A young man showers with his two sisters and mother

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A young man showers with his two sisters and mother

It’s 7am on a Friday, and my alarm wakes me up to a classic rock station, lightly echoing in the room. I open my eyes to a new day and stretch my arms and legs for a few seconds, then I do a quick adjustment to the morning wood in my boxers. I push the blanket off of me, sit up, turn off the alarm, and do one more quick stretch before stepping out of bed. Pulling back the window curtain just a bit, it looks like it’s going to be a nice fall day outside, and my college classes don’t start for a few more hours.

I grab my towel and toss it over my shoulder as I open my door to the hallway. Directly across the hall is my older sister’s room. Emily is two years older than I am, with an average build, and her dark brown hair stops just above her shoulders. She’s just starting her senior year at our collage, and she has a pretty good idea where she is headed in life. Her door is open, and as usual, Emily and my younger sister, Sarah, are working on putting together today’s fashion ensemble.

Sarah is a senior at the local high school and has grown into a beautiful curvy young lady, with just a few extra, well placed, pounds. Her hair is light brown, and she usually keeps it short, almost like a pixie cut. It’s a very sexy look on her.

They are both wearing lightweight robes that go down to about their mid-thighs, hurrying around each other, back and forth across the room, as they lay out different pairings on Emily’s bed. Since Emily has a much larger closet in her room, they share it, so this is a pretty common scene.

I lean against my door frame as I stop and admire their bustling for a few moments. While Emily is in the closet rummaging, Sarah carries a shirt over to the foot of the bed, turns, and bends over to place it on the other clothes. As she’s aligning the shirt with the rest of her selections, I tilt my head to get a better view under the bottom hem of her robe. I can clearly see her puffy shaven mound, pressed together between the diamond shaped opening, at the pinnacle of her legs. After a few seconds, Sarah shifts her weight onto her left leg, and apparently turned her head over her right shoulder to look back at me. When I finally notice her looking back at me, she grins for a second, and says,

“You better jump in the shower, or you’re going to make me late for class!”

While still smiling back at me, and after giving me a quick look over, she shifts her weight back and forth a couple of times, which wiggles her butt cheeks, ever so slightly. I smile back at her, nod and say,

“Good morning to you too, sis. I’m on it, don’t worry.”

I give her a quick wink and then I veer left to head down the hallway, a dozen steps or so, to the bathroom.

As per my usual morning ritual, the first thing I do is hang my towel on one of several hooks and start brushing my teeth. A minute later, fortunately, and surprisingly, my boxers are finally loose enough to relieve my bladder. I turn the shower on and wait for it to get to a nice hot temperature. Dropping my boxers to the floor, I hop into the shower. It’s a fairly large size Jacuzzi tub and shower, with an angled floor seat at the back, jets, and a semi-transparent curtain, the whole shebang.

It takes me about a minute to quickly wash off, always paying special attention to clean the half-staff member between my legs. I hear the door open a crack, and Sarah says in a bubbly tone,

“Are you done?”

“Yeah, I’m all set.” I respond.

I can see her bouncing figure through the slightly blurry curtain as she steps into the bathroom, closes the door, and slides her robe off of her shoulders and onto the floor. Then she steps into the back of the shower, where we are facing each other. My sisters and I are all the same height, so we are eye-to-eye now. Sarah reaches past me with her right hand to feel the water. She grins at me and says,

“Nice and hot this morning. Just like I like it.”

As she says that, she steps closer to me, puts her left hand behind my neck, and smoothly slides her right hand back past my hip, and around my dick. She cups and lightly plays with my balls, with her fingers, while firmly squeezing the base of my quickly hardening cock between the circle of her thumb and first finger. I put both of my hands on her bare hips as she pulls my head to hers for a strong kiss, then, like a well-rehearsed dance move, she spins us around 180 degrees. Her firm C cup breasts are pressed against my chest, and I can feel her young perky nipples poking into me. Sarah is now directly under the shower head, and she’s still holding and kissing me as the water starts pouring over her head. We separate just a bit, and end our powerful kiss.

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