Married sisters hot night in train

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Hello readers,
Rajeev, a 25 years guy with height of 6’0 feet as fair complexion with nice physique is attractive,is in sexual affair with her as my elder sister Juhi as well as younger sister Ruhi got married ,we are in physical relationship till now but we get little chance as Juhi lives in Ujjain and ruhi in Indore,so we meet quite often and this story cum incidence happened last month as both sister have to come to meet their parents at my mom have asked me to move sister’s home and than to give them company while back to parent’s home,so both sister’s have been informed as i have to reach Indore and there elder sister Juhi will come as we three will depart from their to kanpur,so i packed my small bag as i have booked online tickets in train for my/our journey and as i reached younger sister’s home in the early morning,i took rest for a day and there elder sister Juhi arrived in a cab from Ujjain as our train from Indore to Kanpur is on 09:35 in the afternoon as i have a nice conversation with my elder sister Juhi as well as her hubby,she is looking sexy in her blue leggings with a crop-tops as my brother-in-law left Indore in the evening,both sisters are busy in conversation as well as packing.

Juhi,a 28 years married lady ,with her beautiful face as well as nice pair of boobs,looks like shaped mangoes as her squared dome shaped ass is heavy,she is a beauty rather than hot as well as wild and she have lost her virginity prior to her marriage to me as we both have a great sexual affairs inside home and than as younger sister Ruhi have caught us once as i was pressing my elder sister’s boobs in dinning space,she have shown her much resistance as well as made both of us feel guilty but than,Juhi have convinced him for love cum sex and Ruhi,a 24 years married lady have lost her virginity to me prior to her marriage and we three have had group sex also,she is a bold as well as hot lady as her height of 5’4 feet makes her little shorter,she have kept her sexual organs well shaped as her boobs and buttocks are nice,her physique as well as sexual activities on bed can make any guy /men scream.she is too good on bed in compare to her elder sister but ass we three are going to enjoy a journey from Indore to kanpur,i am too curious to enjoy with them in train,so i walked out of my sister’s home in the evening as i am too tired after my journey but a day full of rest have given me some relief,so i walked towards market area as i have to buy some items for journey and there i bought four canes of chilled beer as i took it in a carry bag and than walked towards a shop to buy packet of cigarette as well as condoms,may be my both sisters are using contraceptives for safe sex as till now they have not conceived and than i bought some snacks as well as ice cream and walked back to sister’s home,as door is opened with my younger sister’s hubby inside home,i walked towards guest room as i put carry bag full of beer in my bag,i came to dinning space as i put packet of snacks on table,so brother in law walked to me and than we both are sitting in dinning space as ruhi prepared coffee for us and as we four are drinking it,it’s 07:15 pm and than both sister walked towards bedroom to get ready for their journey and after a while,i am in guest room as i walked inside washroom and have bath,it’s a hot weather as after my bath,i slept on bed in my briefs only and there,ruhi came as she smiled………..

”after 15 minutes,we have to leave home,train is on time
[Rajeev] o k ,i have to put clothes only but get ready soon.”

And than i put my jeans as well as t’shirt as i walked to dinning space,brother-in-law is sitting there as i can see elder sister juhi in a long skirt with sleevless kurti and i sit there as we are ready to move to Indore junction ,after a while,booked cab came as i put luggage in it,so my younger sister Ruhi is looking hot in her black leggings as well as brown crop-tops and both sister are sitting on back seat as i sit on front seat near driver and so car moved on road as both sisters are talking while i am sitting voiceless while looking straight,it’s a rush traffic hour on road and lastly,we reached junction at 09:15 pm as a coolie took our luggage,we three are moving towards platform no.2 and train have arrived there,so we got inside A/C -1 coach as i am looking for coup D and lastly,coolie put luggage inside our coup and we three are now sitting on berth as one co-passenger is also there,a 25 years guy ,wearing a short as well as t’shirt is eyeing towards my sisters but he is gazing their beauty and i ask him……………

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