Son request to mom

hii guys, well I know you are horny and without any introduction I will jump to the story.

My mom was black and reached to age of fourty and i’m 19 and I had feeling’s towards her from a young age well please note that it is a real story and my mom breast was very small , and she used to apply creams to increase the size one night I was watching incest porn for 1 hour and thought that today I have to fuck my mom and i’m ready for whatever troubles happen and my eyes were blind with lust towards her and I asked my mom to sleep next to me and she agreed, after 2 hours my went to complete sleep and I thought that this is the chance and I layed my hand on my mom ass and started to press it and masturbated by touching it after the release the of semen my eyes were opened and I thought that this was completely wrong and I should stop it now and so the night passed .

After a few days my eyes were blind again and asked her to sleep next to me as usual she agreed and these time it was just 30 mins and I couldn’t control myself and started to press her butt and started to masturbate, but in a shock my mom woke up and looked at me in an anger way I suddenly turned around and my mom turned the other side and slept and in the same way I slept without doing anything , the next morning mom was kicking me when I was sleeping and saying that how dare you touch me in the night, and asking me are you feeling lust towards your mother and she went crying then I said sorry to her after that we didn’t spoke well and I went to college and stayed in hostel and after a year lock down came and mom slept next to me she said that

” I missed you so much” and my were blind folded with lust again and after 23 mins my body started to shiver , by imagining the casualties and mom noticed my shivering and asked me what happened why are you shivering I said that I don’t know mom said can we go to the hospital and I said NO she asked why and I replied that mom this shivering was not because of cold,then she asked me tho kya beta and I hold her butt and said mom I don’t know why but

“I need sex with you” by saying this my shiver increased to it’s maximum and I can hear my heartbeat, mom said that do you want sex with me and I said yes and she said you should behave yourself and I requested again and she said if you speak one more word I will tell to your father about this and by hearing this I turned around and my mom turned opposite to me and started to cry, and I turned towards her and lowered my pants and started to masturbate and thought by atleast looking at this she would agree but even after my cum she didn’t turn around and the next day I put camera in our bathroom to see her naked , but the camera angel was not that correct as I can only see her thighs, so this is the thing happened until now but I won’t stop trying hope you enjoyed it.

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