Family Taboo Triangle, Mom gets pulled into a taboo relationship

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Family Taboo Triangle, Mom gets pulled into a taboo relationship.. Meredith made her way to the window when she heard a car pull into the driveway. As expected, it was her daughter’s Corolla. But as the driver’s door opened, a young man climbed out, and he was even more impressive than the Facebook photos had suggested. He wore a faded blue t-shirt that clung to his athletic frame, tan shorts and flip flops. When her daughter, Elizabeth, came up alongside him as they walked up to the house, Meredith realized how tall he was, standing probably six inches above her daughter.

Elizabeth opened the door and yelled out, “Mom, we’re here!”


“Welcome home, honey,” Meredith said as she came from the living room and embraced her daughter. “Mike, welcome,” she said, reaching out her hand then awkwardly embracing the young man in a hug. She immediately noticed the taught muscles of his back and arms and felt her face flush.

Meredith hoped as she stepped back that the color in her face or the look in her eyes wouldn’t give her away. Elizabeth’s boyfriend was indeed tall with an athletic build. His short dark hair, expressive brown eyes, and square jaw made her heart flutter despite herself as he looked into her eyes and smiled.

Mike could barely hide his surprise and delight upon meeting Beth’s mother. She was her daughter’s height, perhaps slightly taller, but with fuller curves making up her hourglass figure. While Beth’s hair was red and cut short at the jawline (which he found incredibly sexy), her mother’s was more auburn and shoulder-length. “Thanks for having me, Ms. Green.”

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Meredith immediately noticed that he knew to use “Ms.” since she had been divorced from her husband for almost nine months. It had been a little over a year since she had last had sex – the last time with her husband during a last ditch effort to re-kindle their marriage.

Before they arrived, Beth had suggested Mike sleep in the guest room to avoid any awkwardness. When they wanted to be alone, Beth could come down to the guest room, which was a floor removed from her mother’s bedroom. They went to their respective rooms to drop off their luggage.

“Hey, mom!” Beth yelled from her bedroom a few minutes later, “We were thinking of going out to the pool and taking advantage of the sun while we can.”

“Good idea; I’ll make a pitcher of lemonade.”

“You’ll join us, won’t you?” It was less a question than a statement; Mike’s voice was not deep but still masculine and commanding in tone.

Meredith turned to answer and felt a sensation she hadn’t felt in years as she visibly (and obviously) reacted to what she saw. Mike stood there in dark red board shorts and nothing else, his muscular body in full display. He was built like a swimmer, with broad shoulders and defined muscles.

When her voice returned, she replied, “I…uh…I’m…I’m sure you want to be alone with Beth.”

“Of course,” he replied in an easy tone, “but there’s plenty of time for that. I’d like to get to know you; that’s one of the reasons I came.”

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