Mama loves bf over her own daughter

Hi I’m Hailey I don’t remember how old I was but at the time I couldn’t read or write very well I think I was in 3rd grade maybe?, anyways it started when my dad past away from cancer. My mom and I didn’t take very well when one day she met Joey at the store afterward we moved in to his place he never acknowledging me or anything till about a month passed and him and my mom were always yelling at each other and fighting. My mom would blame me and slap me because of it.

One day I was painting in the living room when Joey got home from work (he was working construction) and he bumped into the table spilling the paint on to the floor.


He Yelled at my mom “look at what your kid did the little bitch doesn’t respect my house”, mom”well it’s not my fault, Hailey! Go to you room” Joey grabbed my mom’s arm and told her to clean it up. My mom yelled back “I didn’t do it make her do it ” they both went to my room and started yelling at me, he then through me of my bed and told me to stand in front of him. My mom told me “he needs to show you he’s the man of the house so he’s gonna spank you so you could learn” I started crying. Joey ” take your panties off turn around and bend over “he started with one big slap almost knocked the wind out of me and another and another non stop . when my mom finally spoke well baby I’m going to spend the night at my sister’s cause I just can’t watch this. Hailey you make sure you learn your lesson he’s the man of the house.” I begged for her to stay but I heard the door close and she was gone. He told me to go clean it up. I was putting my panties back on he said keep those off. We went back to the living room and he gave me a rag I started scrubbing, I heard him open a beer and stood behind me I looked back and he was staring at my behind. He finished his beer and went to the room for a minute he came back in some boxers and a white t shirt. I was still cleaning the paint. When I felt him run his finger down my but and vagina. I gasped and he said relax and finish up I’m going to show you the man I am. And he pour some stuff and it ran down my ass crack. I felt his penis pushing through between my pussy trying to split me I cried and struggled a bit but he slapped me and told me he would beat me up if I didn’t relax I stopped struggling but as much as he tried he couldn’t get it in so he went for my butt.

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Omg god it hurt so much he pulled me in and started thrusting me hard I collapsed and he fucked my butt on the floor putting his wieght in to it. I was just crying in pain. He got up and took me to his room I felt my asshole was gapping and he through me on the bed facing up pulled me to the edge and continued to fuck me hard he then started going faster and harder until I heard him yell and his body got stiff ass He pushed hard into me. His muscle were swollen from the amount of force he used. He them collapsed on top of me and kissed me I felt his cumm seeping out the sides while he kept slowly fucking me.

He rolled over to his side and pulled his penis out of me. He held me close and he told me to suck his dick he then grabbed my hair and pulled me to his penis I opened my mouth and he started fucking my face he soon started to cum in my mouth he told if any cum came out of my mouth he would slap me and to make sure I sucked him completely dry I did what I was told. When I was finished he held me close and he had a make out session. I fell into a deep sleep and woke up in my room the next morning.
The next morning my mom wasn’t back yet and he raped me and took my virginity. Everytime after that he would find any reason to beat and abuse me after the beating we always had rough sex.
My mom and Joey are still together and don’t fight as much anymore.

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