Cousin’s midnight affair

Swati Jain have got the much awaited physical love ,she is now in hunger and thirst for sex.a 21 years gal with a slim figure of 30-24-34 as well as sexy boobs and round shaped ass have got three cocks till today for love…..Nikhil,Anuj and cousin cousin is here as he is back in home after his interview and I came back from my college.we both are in terrace with my mom having cup of coffee together as I can see Yogesh eyeing my nude thighs to legs as I am in a shorts and tops.while sitting on chair with my legs crossed ,my tight shorts have made inner parts visibility low.

It’s 06:25 pm as my mom left us and we both are sitting there,looking at him ,I smiled…..”have you faced your interview confidently?
(Yogesh)yes ,result will be declared after a week .”

And I left him alone as I know about my elder brother late night party today ,as I walked in my room ,I took my book as I started reading it while sitting on chair.later on ,mom came to me…….

“want to move nearby market?
(Swati)mom but is anything you want right now?
(Mom)no Yogesh is going for walk and if you will give him company
(Swati)ok as you wish.”

And I moved to dinning space where Yogesh is sitting on chair , waiting for me.we both walked out of home as both are going to market ,moving on lonely path as Yogesh hold my wrist.He is looking smart in his blue denim jeans with a loose shirt ,as both reached there ,he took me inside a coffee shop .now both are talking as our secret sex affairs have made us some how afraid and shy.later on ,we both are drinking coffee as he smiled on me…….

“Swati tonight your brother will be late while coming back home
(I smiled)oh I see ,than Yogesh
(Yogesh)as you wish
(Swati)when you are going back?
(Yogesh) tomorrow late evening.”

As our coffee drinks ends soon ,we left the shop and Yogesh is moving with me but towards a mall ,as I can’t think his next destination ,he asked…..

“want to gift you something
(Swati)sure you can .”

And he took me in a lingerie shop as I am bit shy but Yogesh is talking with me like my lover…….”Swati choose some undergarments
(Swati)ok but for whom
(Yogesh)for you baby .”

And I choose two pairs of undergarments ,as one is of red colour , brassiere seems to be transparent as panty is.I took the carry bag as Yogesh paid money and now left the shop as he is walking in other direction,looking to him in suspicion ,I moved with him but he asked me to wait as I can see him going to a wine shop.yogesh have bought wine or beer but have put it in his pocket and now both are walking to our home.looking at me ,Yogesh……

“I will see tonight ,how you looks in your shopped undergarments
(Swati)sure ,I will wear it and have a pic.,as I will send to you on WhatsApp
(Yogesh)oh but I want to see you in real.”

And I am voiceless as both walked inside home ,my mom is not in dinning space ,so I moved fast to my room and put the carry bag in my wardrobe.It’s 08:10 pm as I took refreshment and now while sleeping on bed I am thinking about my cousin Yogesh,he is 3-4 years older to me but his physical appearance’s looks good.I slept on bed for an hour as mom walked to my room…….

“will you have meals with me or I have to have it alone
(Swati)but Yogesh can join you there
(Mom)ok I am going to have meals as you both will be late.”and my mom left me.

I walked inside washroom as I removed my clothes and started having bath I am curious to have my cousin’s cock in my vagina as I have loved it with my mouth and it’s longer and thicker than of Anuj and Nikhil.after my bath,I rubbed my wet body and walked inside my room,took out a newly bought undergarments as I put it on my boobs and vagina to show it to my bastard I put a gawn on it and now looked towards dinning space from my room as to see my mom there ,she is not there as I walked to my brother’s room to meet my cousin I step in his bedroom ,he have walked out of washroom as he have put towel on his waist and I moved closer to him as I put my hand on his nude chest to rub it,my other hand pulled down his towel and I got the look of his penis.He is bit amazed as he retaliated and pressed my breast hard”oohh aauch”.it’s not a midnight neither my mom have slept fast ,nor I am going to have fun I walked two steps back,put my hand on my babydolls wear as it’s transparent and yogesh is eyeing my inner beauty while my undergarments are visible but it have covered my sexual I unbuttoned its front part as I opened it partially to show my brassiere and panty ,he smiled…….

“you are hot and sexy
(Swati)thanks but your mouth is smelling like an alcoholic flavour.”

As I walked out of his I am on bed as I am feeling hungry but want to drink beer first ,as I slept on bed , Yogesh came inside and asked……

“want to drink beer?
(Swati)yes I need it desperately.”

And he have put a cane of it in his hand ,as his hands are in his back ,now showing me the cane of beer.looking at him ,I left my bed and walked to him as I took cane from him and Yogesh looked my sexy body from closest’s 09:45 pm as my thirst and hunger for sex is mounting ,I am bit afraid right now ,so I ask him to leave the room , Yogesh walked and moved to kitchen to have his meals as I can see him from behind of curtains.He is on dinning table as I closed my door and than opened the cane of beer as I poured it in a glass and started drinking it,it’s too chill as I have my first drink fast while my eyes have caught the imagination of yogesh’s cock ,I am much happier while thinking it in my glory I put beer in glass as I am sitting on a chair ,while drinking it my dirty mind is on my previous physical love dress of babydoll of wear with nice lingerie have made my cousin curious ,I have my drinks as I put the empty cane in my college bag to hide it from my family members.while going towards my mom’s room ,I can hear some voice of t.v from inside as she is still awake and than I moved to my brother’s room as I can see doors closed ,I pushed it slowly and door opened as I frisked inside to see my cousin lying on bed with his mobile on I sits near his face and hold his wrist……

“let me see what you are watching
(Swati)have it.”

And my eyes are in much belief that he is watching a porn video,Yogesh put his hand on my boobs as he is massaging it slowly and I put away his hand……..

“mom is watching t.v ,let him sleep
(Yogesh)ok I will come in your room after an hour.”

I am on my bed as I have closed the door and now I lifted my babydolls wear upto my waist as I unhooked my panty to make it my finger is on my vagina ,it’s going inside it slowly and I started fingering my cunt fastly as I want to make myself horny before enjoying yogesh’s long penis inside .as my long finger is moving inside cunt ,my one hand is pressing my breast hardly and I am waiting for my mom to sleep.after 10-12 minutes ,I put my gawn down to legs as I am without panty ,you can see my nude vagina’s images on my gawn.walked fastly to see my mom’s room in peace or not as I put my ears on door and I am sure that t.v have been switched I am walking towards my cousin’s room as I pushed the door and Yogesh signalled me that he is coming in my room soon.I am in my room as I sits on bed and Yogesh is in my room with his mobile ,locked the room and while sitting on bed ,he hold me in his arms,I have put red night bulb on to have some light inside it.
I am too horny as I pushed my cousin on bed and leaned my face on his his hand is moving on my back ,I started kissing his face to lips and he is lifting my gawn upto my waist .now I have put his lips in my mouth as my gawn is on waist and my lower parts are nude as I have removed my panty earlier to make my cunt horny.yogesh is measuring my sexy ass with his hand as his fingers is going inside vagina and he put his long finger in my cunt and my tongue is in his mouth.just leaning on my cousin ,he is sucking my tongue as his hand is on my back and finger is fucking my vagina ,I am enjoying it a I took my tongue out of his mouth as I sits on bed and Yogesh is infront of me,he started opening my gawn as it’s out of my I am on his lap as my legs are wrapped on his waist ,my hand is on his back and he is kissing my face to lips as his opened the strings of brassiere.swati is nude on cousins lap as I am holding him tightly with my boobs on his chest,now I kissed his lips and again ,I pushed Yogesh on bed.He is lying as his erected penis is making a image in his Bermuda and I pulled down his Bermuda to make his cock nude.yogesh removed his vest also and we both are nude as he said …..

“darling 69 position will be good for us.”

And I am on my cousin’s top as my sexy ass is on his face and my both legs are in different directions as his face is under my vagina .I am facing a long thick cock as I hold it and removed it’s skin to kiss it,his reddish glans is long and soft as I smelt it harder ,feeling his lips on my vagina is making me crazy as well as I opened my mouth and then took his lund in my mouth but it’s 1/2 of it as I am sucking it wildly ,Yogesh is widening my hole as his tongue started tasting it with his tongue and I am sucking his cock as my face is moving vagina is getting his tongue as he is rolling his tongue in my vagina ,now sexy voice”oohh aahh uumm”is coming out of my mouth ,even my mouth is full of penis.yogesh is licking my cunt as his hand have hold my one breast to press and I took out his wet cock as I started licking it with my tongue.I know every gals loves licking of icecream but I am sure they love licking of penis more ,now his 8-9 inches long 2 inches thick cock is in full erection as I sucked it again for a my vagina is in desperate need of a long cock as he licked it till I moved away from his body.later on ,both are sitting on bed as Yogesh pushed me to lye like a horny gal waiting for his cock made me somehow afraid ,I asked him…….

“Yogesh ,do be frank I have lost my virginity but your cock is too long and thick ,so be cautious while fucking me
(Yogesh)don’t worry you are in safe hand.”

And he knelt in between my thighs ,my legs are wide as he put a pillow under my ass to make our sexual organs straight.looking at me ,he hold his penis and started rubbing his glans on my vagina and lastly his cock is going inside as I am sleeping on bed .now Yogesh hold my waist as he is pushing his cock in my vagina hard ,it’s seems like vagina is going to tear into parts but I am patiently waiting for his whole cock in my his 2/3 Rd penis have made my hole full ,he fucked me hard and I shouted

“oohh no Yogesh ,I am in pain ,aahh be slow.”

But he is moving his penis at great speed and my low elasticity vagina is incompatible to his penis but it’s true that gals vagina become a flexible cunt after fuck for 1-2 years and in regular his penis is pounding my cunt hard ,it’s in fire as I am screaming

“oohh aahh fuck me hard I will cum soon.”

And his hard penetration made my hole wet as he took out his penis from my vagina and put his face there ,licking my cunt with his tongue like a dog to taste I am feeling the pain in it but pleasure is dominant as he put his cock again in my lubricated cunt ,his cock moves smoothly and lastly ,he fucked me hard with hand holding my he is on my top as he is fucking me wildly and I have seen some porn videos ,where lady bounced their ass fast but it’s tough for me as his weight is on my top and while holding his body bouncing my ass up and down is near to impossible ,so I am getting fucked hard as his cock is hitting inside like an iron as I hold him and started kissing his lips ,his chest have pressed my boobs ,it’s a dry and firesh vagina as I am unknown to my cousin’s stamina of fucking .He is screaming in joy……..

“oohh aahh you are a sexy blonde ,aahh have it .”

As my body is in full sensation ,my heat vanished as yogesh’s penis poured sperms in my vagina.He is on my top and we slept like a couple for half an hour .

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