Family camping trip : Part 3 – Final chapter of a family camp trip

This is the final chapter to the Camping In Style story..(Read part 2 story Family camping trip : Part 2).. No had no sooner made it out of the parking lot than mom and I had taken our clothes off and were putting them away. As we undressed I asked mom if she liked that stop in particular. “Yes, it was a very nice place and the restrooms were so big. I’m glad we stopped there, oh, and the people are so friendly” mom said as her eyes twinkled with a bit of excitement. I noticed her nipples were hard as rocks.

“Anything special happen?” I inquired with eyebrows raised. “I know I had something special happen.”

Mom peaked around the closet door “Really! What happened?” The way she asked led me to believe nothing like what I was about to tell her did she experience.

“Well, while I was in the bathroom stall, a lady came into it and she ate my cunt and finger fucked me. I’m surprised no one caught us, I made quite a bit of noise.” Mom’s eyes were trained on me as I told how good the lady’s tongue was as she licked my clit and fingered me to orgasm. At one point mom was tweaking her own nipple and when I saw it I asked “mom, am I making you horny? Would you like for me to show you how she ate me and finger fucked me?”

Mom’s stomach muscles tensed for a brief second and I knew I had gotten to her with my story and questions. “Yes baby, show mommy what that lady did to you” she said as she closed the closet door and crawled up on the bed. She spread her legs for me to have easy access and I saw her shaved slit was already wet from he excitement.

I crawled up on the bed and immediately began kissing and licking her slit. I placed my hands around her hips and rested my fingers on her stomach just below her naval. My tongue slid up the entire length of her slit then I widened it to make circles around the top of her clit. Mom grabbed my hair and while she healed my head, she ground her pelvis in my face. My lips sucked her cunt lips in my mouth and my tongue entered she slit. Mom’s juices tasted a bit like strawberries so I knew she was using my female products.

“Damn mom, you taste so good. I could eat you for every meal” I said as I pulled back to reposition my hands. I took my right hand and brought it back around and eased two fingers in her hole. This caused her to take a deep breath and I followed that by sucking her enlarged clit. “Oh fuck, right there, suck my clitty. Oh yes baby, make mommy cum. Fuck her wet pussy baby.”

Mom bucked her hips wildly as I sucked her clit to her first orgasm. My fingers were easily entering her son I added a third then fourth finger. “Fuck me, yes baby, fuck me good” she exclaimed as her orgasm overcame her. While one hand held me in place, her other hand was feverishly tweaking and massaging her breast and nipple. Her orgasm lasted a few minutes before she began to relax. When she could, she pulled me up for a kiss that allowed our tongues to stir her juices together I. Our mouths.

“Your tongue is magical” mom whispered as we ended our kiss. “Now it’s my turn to return the pleasure.” We rolled over slowly and mom planted kisses down my body being careful to give attention to each nipple and my naval. When she got down to my hips, she moved over my leg and positioned herself so she had easy access to my slit. I spread my legs to accommodate her and she took her hands and spread my slit open. Her tongue licked at the wetness as she moved up to my clit where she planted kisses on it and sucked it like a lollipop a few times. The electricity that ran through me when she sucked my clit caused my hips to drive forward. Mom knew what she was doing down there.

She took a finger and caressed my clit as she eased her tongue down my opened lips till she got to my hole. Her tongue entered my hole and I felt a warm sensation as she started tongue fucking me as she massaged my clit. More wetness poured out of me and mom licked it up as fast as she could.

Between her tongue and finger skills, I was on the edge of cumming when mom stopped. She climbed up my body and sat on me so that our cunts were rubbing together. She rolled her pelvis in a way that her cot rubbed against mine and electricity coursed my body. We both rolled our hips and got into a rhythm that looked like fucking if someone walked in. My orgasm came on me quickly as mom and I rubbed our cunts together. I could feel the lips of her cunt press against mine and out clits touched every few humps which added to our excitement.

In our scissor position we both held a leg with one hand while tweaking a nipple with the other hand. When my orgasm took over I held mom’s leg tight as she ground herself into me. I let out a high pitched “AH!” as I came over and over for the longest time. Mom followed shortly with her own sounds and gave short humps as her orgasm washed over her.

As we lay back on the bed, mom moved around and joined me and we kissed and cuddled till we fell asleep. The next thing we know, dad standing over us jacking himself off. We had finally arrive at the park where we would spend several days isolated from everyone. I was looking forward to more time with my family and all cock and cunt I could handle.

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