Watching mom’s sexual affair as I masturbated

Bina Mishra is here to narrate a true incidence as she was unmarried and living with her family members in dad ,a govt.employ as my brother Jeet is younger to me and I am studying in B.A in a local college. My mom Julie is a gorgeous lady ,as incidence backs 6 years ,she

Welcome Home

My mother had always been such a bitch, and now after a little Dakker was born things have gotten much worse. It’s really no wonder daddy left her. Hindsight is always 20/20, and now I see that I should’ve believed him. It’s true that I’ve made some choices that I regret, but it certainly shouldn’t

Forced father in law

When i was 12 my cousin showed up at my grannys wanting us to come out and meet her new husband. When we got outside it was love at first sight. Her new husband had his cousin jack with them and as soon as i seen him i wanted to get to know him. They

Fucking my sleeping sister

My sister Annie is 20yrs tall,blue eyes,dimples on cheek,with a attractive boobs and sexy body figure.this story was of that time when i was 18.At that time we used to share our day i was looking movie for late night and at 12 when i was about to sleep my eyes went on my

Family Taboo Triangle, Mom gets pulled into a taboo relationship

Family Taboo Triangle, Mom gets pulled into a taboo relationship.. Meredith made her way to the window when she heard a car pull into the driveway. As expected, it was her daughter’s Corolla. But as the driver’s door opened, a young man climbed out, and he was even more impressive than the Facebook photos had