Mom & son came closer in a weekend party : part-3

It’s a nice weekend as we family members are in our farmhouse and i am a lucky one as Nancy got double penetration from morning till now and my son Rohan have given me a hard fuck as my hubby vivek also ejaculated semen in my Nancy,a 38 years matured lady is in great sexual affairs and her nude body is well exhausted as my hubby Vivek as well as son Rohan is also nude on we three are having rest and than ,my son rohan smiled…………

”now go and have bath together my sexy mom
[Vivek]if you also join us in bath and drinks also
[Nancy]he have no problem my hubby ,but he have already smelt my vagina and so he will join in my fuck also
[Vivek]no need to worry.”and as i am feeling lot of white gels in my mouth and vagina ,i wake up and frisked inside washroom and so my hubby followed me.a 38 years matured lady needs lot of pleasure on bed and like me,as i have an addiction of cocks ,i love to be fucked with 5-6 cocks in a row and here both dad and son have given me but our trip have just started it’s not ending my hubby opened the taps of bathtub as water is filling inside and looking at me,he asked………

”please call your newly found lover rohan
[Nancy]no ,it’s not true but it was your desire to see mom and son loving eachother’s nude body and so we did
[Vivek]yes but if affair have evolved,it will go further on.”

And i felt bit hot as my sexual affair with rohan is in process for last 8-9 months and my hubby is unknown to the i walked nude out of washroom as i smiled while standing near door……”come on young guy ,your sexy mom is inviting you for fun”and than rohan came inside as he is also as vivek is sitting on his legs near bathtub,he is waiting for foamy water to fill the tub and we both mom & son are under cascade as rohan hold me in his as i starts brushing my boobs on his chest,his hand moved on my heavy butts as he is rubbing it hard and so my son have hold my hairs as he is kissing my lips hard.later on,our lips get locked as we are standing on ground while holding eachother and rohan is sucking my lips hard as his hand is moving on my soft buttocks,so i felt bit horny as i took out my lips from his mouth and pushed my long tongue in his mouth and rohan is sucking it hard as his finger is rubbing my anus hole.

we three are well drunk and as rohan is sucking my tongue hard,i felt my mouth watering with alcoholic flavour and so i pushed my son’s face back as i freed my tongue from his looking down to his cock,it’s a thick fleshy organ with no erection and than vivek looked at me……….”come on baby and have bath together
[Nancy]sure my hubby but can we three get laid inside
[Rohan]oh my sexy lady,get laid with your hubby and i will be out of it.”as we both are in bath tub,foamy water have been filled as both get laid in a horizontal position and vivek hold me in his getting closer,i starts brushing my boobs on his chest and vivek starts kissing my lips hard as his hand is measuring my heavy butts,now our lips are sealed as i have put my thigh on his thigh and rohan is sitting behind me out of bathtub as our body are under water but rohan put his hand under water and starts rubbing my sexy as our faces are on tub’s seat ,i starts licking my hubby’s lips with my long tongue and he is too hot as he opened his mouth and swallow my long tongue,he is sucking my tongue as i turned him straight and now as vivek is straight under water ,i leaned on his top and we both are enjoying french kiss as my heavy buttocks is upwards and i have given my son a chance to enjoy my hot body from outside bathtub.

So i can feel his long finger moving in my anus hole and i am in pleasure as my tongue is getting sucked hard,now while fingering my ass hole rohan is rubbing my sexy back also and getting company of my hubby with my son is a new experience as i am feeling vivek’s cock hitting my waist,he have poured semen half an hour ago but it’s strength is still hard and i know my destiny to be fucked soon with my as i removed my tongue from hubby’s mouth,he kissed my face”now we can walk out baby
[me]sure even my son is standing there.”and so we both are out of bathtub as under cascade,our bodies are well covered in foams and rohan is also standing there,so as i am standing infront of my hubby ,my son is standing behind me and he have hold my breast as he is squeezing it hard and so vivek opened the cascade as water starts flowing on our body and we are having bath but like getting pressed between son and dad,i am too hot .so vivek is rubbing my front portion of body as son is cleaning my sexy back and as my foams get washed,now i can feel son’s tongue licking my anus hole ,so looking back i smiled……..

”enjoy your newly found love ,isn’t it?
[Vivek knelt down]baby,now we both son and dad will pray to goddess vagina for our happy sexual life.”and i laughed as vivek hold my thigh and stretched my legs wider,so he hold one thigh and put it in air as i am standing like a whore and getting my anus hole licked with my son’s tongue is making me horny and now it’s my hubby’s tongue that is rolling in my flexible vagina,my body is sensation as my legs are shivering and i am shouting”oh uh um ,my son now fuck my ass hole ,it’s yours and my hubby be fast while licking your slut wife’s cunt”and vivek is licking my vagina fast as my son left the ass now feeling bit relaxed,i can see rohan standing infront of me as he hold my sexy breast and put his mouth on it and swallow it to my son rohan is sucking my breast hard as i have hold his cock and it’s in little erection as my hubby vivek have took out his tongue from my hole but his two long fingers are screwing my vagina’s hole and i am in fire as i am jerking my son’s cock hard while screaming in pleasure” uh ah suck suck hard my son,it’s yours”and than rohan left my breast as he moved towards other side of me and hold my right breast as he starts licking it’s browenish nipple with his tongue and so my vagina is too hot and dry,it have ejaculated cum thrice till now from morning as i have tasted my hubby’s semen in mouth and rohan,a great fucker fucked me twice but i know i am lucky that i will get fucked again but with my hubby’s tool as looking down at it,it’s in semi erection and than i shouted”uh ah yes ,it’s cumming lick it you dog” and while fingering my vagina my hubby is licking it’s hole fast and than my vagina poured cum as he took it’s hole in mouth and drink it’s cum ,so rohan left my breast as he pushed his dad on my legs and now while putting his fingers ,he widened it’s hole and now starts licking my wet vagina and get taste of as vivek and nancy walked out of washroom nudely while rubbing their wet bodies,rohan is under cascade as he is having his my hubby put a pyjama and vest on body as i am looking for my sexy lingerie in bag,so he walked out as i bend down to look it and there my nude son came as he is eyeing my saggy boobs,so he smiled

”oh my sexy mom,you are looking so sexy ,no need to put dress on it
[I hold my sexy lingerie] but your mom will be like a sexy lady in this lingerie.”and than i put it on my body as it’s attached brassiere is transparent ,my tummy to waist are well covered ,while it’s short in length and it’s upto my semi-thighs but transparent cloth have made me too i walked to dinning room as vivek is preparing drinks for us and my young son rohan is still nude as he is sitting on sofa and now i sit closer to him and he is gazing at my sexy body………

”oh ,it’s a hot dress ,dad you are lucky to get a wife like my mom
[Vivek] sure my son ,now enjoy drink.”and we three are drinking wine as my eyes are on son’s cock,it’s in semi erection as bulge on pyjama of hubby is looking harder,so two cocks for a slut lady like me and i will get it for next 36 hours and as our drinks finishes,my son rohan hold my wrist and than took me inside other bedroom as my hubby vivek followed us.
Rohan pushed me on bed as i get laid as my legs are straight ,so he is nude as he sit near my waist and looking at dad,he asked………

”dad,remove your clothes ,we are here for fun with his horny lady
[Vivek] yes my son ”and he removed his clothes as both son and dad are nude,now rohan put a pillow under my bum as he stretched my legs wide and than put his face on my soft thigh as he is kissing it but my hubby knelt down near my face as i turned my face to hold his penis and now starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips,so rohan is making me hot as his lips are kissing my nude thighs to legs and i am screaming ”uh ah um ,my son you are too sexy”and now he removed my G string as he put his face in between my thighs and while kissing my vagina,his hand is lifting my sexy lingerie and so my hubby pushed his penis in my mouth and like a slut ,i am sucking it hard and vivek put down my straps of dress to shoulders as my lingerie is on tummy and i am nude in front of my hubby and rohan have widend it’s hole as his tongue is licking my cunt and my hubby have hold my hairs tight as he starts fucking my mouth with his long and thick penis,so i am feeling too horny as my cunt get wet inside washroom and now as i felt vivek’s cock growing bigger and harder in my mouth ,i took it out and there things vivek is now infront of my sexy vagina as rohan came near my face and he hold his semi-erected cock as he pushed it in my mouth to suck,now vivek is rubbing it’s glans on my hole and he pushed hard as his 1/2 penis frisked inside and he starts fucking me with speed as well as power and so son is fucking my mouth with his cock and i know his erected cock will again fuck my vagina or anus as cock get wet,i took it out and my tongue is licking it and so vivek is fucking me with speed and i am screaming in pleasure”uh ah um fuck fuck hard”and so while licking son’s tongue i am feeling too sexy and vivek is making me vagina hot as well as dry,third in a row till now from morning as getting fucked for longer span of times makes vagina de-sentisize and than rohan walked to washroom as vivek leaned on my top,now while holding him in my arms ,i starts bouncing my ass fast and he is in fire as he is fucking me for last 6-7 minutes and my cunt is like a boiler as i am begging for cum”uh ah um now it’s in fire ,rain your cum my hubby aah”and he is giving me hard time and after a while his penis poured cum in my vagina as rohan is there to clap”oh nice to see parents making love”and than as my cunt get wet,vivek put his penis in my mouth and i sucked it to taste it’s cum………….more to come.wait for it.

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