Married sisters hot night in train : part-2

Hello friends, Its a complementary part of last one ”Married sisters hot night in train’‘,as in an A/C-1 coup my both married sisters are nude as myself Rajeev have enjoyed oral sex with both sisters,lastly i fucked my younger sister Ruhi as she got my cum and our sexual activities comes to an end for

Married sisters hot night in train

Hello readers, Rajeev, a 25 years guy with height of 6’0 feet as fair complexion with nice physique is attractive,is in sexual affair with her as my elder sister Juhi as well as younger sister Ruhi got married ,we are in physical relationship till now but we get little chance as Juhi lives in

My mom in a party

It’s a memorable evening as my mom NANCY is going to a marriage party in a club with her son Rajeev.she have put a lehnga and choli on her sexy body as her boobs are looking like mountainous range of Aravalli ,her tummy is glittering like a Alluvial plains of Punjab .she is looking like

Renu’s sexual desires

Hello readers, My younger sister Renu is now married for last 5-6 months as she is enjoying her life with hubby.we both have complemented each other on bed as she is a 23 years gal and I am a 25 years guy.she is now in her parents home as she came here after her marriage

Mom’s hot evening with my friends

I am just 19 years old as I got the taste of a lady ,her sexual organs ….boobs…..vagina are still in my eye as we both have enjoyed sex twice before a weekly trip to we both mom and son have lost their natural bonds as I have pleased him with my long cock

Trip to shimla,part-05

Hi readers, My Shimla trip with my mom Nancy as well as sister comes to an end as we three enjoyed there for 4 days and now we are going back to our home as we three have hired a cab for Kalka (Prev story Trip to Shimla part 4) ,we have to board a

Trip to shimla :part-04

Hi readers, It’s a day four in shimla as my mom Nancy and sister Renu have left bed and after having a nice bath,they are having breakfast as I am still sleeping (Prev story trip to shimla part 3).my eyes opened as my mom put her hand on my chest and shouted…….. “Raju it’s 09:30

Trip to shimla:part-03

Hello readers, It’s a day three evening in Shimla as I (Rajiv) am enjoying a nice vacation with my mom Nancy and sister renu (Prev story Trip to Shimla – part 2). We three slept after lunch as we are going to mall in the evening ,my mom Nancy is wearing a crop tops with

Trip to shimla part-02

Hi readers, I am in Shimla with my hot mom Nancy as well as younger sister Renu (Read prev story Trip to Shimla part 1). It’s a day three as we three are visiting natural sites as well as enjoying sexual affairs . In the morning ,we three moved out of hotel and left for

Mom and sister as sex goddess

Hello everyone, It’s a nice summer as I am with my mom and sister in Shimla for a week vacation. It’s a day two as we three have a nice visit to Jakku hill and we three are back in our hotels room. It’s 12:20 afternoon as my hot mom started removing her clothes in

Renu on train

Hi , I am in Sealdah rajdhani express with my mom Nancy as well as sister Renu. We both mom as well as son have enjoyed sex once on train as we both slept on our berth.I am well exhausted as I slept for 4-5 hours without any hurdle and I wake up as I

Hot blonde Renu

Hi everyone, I advise readers to hold their cocks or to finger their cunt as my story will make you hot. If readers are male,they can hold cock and masturbate it while reading my story and if readers are gal or lady ,put your fingers or hard objects in your cunt to make it hot

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