Mother sister found that I am matured

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Hi All. My name is KKD. I am going to tell you the true story happened between me and my mother sister. Usually I went to my aunty house. They stay in a village which is bit far from my hometown place. I used to go to their house in every summer holidays. It all happened during my age of 18.

First I want to describe my aunty. She is in her early 30s. Her shape is 36-27-36. She has two daughters. They are 5 and 8 years younger than me. My Uncle is businessman. Most of the time he will out of home for business purpose. He will come once in 3 months and stays for one month and again he will go back to look back his businesses. Though they are in village they are having very vast and good looking house constructed which looks like the houses we see in big cities.

After all my exams I have started to my aunty house in full of enjoyment mode to meet my friends in the village and have fun by playing games and moving around the village. I stay in a city area so we won’t have much place to have some physical games. I would like to play physical games rather than the videogames which my friends used to play in my hometown.

I went to the bus top and boarded the bus and I informed my aunty by phone before I start, to pick me from the bus stop. Only auto service is available to my aunty house from the place I off boards the bus. It will be too rush and even road also won’t be good. So, it will be horrible to travel by auto to my aunt village. So, asked her to pick me.

I have come to my aunt house and my sisters greeted me and I take bath and had dinner and went to bed. Next day, I went to my village friends and met them and played cricket, kabaddi, and going onto crop fields, playing in water wells and had fun returned back to home. When my friends are not playing any games I used to play some games which are played by my sisters which they will with neighborhood children. One day there is heavy rain which should not come in summer season. All the places in village is full of water. So, I didn’t go out.

My aunt usually watches TV most of the time. She watches all kind of movies. It is being night my sisters had food and slept. We also had dinner and turned off lights and watching TV. She kept a movie, in that there is a first night scene for almost 20 mins. My dick raised up but I am not having knowledge of why it raised. I have asked my aunt a doubt
Me: “Aunty, what is first night. Why they can’t sleep normally. Why they are rolling on each other. Why they are meshing up such a well decorated bed”
Aunty: “It is a part of life to give birth to new baby. You will understand it when time comes.”
I didn’t understand and went to sleep.

Next day morning it is full of sunny but village is fully of water. So, I decided to not go out. My sisters asked me let us play hide and seek. I said ok and started playing. I had become the seeker. Disappointingly, I went to count the numbers remaining went to hide. I went in search of them.

By that time my aunt has just completed her bath and came back to room to wear dress. She didn’t close the door just a curtain is blocking her to show her. I don’t know that she is there inside that room. Meanwhile I am searching for the hide people and I had seen someone is moving behind that curtain. So, I immediately went to caught her from backside. She shouted in fear. She is wearing only her petticoat and her boobs are out. My dick again raised and I am sure that she can feel it from her petticoat because I am not having a habit of wearing underwear.

She immediately turned back by covering boobs with hands and shouted at me to go away from there. But first time I felt like heaven type feeling when I touched bare body and I came to know that my dick is raising when I see women nude. I went back in game to search for my sisters. I found them on terrace. Whole day my aunt is anger on me and answered in neglecting way when ask or tried to talk with her. Even though I liked the feeling I felt when I touched her. So, I started to touch her bare body parts whenever possible. While she is cooking, washing dishes, cutting vegetables, washing clothes and also while gardening. Sometimes I used to watch her while she is bathing and changing dresses.

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