Moms Method of Keeping Me from Wetting the Bed

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Mom, my older sis and I used to watch TV on the sofa most every night when I was young with mom on my right and my sis on my left lying down with her legs up on my lap. When I was 10, I must have fallen asleep and my little pecker must have been slicking up through the slit in my PJs and my mom hand her hand on it and was pushing it back inside the slit. I asked what was going on as I awoke and mom just said go back to sleep, but I couldn’t because it felt really good having her hand on me like that. I fake seeping and made sure I moved just enough to make it pop out again a few minutes later. She again took her hand and pushed it back inside. After the 3rd time, my sis, who was 14, just said, “why bother if it is just going to pop out again.”

Mom said she did it so I would not be embarrassed if I woke up. With that she tucked it back in again and then got up to go to the kitchen to finish the dinner dishes. My sis took it upon herself to open the slit and pull my pecker out and she played with it until it got hard and stuck straight up. When she heard mom coming back she tried to put it back inside but it would not go in being hard. Mom sat down and asked her what happened. Sis told her that while I was sleeping it just began to grow and then it stood straight up. She said she didn’t want to touch it to put it back in so she left it out.


Now at 10 I was only about 4″ when hard but I remember mom commenting that she didn’t even know that a 10 year old could get an erection. Then she said that it was a very nice looking penis. Sis just said she wouldn’t know since she had never seen any others and mom said that was good. These nightly happenings went on for years as I really enjoyed the attention from both of them and they seemed to like to watch it grow and get hard.

One morning I had just gotten up and heard my mom and a few of her lady friends in the kitchen talking about their kids. I listened from the next room and couldn’t believe their conversation. Most of the ladies had sons about my age and one had a daughter. They began to talk about bed wetting which I had never heard about. From the conversation, I could tell that they were talking about their sons and the fact that they have some kind of accident in bed while they sleep. I never did but I wanted to hear more. The one lady said that her son was wetting the bed every night and it was such a mess to clean up having to strip the bed and wash the sheets every morning after he went to school. She said she was talking to another mom who had the same problem and she told her she fixed the problem by going to her son’s room after midnight when she knew he was asleep. She would pull down the covers and open his PJs and pull out his little pecker and play with it until he ejaculated. She said she took a towel and tissues with her to clean up the mess but it was much easier than stripping the bed every day.

I already had been masterbating every day since I had found out about it from some of my friend so I knew now what they were talking about. One of the ladies asked if her son ever woke up while she was playing with his pecker. She said never and that “boys don’t wake up when they have wet dreams, so this is the same thing, just be gentle”.

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