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Hi readers im Ananya back with my new story. I stay alone in my home my children and hubby are out of town often. I used to travel to my brother home and spend time with his family.

My sister in law was nice to me and her son ram also, he was also like son to me. Most of the time i stay alone at my home. I always needed for a company, once my brother and his family paid a visit to my home. I was very happy to see them after long time, by noon they started to leave i asked them to stay back since i will be all alone. My bother and his wife is working so they told me they cant stay back. I was worried but my brother wife said to me that they are leaving his son ram behind so that i have company. ram said “no aunty i cant” his mom said he is on leave i asked him “please stay son you can have a good time in my home for few days” and he happily agreed.


My home was clumsy i must clean it but I wanted to buy some groceries i said ram to stay back home and returned with groceries. I was surprised to see that the home was clean, it was ram who did all the work. I was happy at his work and hugged him, he was well tonned i could fee his chest rubbing against my boobs,he was sweaty he said its fine aunty i asked him to take a shower and we can have dinner. He went to shower and i prepared for dinner. let me tell, i am 5.7 feet tall woman with boobs size of 38 cup size, weighing upto 60 kg. I used to hit the gym earlier hence i am in a proper shape, i always wanted to spent time with my hubby he was of my height he always left me behind, I lastly had sex with my friend’s son praveen (name changed) a year passed by still iam sexually disatisfied and finding my way to fulfill my desires, as i was thinking i heard the bathroom door opened sound. It was ram came out wet in the towel, he possessed a great body he was medium built. His chest was perfect in shape and his abs were classy i could see him all the day.

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The water droplets on his body made it look glittery and more sexy I bit my lips, his appearance was driving me crazy. He said “i dont have anything to wear aunty”. I found out some of my hubby’s boxers and picked one and searched for one of my hubby’s shorts but it was not fitting him. Lastly i gave him my shorts he said “no aunty its fine” i said “wear it ram there is no one here to see”.

I prepared for the dinner, ram joined me and we both had dinner. He complimented for the dinner, and went to hall and turned on the TV. I washed the vesseles and i was thinking of ram’s body, i wondered that he must be long and strong i decided to make my wish happen, I peeked at his body he was topless looked awsomee i could not control myself and rubbed my clit inserting my hands inside my nighty for few minutes. Finally i moved to him “come aunty lets watch movie” he asked. I nodded yes and watched him often than watching the movie now and then i was starring at his abdominal parts. I was getting hotter and hotter by his structure, i put my one leg on his thigh. He saw me and said its fine aunty. I was feeling his little bro touching my calf muscle.

He tried to control his feeling but i was not. We were discussing about studies and all. I asked him did he have any girl friend and slowly put my hands on his chest. I could feel his heart beating fastly, “relax ram why are you so nervous, i wont eat you” i said he laughed, by this time his cock was raising slowly. I rubbed his chest and slowly moved to abs “aunty what are you doing” he asked. I said him “relax son i can understand your feelings its common for this age boys” i bought my face close to his face and kissed on his cheeks chin forehead nose eyes and finally on his lips and looked at his face, he was shy. I took his hand and placed on my hips, he pressed my hips i kissed on his lips and slowly entered my tongue inside his mouth, his tounge rolled on mine and he gave me a deep kiss, I rubbed his abs and slowly inserted my hand inside the shorts. There was a big tent on boxers, and lot of wet. We broke the kiss and stood up.

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I pulled him to my room and made him lay on the bed and kissed on the trousers, “you are big son let me see it” i exclaimed he replied “no aunty its ok” i pulled his trousers down now the tent was visible it had lot of precum it was about to tear my hubby’s 80cms boxers. I slowly pulled down the boxers and his cock sprang free. Omg it was good at size it measurement was 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches in girth colour th lots of hair around it, i still liked it. I asked in a adorable voice “can i touch it” he nodded. I touched his penis it was a rock in structure with veins clearly visible. His testicles were in size of a golf balls. Totally he was bigger than my hubby. It was good in size, I slowly pulled his foreskin and saw his dick head it was baby pink in colour and still sperms were flowing out. I licked it and stroked his cock for a while. He was moaning “aahhh..aunty……you are sexy” i was happy, and sucked his black cock.

Generally i see porn often and masturbate using a dildo and ended upto 10 minutes. Today i want a cock for real. , i pulled out my nighty and stood in my panty, i did not wear any bra to make more comfortable. I stood like a real slut in my panty. He sat on the bed and i slept besides him. He kissed me again and i too responded, slowly his hand moved to my pussy, i had already cummed. He rubbed my clit which made me go crazy on him then he came down and pulled away my panty and admired my cute pussy. It had little hair on the pubic area, he spread my pussy lips and inserted his tongue inside my pussy o my god…it was a unique feel

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“aaahhhh….mmm…ram…please…lick it..hhmm” i moaned he inserted one finger inside and stroked my warm hole very well and licked my pussy. I cummed after 5 minutes.

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I said “sorry ram i did not warn you” he replied its ok aunt. He stood up and took long breath, his every part of body was tonned well. Coming to ram he stood 5.9 feet tall with medium complexion, and very handsome.

I too stood up naked and hugged and smooched madly. He carried me and put on the bed, pointed his black cock towards my glory hole and rubbed on my clit. “ram please fuck me dont make me wait” i pleaded him. He slowly inserted the hot rod inside my love hole “aaahhh..fuck….its thick…oohhhh” he only inserted his dick head and paused for my signal, then i told him to proceed and he slowly pushed 0.5 inches another 0.5 inches slowly and slowly. Every inches of his cock was streching my insides totally, finally he pushed all his 6.5 inches of black cock inside my small pussy. He was giving me medium strokes, he was driving me crazy.

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