Routine check up : doctor’s love : part-3

Hello friends,
I have narrated my story as i have developed an extramaritial affair with a gynecologist Dr.vikash ahuja as i have visited his clinic twice for my routine check-up as i was sure that i have conceived also,but it’s not true as my menstrual cycle confirmed my pregnancy,a report denied it and so a report is due for next day as i have to meet doctor again and so,BINA ,a 28 years married women with height of 5’6 feet and nice figure is going to meet him again as last two meets turned romantic as well as physical and i am not feeling guilty of it as my hubby have asked me to meet a male gynecologist and as i felt bit nervous ,while meeting him next day ,i asked my hubby……………

”anish,i have to meet doctor again,so if you can give company to me
[anish] sorry darling,i can’t do it but i will pick you in the evening from clinic,so book a cab for next day.”and as night passed,next day i have my early house hold works and than as hubby left for office,i booked a cab as i called doctor vikash also and in the evening,as i took rest after my lunch,i wake up and than took refreshment as i picked a yellow colour sari with sleevless blouse to wear and than i put it on my sexy body as my physical appearances seems nice,it reads 36-28-38 and my reddish vagina is clean shaved as it glitters like pearls,so i am looking like a gorgeous lady as i put my purse in shoulder and a high heal sandals on legs,now walked out of flat and locked the door,walked fast towards appartment’s gate as cab is parked i frisked inside car while i sit on back seat as i have put medical file on hand,so driver moved the car as i am sitting with mobile in hand and it’s a 20-25 minutes drive from my flat to indirapuram as i am looking towards road while thinking of secret sexual affair with him.later on,i reached doctor’s clinic as i walked inside and as i am near doctor’s chamber,i give my medical file to nurse as looking at me,she said………….


”wait madam for 15 minutes.”and i sit on a chair as i can see two more patients there,looking at me,a lady in her mid thirties,sitting beside me asked…………”have you visited this clinic earlier on
[Bina] yes but why you are asking
[she] actually i am alone and will feel bit nervous with a male gynecologist,so i asked you about doctor’s behaviour
[Bina] a nice men and a doctor also ,so what’s your problem
[she] i have a boy of 10 years and than i have never get conceived,so i come to know about him and here i have to discuss about it
[Bina]if you feel nervous,i will be with you.”


And than as one patient came out of chamber,other lady entered and now i have to give company to him also,as we both are in conversation and my long wait comes to an end as we both walked together and nurse looking at me………..

”wait inside madam,i will be there with your report.”as i smiled and now we both patient are inside as doctor looking at me,said………how are you ?
[Bina] fine sir.”and we both lady sit on chair as i said……….

”sir,she is new here and alone also as she have a son and than she never get conceived,so look her problem.”and than doctor asked him to go inside as i am sitting there,vikash followed him ,so it’s my turn now and after a while,nurse came inside as she put my medical file on table than left the chamber,so a patient is inside room as i am waiting for my turn and after 5-6 minutes,doctor as well as patient came out as he started writing on her prescription and than he said……..

”i have written two tests and you have to come back with report after 3 days.”and she walked away with her prescription as i am sitting there,so looking at me,he first looked my file as he said………..”your report is normal ,so more test is on card.”and he asked me to move inside patient’s room,i moved inside as i am standing there and he came after a while as i slept on bed with my legs straight,he put his hand on my sari and asked me to lift it as i am bit nervous,i lifted it slowly as my sari with peticote is on inner thighs,he have put a gloves in his hand as he hold my sari and put it on my waist,so feeling too horny as i know he will touch it with his hand but as gloves is on his hand,i am confident that he will perform test.

I am lying on bed as my lower parts are nude,i can see him holding a tube in his hand as it seems to be a penis shaped object and he asked……….”look this tube,i have to put it inside your hole,so you have to put your legs wider.”and feeling bit ashamed,i turned my face as i stretched my legs wider,he is looking at my glory hole and i am not scared of him,as he is a doctor and now i can feel tube moving inside my hole as it feels to be a thicker cock in my cunt but as my sound”uh ah”come out,he smiled……”it’s inside now i will see your cervix as well as inner,is there any problem or not.”and he move to his table as he starts looking at laptop and now my face is straight as tube is giving me some sort of bruises inside and after a while,as he turned to me , i put my face in different direction and he took out the tube as he said………..

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”it seems normal but i am not too cool at this moment
[Bina smiled] sir,i want to cure my disease not to get conceived
[Dr.] sure but have you used contraceptives always during intercourse
[Bina] not at least in last month with my hubby
[Dr.] than also you have not conceived,so here you can’t conceive.”

And he have removed his gloves from his hand,as his hand is on my soft vagina and now i am feeling bit relaxed as i was dying for his touch and now doctor,sits near my legs as he is rubbing my vagina and looking at me,he pushed his finger inside cunt as he starts fingering it fastly and i am in joy as his other hand is rubbing my strong thighs and i am feeling it’s sensation as he put his other hand on my chest and dislodged sari,so my boobs are looking hot in blouse as he put his hand on it and started massaging it hardly,now my sexy voice”uh ah finger fast”is making us horny,he have different ideas for as his one hand is pressing my boobs,his other is busy in my feeling too hot and horny as my vagina is in fire,doctor took out his finger as he stand near my face and like a whore,i wake up on patient’s bed as i hold his trouser’s buckles and started opening it,so his briefs as well as trouser have been removed and his nude cock is in my hand,its semi erected as i am kissing it and than started rubbing it’s glans on my face to lips,i have made my mind to enjoy a lot with doctor in his clinic and so looking at him,i opened my mouth and swallow his penis in my mouth.

Hot Sex stories:   Routine check up : Doctor's love

Vikash is rubbing my hairs gently as his penis is hard and while sucking it ,my fingers are moving in his dense pubic hairs,so as his cock is getting the love of my mouth ,it’s growing bigger and harder in my mouth and i am feeling too i hold his waist as i started moving my face fast and started giving his cock a nice blow job,he is screaming in pleasure………….”oh uh yes suck suck darling hard hard ”my mouth have hold his cock as a hard and nice jerk is in process and i need a fuck as i am feeling the heat inside my vagina,so as i felt little pain in my mouth while sucking his cock,i took it out and now put my tongue on it,so looking at doctor i am rolling my tongue on wet cock as his hand is on my hairs and than i smelt his cock hard and left him as i walked inside washroom,so i urinated there and after a while,i am back in patient’s room ,doctor is still semi nude as his cock is slamming my vagina like a flying objects moving up and down and i know it’s true that each an every cock of world pay respect as well as pray also to Vagina goddess,it’s a natures creatures as vikash hold me in his arms and started kissing my neck to face as i am well dressed in my yellow sari and blouse,he is holding me tightly as my boobs are getting rubbed on his cheat,so he ask me to sit on bed as i am desperate for his cock in my hole but let him do what he want first……… as i sit on bed’s corner,doctor knelt down and he lifted my sari and inner upto waist as he is rubbing my vagina and it’s wet due to vaginal fluids,so he put his tongue in my vagina as he starts licking it with his tongue and i am screaming in joy………..

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