My Mothers Glory Hole Adventures

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Chapter 1 – Introduction –

A couple of years ago I engaged in sexual activity with my own mother and I’d like to share how it happened. While at first I was reluctant to share, I now find that it is quite an interesting narrative and not a lot of people can compare. Growing up, I lived with my Mother, Father, and younger sister. I was never sexually attracted to my mother, even in my puberty years. I know it sounds weird based on what I’ve already shared, but I wasn’t weirdly obsessed over my mothers body. My mother (Amala) is a 45 year old, blond, 5’10’’ woman. She had a long set of legs, moderately sized breasts, and a plump ass, but this is what my Father obsessed about more than me.

All throughout my life my mother was a joyful, outgoing, humorous Mom. We had a great relationship and for a time in high school she was my only best friend. We did everything together and had a great time doing it. My father on the other hand wasn’t very good. Mom caught him cheating multiple times in their relationship and every time he said he would change, he didn’t. Bound to happen, when I was 17 they separated and initialized the divorce. Needless to say, my Mom was great and my father wasn’t.

About a year after my parents divorced, I was 18 – almost 19, and my mother was struggling to make ends meet. Since my dad was gone, my Mom had to provide herself and I could tell it was making her stressed out. It felt like she had stopped being my best friend due to all her energy being put into work, so eventually I too got a job and offered to help with the bills. Every time I did this, she would almost tear up and say how wonderful I am because I’m nothing like my father. Still though, we struggled to get by and my mother was under a lot of stress. But this is just my background, I want to tell how this escalated to sexual interactions with my mother and what happened because of it.

Chapter 2 – Missing Persons –
I lead with sexual interactions because my story isn’t as straightforward as just having sex with my mother. Yes my dad left and I became the sort of “Man-of-the-house”, but my mother was still a parent to me. She was still my guardian and the person who – at the time – would detach from me if I ever made advances towards her. That was the last thing I wanted for me and my mother.

At 18, I still cherished my mothers love and appreciated it as a constant, which is why I started helping around the house. However, our things became sort-of weird one winter when I noticed that Amala – my mother – started coming home extremely late. One day while I was watching my sister , our mother didn’t come home that day. At first I thought she was taking a 24 hour shift at her job, but the next day she still wasn’t home. When I tried to speak to her over the phone, she just messaged me saying that she was working. It wasn’t until 3 days passed when she finally came home.

When she got in I expressed how worried I was and questioned what she was doing. Her response was, “I was working Hun, but I knew you guys were okay for me to take off that long. And son, don’t worry about the bills anymore, I want you to save your money for yourself, I have it covered.” As puzzling as it was I didn’t really read into it that hard. However, over the course of 3 months our mother did this multiple times. And I mean she did it a lot. She would come home, be herself and care for us, leave for work, and return 3 to 5 days later. This made me extremely angry. I know my mother wasn’t the type to leave us since she despised my dad for it, but I felt as if she didn’t care about her absence to me and my sister. After one of her returns home I made up my mind that I would figure out what my mother has been doing on these outings. Was she actually working? Was it a guy? Wtf is going on?

Chapter 3 – The Investigation –

At the time, something that always puzzled me was how my mother was making ends meet. After that winter she acquired a handsome income from her said “job” and became less stressed when it came to work. Cool, that’s really nice I thought. But how does that correlate to leaving for days on end? I wasn’t getting any answers from my mother, so I began to investigate on my own.

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