My Mothers Glory Hole Adventures

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Chapter 1 – Introduction –

A couple of years ago I engaged in sexual activity with my own mother and I’d like to share how it happened. While at first I was reluctant to share, I now find that it is quite an interesting narrative and not a lot of people can compare. Growing up, I lived with my Mother, Father, and younger sister. I was never sexually attracted to my mother, even in my puberty years. I know it sounds weird based on what I’ve already shared, but I wasn’t weirdly obsessed over my mothers body. My mother (Amala) is a 45 year old, blond, 5’10’’ woman. She had a long set of legs, moderately sized breasts, and a plump ass, but this is what my Father obsessed about more than me.

All throughout my life my mother was a joyful, outgoing, humorous Mom. We had a great relationship and for a time in high school she was my only best friend. We did everything together and had a great time doing it. My father on the other hand wasn’t very good. Mom caught him cheating multiple times in their relationship and every time he said he would change, he didn’t. Bound to happen, when I was 17 they separated and initialized the divorce. Needless to say, my Mom was great and my father wasn’t.

About a year after my parents divorced, I was 18 – almost 19, and my mother was struggling to make ends meet. Since my dad was gone, my Mom had to provide herself and I could tell it was making her stressed out. It felt like she had stopped being my best friend due to all her energy being put into work, so eventually I too got a job and offered to help with the bills. Every time I did this, she would almost tear up and say how wonderful I am because I’m nothing like my father. Still though, we struggled to get by and my mother was under a lot of stress. But this is just my background, I want to tell how this escalated to sexual interactions with my mother and what happened because of it.

Chapter 2 – Missing Persons –
I lead with sexual interactions because my story isn’t as straightforward as just having sex with my mother. Yes my dad left and I became the sort of “Man-of-the-house”, but my mother was still a parent to me. She was still my guardian and the person who – at the time – would detach from me if I ever made advances towards her. That was the last thing I wanted for me and my mother.

At 18, I still cherished my mothers love and appreciated it as a constant, which is why I started helping around the house. However, our things became sort-of weird one winter when I noticed that Amala – my mother – started coming home extremely late. One day while I was watching my sister , our mother didn’t come home that day. At first I thought she was taking a 24 hour shift at her job, but the next day she still wasn’t home. When I tried to speak to her over the phone, she just messaged me saying that she was working. It wasn’t until 3 days passed when she finally came home.

When she got in I expressed how worried I was and questioned what she was doing. Her response was, “I was working Hun, but I knew you guys were okay for me to take off that long. And son, don’t worry about the bills anymore, I want you to save your money for yourself, I have it covered.” As puzzling as it was I didn’t really read into it that hard. However, over the course of 3 months our mother did this multiple times. And I mean she did it a lot. She would come home, be herself and care for us, leave for work, and return 3 to 5 days later. This made me extremely angry. I know my mother wasn’t the type to leave us since she despised my dad for it, but I felt as if she didn’t care about her absence to me and my sister. After one of her returns home I made up my mind that I would figure out what my mother has been doing on these outings. Was she actually working? Was it a guy? Wtf is going on?

Chapter 3 – The Investigation –

At the time, something that always puzzled me was how my mother was making ends meet. After that winter she acquired a handsome income from her said “job” and became less stressed when it came to work. Cool, that’s really nice I thought. But how does that correlate to leaving for days on end? I wasn’t getting any answers from my mother, so I began to investigate on my own.

At first, I started going through her phone, I know it’s not cool right? But at the time she was being very deflecting of her answers and my sister and I began to desire more information. After going through messages, texts, and phone calls, I stumbled upon her location and maps app and viewed her location timeline. Apparently, every time she disappeared she went about 2 miles away from home to this huge bar. So immediately I thought, okay she is a sugar baby getting money from a guy for sex. This made me pretty uncomfortable. Another guy having sex with my mother for money, I thought my mother was better than that.

A day later I went to my buddy George’s house – who was one of my best friends from school. I told him about my mother going to a bar for days and coming back with loads of money. “You know honestly I think she found a guy at a bar and now she has sex with him for money” I said. “Do you know how uncomfortable that makes me feel, or would make Angela (my sister) feel.” Surprising to my knowledge, George was familiar with that particular bar and told me that it’s in fact more than just a bar. “That place is like a huge adults club. It does have a bar, but it also is a strip club, a porn club, and some other things I don’t know much about”. At first I was like, “how the hell do you know all of that Haha”. But after processing that information, I came to the conclusion that my mother was either a sugar baby, a stripper, or an adult actress. Maybe she was a combination of all of them, who knows? But one thing I did know was that my mother was offering something sexual for money and it made me feel weird.

Chapter 4 – Sexual lensing –
I’ve never really been in a strong relationship before. I’ve had sexual interactions on numerous occasions with past girlfriends and female besties, but I haven’t really had that strong bond to someone before, let alone sexually. But learning about my mothers deeds made me feel different in some way. She was fairly attractive for a person of that age, let alone curvy as well. I guess it shouldn’t have been surprising that she would use her features to attain money, but still it made me feel different, almost curious in a way. On one hand I wanted to know more of what my mother was up to because of her well being, but on another it was because I was very intrigued. It was like I started seeing my own mother through a sexual lens.

“So your mother is a stripper,” George said. I replied with a friendly “fuck you” and left. I decided that I was going to find out for myself what type of sexual figure my mother was becoming. The next week when she left for “work”, I went to this place 2 miles from us to see what she was actually doing. I won’t lie I was a little nervous, one from not being accustomed to going to strip clubs, and two from what I might potentially see my mother get into.

Immediately when I got there, the place was huge. I got in with a fake ID and started looking around. It was a Multi-floor “adult center” with different sections for different adult pleasures. One section had a normal Bar and club area where people drank alcohol and danced. Another was a stage where strippers would pole dance and show themselves. There was an area cut off for talking to the strippers and getting lap dances. Even though it looked quite enjoyable, I didn’t want to indulge, I just wanted to find where my mother was. After looking for about 10 minutes I walked towards the back of the club and finally saw her, my mother. She was standing on a stage, pole dancing, in front of a good 20 people, all just staring at her body. She was wearing a black bra and panties set with stockings going up her leg. My mother was never really the dancer, but during her pole dancing she looked like a natural. I never would have thought that my own mother would be going up and down a pole sexually for money.
“So She is a stripper” I thought. “Ok I have my answers now i can leave”. But for some reason I didn’t. It was like I was too infatuated in seeing my mother sexually. I’ve never seen her this way before, and I never thought that I would be this curious if I did. She danced for about a good 10 to 15 minutes. She did splits, bent over, twirled on the pole, and grinded her ass and vagina multiple times. Halfway through her performance I started getting extremely turned on by this and grew a visible hard on through my pants. She did a finishing split and finished her performance. I swear I almost came in my pants. I felt so conflicted. On one hand there was a super hot lady stripping in front of a crowd, but on another that lady was my mother.

As soon as she finished I left that area as I didn’t want to risk her finding me. I took five more minutes to take in the other sights before I left back home. “Wow, its not everyday where you see your mother strip sexually” I thought. As the week went on my mother came back as usual and I hid my findings of her being a stripper. I guess I came to terms with it and said whatever before going about my business. At the end of the day, she was making ends meet, and even though it was in a weird way, she still did it for her family. That deserves some respect. But things still didn’t make sense. If she’s only a stripper, why is she gone for multiple days? And how is she getting so much money, because I knew for a fact that strippers don’t make as much money as my mother was bringing in every week. This kept me up at night, but not as much as seeing her up on stage almost naked.

Chapter 5 – Indulging –

After some time passed, I found myself going down this weird spiral of sexual pleasure. I always used to masturbate occasionally but now after seeing what I saw at the adult club I was masturbating 1 to 2 times a day. I would watch porn or read a sexual story but most of the time I would get off thinking about my mothers body, fantasizing about her gorgeous body. Every time she left on one of her multi-day trips, I got so turned on. The thought of knowing what my mother was doing at the adult club turned me on, so much so that I would have to stop and masturbate if I thought too much of her. But of course I focused on what really mattered, which was figuring out everything she was doing on her little breaks.

One day when my mom disappeared, I went back to the Adult Center. I wanted to confront her about her “job” and get the truth this time. When I got there, the atmosphere was a little different. There were strippers and dancers like before, but more people seemed to be huddled towards the back of the building. While weird I focused on trying to find my mother again, and I eventually did. Like before she was on stage in a glitter one-piece, Baise outfit. Her boobs jiggled up and down nicely, almost sensually as she kept dancing. The plan was to wait until she finished and confront her about these deeds. However, again I found myself getting rock hard at the sight of her luscious body. Feeling pretty guilty, I went to another part of the club to wait instead of lusting over my mother. This is when things started to get weird.

While waiting for my mother to finish her “dance”, I checked to see what the big commotion was towards the back of the club. Here there was a stack of maybe 30 people all funneling into this black tunnel that led to the underground of the club. Being pretty confused, I asked one of the staff ladies what the big clump of people were waiting for and she replied, “Darling this is the glory hole chamber, you want your dick sucked or some vagina anonymously you come through here” she said. “Really?! All anonymous” I said. “Yes! Here this group of women are all taken up but, in 5 minutes we switch out the girls and the group. All you need to do is put your name on this ballot and check which woman you want then pay upfront.” This is when I got REALLY… turned on. Apparently, I underestimated how enjoyable this adult center could be. I never used a glory hole before, but I was eager to try.

The woman near the black tunnel gave me a clipboard to sign my name and list which woman I wanted. Before I filled it out I asked her about my mother Amala and what she does at the club and the answer I got blew my fucking mind. “Oh yea her names Amala, she’s a stripper and a sex worker. She’s just now getting back into strip teasing but she mostly does glory hole blowjobs. In fact, she’s one of the women on the glory hole ballot. Just fill it out and pay $100 dollars so she can give you a good time”. Wow… my mother has been getting paid to have sex through glory holes. I couldn’t fucking believe it. It was so outside the norm for her. After talking to the staff lady more I learned that she rented a room in the adult center to work 24/7. This is why she leaves for days on in, it’s because she’s at this adult center working as a glory hole girl.

I wasn’t mad, but I was still weirded out. I couldn’t believe this could be my own mother. But at the same time, I was very turned on. This is when I had the idea to fill out the glory hole ballot under my mother’s name. If it was completely anonymous, then no one would know about the deed that I’m about to commit, not even Amala. A blowjob from my mother. My mother’s mouth on my genitals. Just the thought of it gave me a hard on, visible to the staff lady in front of me. I signed my name, paid the lady, and waited for the people inside the tunnel to leave. After a couple of minutes, my mom finished her pole dancing and went backstage. The people inside the area left via the tunnel and a line of new customers formed behind me. I’d be the first to experience my mother’s mouth and I was intrigued to see what it would be like. This is what my mother was doing all this year and now I would finally be a part of it.

Chapter 6 – The Tunnel –

After a couple of minutes, the staff motioned for us – people waiting in line – to go into the tunnel. It was a dark, white spotted tunnel that had mini smoke machines running, contributing to the ambience of the erotic environment. There was various erotic images and sculptures on the walls of the tunnel. When the tunnel came to an end, there was a open area with large box shaped booths where people would go to get glory hole sex. Each booth had a black curtain for customer privacy and a group of pictures lined up against the wall to show who the women were inside of it. Towards the front were hand job booths, where girls would only perform hand jobs on customers. In the middle was blowjob and hand job booths where women would do either of the two. And towards the very back was the sex wall, where medium sized holes made out of leather were made so sex workers could stick their legs out to be fucked. The walls had straps by the “fucking holes” for the ankles of sex workers to be put in so they could spread open their legs wide, there by exposing their cunt to be fucked. While their upper body would be on the other side of the wall hidden, their lower body would be on the outside, being fucked by various customers. It was surprisingly very professionally conducted, and the atmosphere was very comfortable.

When I got towards this area, I showed my ticket – I got from the ballot – to one of the other staff members and they pointed me towards one of the middle booths. Here I saw a bunch of my mother’s pictures, some nude, some barley, next to a name tag listed, “Amala” (my mother’s name). There was a long line of 10 to 15 people behind me, presuming other horny guys wanting the stripper they just saw to give them head. After a couple of seconds, I heard movement inside the booth and a voice similar to my mother’s saying, “I am ready to take the first person in line”. A wave of nerves rushed towards me. It was said that these glory holes were anonymous to the women, but what if my mother still found out? Would she be able to tell who I am based on my dick? Would someone else tell her? Even though I had these doubts I still pushed myself to go along with it.

I pushed the black curtain out of the way and went inside the small booth. The booth was composed of the customer side and the woman’s side, where they were separated by a black wall. Behind me was the closed curtain proposed for privacy. On the wall in front of me – the wall separating me from my mother, was a medium sized, vertical, rectangular hole. It was big enough to fit your cock and balls through, but not big enough for anything else really. All of a sudden, I heard a loud knock along with a voice. “Heya, my name is Amala, and I’ll be sucking your cock this session.” I hesitated to reply. I didn’t want her to hear my voice and tell it was her son she was about to suck off. “Hey, are you ready, I would love to satisfy you, if you’re… up to it…”. I replied in the softest whispers possible as to not give away my identity. “Sorry I’m a little shy, it’s my first time doing this.” “That’s ok, I don’t bite Haha, take your pants off and when you’re ready I’ll give you a good time”.

I did what I was told and took my pants off. Mom was always one to give orders as my authority figure. I started unbuckling my belt and sliding my pants off. Once my pants were all the way down, I went to the glory hole. The hole had a Velcro cloth attached to hide the identity of the person when not being used but could be opened when ready to do the deed. I pulled back the cloth and revealed space on the other end. “There we go don’t be shy, I promise I’ll make you feel better than ever before, when you’re ready put your penis through”. For a couple seconds I sat in contemplation, thinking about what I’m about to initiate. I was going to have oral sex with my mother, and even if she wouldn’t find out who was behind the wall, it still felt like a violation to do this. But, even with all these barriers, I still proceeded.

Chapter 7 – The Flood-Gates –
I took my hard on and slowly put it through the hole. I then pressed my crotch and body against the wall so my full shaft could go through. “Damn, big boy we have here don’t we, don’t worry I’ll be gentle Haha”. With my dick through the hole, my mother had full access to my genitals. She began by rubbing it gently with her hands. Her two hands went up and down my shaft, almost teasing my penis. She then wrapped her whole hand around my penis and started rubbing up and down. I’d like to say that I know my mother’s touch very well from growing up with her, and this type of touch, this type of tenderness, enriched the pleasure that I felt from getting a hand job. It was a mother’s touch, motherly tenderness, except it was on my hard dick, and instead of nurturing me, she was getting me off. I’m surprised that she didn’t recognize my penis at all, I mean I am her son after all. I would have thought that she would know what my genital areas look like, but I guess as a mother she didn’t need to pay that any mind. Needless to say, she wouldn’t know who the penis she is satisfying belongs to.

Eventually she escalated to fully stroking my dick. I stayed pressed up against the wall and held very still. “Alright, knock when you’re about to cum, ” she said. As soon as she said that I knew what was about to happen next. It took only a few seconds for her to shift her hand down to the base of my shaft and put the tip of my penis on her lips. I knew now there would definitely be no going back. Immediately she gave me two kisses on the tip and started licking it. She grazed her tongue up and down my tip and after a while started licking my shaft. As soon as she did this, I took note of every texture and sense I felt from my mother’s deed onto me. Her tongue felt sooo soft and warm. The feeling of her tongue on my dick made me melt on the inside. Her tongue felt so enriched, that I swear I could feel every bump and taste bud on the muscle. And the fluids, oh my god her tongue was so wet. Soon the underside of my cock was lathered in saliva by her rich tongue, and the sides of my cock would undergo the same. After some time of licking up and down my genitals, my mom took a few strokes of my cock, and then guided my dick with her hand inside of her mouth.

I immediately felt the warm sensation of her gums and long tongue. In an instant she shoved my whole entire dick in in her mouth and started doing the motions of a normal blowjob. While I had a blowjob before, the sensation I felt here was nothing like anything before. I could feel my penis on the back of her tongue and on the roof of her mouth. She took my penis out for a while and stroked it. Then she spat on the tip of my cock and proceeded to suck it again. As time went on, I found myself getting lost in this sensation. Her mouth was sucking my cock very pleasurably and I couldn’t help but feel numb to everything else around me. For a good 5 minutes she went back and forth, taking it in and taking it out, sucking my dick. She went at a relatively moderate pace, and I was lasting for a while. She then went to take me all the way and deepthroat my dick into her mouth. As I went deeper in her mouth, the more I could feel the textures of her tongue. Eventually with all the sensations from my mother’s blowjob, I had to throw in the towel. I gave a quick 5 knocks on the wall to signal that I was about to ejaculate. To my Suprise, Amala pulled out and said, “here it’s your first time. I want you to enjoy it, cum in my mouth.” She then put my cock back in her mouth and proceeded to start sucking, faster than she did before. I couldn’t hold it anymore, within a couple of seconds more of her throating my cock, I exploded semen into her mouth. I breathed heavily and even stood up on my tippy toes to push in deeper in her mouth. Eventually my mother gagged and pulled my cock out, stroking me lightly afterwards. “Woooo, wow that something. You had quite the load on you” she said after swallowing. Still trying to catch my breath after my orgasm, she patted my dick back, motioning me to take it out the hole. “Ok I hope you enjoyed it, bring in the next guy when you leave.” I pulled my pants up and got my bearings. Before I left, I took out my wallet, took out all the cash I had from it, and then put it through the hole as a thank you tip to my mother. “Omg are you serious, thank you so much you’re a sweetheart. I won’t forget you, what’s your name?” I didn’t want to give my real name, so I whispered, “Jay,” which wasn’t my real name but close to it (Jenson). “Well J next time you come here tell me your name and I’ll give you some special treatment love”. After she finished thanking me, I left swiftly. I didn’t want to tempt her by coming out and seeing who I was, so I left the booth.

Chapter 8 – Post Ejaculation Clarity –

I made my way to the exit of the area and back through the tunnel. I felt relaxed and relieved, like I let go of a bunch of pent-up energy. But at the same time, I felt sick, extremely sick. I distinctly remember on the way out feeling nauseated… nauseated from the deed that I just committed. I got an anonymous blowjob from my mother, while knowing she was my mother. I secretly attained oral sex from my mother, and she didn’t know. I know people in my life that would think of this as an accomplishment, but really, I thought of it as a guilty pleasure. I could not deny that the sexual handling from my mother was like no other and I enjoyed it, but it felt like a violation, like it was a bad deed. And this made me extremely guilty and stressed. When I got home, all I could think about was what I did. The feeling of stress reminds me of the time I started smoking weed in secret from my mother. After hiding my stash and smoking I felt guilty and stressed that my mother might find out. Eventually she caught me smoking. I remember feeling shameful and disappointed in myself. However, while my mom was hesitant to let me off the hook, she encouraged me to tell her things like this rather than hide it in secret. In other words, she still loved me, even in my lapses in judgment or mistakes as a kid.

But this type of deed is different. There no going back from the oral sex I had anonymously with my mother. This was actively 1000x worse than that. It didn’t just feel like a violation to my mother, but also felt wrong objectively. If my mother ever found out I was a sexual customer of hers and that she enacted sex upon me, she would disown me. She could kick me out the house, never speak to me again, punish me physically, the list goes on. All senses outlined that this would be basically the end of our relationship. She would ultimately feel so betrayed and hurt from this so needless to say, I couldn’t tell her, no matter how guilty I felt. But for some reason, I had a feeling that this wouldn’t be last time I would get sexual pleasure from my mother. For some odd reason, I still had an underlying itch to go down this rabbit hole, like I had gotten a taste of something that I am now hooked on. I wanted more, but would I really repeat this questionable deed again?

Author’s Note: Thank you for Reading – Mya Moore

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