Mom & son came closer in a weekend party : part-4

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Mom & son came closer in a weekend party…

It’s really unexpected as my hubby vivek have given me [Nancy] permission to enjoy physical love with my son Rohan,a 20 years guy with well built physique have been in illicit affair with me,her mom Nancy for last 7-8 months and we both have crossed our limits as my son have always satisfied me on bed. Mom & son came closer in a weekend party 3 part

So it’s a memorable trip to our farmhouse as Nancy,Vivek with Rohan are here to enjoy a weekend trip for two days and from the very morning till now,as i got fucked with my son twice ,my hubby have given me a hard penetration once and we three are nude as well as exhausted on bed,so our relations have turned into a illegitimate one as mom & son have enjoyed physical love infront of his/her dad/ as i get laid on bed with my vagina filled with semen,my son rohan is too exhausted as he have ejaculated semen thrice from the morning and twice it’s inside his birth-place that’s my vagina and once in my mouth ,so vivek is sleeping nude on bed as rohan smiled” now have bath together,so we can have lunch soon”,and than my hubby vivek with me[nancy] wake up as we both moved inside washroom nudely,so as i get under the cascade vivek smiled ”oh my baby,we can bath together in bath-tub darling”and so i walked to bath-tub as it’s filled with clean waters and so nancy,a 38 years frisked inside bath-tub as she get laid under water with face on tub’s seat,so vivek also came inside and now we are under water with our faces as well as bodies in a horizontal our faces are straight as vivek hold me in his arms and starts kissing my face to lips while i am pressing my boobs on his chest,after getting fucked thrice in last 3 hours my vagina is well de-sentisize and i am looking for more but we three are too tired as well as completely drunk ,so no physical love session is going to happen soon and now as vivek kissed my lips,i hold his head and took his lips in my mouth to suck ,so sucking his lips hard i am rubbing his back and than things turned bit romantic as vivek took out his lips from my mouth and pushed his long tongue in my mouth and while sucking his tongue,i can feel his hand measuring my heavy our body are getting wet and as his tongue is getting sucked,i starts rubbing my fingers on his anus hole and in retaliation,vivek slowly pushed his long finger in my anus hole and starts fingering it fast and getting hotter as my vagina starts itching again i pushed his head back and freed his vivek is smiling on me as he opened the tap of foamy water and we both are under water as water starts turning foamy ,so we both are rubbing eachother’s body and getting horny ,lastly our body are well covered in foamy waters as he starts squeezing my boobs hard while fingering my anus hole ,now screaming in joy

”uh ah oh don’t make me hot vivek ,than will need some hard fuck again
[He] sure,your newly found love will satisfy you baby
[Me] oh,leveling allegations against me but you have ignited our minds as well as bodies to make love.”

And than he took out his finger from my ass hole as we both moved out of bath-tub and our body are foamy as we get under cascade.
Nancy and Vivek is standing under it as he opened the cascade and water starts flowing on our body as we are having bath,so our foamy body are getting washed and as i heard some sound of door opening ,my face turned towards it and i can see rohan walking inside nudely,looking at me he hold his cock and starts urinating in toilet-pan as he washed his tool and than said……….

”lovely ,love to see mom and dad enjoying love
[Vivek]oh my son ,why don’t you join us in bath
[Son]sure but if you feel jealous while looking at your wife getting loved with other guy
[Nancy]no you bastard,we don’t want to put anything within limit.”

And so rohan stand behind me as he is rubbing my sexy butts with his palm and as our body are washed ,my hubby vivek knelt down and than stretched my legs looking at him,i can see his face in between my thighs and he starts kissing my soft vagina and my son rohan is a hot guy as his tongue is licking my anus hole fast,so sounding sexy”uh ah um lick lick fast ,dad tasting my cunt and son my ass and i am really a slut for both of you”and as i put my crossed fingers on vagina to widened it’s hole ,vivek’s tongue starts licking my vagina and rohan have made my anus hole little wider as his tongue is giving it a lot a pleasure and it’s true that getting licked in both holes at a time is a nice experience and so feeling too horny,i hold my hubby’s hairs and pushed his head towards my glory hole and he is licking my cunt fast,so my vagina is getting hotter and than both left my holes as vivek and rohan is standing infront of me as their cocks are sleepy,i just hold it in my palms to press vivek starts squeezing my breast hard but within foreplay as my nipples get erected,my son rohan hold my left breast and starts licking it’s nipple with his long tongue and feeling too aroused ,i am screaming in pleasure”oh uh don’t make me hot you ideats ,your cocks are still ineffective for me and so i have to call my care taker to get fucked and i can do so with conviction”and now vivek left my boobs as rohan took his mom’s breast in his mouth to suck and he is pressing other ones.I can see my hubby rubbing his wet body with a towel and our bath finished soon as my son rubbed my wet body with a towel and so i did.later on ,we put our dress and than we have lunch together ,so we slept in our bedroom………………… the evening……….

I am on bed in my bed-room as vivek is with me while my son Rohan is in other bed-room and we are sleeping soundly ,so as i starts dreaming ,my sexy body is in a robes as my hubby is sleeping beside me while my son rohan is squeezing my breast on robes and it’s not a dream as i have in my sleepy as my boobs are getting pressed,my eyes opened and i can see my son rohan sitting near my face as he put away his hand and i wake up to move towards washroom and after urinating,i took refreshment and came back room,so rohan is not there and my eyes stuck on mobile phone as a small piece of paper is under as my hubby vivek is in sound sleep ,i walked out and than opened the paper as it reads ”sexy,waiting for you in backyards ,come soon” and than i put sandals on legs as i moved towards backyard, a no-entry zone for care-takers especially when we family members are as it’s a dark evening,garden lamp is giving some lights and i can see my son Rohan sitting on wooden bench as i stand infront of him ,looks like a hot blonde in shorts with tops and he hold my waist as he pulled me and i fell on his while sitting on son’s thigh with my arm on his shoulder as my right tits are pressing hard on his chest,i starts kissing his neck to face and he is too agressive as he is kissing me hard and his hand is moving on my sexy thighs and we both are too hot as he hold my hairs and than starts kissing my rossy lips and as i opened my mouth ,he pushes his long tongue in my mouth and while sucking my son’s tongue hard,i am feeling bit aroused ,so as my hubby made our relations legitimate ,i am not going to leave my son without any romance right his hand is rubbing my sexy nude thighs and as i felt my mouth watering with alcoholic flavour,i pushed his face and freed his tongue.

So rohan is pulling my shorts down as i removed it and now my lower parts are nude as i stand infront of my son with my one leg on bench while i have stretched it wider,he is looking at his birth-place,my vagina and than as his hand have hold my waist ,he is kissing my soft vagina hard and feeling too hot ,i put my crossed fingers on cunt and widened it’s hole and so son starts licking my cunt with his long tongue and his hand is rubbing my heavy butts,now sounding sexy”uh ah um lick lick fast you mother-fucker,need your cock in my cunt soon”and his tongue is hitting my clitoris as i am in as my son hold the fleshy parts of vagina,my cunt starts itching and after a while,i shouted like a whore”oh uh yes,it’s cumming my son ,drink drink it you dog”and my cunt become wet as he got the taste of it’s cum and now he is a horny guy,looking at me,he is licking my wet cunt and than things changed.

So nancy sit on her legs and now hold his bermuda as i pulled it down to legs ,now rohan’s cock is semi erected as he inches forward on bench,now rohan put his legs on bench as his legs are stretched and his anus hole is looking little wider,so looking at my son,i hold his cock and starts jerking it ,so i put my face on his ass hole as i spits in it and with one finger i rubbed the hole and so it’s bit wet,now Nancy’s long tongue is licking her son’s anus hole and rohan is too aggressive as he put his crossed fingers on anus hole to widened it and i am licking my son’s anus hole fast as my hand is masturbating his penis,so he is screaming in pleasure”uh ah sexy lady don’t lick my ass it’s burning ,ah suck suck my cock”and she is rolling her tongue in anus hole as his penis have grown i am on my knees as my legs are in bit pain due to heavy buttocks giving my legs additional weight,so i hold my son’s penis as i starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips and than opened my mouth as i sucked it’s 1/2 of penis in mouth as starts sucking it hard,so feeling too romantic and hot while feeling his penis growing harder in my mouth ,rohan is shouting ”uh ah you bitch now move your mouth ,just give me a nice oral job”,so as i am deaf with his strong penis giving my mouth full satisfaction,he hold my hairs and starts fucking my mouth with his penetrated cock in mouth and as he fucked me for a while,my whole mouth opened and his whole cock is fucking my mouth with speed,so i am on top of world with a young cock fucking my mouth and he is fucking my mouth from below

”uh ah suck suck you whore,i will fuck your vagina soon” and his glans is hitting the deep throat as my vagina is in full sensation,so his fuck ends soon and he smiled

”mom,you are too sexy”.

So i sit on wooden bench near him as he walked nudely towards other end,looking back at him as he is urinating,i am bit passionate to get fucked soon and as he came back,i stand on grass as i turned my back,so my son hold my waist and i bend down as my both arms are on bench’s back seat ,so as i have put myself like a four legged animal rohan put his head down and hold my Nancy’s legs are stretched as he spits on my ass hole and now while standing behind my butts ,he pushed his long finger in my ass hole and starts fingering it fastly,so waiting for my son to fuck my vagina or ass hole soon ,i am screaming in pleasure”uh ah yes rohan,don’t make me wait please fuck fuck me”and he took out his finger from my anus hole as he starts rubbing it’s glans on my ass hole and slowely his penis vanishes in my wet vagina and he starts fucking me hard.a nice look in backyards as i am standing on four legs with my front portion down and he is hitting my vaginal depth hard ,so his hand hold my saggy boobs to squeeze and as i am fully aroused,i starts moving my heavy butts fast and he is in fire”uh ah it’s a lovely nature’s paradise with greenery as well as trees are watching mom and son enjoying with each other”and so as my legs are in bit pain with vagina in heat,i am begging for cum as i asked him

”be fast fast and hard my son,cum soon i need your cum to finish the fire in my vagina” but he is a voiceless animal fucking my vagina hard as my flexible vagina got fucked for forth time till morning,what will happen in the night ? i can’t say……… rohan than ejaculated semen in my vagina as he took out his penis and pushed it in my mouth and i sucked it and got the taste of son’s semen…………..

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