A young man showers with his two sisters and mother

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A young man showers with his two sisters and mother

It’s 7am on a Friday, and my alarm wakes me up to a classic rock station, lightly echoing in the room. I open my eyes to a new day and stretch my arms and legs for a few seconds, then I do a quick adjustment to the morning wood in my boxers. I push the blanket off of me, sit up, turn off the alarm, and do one more quick stretch before stepping out of bed. Pulling back the window curtain just a bit, it looks like it’s going to be a nice fall day outside, and my college classes don’t start for a few more hours.

I grab my towel and toss it over my shoulder as I open my door to the hallway. Directly across the hall is my older sister’s room. Emily is two years older than I am, with an average build, and her dark brown hair stops just above her shoulders. She’s just starting her senior year at our collage, and she has a pretty good idea where she is headed in life. Her door is open, and as usual, Emily and my younger sister, Sarah, are working on putting together today’s fashion ensemble.

Sarah is a senior at the local high school and has grown into a beautiful curvy young lady, with just a few extra, well placed, pounds. Her hair is light brown, and she usually keeps it short, almost like a pixie cut. It’s a very sexy look on her.

They are both wearing lightweight robes that go down to about their mid-thighs, hurrying around each other, back and forth across the room, as they lay out different pairings on Emily’s bed. Since Emily has a much larger closet in her room, they share it, so this is a pretty common scene.

I lean against my door frame as I stop and admire their bustling for a few moments. While Emily is in the closet rummaging, Sarah carries a shirt over to the foot of the bed, turns, and bends over to place it on the other clothes. As she’s aligning the shirt with the rest of her selections, I tilt my head to get a better view under the bottom hem of her robe. I can clearly see her puffy shaven mound, pressed together between the diamond shaped opening, at the pinnacle of her legs. After a few seconds, Sarah shifts her weight onto her left leg, and apparently turned her head over her right shoulder to look back at me. When I finally notice her looking back at me, she grins for a second, and says,

“You better jump in the shower, or you’re going to make me late for class!”

While still smiling back at me, and after giving me a quick look over, she shifts her weight back and forth a couple of times, which wiggles her butt cheeks, ever so slightly. I smile back at her, nod and say,

“Good morning to you too, sis. I’m on it, don’t worry.”

I give her a quick wink and then I veer left to head down the hallway, a dozen steps or so, to the bathroom.

As per my usual morning ritual, the first thing I do is hang my towel on one of several hooks and start brushing my teeth. A minute later, fortunately, and surprisingly, my boxers are finally loose enough to relieve my bladder. I turn the shower on and wait for it to get to a nice hot temperature. Dropping my boxers to the floor, I hop into the shower. It’s a fairly large size Jacuzzi tub and shower, with an angled floor seat at the back, jets, and a semi-transparent curtain, the whole shebang.

It takes me about a minute to quickly wash off, always paying special attention to clean the half-staff member between my legs. I hear the door open a crack, and Sarah says in a bubbly tone,

“Are you done?”

“Yeah, I’m all set.” I respond.

I can see her bouncing figure through the slightly blurry curtain as she steps into the bathroom, closes the door, and slides her robe off of her shoulders and onto the floor. Then she steps into the back of the shower, where we are facing each other. My sisters and I are all the same height, so we are eye-to-eye now. Sarah reaches past me with her right hand to feel the water. She grins at me and says,

“Nice and hot this morning. Just like I like it.”

As she says that, she steps closer to me, puts her left hand behind my neck, and smoothly slides her right hand back past my hip, and around my dick. She cups and lightly plays with my balls, with her fingers, while firmly squeezing the base of my quickly hardening cock between the circle of her thumb and first finger. I put both of my hands on her bare hips as she pulls my head to hers for a strong kiss, then, like a well-rehearsed dance move, she spins us around 180 degrees. Her firm C cup breasts are pressed against my chest, and I can feel her young perky nipples poking into me. Sarah is now directly under the shower head, and she’s still holding and kissing me as the water starts pouring over her head. We separate just a bit, and end our powerful kiss.

“I’m going to need my front and back done today.” Sarah says with her cute smile. “You can start with the front while I do my hair.”

“No problem at all, sis. Which body wash do you want to use?”

“Let’s go with… Mango.” She says, as she turns around, bends over, and backs her smooth round ass into my crotch. Now my fully solid dick is nestled straight up between her tight butt cheeks as she wiggles her sweet bottom back and forth, just like her earlier tease. After a couple of seconds, *and way too soon for me*, she stands up, turns around, and gingerly hands me the bottle of mango body wash as she pours a little shampoo into her own hand. Sarah starts to streak the shampoo through her hair, as I work a good amount of body wash into a frothy lather.

I start on her shoulders, in between her arms, since they are raised and are turning her hair into an aromatic ball of shampoo foam. While I am rubbing and massaging her shoulders, Sarah releases a light satisfied moan.

“mmmm, That feels reeeally good.” she says, with her eyes closed, so she doesn’t get anything in her eyes.

After about half a minute, I start to move my hands down to her perfectly formed tits. I thoroughly massage her breasts, and occasionally flick her nipples a bit between my fingers, which causes her body to twitch a little.

“Stop…” She giggles, “That… tickles.” and then shoots me a quick grin.

Sarah’s hair is completely frothed, so she moves her hands, covered with thick white shampoo foam, down to my still rock hard dick, and starts to massage the foam into my balls with one hand, while slowly jacking my cock up and down with the other. Her thumb is rubbing over the head of my throbbing penis, and it feels great. That causes me to spend a bit more time on her breasts then is really necessary, but neither of us are complaining. I finally move down to her stomach, and start washing her mostly flat belly and massaging her shapely hips.

Sarah is still rubbing my cock up and down when I move one of my hands around to hold her butt and the other down into the smooth and puffy slit that I was admiring earlier. I quickly rub over her pelvic area, to soap up the area, and then start sliding my middle finger back and forth in between her juicy pussy lips. She spreads her legs, just a bit. Each time I slid my finger over her clitoris, I could feel it swelling up.

“ahhhh, that’s nice…” Sarah whispers while breathing deeply and tilting her head back to rinse off her hair at the same time.

After maybe a minute of massaging Sarah’s slit with my finger, I began to slide the tip of the finger into her pussy. With each slip, I would put just a little more of my finger into her very wet pussy.

“uhh” “uhh” “uhh” “Uhh” “Uhh” “UHh” “UHh” “UHH” she gasps as my middle finger went all the way into her tight hole.

She is now just holding my cock tightly, and she moves her other hand and grabs my wrist to keep my finger deep inside of her for a few moments.

Sarah lets out a long breath, and then slowly pulls my finger out of her.

“Okay, bro, now my back.” she says as she squeezes her fist on my cock a few times before releasing it.

Sarah turns around and bends over again to get her conditioner. I take the opportunity to rinse my cock off in the shower spray from her back, and then rub the head up and down Sarah’s crack. Rubbing down across the entrance of her ass and her pussy, I can feel the meaty tenderness of her pussy lips at her warm entrance each time my head rubs across it.

Sarah pours some conditioner into her hand and then stands back upright. I get some more mango body wash and start to lather it up to start working it onto her back. We are closer together now, with Sarah’s chest still under the water while working the conditioner into her hair, and with my dick again snuggled between her warm buttocks, while she slowly rocks her hips from side to side. I again start to rub and massage her shoulders, and I can feel them relaxing under the firm and gentle pressure from my fingers.

Before I finish massaging her shoulders Sarah moves her hands down to her own breasts and starts slowly squeezing and massaging them with the leftover conditioner. I start to move my hands down to her back and Sarah bends forward, to allow easier access to her back, and other things. Her head and back are now in the water, and we both hold our breath for a moment, in anticipation of what’s coming next.

I slowly slide the head of my cock from the top of her round ass, down her crack, and past the dark puckered circle of her anus. I rub the head around, for just a moment, and I can again fell the warm, wet, plushness of my sister’s supple lower-lips. Then I slide my head past her tempting hole until I could feel it pressing against her hood. I rub my head over her clit a few times and then finally ran the head back to her slit, until it stopped, captured in the warm pocket of her pussy opening. Sarah can also feel the warmth of my head and she arches her back down, and pushes her ass out. The tip of my stiff cock enters my sister’s pussy. Her pussy is so tight, for an 18 year old high school senior, but she is so wet, and my cock slides smoothly into her.

“Ahhhhh” She exhales.

After the initial insertion, we pause, all-in, for several seconds. Then we start to create a rhythm as we slide apart and push back into each other. Her pussy is wrapped tightly around my cock as I plunge deep into her, stroke after stroke. I move my hands down her back and start to rub the remaining body wash, onto her butt cheeks. Squeezing, pushing, and spreading her cheeks as we continue to pound into each other. Sarah reaches back and grabs both of my hands. She pulls them around to the front of her, and positions each one. My left hand is lead to her left breast, which I start to slowly squeeze and massage, and she guides my right hand down, past her navel, to the mound of her pussy lips. Taking her cue, I start using my first and middle fingers to tease the growing bump of her clitoris. I rub her clit in rhythm with our pushing and thrusting into each other.

“Just, like, that.” she says, with a sisterly seriousness.

I continue rubbing her clit and thrusting my cock into my sister’s pussy.

“Yes… Just, Like, That!”

She snaps her head back and the water from her short hair spatters against my face and chest. She lets out a strong moan as her pussy throbs and pulsates around my cock. She reaches back to me and grabs my hips, pulling me into her, and as deep inside her as she can get me. She just holds me there. It feels like her tight pussy is actually sucking and pulling my cock deeper into her. Her hands release from my hips, and they move quickly to the wall in front of her, to hold her up, as her knees begin to wobble and shake. I move my left hand down to her hip and continue to bury my cock deep inside her, and keep her balanced, until she finishes with her powerful orgasm.

Sarah’s swollen pussy finally releases the pressure on my cock. She exhales deeply as I slide my still hard member out of her tight hole. She stands, takes a moment to compose herself, and to catch her breath, and then starts to rinse off her entire body, from head to toe.

“You came pretty quickly this morning, sis, and it felt really strong… and amazing.”

“Yeah… I kind of got myself close before I got out of bed this morning.” She says, looking back at me with a big smirk on her face, as she finishes rinsing herself off.

Sarah steps out from under the water, puts her arms around me, and we share another big, long, kiss. Then, with a satisfied smile, she says,

“Thanks, bro, that was awesome!”

“Any, Time.” I say, returning her smile, as she steps past me, gets out of the shower, and wraps herself in a towel.

I lather up some shampoo for my head, and as soon as I step under the water to rinse it off, I think,

‘Thank goodness we have a tankless water heater, or this would be getting really *blue*, really fast.’

Just then, Sarah pops her head back into the shower and says,

“Have a good day, bro. You better hurry… Emily is next.”

Chapter 2

A few moments later I can hear Sarah open the bathroom door and leave. After a couple of seconds of washing off, I turn around and I again see the familiar sight of a slender figure, dropping her robe to the floor, just beyond the semi-transparent shower curtain. The next thing I see is the sparkling face of my fit older sister, peeking in from the rear of the shower.

“Are you ready for me, little brother?” Emily says with a twinge of excitement in her voice.

“Jump on in, sis. You’re up.” I say with an equal amount of anticipation, as she immediately jumps into the shower with me.

It’s only the second week of classes, and Emily has been keeping herself busy with school, friends, and work for the last few weeks, so we haven’t had much time together. In fact, this is the first time, since classes started, that she joined me for a shower.

Emily’s body is leaner than Sarah’s, and she’s also a C cup, but hers are a bit more bouncy then our little sister’s. I glance her over as she steps into the shower and notice that her bikini line is no longer fully shaved, like our little sister’s. What she has now is a thin, neatly trimmed strip, going straight up above the top of where her slit is. I found this new design of hers very tantalizing, and subconsciously, I lick my lips.

“I see you notice my new trim.” Emily says in a playful tone. “You can take a closer look in a minute.”

She steps under the water with me and we embrace each other tightly.

“I’m looking forward to it.” I say as I raise my eyebrow a couple of times, showing serious commitment to that statement.

We then simultaneously initiate a powerful kiss. Swirling our tongues around each other’s and playing our little game of tongue wrestling. Whatever pressure I may have lost in my penis is now flowing back in, and my cock is quickly rising in between my sister’s legs. It wasn’t long before each heartbeat made the head of my cock throb and bounce against the outer pussy lips of my big sister.

Feeling the new force between her legs, Emily positions the head of my cock between her lips, and begins slowly rubbing her clit back and forth over my dick. The feeling is wonderful, and we also start moving our hands over and around each other’s bodies.

I move both my hands down to Emily’s tiny and tight butt, and begin to massage her cheeks thoroughly. After a few more moments of our playful groping, we finally stop kissing. Without breaking our gaze into each other eyes, Emily lowers herself slowly onto her knees and casually grasps my completely hard member, and points it at her mouth. While still looking up at me, even with the occasional splash of water on her face, which is mostly hitting my back, she confidently takes my dick into her mouth and begins to roll her tongue around the head of my penis.

Emily’s technique has my eyes rolling back in my head, and as I tilt my head back, the water from the shower starts flowing over my face and down my chest. Emily reaches her hand up and lightly scratches her short nails down over my chest. I look down at her, wiping some of the water out of my face, to see what she is doing. When our eyes met again, without stopping her oral sorcery, she points her first two fingers at my eyes, then to her eyes, and back to mine. She wants us to keep our eyes locked, and at this point, I am totally fine with that.

She is still sucking and bobbing on my cock while jacking the base of my dick with a circular grip of her hand. I move my hands down to Emily’s head, not to guide her, ‘she certainly doesn’t need any assistance’, but just to sensually touch her cheeks in appreciation. Just when I felt that I might actually explode into my sister’s mouth, Emily sucks and pulls my cock from her mouth, resulting in an echoing *pop* sound from the walls of the bathroom.

“Your turn, bro. Time to check out the landing zone.” Emily says, with a wonton smile on her face.

She stands up and kisses me on the cheek. We intentionally slide our bodies past each other to change positions, so that she can be under the shower head for a while.

Emily raises her right leg and places her foot onto the lip of the shower. I know what she wants now, but just to be a little unexpected, I move closer to her, cup one of her perfectly sized tits in each of my hands, and begin to sensually kiss her supple neck while massaging her breasts. I can fell the head of my dick rubbing against the back of her smooth elevated thigh. She is obviously enjoying this, because she tilts her head to allow me better access to her neck. I start to move my way down, by licking and sucking on each breast for a few moments. Emily is rolling her head around as she enjoys the sensations that I am sending through her body. Then I slowly and softly begin to kiss and lick a random path down her smooth flat stomach. As I approach the top of her pelvic bone, I can feel her start to twitch with each gentle kiss on her skin.

I finally get down to her landing strip, and I pause for a moment to admire the craftsmanship of this new trim. Emily is still extremely smooth, everywhere except this patch, and for some reason this is very exciting to me. Emily detects my pause and looks down at me. She slides both hands down the side of her body, starting just above her tits, and ending with the tips of her fingers on each side of her slit. Now, leaning her shoulder against the shower wall for support, she parts her beautiful pussy lips in front of me.

“What do you think?”

“It looks very tasty.” I say, licking my lips again. “I think it’s time to come in for a landing.”

I glance up at her, and our eyes meet again, as I move in and begin to run my tongue over, around, and through her new patch of hair. After a few seconds I move down to where I know she really wants me to be. First I lick the outside of her pussy lips, down the left side, as far down as I can go. I start to circle over to the right side, and the tip of my tongue slides right over her sweet hole. Emily shivers just a bit, as I continue lapping back up the right side of her lips and then down into the center of her wet opening.

My tongue is now over my big sister’s favorite button. I look up as I start flicking and pressing my tongue over her enlarging clitoris. Emily smiles and nods at me, and then closes her eyes and tilts her head back into the hot shower. The water is running down her face, over her breasts and belly, and mixing with the sweet and salty juices from her pussy. She uses the fingers on one hand to keep her tight pouty lips parted, for my oral enjoyment. Her other hand is caressing and squeezing her breasts. One, then the other, then back.

When it comes to showering, Emily is an ‘every-other-day’ kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, she takes a shower pretty much every day, but she only uses shampoo and soap every-other-day, because, as she says “It’s better for my skin that way.” I am grateful that today is one of her ‘no soap’ days.

‘Oh-man. Eating pussy like this always gets me hard as a rock…’

While massaging my big sister’s clit with my tongue, I occasionally slide my mouth down and flick my tongue into her luxurious hole. ‘I love the taste of her creamy juices.’ Each time I do this, Emily thrusts her pelvis into my face to meet my tongue. I have my right hand wrapped around her leg and caressing her left butt cheek, then, starting at her knee, I move my left hand slowly, tenderly, up the inside of her left thigh, and slide my thumb smoothly into her moist vagina. Emily lets out a content gasp. With my left hand straight and flat, between her small cheeks, I put a little bit of pressure, from the length of my pointer finger, against her anus. As I slip my thumb slowly in and out of my sister’s tasty love canal, I continue to rub the bend of my thumb and my first finger against her taint and ass-hole.

“Ohh yesss, Ohh Yessss!” is all my sister could say.

She keeps repeating it, in a hushed and quivering voice. And then,

“Stop.” she says abruptly. “Lay down” she tells me, while pointing at the floor of the Jacuzzi tub.

Without missing a beat, I slowly slip my thumb from her wet pussy, and I sit down, settling into the back slope of the tub. I am not quite flat against the back, and my feet are still several inches from the drain side, but this is a comfortable position. The head of my rock hard cock is bobbing up and down over my belly button. Emily finger’s her pussy for a couple of seconds and then brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them, all the while, looking into my eyes. Then she steps to either side of me, and lowers her fit body down towards my lap. She reaches down, grabs my concrete cock and aims it directly into her sweet spot.

As soon as she has me lined up, with my round head touching her silky portal, she bends her knees, and drops her petite body down onto me, plunging her tight, slippery-wet pussy around my dick. The feeling of being inside my big sister is somehow more tantalizing then with Sarah, less than a half hour ago. Emily places her hands on my chest for balance, and begins bouncing up and down, taking my dick all the way inside her twat with every drop on to my lap.

The hot water is splashing off of her head and shoulders and onto my face and chest. I can’t keep my eyes open, but I don’t need to. All I hear is the splashing of the water on our skin, and the intoxicating moans coming from Emily’s talented mouth. All I feel is the water lightly sputtering onto my face, and my thick cock sliding in and out my sister’s bouncing pussy, and that’s all I need right now.

Sporadically our lips lock for an impassioned kiss, which serves to briefly elevate our connection to each other, and increase the speed of our rhythm.

After what seems like 10 minutes of my sister’s wild bouncing on her little brother’s shaft, I start to get a familiar tension in my balls.

“unhh… Emily… uhh… I’m about to… cum.” I eventually utter out.

“Wait bro, wait!” “Uhh” “Just one more minute…” “nnnn” “One… more…”

“Miii…NUuuuhhg” Emily almost screams as she climaxes, her pussy spasms and pulsates around my shaft.

She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls my face in to her chest. She drops down and bottoms out in my lap while my cock is being massaged by the repetitive convulsions of her pussy. I just can’t hold it any more.

“I’m about to shoot, sis. I need to…” I start to say, but she cuts me off.

“Do it, little brother. Do it!” She quickly whispers, down into my ear.

That’s all it takes and I immediately start spurting and flooding my cum into my sister’s still pulsating snatch. As soon as she feels me shoot the first stream inside her, she pulls my head back and plants a deep fervent kiss on my lips. I unload several spurts of cum into my sister’s soaking wet vag as we remain deeply embrace in our kiss. Time almost stops in the moment, and it feels like we sit there for another 10 minutes. Her pussy finally stops climax-sucking every drop of cum from my balls. Our kiss starts to relax; and then she pulls back, and drops her head on my shoulder. I begin to kiss her neck, and she lets out a slow, satisfied, “mmmmmmmm”. The nice hot water from the shower is still spraying down on her back.

Emily lifts her head up, which blocks most of the water from hitting my face, and we look at each other for a few seconds. She gives me a nice big smile, and then quickly bounces her ass up and down a couple of times. My softening, but still semi-hard, dick slides inside her, and the head is fairly sensitive from dumping such a big load into her cunt just a minute earlier, so I grip her a little tighter and let out a little, “uhhh” sound, of pleasure and pain.

“Just my way of saying thanks, bro.” she says as she kisses me with two quick pecks on the lips.

This time, Emily slowly lifts her body from my lap. My cock slides out of her fleshy mound and falls into the crease of my hip. As she lifts herself up, I see some of our juices drip out of her freshly fucked pussy and land on the tub floor between my legs, before being quickly washed away by the flow of water. She follows my gaze and realizes what I am looking at. She promptly spreads her legs a bit and slips a couple of fingers deep inside her twat again. She glides them in and out, a couple of times, and then pulls them out, and sticks her gooey fingers into her mouth. After sucking on them for a few seconds, she smirks at me again and says,

“Tastes even better now.” *slurp* “And I’ll be thinking about your cum dripping out of me while I’m doing a presentation later this morning.”

I know my sisters are both on the pill, but still, I shouldn’t finish inside of them, just to be on the safe side… but this time… well… that was just amazing!

Emily reaches her hands down to me. I bend my legs, grab her hands with mine, and she pulls me up to my feet. As soon as I’m up, she pulls me towards her and we embrace and kiss again under the massaging taps of the showerhead.

Between kisses, Emily says, “That was really great…*kiss* And now I’ve got… *kiss* to get ready… *kiss* to go. *kisssss*”

“I know, I know…” I say, *kissing* back at her, “…rushing off to class.” *peck**kissssss*

“Hey, you’ve still got a couple of hours until your classes start.” She says, as she lightly slaps my butt cheek.

“Yeah, well… Thank you, sis. That felt great!” I say back to her, with one last strong kiss, and then she slips past me and hops out of the shower.

Emily grabs a towel, clutches it to her chest in a bunch, and I catch myself ogling her sweet little ass as she quickly trots out the door.

Alone again in the shower, I look down at my fingers and notice they all look like raisins. The only thing left is to do a quick rinse off, and then turn off the shower. I grab my towel, dry off, and then wrap the towel around my waist. The mirror is completely fogged over, so I take a second to wipe it off. I do a quick brushing of my hair, just to set it into place, and I’m good to go. The clock shows that it’s 8:10, and my first class doesn’t start for two more hours.

Chapter 3

As I step out of the bathroom I can hear a car leaving the drive way. That would be Sarah, heading off to the local High School. Since her first class starts at 8:30, she should be there in plenty of time. I also hear Emily in her room at the end of the hallway, most likely getting dressed herself. As I am about to head to my room, an aroma in the air catches my attention. Instead, I turn around and head towards the kitchen.

As I round the corner, heading towards the kitchen, I see mom in her fluffy maroon robe walking towards me with her morning coffee in hand.

Our mother is in her early 40s and has a toned athletic build. She spends a few days a week at the gym, to keep in shape, and it shows. She’s just a couple of inches shorter then my sister’s and me, and she has brown hair, just like us, that’s slightly curly and drops to just below her shoulders. My sisters tell me occasionally that I have her eyes, which I can also definitely see. I glance down at her cleavage and notice that she’s filling out the top of her ever-so-slightly closed robe, quite nicely. I’m sure my sisters inherited those beauties.

Mom has a master’s degree in marketing and she works as a consultant for several big and small companies in the local area, and on the Internet. As such, she has a pretty flexible schedule, and is usually able to work from home. On the rare occasions that she does need to travel, she’s usually not gone for more than a day or two, so we can pretty much always count on her being there for us.

Our father passed away several years ago, and we had to pull together to keep everything running smoothly in the household. That’s pretty much why we have all become so close over the last few years.

As we start to pass each other in the hallway, we give each other an endearing smile.

“Good morning honey.” she says as she leans up and kisses me on the cheek.

“Morning Mom.” I say as I rotate my face just a bit to peck her on the cheek at the same time.

“There’s some breakfast in the kitchen.” she continues,

“And, I’ll be in the tub in about 15 minutes.” She says with a smile and a wink.

Mom playfully pats me on my towel covered butt as she passes by me.

In the kitchen, mom had made some scrambled eggs, hash browns, and a few pieces of bacon. As I start to put a plate together, I could hear the water running back in the bathroom, and the tub starting to fill up. After a couple of minutes I am about half way through with my breakfast. I glance up and see Emily straightening her blouse as she comes down the hallway. She has her hair rolled into a small bun on the back of her head, and is wearing a smooth black skirt that just barely covers her knees. She is looking very professional today, but then again, she does most days. She has a natural beauty that she doesn’t cover with make-up; which I think is a really good thing. Emily gives me a sweet smile and then turns her attention to the food.

“Looks like a good spread today.” she says, as she grabs a fork and takes just a couple of speedy bites from the bowl of eggs and hash browns.

“Can I have these last two pieces of bacon?” She asks, as she looks up at me.

“Go for it. I’m all set.” I say, motioning to the one remaining piece of crispy bacon on my plate.

“Cool, thanks.” she says as she picks up the bacon with a napkin.

Emily turns and walks over to me, kisses me on the forehead and says,

“Have a great day, bro. Love you.”

“Love you too!” I say after swallowing a bite of eggs. “See you at lunch?”

She turns back to me and nods as she picks up her purse, takes a bite of the bacon strips, and then heads for the door.

I finish my breakfast, put my plate in the sink and head back down the hallway towards the bedrooms. On my way, I glance down at my finger tips and see that they are pretty much back to normal now. I also notice that my towel is getting a little loose from walking around, so I give it a quick pull-apart and then re-tighten it around my waste.

I turn the corner at the hallway and I’m now right in front of the bathroom again. The water is no longer running, and the door is cracked open just a bit so I can hear the soft splash of a hand running slowly back and forth on the surface of the water.

Chapter 4

I casually push open the bathroom door and peer in. The tub is not full of bubbles, but there is a small layer of bubbles on the surface of the water. Mom is siting against the back slope, and there are just enough bubbles to cover her breasts and body. Her right arm is resting on the lip of the tub, and her left hand is skimming back and forth between the bubbles and the water.

“Are you ready, mom?” I ask.

“Come on in, honey.” she says as she looks up at me and smiles.

I enter the bathroom, and close the door behind me.

“Thanks for the breakfast” I say, as I turn to the sink and put some paste on my toothbrush.

“No problem, honey.” “Did the girls get off okay?”

“Yeah mom, they’re all set.” I say as I give her a knowing smile.

As I’m brushing my teeth, I can see mom behind me in the mirror. She looks relaxed, with her head leaning on the headrest at the back of the tub, and tilted towards me. She’s just watching me. Seeing this, I wiggle my hips just a little bit, and as I hoped, it brings a subtle smile to her face. I finish brushing my teeth and then rinse out with a bit of mouthwash.

I turn around to face my mom in the tub, and with my left hand I pull the towel from my waist, with one smooth movement, and hang it on a hook next to mom’s robe. My dick isn’t hard, but it is chubby, and it starts swinging a bit from being released from the towel. Mom looks me up and down for a moment, and then softly bites the corner of her lower lip. My mother looks so sexy when so does that, and I think she knows what it does to me. My dick bounces involuntarily as it gets a couple of fresh pulses of blood into the shaft.

“The water’s perfect.” mom says as she sits up, lifts her knees up to the water level, and slides forward in the tub, to make room for me at the back.

As she moves forward her firm and sizable D cup breasts are lifted above the water and through the bubbles. The bubbles slowly slide down her hearty jugs as she looks up at me, silently summoning me to get in to the tub behind her. I step into the tub, and slowly lower myself into the nice hot water. Mom is still looking up at me, and as I’m lowering, my stiffening dick is fairly close to my mother’s face. As my crotch passes her eye level, she leans in and softly kisses the thick shaft of my penis. This sends a small tantalizing shiver up my back and down into my legs.

I settle into the tub, with my back against the gentle slope, for the second time today. My legs are spread apart, touching the walls of the tub, and my mom is directly in front of me, between my legs. With both of us in the tub now, the water raises to about 4/5ths full, and the bubbles are covering me and my mom’s chest. As soon as I’m settled, mom straightens her legs against the other side of the tub which pushes her butt perfectly into my crotch, and then she leans her back against my chest. My balls and the base of my shaft are now snuggled comfortably between the top of my mom’s buttocks, and her beautiful boobs are about halfway out of the bubbles in front of me. It almost looks like my mom’s breasts are floating on the surface of the bubbles, which come up to her delicate nipples.

Mom leans her head back onto my left shoulder, tilts her head towards mine, and says,

“Sarah was in a pretty good mood when she came out for breakfast. All your doing, I suppose?”

“Yeah, she had a pretty intense orgasm in the shower.”

“I’m glad to hear that. You always treat your sisters so well… And your mom, too…” she says as she closes her eyes and moves her head closer to mine.

I rotate my head and extend my neck, just a bit, close my eyes, and our lips meet in a warm and soft embrace. Mom’s lips are full and luscious, and they feel great against mine. As we kiss, I bring my arms up and tenderly cup each of my mother’s perfect tits in my hands. ‘I hope that both of my sisters have their breasts stay as firm as mom’s are, in their future.’ I’m lightly massaging my mom’s sizable breasts as we open our mouths a bit so the tips of our tongues can flick at each-others. It’s my second round of tongue wrestling today, but mom is a bit more sensual about it then Emily is. With this kind of wrestling, especially with mom, we both win!

After a while of our madly hot kissing and groping, my cock is fully hard and pressed firmly into my mom’s lower back. Without losing our lip-lock, Mom slowly lifts and rotates her body, just enough so she can reach her right hand between us, take hold of the base of my dick, and tenderly roll my balls around with her fingers. My eyes open for a moment, due to the sensation, and then slowly close again.

‘Hmm, now I know where Sarah learned that little trick from earlier.’ I think to myself.

Still heavily occupied by my mother’s mouth on mine, and what her hand is doing to me under the water, I almost don’t notice that she starts to guide my left hand from her tit, down her belly and to the top of her smooth slit. I push my fingers the final inch, slipping my middle finger in between my mother’s small and puffy flaps of her vulva, and gingerly over her clit, and then mom releases my hand, to do as it will.

With a good amount of pressure, my middle finger flicks over my mom’s clitoris and it causes her to break our kiss and snap her head back. As I continue her spasms, by rubbing and teasing her clit, I bend my head down to lick my mother’s neck and collar bone. This really sets her off and soon her left hand is grabbing the hair on the back of my head and pulling my head into her neck. I’m licking and sucking my mom’s neck just like I would be doing if I were eating her pussy, and she seems to be immersed in the feeling. She is trying to moan, through short, spastics, breaths, and biting her lower lip with what appears to be a massive amount of intensity. Her hand is still under the water, wrapped around my cock, but at the moment, all she can manage to do it tightly grip my shaft in her fist. It still feels great though, as I occasionally flex my cock in her grip.

I increase the pressure and speed of my finger on my mother’s clit and her squirming is almost splashing the water out of the tub. I have to tightly squeeze her right breast in towards me, just to keep her from slipping out of my grip and into the water. I lift my legs to wrap them over and inside my mother’s legs, so I can spread her open even more, and get a better grasp on her at the same time. I synch the vibrations of my finger with my mother’s increasing moans. If I didn’t know better, I would think she is having a seizure. Our position at that moment must have been something straight out of the Kama Sutra. It is a crazy kind of steamy human pretzel, and it all felt absolutely great.

“OooohhhhhhhMmmmAhhhhhhGaaaaaaaAAAA…” My mother gasps out as she starts to shake and convulse on top of me in the bathtub.

As my mother hits her climax, her entire body is quivering between my arms and legs. I continue slowly rubbing around and over the swollen bulge in her twat, and each time I contact it, it sends another twitch into her body. At least two more minutes of giving my mother rolling spasms, and she finally releases my hair, and tenderly places her left hand on my left wrist. With that signal, I know she’s finally had enough. I stop moving my finger between her supple lips, and very slowly slide my finger out, leaving my hand resting softly on the mound above my mother’s sensitive slit. She responds with a deep, relaxed, exhale.

‘I think I just gave my mother a hickey…’

My mother’s head is still on my left shoulder, but rolled away from me and facing the wall. I’m pretty sure her eyes are closed, but I can’t really see, and she is still breathing in a heavy and deep rhythm. I lift my head up.

‘Yup… I definitely gave her a hickey.’ I think to myself as I see the bright red circle where her neck meets her shoulder.

I lean my head down and rest it on my mother’s head. I can feel her pulse still racing with each breath. Her right hand is still behind her back, and wrapped around my mostly hard dick. After just a few moments, she starts squeezing her grip around my cock, and causing it to quickly refill with pressure. The bubbles are almost completely gone now, and I can clearly see my mother’s fit body under the water. She slowly rolls her head to face me, and then leans in for some additional passionate kissing.

“It’s your turn, baby.” my mom says to me, between kisses.

“Let’s go to my room, Hun.” she says before giving me one more deep kiss.

Mom releases my dick from her vice grip, and we untwist our bodies from each other, splashing just a little bit more water onto the floor. She slides her feet back and lifts herself up just a little. Leaning forward, she goes onto her knees, and flips the knob to start draining the water. Her toned ass is now in full view, just inches from my face. The small flaps around her pussy are dripping water back into the tub, and there is a thick cream slightly leaking from her cunt. For the second time today I am looking at a perfect diamond shape where my mom’s legs and her round ass come together, beautifully encasing her swollen pussy. Mom pushes herself back, and as she straightens her legs to stand up, she passes her ass about an inch from the front of my face.

I want to grab her hips and bury my face between her cheeks, but I know I have to wait. Just a minute or two anyway. As the water continues to drain, Mom turns and steps out of the bathtub. She lifts her robe off the hook and, like a ballet dancer, she elegantly spins around into it. She stops her spin, robe on, but still completely open in the front, and faces me. Slowly, she leans down and kisses me tenderly on my lips.

“I’ll see you in a minute, son.” Mom whispers in my ear before she stands back up, turns around, and seems to float out of the bathroom, like an angel.

‘My own personal, motherly, angel.’ I think.

I take just a moment to reflect on what just happened. I look down at my still rock hard cock, just as the water level drops to my waist, and my dick is again resting on my stomach. Almost like it’s winking at me. I stand up, and get out of the tub, grab my towel, and quickly dry off. I drop my towel onto the floor, where most of the water had spilled out of the tub. ‘That should soak some of it up.’ I head out of the bathroom, totally naked, and sticking straight out, and, as if my penis were a divining rod, it led me straight back to my mother’s room.

Chapter 5

As I enter my mother’s room, I see her robe on the floor, next to her king sized bed, with mom laying on her side, across the foot of her bed. She is still completely naked, and she’s propping her head up at the corner of the bed, with her left elbow and hand. Her right arm is resting on her side, and her legs are semi-crossed at the other corner. I glance over, for a second, to mom’s dresser, and I see a few pictures of my sisters and me.

‘I love our family.’ I think as I look back to my mom.

She lifts her right arm off her side, points at me for a moment, then she twists her arm, palm up, and bends her finger two times.

“Come here, son.” she says in a very sultry voice, that I don’t quite recognize.

I walk directly to my mother at the edge of her bed, and as soon as I’m within her arm’s reach, she grabs the shaft of my dick, and pulls it straight to her mouth. I have to hop a little bit as she tugs my member towards her. She immediately puts my dick in her warm, wet, mouth, and begins to bob her head back and forth on my solid appendage.

I move my right hand to the back of my mother’s head, running my fingers through her hair, and then place my left hand softly on her side. I notice the bright red hickey spot on her neck as I rub my left hand up and down her side and back, in rhythm with her mouth sliding on and off of my cock. Then I move my left hand down and cup her right breast from the inside. Her D size tit felt soft and heavy in my hand as I massage the whole of her breast.

While my mother is still bobbing her head on my dick, I lean over and slide my left hand down her belly and between her legs. As my hand moves down, she intuitively lifts her right leg and moves her right foot back to rest just below her buttocks. Her legs are now open in a perfect ‘V’ and the middle finger of my hand slides right over her clit and into the warm smooth slit of her pussy.

I rub my finger up and down the length of my mother’s vagina, repeatedly dipping the tip of my finger just into her wet tunnel and spreading her residual pussy cream all over her puffy lips. Moms hand is still at the base of my cock. She removes my cock from her mouth and twists her head under my scrotum. She tenderly starts to lick around my balls, and occasionally sucks one of my balls into her mouth to massage it with her tongue, while she is slowly stroking my shaft back and forth.

My head tilts back and my eyes are again rolling back in my head. ‘Man, I am so glad I shaved my sack the other day!’

“Ohh, mom… that feels awesome!” I moan.

Mom drops her head down and lets my right testicle playfully *pop* out of her mouth.

“I’m glad you like it, son.”

Seizing the moment during that pause, I back away a few inches and move to the center of the foot of the bed. I take hold mom’s left ankle in my right hand and lift her foot near my head as she lays onto her back. Then I reach down to grasp her right ankle in my left hand and bring it up to her other one. Holding both of her feet to the right side of my head, I reach down towards my mother with my left hand, palm open and up. Mom smiles up and me and uses both hands to take hold of my wrist. I pull her up just a bit to spin her body ninety degrees counter-clockwise.

“Whoa. Oh, my… What do you have in mind, now?” Mom says as she giggles up at me, with a devilish grin on her face.

She’s now centered on the bed, with her ass hanging just slightly over the bottom edge of the bed, and my cock pressed straight up and nestled right between her butt cheeks and pussy. I place one of her feet on each side of my head, holding each ankle in place with each hand. Then I tilt my head and stick my tongue out towards my mom’s left foot. As my tongue touches the center of her arch, she starts to giggle again and reflexively tries to jerk her foot back. I continue to hold her ankle tightly as I lick up the sole of her foot towards her petite little toes.

Mom is still giggling and lightly trying to tug her foot away from my tongue as I get to the tip of her foot and take her big toe into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it. She stops pulling for a moment and starts to relax her foot.

“Mmmmmm. Now that’s nice…” she says as she begins to bite the lower corner of her lip again.

I’m not really a foot guy, but I know mom likes it when I give her the occasional foot rub, and I figure since her feet are clean, why not. I’m glad she likes this, I’ll have to remember it…

As I’m sucking on mom’s toe, I start rubbing my utterly hard, and slightly curved, dick back and forth over and through her pussy lips. I can feel her juices spreading on my member and allowing it to slide smoothly over her still swollen clit. With each pass, mom slants her pelvis up to meet my meat, as it rubs against her. I remove her toe from my mouth and begin to kiss and lick my way to her ankle. Mom twitches her foot again as I lick down the inside of her arch again. I spread mom’s legs apart a bit, holding one ankle in each hand and start licking from her ankle to her calf. As my tongue goes down her left calf, I have to slide my dick back and away from my mother’s eager tunnel.

“Awwh.” I hear from mom, with the slightest twinge of disappointment.

I immediately drop down to my knees as I move down to her inner thigh and begin to lick, kiss, and suck my way towards my mother’s special sanctuary.

“Oooooh” she moans as she realizes exactly where my tongue trail is heading.

Her thigh muscle is twitching as I continue to lick and tenderly kiss my way down her toned inner leg. I finally get to her holy land and I take a moment to admire it. Her thin, small, flaps protruding on each side of her slit, and her still engorged clit bulging from between her extravagant lips.


I hear mom whisper from the center of the bed, and it snaps me out of my momentary trance. Mom’s legs are slightly bent up, resting on my shoulders. I move my hands and tightly grab each of her beautiful buttocks, and I use my thumbs to delicately spread her pouting lips apart, mere inches from my own lips. I swiftly spear my tongue into her magnificent pussy.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss” she says as she grabs a handful of her blankets in each hand.

I start snaking my tongue, to and fro, as deep into my mom’s pussy as it will reach, and I can tell that her entire body is tensing up with pure pleasure. After a minute or so I remove my tongue from her hole and begin to flick it over her enlarged clit while quickly shaking my head back and forth. This causes mom’s body to twist and tense up as her thighs tighten on my ears. I move back to penetrating her pussy by jabbing my tongue in and out of her again, and she slightly loosens her leg grip on my head.

“Please, Son. Please, Fuck Me Now!”

There is no need in making either of us wait any longer, and I am more than ready at this point also. I remove my tongue from my mom’s vagina, but I don’t quite stop. I quickly lick up her entire pussy, across her clit, and up out of her slit. I continue running my tongue over her shaved pubic mound, and over to her right thigh this time. I lick about halfway up her thigh, and when I feel her thigh muscle twitch I stand up and hold mom’s legs up in the air, holding one of her ankles in each of my hands again. Her legs are now forming a smooth sensual ‘V’ in front of me.

I teasingly slap my dick down on mom’s stomach. The head of my hard member almost reaches her navel, and my balls are tenderly resting over my mom’s pussy. As I start sliding my cock down her belly, mom reaches down and guides my thick member down to her entrance. I bend my knees down about an inch, so I can line up with my mother’s pleasure spot. As soon as I feel my head at her wet portal, I slide forward, and enter my mom’s pussy. My dick has dried off a bit, but mom’s pussy is really wet, so it still slides right in. It feels great as mom begins flexing her pussy muscles in sync with my thrusts. ‘Thank god for her Kegel exercises.’

Mom is massaging her big breasts and tweaking her puffed nipples. I can just barely see the head of my cock moving up and down above her pelvic bone, under the skin of her toned stomach. After a couple minutes of steady thrusting, I cross her legs and place both of her feet on my right shoulder, wrapping my arms around them to hold them steady. Mom is really tight now and soon she starts to shake and convulse; and she begins having another massive orgasm. Her pussy is gripping and sucking on my pole as it throbs around me. I bottom out and I stop, completely inside of her. She grabs my hips and locks me there, holding me fully inside her for the duration of her climax.

After another minute or so of contractions and sporadic mini-spasms throughout her body, mom’s breathing starts to return to normal.

Mom looks up at me and asks, “Did you cum, baby?”

“Not yet, but I’m close.” I say with a grin and quick bounce of my eyebrows.

I gently lower her legs down to the bed and slowly pull out of her. There is some thick juice that dribbles out from her pussy and stays attached to my dick, spanning a couple of inches before it breaks apart and falls onto the blanket. I’m sure some of that is from my pre-cum, but most of it is all her.

I softly pat mom on her smooth butt, and she knowingly hops up onto her hands and knees. Her ass is now in the air, right in front of me. I place one hand on each of her butt cheeks, spreading her cheeks open. This gives me an absolutely awesome view of her pussy mound and ass hole. I crouch down and slowly lick the hood of her pussy, causing her cunt hole to visibly spasm. Then I slide my tongue up to her still very wet love hole, over her taint and right across the center of her anus.

“Mmmmmm. Give it to me again, son. Stop teasing me.”

I finish licking up the remainder of her freshly washed butt crack and then stand back up. My dick is pointing straight at my mother’s pussy, just like the divining rod after our earlier bath. I don’t even have to hold or guide it. As I move forward it slides straight into her tight, wet, tunnel.

“Yesssss, that’s it. Give it to me!” She demands, as she arches her back down and pops her ass and pussy out to envelope my entire shaft.

I swiftly start pounding her from behind, gripping tightly onto her hips and thrusting deeply with each forward movement. My balls are slapping against the hood of her slit with each lunge. Mom shifts her weight to her left elbow and reaches under her body with her right hand to start massaging her clit. I can feel my balls now slapping into her fingers and I feel my sack start to tighten up.

“I’m so close mom… uhh, almost, there.”

“Yes. Give it to me. All of it.” Mom says, rocking her ass back to meet each of my thrusts.

One final deep thrust, my balls retract tightly to the base of my shaft, and I release my first spurt deep into my mom’s vagina. Mom drops her head to the sheets and reaches straight back with both hands. She grabs ahold of my hips and pulls me deep into her. I feel another strong spurt shoot from my cock.

“Uhhhgg.” I grunt out.

“Ohh, yes!” my mother moans into her bed.

We are both pulling each other so tightly that her ass is smashed flat against my crotch. I can’t even see my shaft, but I can feel my mom again flexing her cunt muscles around my cock as I discharge my third strong squirt of cum deep into her pussy. My eyes roll up and my head snaps back as she continues flexing her tight walls around my dick and my orgasm starts to subside. I feel the last few gushes of cum pulse up my shaft, and deep into my mom.

“Uhhhggg.” I moan out as I feel the last drops of cum being sucked from my dick by my mother’s talented twat.

“Oh, baby. That felt so good.” Mom says in between my panting and trying to regain the strength in my wobbly legs.

I lean over and lovingly kiss my mom a couple of times in the middle of her back, then I stand back up and steady myself.

Slowly I start pulling my softening penis out of my mother’s now cum-filled vagina. There is just a little bit of suction pressure when I start to remove the head of my cock. With a little *pop*, my dick is finally released.

“mmmmmmmm” mom coos.

As I look down at her ass, I see a big sticky wad of my cum drip over the hood of my mother’s pussy, and onto her blanket. Then another glob starts to form at her hole as she shifts her weight to her left leg. That causes the second glob to drool down the side of her pussy lips and begin to ooze down her left leg. I watch it, mesmerized, as it rolls half way down her inner-thigh, then mom smoothly collapses forward on to her bed. Only her calves and feet, which are still spread to either side of me, are dangling over the bottom edge of the bed. I snap out of my trance, and collapse down to the right side of my exhausted mother. Her body is face down, and her face is tilted to the right, just looking at me.

While lying next to my mother, and looking into her eyes, right now, I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about pulling out with her. Mom had a hysterectomy a few years after Sarah was born, due to some random medical complication. Fortunately, that hasn’t reduced my mother’s sex drive one bit.

“That was, really great, mom.”

“It sure was, darling.” Mom says with a satisfied sigh.

“I love when you do that thing with your tongue… It reminds me of your father.” She says with a slight smile.

“I know, mom.” I say returning her smile with my own, as I lean over to give her a couple of quick kisses. She lifts her head slightly and meets me with her lips.

I again notice the hickey that I had left on her neck earlier.

“I’m sorry about the hickey. I guess I got a little carried away in the tub.”

“It’s not a big deal, son. I know you’ll make it up to me later.” She says with a quick wink. “Do you have any plans for tomorrow?”

“Not really. Probably just sleep in, and maybe catch a movie with the guys tomorrow night.”

“Good” mom says with playful grin. “Then you can sleep with me tonight!”

“Sounds good to me.” I say as I lean over to kiss her again.

I look up and notice that the clock on the nightstand shows 9:35.

“Oops. Gotta go, mom!” I say as I quickly kiss her once more, then jump up and playfully pat her on the butt cheek. “Love you!”

“Alright honey. Have a good day. I love you too.” She says as she rolls over to watch me leave the room. She quickly moves her free hand down between her legs and sticks a couple of fingers into her wet spot.

I look back for a second to wave goodbye, and I see her bringing her hand up to her mouth. It looks like there is a fresh dollop of our cum dangling on her fingers, and then she slides her fingers directly into her mouth. She smiles and nods at me, while sucking on her fingers, and then I disappear, out the door and down the hallway.

Chapter 6 – Conclusion

I hurry to my room to get dressed and ready for class. ‘Man, this was a great morning.’ I’ve had sex with my sisters and my mom before, lots of times actually, but it’s not every day that I get to be with all of them in one day. Usually it’s just one of them every other day, or every couple of days. You know, stress relief or natural urges, that sort of thing. This was a special day, indeed.

‘I’ll definitely need to write all of this down, so I can remember every detail in the future.’ 😉

My clothes are on, and my messenger bag, full of books, is on my shoulder. I take one quick look in the mirror on my way out, and I’m good to go. My first class is at 10:10, twenty minutes, no problem.

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