Married sisters hot night in train : part-2

Hello friends,
Its a complementary part of last one ”Married sisters hot night in train’‘,as in an A/C-1 coup my both married sisters are nude as myself Rajeev have enjoyed oral sex with both sisters,lastly i fucked my younger sister Ruhi as she got my cum and our sexual activities comes to an end for a while and as ruhi put her night wear before she cleaned her vagina with a small towel given to him in train and she walked out of coup as i slept on a lower berth in a complete nude status,so my elder sister smiled………

”now it’s my turn but your tool have lost his energy
[Rajeev smiled]no need to worry my sexy sister,i will start my love again after 10 minutes and than you will get a longer span of fucking,so please give me my wallet from my pocket of jeans.”and juhi have put a sexy baby doll wear on her body as she stand and than took out the wallet from my pocket,so he give it to me and now as i opened the purse and took out a pill for harder erection soon,she have looked it and than i am sitting on berth as ruhi came inside coup and locked the door,looking at me,ruhi said…………


”i am too hungry ,so if you want than you both can have dinner also
[Juhi laughed] really you have changed a lot my sister,but i am not going to have meal soon.”,

So i am also feeling too hot as i want to drink more beer and now as juhi is sitting with me on a berth,ruhi took out packed foods as she put it in plates and started eating it on opposite berth,so my nude cock is making ruhi bit uncomfortable and she is having her meals as looking at me,juhi said……….

”raju ,i need some drinks
[Rajeev] sure,so have my carry bag from bag and than open the cane of beer.”

As i am sitting nude on berth and my elder sister took out a carry bag as she took out remaining two canes of beer from it,so i took it from her hand and opened it,beer is chilled as she starts drinking and now as i put my hand on juhi’s thigh to move hand inside her baby doll lingerie,so my hand is on her fleshy vagina but a bikni have covered her vagina,so as i am rubbing his cunt hard,she moved closer to me and now took my cock in her hand as she drink half of cane of beer and now i am drinking it,so he hold my cock in her hand as i am drinking beer,ruhi stand and now as she walked towards coup door,i put a blanket on my cock and she walked away as my elder sister juhi is too close to me,even coup’s door is opened with its door pushed,we are cool as it’s 00:35 midnight and after a while,as ruhi came inside and locked the door,juhi put away the blanket as my cock is still powerless and a pill with drinks have been used to make it energetic an than to enjoy a night with elder sister juhi as ruhi is wearing a night wear,looking at us,she said…….

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”have a good night,i am going to sleep on upper berth
[Juhi] sure,no need to watch our love session.”

And ruhi moves to upper berth as she put a blanket on her body and turned her face towards our opposite direction,so as juhi is holding my cock i hold her breast an starts squeezing it,its bigger in size as i got it last time and now as my cock is getting some energy,i am feeling bit relaxed and now i hold my sister’s arm as i pulled down the string of baby doll lingerie.Juhi ,a 26 years married lady is looking like a hot and sexy gal as her figure is still maintained and as her lingerie comes down,i put down other string also and his upper parts are nude as her sexy boobs are making me hotter,now i hold her 36d size boobs as i am squeezing it hard and she pulled down her lingerie as she took it out from her legs,so a small piece of cloth have covered her sexy cunt and as i am feeling too horny,i hold him in my arms and now it’s the start of second session of love cum lust.

My elder sister is well drunk as she sits on my lap as her both legs are wrapped on my waist and she starts kissing my face to lips as her breasts are giving me a hot feel on chest,so as she is dominating me while kissing my lips,my hand is rubbing her back and her soft back is getting rub as my palm is doing it and so sexy sister took my lips in her mouth as she is sucking it hard and now as my cock starts erecting,my hand moves to her waist and i got the hook of her G string,so i unhooked it and as my lips have been sucked,her nude cunt is giving my waist a softer touch as we both took out our tongue from our mouth and starts licking it but lastly,she took my tongue in her mouth as she is sucking it and my hand is under her heavy buttocks as i starts rubbing her hole from rear side and than as my finger eloped inside,i insert it fast and i starts fingering her glory hole as she is sucking my tongue and while fingering her hot cunt fast,i am feeling her boobs on my chest,so we both are going towards other level of sex as my finger is screwing her vagina and after a while,she left my tongue as she put her head on my shoulder…………..

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”you are so sexy my baby,now leave me i have to love my sister’s cunt.”

And she is bit shy as she wake up and sits on berth’s corner as like a shameless lady she put her both legs in air and now provoking me to love her cunt,so i knelt down as i put my face on her vagina and starts kissing it and her hand hold my hairs tightly as i am kissing a matured vagina of my elder sister,so he is screaming”oh aah yes love it but i will love to get fucked with you for atleast 15-20 minutes as her both legs are on my shoulder,my face is in between her thighs and now i widened her hole as i put my tongue to lick it,so my whole tongue is moving inside as i am tasting her cunt and she is in fire”oh ah you dog lick fast,i will cum”and i love to taste sister’s cum as i have done it earlier on ,so my tongue is moving fast and my cock is now a brave soldier,going to have a war with strong erection,now as i felt her vagina releasing fluids,i licked it for a while and tastes i left my sister’s vagina and now i wake up as she hold my cock and our eyes are meeting like a hot couple as she opened her mouth and took my whole cock in she closed her mouth as she is sucking it hard but her face is not moving and i am feeling too aroused but it’s her desires to suck cock like this but as she sucked my cock for 2-3 minutes,i felt my cock growing harder and bigger in her mouth,so i hold her silky hairs as i starts fucking her mouth with my fully erected cock,she seems to be a whore with her eyes closed as she is enjoying my penis in her mouth,her sexy voice’uh um ah” is making coup hot and my second ejaculation will be longer as lastly,she pushed my waist hard and freed her mouth from my we both are horny as she stand in front of me as we are voice less,it seems she will put my cock in her vagina and she hold my penis as she have put her one leg on berth,her stretched legs are sexy as she is rubbing it’s glans on her hole and now she is pressing hard my cock and as we both are standing facing each other,my hand is rubbing her sexy ass and so my 1/2 cock vanished inside as her cunt is wet and now i hold her waist as i fucked hard from below and she screamed louder

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