Cabin in the woods

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Diane quietly stepped through the sparse, still-damp grass in the front yard of the rustic cabin her father had built many years ago. She marveled at how the forest and surrounding landscape had not changed that much since she had started coming here so many years ago as a young child. Now, she thought, my children can enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest, away from the bustling hurry of life down below.

As she made her way down the well maintained path that led to the lake, she wished she’d worn her hiking boots as opposed to the sandals; there were some steep switchbacks that had to be carefully navigated. And some of the gravel in the path had been washed out in recent rains. ‘Have to get Darrin busy on this’, she thought of her husband, who spent a lot of time fishing in the lake.

As she approached one of the sharp turns, she caught a bit of movement just below. Stopping and straining her hers to listen, not wanting to frighten off a bit of wildlife, she craned her neck to try and get a glimpse of whatever may be there. Dismayed at the foliage that prevented good line of sight, Diane slipped closer and around a bush, there just a few feet away and slightly lower was the cause of the movement.

She was about to call out to her son, Derik, and tell him to wait up for her, but with a sharp intake of breath, she gasped. Her son was seated on a makeshift bench that was available for weary hikers. In his hand was a magazine with bright, glossy pictures of naked women, and Derik had his strong, young cock in his hand, feverishly pumping away while looking at the pictures in the mag. Oh my, Diane thought and almost shouted at him, but then felt a twinge between her legs and before she knew it, had a hand inside her daisy duke shorts and was rubbing her wet pussy through her panties. Trying to get a better look, a foot slipped and gravel rained down the slope. At the sound, Derik threw the book away and hurriedly scooted out of the small clearing and ran full tilt down the path. Reaching for a branch to keep her balance, Diane pulled her hand from her wet pussy and made her way to the spot her 14 year old had just vacated. Looking around, she saw the book and was amazed to see it was entitled’ “MILFS”. Flipping through the pages she saw older women fucking and sucking on seeming kids. Why they must be just Derik’s’ age, she murmured to herself, and the women must be my age.

Where in hell did he get such a book? Well, I’m just going to show his father and let him take care of this. And with a huff, she started off once again, on her way to the lake to see if Darrin had had any luck in the lake.

Darrin settled in, under the low, overhanging boughs of the large Jack-pine. Adjusting his binoculars, with one hand he un-zipped his pants and pulled his pulsing cock out of his pants. ‘This is too good to pass up,’ he whispered to no one. At least he hoped there was no one else around, and looked over his shoulder to make sure, before returning his attention to the small clearing just a short distance away, in the ravine below him. There, his 16 year old daughter Danielle was with her girlfriend, Cierra. Ciera was a young black girl that Danielle had invited to the Cabin for the long weekend, against the protests of Diane. This was supposed to be a family bonding trip, she had argued, to no avail.
“Here Cierra, put this on and I’ll get on my hands and knees and you can fuck my sweet pussy.” Danielle handed her friend a strap-on dildo, she had pulled from her backpack. “Oh yes Danielle, please and when I’m done, you can screw my hot cunt too.”

The two girls embraced, their full, hard boobs pressed together and their tongues met and wrestled together. Cierra placed her hands on each of Danielle’s’ ass cheeks and pulled the slightly larger girl close and the two ground their pussies together, trying to get their clits to meet. Danielle bent her knees and slid down the dusky smaller girl and trailed her wet tongue along, tasting and licking her way to Cierra’s’ sparsely carpeted cunt. Once she was satisfied that she was in the right spot, she forced the shiny black thighs apart and stabbed her tongue on Cierra’s hard little cock. After sucking on her throbbing clit, Danielle pushed her tongue into Cierra and tongue fucked her friend, almost to orgasm. Stopping short, to a dismayed Cierra, Danielle breathed, “Fuck me bitch, and fuck my wet cunt good.” And with that, spun around to all fours, presenting a wet, pink target to Cierra.

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