FAMILY TABOO: Mom son and dad daughter

FAMILY TABOO: Mom son and dad daughter. My son Earl is a writer. He works for a publisher that owns a newspaper and other publications. He writes for the newspaper mostly but does about four in-depth articles for a magazine each year plus some ad material. He gets lots of perks, one of which are tickets to various events, sports, plays, one time an opera. He does a write-up for the newspaper.

Earl is 20, 6ft0 and trim. I guess that’s a girl word and he’s actually slim but I’d rather think of him as trim. Fuzzy hair because he keeps it dog shaggy and uncombed although it isn’t long. Decky, his sister, likes to run her fingers through his hair when he isn’t looking.

Decky is 18, 5ft8 and trim too. She built our deck on the back of the house, mostly by herself except for the heavy lifting, so we started calling her Decky and it stuck. She likes it. I’m 42 and 5ft7 and trim too.

Earl got four tickets to a play. Milton doesn’t like go to so we only use three and we leave the fourth at the box office. Earl doesn’t like to take a date on a family outing like this, Decky either. We packed and left. The theatre is about a three hour trip, with a stop on the way, so we stay the night. Single room with two double beds. We have our favorite places so we had some fun then dressed, not formal, just comfortable social dress, and went off to the play.

The seats were in a balcony. Earl and I sat in the back set of seats and Decky sat in one of the front seats. Our seats were slightly elevated above hers so we could see over her head and the seats were at a slight angle towards the stage. Earl was on my left.


The lights were on but not all that bright, just enough to find your seat easily. We were sitting and chatting. Earl had on a jacket. He looked nice in a jacket. It didn’t match his slacks so he looked casual but nicely dressed. My dress was short, kind of tight and down to about mid-thigh, higher sitting down. I tried to dress more on the sexy side for the kids. A fun example.

Earl said, “What kind of stockings are those? I like them dark, attractive.”

“They’re actually normal panty-hose,” I said, “but they have this weave with loose threads so they look thicker. I love them on my legs they’re so soft.” Earl reached over and put his hand on my thigh with his fingers curled down inside. With the hem of my dress much higher he probably didn’t realize how far up he was. He ran his fingers up and back for a few moments and lifted his hand off.

My breath caught and my blood pressure went up. His fingers were so close to my crotch I almost pushed out against them. He was looking down at all the people and talking with Decky. He didn’t realize what he did to me. That felt so good I was hoping he would do it again. I just loved being felt up, son or not.

About then an elderly lady came in the balcony and sat down with Decky. They got acquainted and seemed to be chatting wonderfully. We left instructions to give the extra ticket to a deserving person since it was already paid for. Nice choice.

The lights went down except the light from the stage. With the railing in the balcony it was almost dark below our chests. The play started and along about the middle of the second act it got fairly risqué. There were several people in their underwear including one rather striking man with a noticeable running bump in the front of his briefs.

First my son almost feels me up then I get a nice bedroom scene with a hunk performer in underwear. Well, I really enjoy getting turned on so why not. I squeeze my buns and go with it. I open my legs just a little for air along with my mouth. Earl said, “You’re quiet mom.” We usually chatted, almost whispering.

I said, “It’s the hunky man in the briefs. He’s putting on a nice performance. Gets to me a little. Well, actually you started it with your fingers on the inside of my thighs feeling, you know, around down there.”

Since we’ve been coming to these events, about one every three months, we started playing games with each other in the motel or hotel room. It’s just one night every three months so it hasn’t gotten wild. Decky and I would spoon or fiddle feet and I would climb in bed with Earl and do about the same.

Being in bed clothes in bed is sexual. Earl and I seem to do a little more as time goes by but it’s so much fun. He isn’t shy but he waits for me to start something. We’ve gotten to the rubbing genitals against genitals stage. Definitely fun. Decky hasn’t gotten in bed with Earl yet and she and I haven’t gone very far, mostly spooning and hugging.

Earl looked at me and then smiled and then back to the stage. After a few moments his hand was back on my thigh with his fingers where they were before, up high. I really don’t think he knew how high up he was. I felt him moving around and he touched me next to my, by now, swollen clit. He paused and then his fingers started moving around. My legs were open a little and he could easily get his fingers where he wanted them.

I wondered how much he would tease me so I let him go. Besides, it felt so good. He was my son, he wouldn’t feel me up, just tease me. Decky couldn’t see, it was dark and she was below us and the angle was a little off with my legs open, even this much. Then I felt Earl’s finger on the top of my clit, well, on the hood I guess. He stopped moving.

He moved his finger up and down but I think it got to him when he moved it left and right and bumped over my hood. Then he stopped but kept his finger there. He may have been waiting until I jerked it out or some other reaction. I didn’t move and I didn’t push my clit out.

Earl was one of those kinds of persons you see on the street and have to get in bed with and never ask their name. Walking sex. I didn’t stop him so he must have figured I wanted him. To continue I mean. He did. His finger moved lightly on the center of my hood for two or three minutes. That is a very long damn time.

I know he could hear me breathing deeply. His finger dropped right off the end of my clit and worked its way down, playing with my ridges until he got to the bottom. I have absolutely no doubt at all he knew exactly where he was and what he was doing to me. Panty hose are fairly thin around there even with the real cotton panel and these didn’t have one of those and they were form fitting and a little tight so he couldn’t get down inside anything.

I could almost feel his fingerprints. He wiggled his finger a little and I felt him press between the top of my ridges, right above you know where. Now that was a message. I tilted up into his finger a little and messaged him back. I had no idea what was happening on stage but do remember watching the crotch of the actor in briefs. I really wanted to know if Earl was excited and up.

Maybe I should switch places with Decky. I bet she would love having Earl do this to her even if he was her brother. If he can do his mom he can do his sister. He took his hand out and I almost slugged him on his shoulder. Men. I saw him scratch his face. Oh my. I wondered if he was smelling me. He didn’t really get anywhere and my panty hose were almost dry. Couldn’t be that.

We’ve let our covered middles touch each other but this was a first with fingers. I waited with baited breath but he didn’t come back. The play ended and I got over my erotic episode and we went out for a late sandwich and then back to the room which was very nice. I told Decky what we did while Earl was taking a shower. She was fascinated and all smiles.

She said, “You have got to go cuddle with him after the lights are out. You’ll love it and you’ll have a great time. After where his fingers were he wants to play around some more. Make him happy. He’s your son.”

Earl came back with briefs and t-shirt on and got in his bed. Decky and I climbed in ours and lights out. There was a little light coming in around the curtains as there always are but just enough to see to get to the bathroom and back. Decky tried to push me out of bed but I resisted.

“It’s a great chance for a little excitement with Earl. Don’t waste it. He’ll love giving you a little squeeze you know where. He’s probably been thinking about it all evening. Besides, you already know how much fun it’ll be. Just get in his bed. Maybe a kiss or two. Go on.”

I was lying there quiet, getting convinced. I said, “Earl, do you mind if I come over and cuddle? If not I can send Decky over or we can stay here.” I hoped he could hear me over the air conditioner. We always had it on, or the fan only, to knock out the background noises.

“Sure, come on over,” he said. There must have been two or three feet between the beds. I slipped out with Decky’s hands pushing me and climbed in. He was holding up the covers. We loved a really cool room for sleeping. I pulled the covers up and he put an arm over my waist and pulled me on over, very close. I had light panties and light top on, no bra.

We lay there looking in each other’s eyes in the almost dark, just enough light to see. I really wanted to turn back to see if Decky was watching. Of course she was but she couldn’t see under the covers. He pulled a little more and I could feel him against my clit. I think it was the head there. Difference in heights maybe. By that time I had my arms around his neck, loosely.

He was vacillating what to do. I thought he might do something but I did ask if I could come over and cuddle. Well, this was cuddling. It was nice. Lots of skin and arms around and I had man things against my woman things. I thought, ‘ok, I’ll stay like this but I’ll move around some just the way we are.’.

I pushed my hips out for a better fit and more pressure and did the mom thrust. Clit to dick. No man can resist the mom thrust and he did his man thrust. Dick to clit. I got my nipples against his t-shirt and worked them in and added to the thrill. I was having an excellent sex time. Way to go mom.

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My panties were hot pants type with very open legs and very thin fabric. Very little material in the crotch part. A V cut on the outside and inside of the leg openings. I washed his shorts and I knew they were very soft cotton and had the double layer where the opening in front overlapped. He wouldn’t happen to poke out of those type like boxers. I couldn’t believe I was lying here thinking about his dick head getting out of his shorts.

He was doing a nice job on my clit so he didn’t have to get out of his shorts, not at all. I saw him up in swimming trunks but I didn’t know how big he actually was. I haven’t actually had my hand on it. By now we were fairly solid into each other and getting some very nice moan type feelings. Keeping quiet was not easy. At least the bed clothes didn’t rustle.

I was getting this itch to do something when Earl slipped his hand down in the back of my pants and got his lips on mine, exploring. We didn’t kiss hard but he did get his tongue playing with my lips, all the time playing with my whole backend. Milton, my husband and their father, had a whole routine he went through with my backend. I stuck Earl’s hand down back there once and he liked it. It was one of our staples.

He ran his fingers right down in my butt crack from top to bottom and back. I pushed into Earl and put a leg over his hips. I leaned in a little more and he tilted and I worked that into him on his back and slid up on with my legs outside his and kept my clit right against his dick. The thrusting got a lot better and so did the kissing. He got both hands in the back of my pants, one on each bun and pulled me in and thrust up.

About two or three minutes later he got out of my pants and rustled around and his briefs were down around his thighs and he got right into me again. This was new. The first time he did that. He must be really horny. No double layer now. It got much better all of a sudden. We tilted and thrust and a couple of times he plowed into me right at the bottom of my ridges but didn’t go through my pants.

My breathing got quicker and we both tried that again. He plowed against the bottom of my ridges again but he was up inside my panties and went right through my ridges and he got his dick head in my vagina. We both froze, not knowing what to do. Go ahead or pull out.

I said, “Please, in more if you can.” He nodded against my head and I stayed still and he thrust in about half way and out about fifteen times and stopped, still up in. We got our breath and stayed quiet trying to figure out how far this was going to go. I was 42, I could stop. He was 20, he wanted to fuck. I knew he knew I couldn’t get pregnant but that wasn’t really the point.

I think Decky would bounce on the bed and cheer. I would too if Earl’s dick wasn’t up my vagina. I said, “Earl, be as quiet as you can but go ahead and have a nice orgasm.” He didn’t even nod. He started a slow thrust and once he got everything worked out he got a little faster but not shaking us or the bed all over.

I stayed fairly still and bunched the covers up above my butt so Decky couldn’t see much movement. All the thrusting was below me and the bed itself was quiet. Earl went all the way in after about four good thrusts and I lifted until he could pull almost all the way out. I got into some really nice kissing and he was working my buns again.

I only ever heard him have one orgasm, walking past his bedroom once. He was fighting to keep quiet. He was big and it was an over the top erotic feeling him up in me. I was taking deep breaths and pinching my lips together, except when we kissed, tongue on tongue. He got my nipples with some fingers and a hand on my breasts a few times. He switched hands and did both.

A long time later he got his fingers down in on my butt button and got in. That does a thing on me and I tried to stop him but too late. I think he did that because he was at his orgasm. We both muted our mouths kissing and held our body jerking in check as much as we could and got through it.

It was one of the best orgasms I ever had, one of the most satisfying. I buried my face in his chest to keep quiet and he was into my shoulder. It took some time to get our breathing back near normal. The amount of energy our bodies burnt during orgasms must be enormous to cause us to need that much oxygen. I never really thought about it before. Our Ox must have been down in the lower 80’s.

We kissed lightly and said thank you to each other and I slipped out and went to the bathroom and then to bed with Decky. About an hour later I heard Earl go. Decky didn’t say anything and was soon asleep. She probably saw and heard every little thing. I hoped she enjoyed it, I certainly did.

Early in the morning before daybreak I felt the bed move a little and turned over toward the center. Decky had gone to the bathroom. When she came back she wound up right against me, me spooning her. I said, “Morning.” We could easily whisper with the air conditioning on and not disturb Earl.

“Morning,” she said. “Did you have a good time with Earl? I bet he’s fun spooning if he’s doing the spooning.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “You should try it sometimes. He would probably really enjoy spooning and teasing you.” I thought this might be a good chance to see if I could show her what she likes and doesn’t like. Sometimes it works. I said, “Would you like me to give you an idea what it’s like?”

Nothing. She didn’t answer. Then she said, “You mean what Earl might do? If he was spooning me.”

“Sure,” I said. “If you like it enjoy yourself. If not then slow down or stop or do something else or go back to sleep. Whatever you decide.”

“Ok,” she said.

I snuggled up closer with her butt saddled in my valley and slid a hand over her waist on her stomach. Her top was up and I was on skin. I put my lower arm under her head at the pillow gap and my hand up over her lower shoulder. I pressed my lips in her upper shoulder then her hair, letting my breath get in on her neck.

I messed with her butt with my hips, making it a little more sexual and let our feet do the same. When I felt her breathing more I moved my hand up on top of her top and played with the bottom of her breasts. I flat handed up on her upper breast and pressed and rotated lightly, then the other one. I did this a couple of minutes, keeping hot breath on her neck and undulating our middles around ever so slightly.

I slipped my hand back down her stomach slowly and got very near her tuff but not on it and went across from one hip to the other then back up to her breasts, this time under her top. Flat handing her breasts again I finally let my fingers get her nipples and let her nerve endings give her some more pleasure. I got a moan from that and she moved her hips just that little bit.

I said, “Are you enjoying this as much as I am? Would you like me to slow down or do a little more? Remember, I’m supposed to be Earl.”

About that time Earl got up and went to the bathroom. I kept playing with her nipples and my upper leg must have been pressing because she lifted her upper leg and my knee went right through and up high between her thighs, pressing up. She actually snuggled backwards just a little so we were closer. Earl came back and went back to sleep.

“If you would like to do some more that would be ok,” she said.

I pulled my leg out from between her thighs and slowly twisted her over towards me on her back, mostly. I nibbled on her ear and whispered, “Let me know if it’s too much. This is supposed to be a lot of fun, not a chore.” She nodded a couple of times.

I think the whole atmosphere, in bed, in a motel, her brother in bed very close and her almost nude and me on her privates was very welcome. I decided to give her an outlet. I leaned over and lightly touched her lips with mine. Then again and then a little open a couple of times then touched her lips with my tongue and let that go ahead. She started to respond fairly quickly and I let that build so she could express herself and she did. Quite erotically.

She got an arm around my neck and kissed me and tongued my tongue and let loose a little with her other arm wrapped. If I was a guy I would have my dick in her within thirty seconds. When she turned towards me I slid my hand on her stomach and kept it there. I moved it down and over on her far hip and slipped my fingers in her pants, over from her tuff.

Running my fingertips across I slowly got her used to me and dipped into her tuff and played around. On her lower tuff I would press a couple of fingers down lightly. I was getting her used to me near her clit and I was creating more sexual desire.

I said, “Would you like me to stop so you can relax? I’m having a lot of fun but no need to hurry.” While I was saying that I slowly got a finger right on the top of her hood and plopped it over and back a few times, lightly.

She hugged me a little tighter, her head next to mine and said, “Oh mom. That feels so good. I really don’t want to stop yet. If you don’t mind.” I nodded like she did earlier and slid my fingers on down her hood, pressing.

I didn’t stop there but went all the way to her vagina and slipped a finger in and used it to coat her clit and part of the hood, the lower part right at the tip. She let her hips jump some when I touched her clit front. It had to be engorged and very sensitive.

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I started two fingers working up and down on the hood right at the bottom. I was pressing so the skin would move with my fingers rather than sliding up and down the skin. Every six or seven times I would run my fingers down in between her ridges and push into her vagina as far as I could with one finger, then two and back to the clit.

She was turned towards me more and her upper leg was up and out. Earl could probably see that easily. Her leg nearest me was bent and stuck between my legs. I hoped he knew what we were up to in case Decky let loose some if she had an orgasm which seemed to be a sure thing if we kept going. Yep, a guy would have his dick in her long ago.

I said, “You may have an orgasm. If you do don’t stop, just enjoy it. Be as quiet as you can but if you have to just let it out.” She nodded again and got her tongue in my lips again. Decky was absolutely loving good erotic kissing and wasn’t holding back.

I think she liked me using two fingers in her vagina and she was getting used to the rhythm. Lots of clit action and she was getting a fuck. A couple of fingers probably felt that way. If she got with Earl or someone else she would have a good idea what was going to happen.

I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having. It was different with a girl and this was my first girl time and I think hers too. I was trying to figure a way to get my clit on hers but if she had an orgasm I wouldn’t be able to do that. This trip anyways. What a shame. Good fun left by the wayside. Oral was popping through my mind but I had to settle with lip and tongue kissing, maybe lips on nipples.

She got into running her hips up into my fingers when I went down to her vagina and I did a thing with my fingers on her clit to let her know I was on my way. She faltered a couple of times and I knew an orgasm was here. She buried her face in my shoulder like Earl and I did. Must be a family trait.

I kept my two fingers in her vagina and went a little faster. She thrust up nicely and firmly and had a full blow out but quietly. I was surprised she could hold it in. I don’t think Earl woke up.

Up, packed, breakfast, and on the road. Everybody was their normal self, chatty and smiles. Back home everybody got into their own doings and we were in our normal routine.


Other than Earl giving me a pat on my buns one morning in the kitchen we stayed bottled up. Decky was still a little reserved but that was normal. I think she enjoyed herself but didn’t know what to do next or not to do next. She dressed more teasingly in the evenings and Martin mentioned it. I said let’s see where it goes for a little while. He seemed ok with that.

One morning Decky came over and climbed in bed with me after Martin and Earl were gone. We chatted and she said, “Mom. Is it ok to come over and cuddle with dad? See if he wants to.”

I nodded at her and pressed my lips together like I was thinking and said, “Decky, come over and cuddle with me. I’ll move over towards the middle more so you’ll be near your dad too. See how that goes.”

She said, “Great, let’s try that.”

“Wear your mid-thigh gown,” I said. “No underwear.” She smiled very wide and nodded and was off. Decky is not a small girl. She’s 5ft8. If she got her dad to cuddle with her he was going to have a full woman on his hands. So to speak. She did a job on me at the motel when I was doing her.

Martin and I usually went to bed about 10:30 and read or watched tv for an hour or so. Decky came over just after we got in bed. When she came in I slid my pillow over towards Martins and left room for Decky between us. It wasn’t totally tight. She got settled and we chatted about stuff. Martin was reading.

I reached over and slipped Decky’s gown up over the top of her hips. I pulled her shoulders towards me a little and pushed her stomach. She tilted back and up a couple of inches. By the look on her face she hit pay dirt. Buns on buns. I saw martin’s head turn our way a little then back but he didn’t move away.

After we chatted some more I put my fists together like buns and rotated them around a little. I saw the sheet move around Decky’s hips. Not much. She smiled and bit her lower lip. She liked it. I hoped Martin liked it.

The next evening Martin and I were home alone. He said, “I really don’t mind Decky getting in bed with us but I don’t know what to do. How to act. Just ignore her and read or what.”

I said, “She’s a sex pot isn’t she. Reminds me of me. If you’re uncomfortable let her know. Otherwise do what she does if you want to.”

“Well,” he said. “She didn’t have any pants on and her butt was rubbing against mine.”

“Martin,” I said. “If you liked it then take your shorts off so she can feel your bare butt. She might like it as much as you do. If you both like that then turn over sometimes before she goes to bed and put your arms around her waist and give her a hug. That will surely give her a big thrill that she’ll remember for a long time. There’s no reason you both can’t enjoy each other a little.”

Martin spaced out and was quiet. Soon he was reading the paper. I guess he accepted the answer to his question. Decky was wearing very low hip pjs in the evenings and giving all of us an eye full. It was fun watching Earl and Martin. Earl never did get up fully as far as I could tell but Martin did almost every night.

Decky had this way of bending over so Martin could see up her backside, right through. Her pjs riding down in back so her butt crack showed nicely. I think her top hung down in front and he might have gotten a look at her boobs right through her legs, nipples and all. She surely had a way about her.

She came over a couple of nights later and climbed in. I left a few inches more between us and Martin this time. We did the same as before but I pushed her stomach a little more so her backside was out more and up more. Her knees came up when she did that. We chatted and about ten minutes later she whispered very quietly, ‘dad’s bare’. Martin had his shorts off.

After a while she moved her buns around just a little by herself. I held my thumb and pointy finger apart about two inches or so and palmed towards her and she slid back and up about that much. About fifteen minutes went by, us chatting, and I got her hand and put it on my hip about opposite my clit and slid it up and down, caressing. Then I pointed to Martin.

Her face fell apart. I smiled and urged her to go ahead. She did. I saw her hand disappear under the sheet. Martin didn’t move, just kept reading. About three minutes later I motioned to bring her hand back. We chatted. About ten minutes and I saw a bulge on her hip under the sheets, moving up and down.

I mimed to put her hand on his under the sheet and tilt it over on her buns. She did. He did. I saw his shoulder moving while he caressed her buns. He did that a long time. She pushed her buns back a couple of times. He didn’t stop. We chatted and she said she was going to bed and she did. Martin didn’t mention anything and I didn’t either.

The next day I asked her about his hand on her buns. I wanted to know what he actually did. She said, “He, uh, mom you know I was bent backwards with my knees up.” I nodded yes. She said, “He played with me right at my vagina because they were so out there but I don’t think he knew he was there.

“He probably thought it was my buns. I didn’t do anything because it felt so good. Before that he played with my cheeks and down in.” Martin and I have been married a long time. There’s no way he doesn’t know what the ridges over a vagina feels like. I did good. Decky did good. Martin did good.

I said, “You might think about turning over and putting your arms over his waist on his stomach, maybe a little low. If he still doesn’t have any shorts on you know what’s available.” I spent a little time explaining what Martin liked and how to do everything.

Two nights later Decky came over and climbed in. We chatted and angled her back some. They both fingered around for a few minutes. Time went by and Decky mouthed, ‘now’. I nodded and she swiveled over facing Martin’s back. The sheet was down just above her hips. Her arm went on his side near his ribs and she rubbed him up and down.

When she was down around the top of his hips once her arm dropped down on his stomach. I saw the sheet move under Martin as his hips did a little dance. Decky moved her hand around Martin’s midriff and I saw her move on down. He took a breath and I was fairly sure she had his dick in her hand. I could see her forearm at her elbow bending. She was playing with it.

I waited a few moments and kissed her on the shoulder and carefully slipped out of bed and left the bedroom, cutting the lights out as I went. I quietly sneaked a look about 45 minutes later and they were still in bed with some movement. I went back to the den. Another half an hour and she wasn’t there so I went to bed. Martin couldn’t have been asleep but he didn’t say anything. I went to sleep.

It was very difficult to mind my own business. I was going bonkers wanting to ask Decky what they did but decided to wait to see if she wanted to tell me. She did. She came into my office and sat in a small lounge chair I had there. She brought me coffee and we sipped a little and chatted.

Finally she said, “Dad had an orgasm. It surprised me but now I know what to look for and feel for. He said, ‘don’t stop’ but I knew not too and pumped him faster like you said. I kept bumping into his hands when I was pumping and I realized he was having an orgasm in his hands.

“When he calmed down he went to the bathroom and came back and turned over and I took off his top and mine and we got into each other. He got really hard again but we more or less teased each other a lot. I mean a lot. He was pushing against me just about every place there was to push and playing with my nipples and buns and he loved my clit. I think he really wanted to do oral on my clit.

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“I got my hand around his dick again and rubbed it in places on me you wouldn’t believe. He sucked in some breath and I felt his dick jump. We both held off and kissed a little and I went to bed. I don’t know if he wants to, you know, or not. I think I do. I don’t want dad to if he’s worried about it. I can jump Earl one night if it comes to that.

“Mom, I think he really appreciated you turning the lights out when you left. It made it more something or other. He became a lot more loving then. Doing stuff. I was like, ‘I can open my legs now’. Isn’t that strange? I didn’t because I was in back of him and had him by his work of art.”

It was all I could do to not break out laughing. What a thrill for both of them. In bed in the dark playing like that. The next time Martin and I had some private time I said, “Decky seems all smiles. Thank you Martin. You done good. If you don’t mind would you keep some lube close? If you get turned on tell her what you’d like to do. See if it’s what she wants to do. Go slow and use the lube.”

Martin spaced out again, thinking. After some coffee he said, “Could we do this together? She and I will know its ok with you and you might enjoy it but you have to take your clothes off and play with yourself.”

“Ok,” I said. “Play with myself how?”

“Any way you want,” he said. “It’s optional.”

“Ok,” I said. “If you and Decky do, you have to go a very long time.”

“Ok,” he said. “I can do that.”

I told all to Decky and asked her to think about it and let me know what she thinks, what she would like to do. I wanted to be prepared in case I had to do something or other.

Decky spent about three minutes telling me how big her dad was. She said she was nervous about that but not totally against it. I got the impression she actually couldn’t wait for him to give it a try. She talked about him going slow and her expanding and what about bleeding and damaging his penis. She knew all about that but I went through it again. Besides, it was fun going through it again. For Decky too.

Lots of smiles about the head doing this and that and the g-spot and lube and cervix and semen when inside and positions and bare skin and grunts and screams. Even with the excitement and everything I could see she was nervous. Well, duh.


Decky and I were in our bed, in the middle. Totally starkers. She was on her stomach with her legs open just enough to see the ridges covering her vagina. I was on my side, facing. I had my butt out at a slight slant so I wasn’t rubbing against Decky’s leg. We could hear Martin moving around somewhere.

I had some lube up under the pillow and showed Decky where it was. Martin might forget. Decky and I had been in bed for about twenty minutes. I got to play with her nipples and her clit but I stayed away from her vagina this time. She got a couple of fingers in my vagina which felt way good. Absolutely wonderful bed play.

Martin came in. Decky could see the door behind me. I watched her eyes and a nice smile appeared. She made the most marvelous movement with her hips into the bed and back. Martin came around the foot of the bed, not too fast, and his dick was out but not up. That’s what Decky saw. He climbed on behind Decky, not that close, facing us.

Martin was a very good looking sex partner. I think he only weighed a few pounds more than Decky, maybe not with Decky’s breasts to consider. The light was about right to give the impression of bedroom privacy without being dark. Darker walls and sheets helped with that atmosphere. Martin reached over and ran his fingers down Decky’s back and roamed around her buns and pulled a couple of fingers up where her buns met, not down in.

He was starting. He wanted to get her so turned on she didn’t know what she was doing. I wasn’t sure he could do that although it was normal for men with a new partner to go that route. We all chatted while Martin enjoyed himself. He caressed along the side of her breasts and ran his fingers through her hair. That breaks down barriers more than touching breasts and buns.

Decky was breathing a little deeper, not much, and she turned on her side facing me. When she did her butt got a little higher up the bed and back more like before. She said she really wanted to feel him against her back and buns. She loved the idea and thought it would be highly erotic.

I think Martin working his dick down and under would be over the top for him in pursuit of her vagina. Feeling a woman’s buns against you with your dick in between was nothing to sneeze at. Just to control yourself and go slow was excruciating, particularly getting in a vagina you’ve never been in. It was a good bet Decky might get Martin so turned on he wouldn’t know what he was doing.

Martin had said I should take my clothes off and play with myself but how was optional. I thought about it and finally decided how to do that. About five minutes later Earl came in the bedroom. Fully nude with his dick poking out about like Martin was.

Earl said, “Hi.” He climbed on behind me. He said, “Decky, you look deliciously beautiful. I love your outfit.” Earl hasn’t really paid much attention to Decky over the years other than being an excellent brother. Decky was very pleased with that comment.

She said, “Thank you. I see you take after dad. You seem to have the same tastes too.” Of course she meant me.

Earl oozed right up against my backside. I felt him up along the top half of my butt crack and I moved back and up a few inches. I winked at Decky and she winked back. I had some non-normal breaths going myself. Martin and Earl may have eye-balled each other but considering Decky it was an acceptable arrangement.

Things quieted down and it seemed darker in the room but it wasn’t. I could see Martin’s arm come over Decky’s waist and work up to her breasts. Martin’s feet were working with her feet too. Decky’s eyebrows came up and she mouthed ‘balls’. Martin’s sack was about in the middle of her butt crack. They must be dragging in when he thrusts up.

I couldn’t see Martin’s face, he was behind Decky’s head. His dick must be as hard as Earl’s. I tilted my backside up another few inches and pulled my knees up just a little, not that much. About the same level Decky had hers up. Decky slipped her hand under her pillow and got the lube but I thought it was early.

I was in a hurry and I tilted up for Earl more. He moved under me but didn’t have to move down the bed. He was playing with both my nipples and sometimes my clit. He had this smooth clit stroke where he would pull up with two fingers on either side then ride the top of my hood back down, with a little pressure. Made me want to pee out of my clit. Wonderful feeling.

Decky’s buns were up waiting for Martin’s dick. He was truly enjoying himself with her. They both got some very strained moans out. We all had been playing around for some time. The feelings were too good to abandon and simply fuck. I reached down between Decky’s thighs and up a little and put my hand around Martin’s dick with just the head peeking out.

He pushed, a little hard, and I held on so he couldn’t get through. I don’t think he knew it was me and not Decky. He slid down more and was in the perfect position. I’d been there before, many times. I whispered to Decky, “You ready?” She looked at me with her lips pressed tight, closed her eyes a moment then opened and nodded ‘yes’.

I pulled Martin’s dick up and ran the head between her ridges and pulled back and up a couple of times. Martin started a slow fuck. I let the head press against her entrance but didn’t let go. Martin kept going. I let him slip between my hand maybe a quarter or half an inch at a time and watched Decky. Pretty soon my hand was about an inch below his ridge.

I let him thrust like that, letting him go in a little more each time until his foreskin was stretched down his dick then let him go and pulled my hand out. Decky’s eyes were closed, mouth open, then closed. She kept doing that for a little while. Then she smiled, eyes still closed. For the first time I realized Earl was fucking me. He was well in but I wanted him on top. My turn.

I pushed my hips forward and turned over and got him over on. He was back in before he got settled. Kids. A few moments and Decky and Martin were likewise engaged. Watching her and martin was one of the most erotic and satisfying things I’ve ever seen. I’m sure they had the same feelings watching Earl and I.

Martin surely went a very long time, a little more than 45 minutes. A nice slow sensuous body hugging giving and taking like Earl and I were doing. Earl took after his father. Decky had several orgasms. The neighborhood could tell. Martin had a great one as did Earl. I had two.

We stayed up until almost two in the morning. My nipples were sore but nothing else was. Earl had a great workout which I think he was ready for. He and Decky started looking at each other a little after midnight but Earl being a gentleman wasn’t going to horn in on his dad’s territory yet, other than me.

Martin went on every trip to a play or sports event or other with us. Even an opera once. Earl and Decky worked out some of the finer points of sex. I heard them a few times. I started doing squats and pelvic tilts and kegel exercises, and bridge poses for being on top.

Decky and I got adventurous and got Martin and Earl fully up, don’t ask, and measured them everywhere. Damn.

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