Holiday for classes and cunt : Teenage cousin love making efforts

Teenage cousin love making efforts, Holiday for classes and cunt.. Swati Jain is living a life full of love ,romance and sex as her boyfriends Anuj,Nitin and month have been physical with me several times .So my elder cousin brother Yash also once forced me for physical relations and as my lover Anuj break up the relation first after he come to know about Nitin ,that he fucked me first as I lost my virginity.

So I can’t expect Nitin and month to be my life partner and as Anuj ,Nitin and Monty have made me a dirty whore in his farmhouse ,I got three cocks to love but my mind now starts thinking of break-up from them as their love cum lust is for my sexy body Swati ,a 22 years girl with curvey figure is in holiday as her breast’s sizes got enhanced after she got physical love with guys and it’s natural that a girl after losing her virginity,if she is in sexual relations with guys on a regular basis her size and flexibility will get my busts measures 34 inches as my waist is slim but my butts have become heavier as it’s parts are shaky as I never put full panty on it ,a G string or bikini can’t hold my 36 inches butts and it’s a weekend as I am in home.


Swati is feeling lonely as her mom have left for a wedding arrangements to her friend’s home for a day and my dad is at his business place ,so inside home I am with my household maid Geeta. Swati have a tough task today as she have to entertain her younger cousin brother Alok ,coming from Bhilwara to Jaipur as he have to appear in an entrance examination here .

So it’s 11:20 am as I took my hair remover lotion with towel as I frisked inside washroom for bath ,my mom’s plan was early decided one ,so I have put two canes of beer in my room and it got hot ,so I have put it in refrigerator to make it cool .

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Swati removed her night wear as I put some waters on my sexy vagina and armpits ,now took out hair removal lotion as I applied it on my soft vagina’s surface and than on my armpits . As it will take 4-5 minutes to dislodge my little hairs on my cunt and armpits ,so I put some water on hairs as I took a bottle of shampoo and now my hand is rubbing my hairs gently ,so it’s a foamy one as I started rubbing my armpits and than its my vagina ,so my hot body is nude as I opened the tap to full bucket with water.later on ,I sits on my legs as I put water on my upper portion of body and than uses a soap on it ,my sexy boobs to waist are well covered in gels and than I put soap on my thighs to legs and as my front portion of body get foamy ,I started rubbing soap on my back and stand tall under cascade as I used soap on my fleshy butts to it’s time to wash my nude body ,so opened the cascade as I am standing under it and water is flowing on my body as I am rubbing as my bath finishes ,I rubbed my wet body and walked nudely inside bedroom as I get laid on my back and before it ,I have pushed the door as I switched on the A/C ,so feeling too sexy and curious as Alok. My cousin is coming here till 12:30 afternoon.

I have made up my mind to show him my sexy body as he is a 17-18 years guy but I know he have already started jerking his cock or have made sexual relations also. Now I am sleeping nudely on bed as I can see it’s 12:05 afternoon ,now I screamed louder “Geeta come soon “and so I put a banker on my nude body , looking at me she asked “yes madam
(Me) took out a cane of beer from refrigerator .”

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And she walked away ,so as I sit on bed while putting blanket on body to cover my body ,it’s for my cousin’s eyes and as Geeta put cane on table ,I walked nudely to it as sits on chair and starts drinking beer.swati is lacking her sexual relations but it’s my mind that’s going to seduce Alok for sex but where is he ? ,so I put cane on table as I called Alok , receiving my call………

“hello Swati didi
(Me)hi , waiting for you
(Alok)I will be there after 15-20 minutes.”

So after finishing my drinks as Geeta is working in kitchen ,I get laid on bed again as I put blanket on my body and feeling bit unconscious after 500 ml drinks of beer ,my eyes get closed……my eyes opened after 10-12 minutes as maid is standing near my bed , looking at me…….

“your cousin is in dinning room
(Me)oh I see !let me put clothes and send him inside after 5 minutes
(She)sure and than I will go home as my work have been completed.”

And I smiled ,she put the door closed as I am thinking of my sexy wear but than my dirty mind starts thinking of nudity infront of Alok .so I get laid on my back nudely as my desires are in rise and how a teenager will respond after looking at a nude sexy body of her sister ,I don’t know.
I looked back as Alok came inside and too surprised to see me nude ,he starts putting his legs back and than I smiled

“Alok ,don’t be shy ,come here
(He)sorry sister ,Geeta left home as she asked me to go inside your room , put your clothes first
(I wake up and sit with my legs bend)look Alok ,see it’s your cousin sister’s sexy body but not going to keep our blood relations for now .”

And he is a hot guy as his eyes are gazing at my nude boobs to waist and as I am sitting on bed like a “Kaam – Devi “aasan ,he can see my vagina also.unexpected for him but shocking for Swati also as he starts removing his jeans and shirts in hurry and my first trump card wins here as he is in his brief and vest moved inside washroom as he came back after refreshed ,so he stands infront of bed as looking at me ,he pulled down his brief ,oh it’s amazing ,it’s a semi erected penis and now I moved towards bed’s corner as I hold his long and thick penis .now looking at him ,I put my arm in his waist and other hand is rubbing on his thigh ,so as I hold his cock and starts licking it’s glans ,he is rubbing my hairs and said

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“you are too beautiful and sexy
(Me)you are a smart guy and our day will pass like a hot romantic affair getting evolved.” And as I put it’s glans on my lips to rub ,his one leg is on bed and now he hold my hairs as I swallows his cock ,so while sucking it hard with my head still ,I am feeling his cock’s erection but till it grew harder and bigger ,no need to get he starts screaming

“uh ah now suck it but move your face also ” ,Swati is a much experienced girl and she is feeling it’s growing bigger ,so while putting my one arm in his waist ,I starts spinning my head fast and it’s my challenge to every guys that while sucking their cocks for 15 minutes I can make it while sucking my cousin’s penis hard ,he is screaming in pleasure

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