huge load on the saree and my hand. We both slept by hugging on her bare body with my nude body. We woke up after sometime and wear our dress and slept again.

Next day I woke up and got a doubt even though we are both are making sounds and the bed is moving how my sisters are sleeping that much deep sleep. I asked the same to my aunty. She said before going to sleep they will drink a tonic to reduce flu type inconveniences during sleeping. It gives more sedation so they won’t wake from sleep and even they don’t know what is happening in surroundings until we disturb them from sleep.

She said that we are going to crop fields for vacation today which were given to lease to our relatives. She asked me to get ready. She already informed him that we are coming and he cleaned some place in mango trees field to sit and enjoy. While going to the fields on the way we had seen two dogs are having sex by keeping its forelegs on another dog and penetrating to its pussy with fully force and energy and enjoying the fuck a lot. I imagined my aunty in that position and my aunt also seen it and looked at my face and smiled with shy. I don’t why she smiled at me and I responded back with smile in confusion.

We went to that place it is fully 20 acres’ land which is completely fenced from all sides. It has only one main entrance gate from road remaining all sides are closed with fence. He greeted us at entrance and given us the keys of the small house constructed in middle of the fields and he went to his home. My sisters are running here and there and my aunt started to tell the crops that are available in fields. 1 acre of mango,3 acres of paddy, 2 acres of wheat, 5 acres of sugarcane and 5 acres of different types of vegetables. She asked me to lock the entrance gate. We went to the mango field and sat there under trees. My sisters are playing I too joined with them. My aunty made all arrangements for lunch by food brought from home. We went to eat and after that my sisters went to get mangoes. They are throwing stones on trees for mangoes. My aunt asked did you want mangoes. I said yes. Then she asked me to climb the tree. I said I don’t know how climb even though I know to see her reaction. She immediately kept her saree edge in waist and started to climb tree. I am shock of her act. After climbing for some height she got feared and asking me to help. My sisters understood that if they are here they can’t get mangoes and went to another tree and started throwing stones at mangoes.

I climbed the tree. When I am climbing the tree I got a clear view of her pussy from down. I remembered how she teased me last night without accepting for sex. I decided to tease her now. So straight climbed into her petticoat and started licking her pussy. She is requesting me to don’t do that and help her to get out of here. I replied I am helping you and I started to do it hard by biting her pussy and enjoying the juices coming from her pussy. She is unable to handle and tilted a side. We both feel into mud which formed while watering the tree in the morning. She started beating me for making her dirty and teasing her by licking her pussy on tree.

We went to water motor to clean ourselves. My aunt tried to clean herself by sitting in the edge of the small water pond made for water storage which is having a depth of 4 feet. I turned on motor suddenly water came from pipe and she fell into the pond. She shouted at me asked to help I tried to help but while trying to help I too slipped and fell into it. She scolded me that I am doing too many mischievous things.

We both become completely wet. We didn’t bring another set of clothes. So, we are having only option is need to dry our clothes. My sisters played for some times and able to get some mangoes and slept in the place where we ate our food which is having mats. My aunt removed her saree and dried it in sun. I removed my T shirt and pant. By seeing her in blouse and petticoat my dick got erected but not completely visible to her because I am wearing underwear. I noticed her nipples are popping out from her blouse. I went nearby to her and tried to say sorry for what I did. She scolded me and asked to bring towel from the bag. I brought it and she asked to clean all the wet places on my body and her body as well. I cleaned myself first and started to clean her body.

I am feel her soft body with wet drops coming from her blouse and petticoat. Even I cleaned again they are coming from them. So, suggested her to remove her blouse and petticoat else she won’t get dry fast and even it may cause flu to you. She looked around with shy and removed her blouse and dried it. Her nipples are so hard and making me eat them. But I controlled and asked her to remove petticoat also. She said to remove my underwear also that I also will get flu if I left it like that in shy and teasing manner. Now we both are fully naked under mango trees in afternoon on crop fields. I took her to the sugarcane crop field where they are height and nobody can notice us.

After going there, we sat in a place nakedly. The field is having full of water and muddy. Suddenly she felt like something moving at her buttocks so she jumped away and fell in mud. I toughed at her and she came in anger and pushed me into mud. We both fight there for some time and rolled in mud like pigs. We are having body full of mud we played like small kids in that water mud and slept there for some time by hugging each other. She asked
Aunty: “Why did you teased me when we are on tree”
Me: “Because yesterday night you teased me by not accepting for sex”
Aunty: “Then why did you turned on motor while I am cleaning mud”
Me: “It happened accidentally. Anyhow we have enjoyed in this mud like small kids due to that only right”
Aunty: “But what if my daughters are not slept by that time”
Me: “That’s just our luck. Shall I fuck you now”.
Aunty: “Now but we are in full of mud”
Me: “It is ok. You teach a new position”
Aunty: “Then fuck me in doggy style”
Me: “What is that position”?
Aunty: “You have seen dogs on the while coming right, like that”

By saying that she bent into doggy style by pressing her boobs hardly and stretched her ass too much to show her pussy from behind. By seeing that my dick raised wildly and went behind to fuck her. I tried to push my dick inside by simple push it went deep into her pussy due to the mud around my dick. She moaned loudly I hold her waist tight and started to fuck her wildly with great speed the movement is also flexible due to mud in her pussy and on dick. I am fucking her by pressing her boobs and beating on her ass which is giving more energy to me and she is shouting to fuck her hard. We are fucking in doggy style in mud like pigs. We both enjoying the session and after fucking my aunty for 40 mins I released a huge load in her pussy which is coming out drop by drop after few minutes. I relaxed by sleeping on her by pressing boobs from behind. We went back to clean our mud at motor water. We jumped into the water which made huge sound. Due to that my sister moved a bit from sleep I thought she may wake up but she didn’t.

We helped each other to clean mud from our body. I am cleaning her body inch by inch and she is doing same for me. My dick raised again she hugged me tight to feel the heat in that water. I bite her boobs and playing with nipples. She said me to clean it fast. I did as soon as possible. We both came out of water and cleaned wet water drops with towel and wear dress.

I found a long stick with knife and a small net in one end which is used to cut mangoes from trees. I took it and went to hunt for mangoes. My aunty took all the mangoes into a basket and went back to my sisters.
Aunty: “Do you want mangoes” showing it by keeping it beside her left boob. I squeezed her boob hard by that she shouted loudly and my sisters woke up from sleep. They saw at basket full of mangoes and felt happy. One of my sister offered me a mango. My aunty said “Your brother already had his mango which he wants before you wake up” and took that mango and eat. I took mango from basket and started to eat it by seeing at her boobs. She is squeezing her boobs herself to tease me while eating mangoes. I swallowed my mango and took half eaten mango from my aunt. After sometime we started to return back to home. On the way I given back field gate keys to my relative uncle he asked did we had enjoyment in the fields. I replied yes to uncle and went to home.

I have fucked my aunty passionately before coming back to my hometown when my summer holidays are about to complete, that I will tell you in next part.

If any girls, aunties and women from Chennai are interested to have sex you can mail me to [email protected] 100% privacy will be maintained.

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