Aunt’s friend

Sai again readers. I’m going to tell you how my aunt’s friend slept with me. Last time i had slept with my dream aunt soumya, and she gave her friend’s number to make her satisfied. I called to her number, a lady picked up the call, she had a sweet voice. I told her that soumya aunt gave me this number. She told me to meet the very next day and messaged her address. I was happy and, went to her home clean and tidy. The home was big, hopefully the lady is rich. I rang the doorbell.

A lady in her mid 30’s opened the door, she stood tall with a medium complexion, i was dumbstruck with her beauty. She invited me inside, i sat on the sofa she introduced herself name as shalini(name changed), i introduced myself and mentioned about soumya’s reference. She stood 5.9 feet with a perfect build body, damn wat a lady she is i could see her all day. She takes after south indian actress anushka shetty, she looks exactly like her, espically the height and body, shalini had a more big boobs than the actress. She welcomed me properly and got me soft drinks. She asked about me. I shared about myself. There was a gap for 5 minutes. I was shy how to ask her problem. Suddenly, shalini broke the silence. “Did soumya said you about me, son”…I know her problem but still i managed to act as i dont know. I said “no aunt i dont know”, she straightly jumped to the point saying that, she is sex starved who is wanting for sex, she added “my hubby fucked me 5 months ago”. I was listening to her issues, she wore a purple colour saree she was sexy.

I too jumped to the piont straightly asking her, “How can i help you”, she came near to me and wishpered in my ears “make me satisfied my boy”. We were looking each other, she came to me and kissed my ears, slowly my neck, cheek, eyes, and slowly on my lips. She had a tender lips like a flower. I slowly responded to her kiss, she pushed me back on the sofa as we were kissing slowly and deeply. She is a real woman, we kissed for 10 minutes. She stood up and gave a naughty look saying “man you look so young and lean” Yet she dont know me. I was starring her.


She pulled my hands and slowly took me too her master bedroom, holy fuck it was so big and well furnished. We sat on the corner of the bed, she put her hands on my thigh and rubbed it slowly. I saw her face, she was smiling in pleasure, my cock was raising slowly. I put my hands on her shoulder and massaged her shoulder slowly “mmmmm” she let out a soft moan, i slowly went to her legs, under her saree, she had a big calf muscles, slowly i raised my hand over her thighs, it was awsome..”mmmm..aaahhhhh” she moaned again and kissed me softly, i too smooched her and rubbed her thighs, i slowly touched her panty. Now she forcefully kissed me, i rubbed her panty slowly, i could feel her hand on my pants. She rubbed my dick over my pant. I could feel the warmth in her panty, and slowly i pulled aside her panty and touched her clitrois. It was soft like her voice, at one moment i thought i was really seducing that south indian actress anushka..Damn… “oohhh…aahhh…son its….hmm..nice” she expressed her moans. This woman was not touched for very long period of time. I scolded her hubby inside my head. She let a small drip of juices, i took my hands to her mouth and make her taste. ” she sucked like a hungry girl sucking a lollypop, by this time my crotch was struggling to get out, “son you seem to be long and strong” she said. I asked her “you wanna see me properly”, she replied “yes son im waiting for it”, i sood up and said “take it” facing her.

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She is very expert in seducing a man, she planted a kiss and got hold of my shaft over my pant and was shocked, “oh my god your cock i so big son, you young guys have a enormous penis” slowly she unzipped my pant and i was in my boxers, now she was able to hold on to my meatpole, properly and slightly bit it, “hmmm” i moaned, she holded on to my waist and got hold of my boxer strip and slowly removed it. My manhood sprang free with a limp size.

She was shocked took a deep breath and said “son you are incredibly long and strong than my hubby’s cock”. I asked her what’s the size of her hubby’s she replied “its just 4 inches dear” I now understood her cause her hubby cock is like a mouse she is left unsatisfied, so I decided to fuck her and drain her, my cock was facing her beautiful face. “dont worry dear i will make you turn on” and kissed my cock, slowly taking inside her mouth holding on to my waist. I was out of world, she licked my penis like a ice cream, and slowly too it deep inside her mouth. Her mouth was soft, actually my penis was medium in girth so she was able to take it easily inside her mouth. I was enjoying her blowjob for 5 minutes. She stood up and removed my shirt and admired my body, caressing my back, touching my chest rubbing my abs, i was feeling very aroused. She is a perfect woman, how can her hubby feel like ignoring her, fuck him badass. I was naked in front of her, while she was rubbing her cunt pressing her boobs and biting her lips. I made her stand and removed her saree as slow, She stood in her insides, with a perfect figure. She had a big arms, broad shoulders, no tummy with a sexy navel and a delicious waist. I unhooked her blouse, and her bra too, her knockers were perfectly tonned in size and was 38 in size, with medium colour nipples, the woman was a fitness freak. I removed her panty,….. wow her pubic area was of little hair which looked more suitable to her pussy area.

I sat on the bed at my penis at its erection point. She saw the veins in my penis running, “wow son your handsome cock is perfect in size, i love it” and bend to kiss me, i pulled her on to me and she fall on my chest, i grabbed her head and planted a passionate kiss, she too responded, I turned her back and saw her ass, it was medium in size with a shining surface, i gently slapped it and put my rod in between them and rubbed. “oohh, awesome son” she exclaimed. I turned her straight and put her heavy body on the bed and slowly rubbed my penis over her teared pussy, i was simulating her, finally she begged me “oh son mm…please…fuck me..please”, i obeyed her and sent my man in her woman, it was warm inside her pussy, and difficult to penetrate ….damn, I put more thrust and pushed it inside and closed my eyes and enjoyed her insides. “aaahh..its paining…son…aahh..ehhh…oohhh..fuck…” she moaned harder as my penis went inside her, the pussy walls were parted from the way, i held to her calf muscles and penetrated in missionary, and pressing her knockers. “aahhh..yyaaaa, yes…fuck me..fuck me more” shalini moaned, her pussy seem to be deep like a well i inserted whole length of my cock inside her pussy, even my cock was hot. shalini was out of the world “aaahhhh….son your rod is…mmmhh… long and hot, …hhuuhhhhh i can feel it deep inside me…aaahhh..oohhhh” she said, i kept on penetrating her for 10 minutes in low pace, pressing her boobs and ass hard as possible, “mmmm….yyyaa…oohh…your hands are perfect…hmmm”. I wanted to feel each second of this beauty, hence i did not increase my speed.

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Then she rided on me like a hungry wild woman, fuuck she is made for this. I asked her ” did your hubby satisfied you aunty”. She nodded her head stating no, later i banged her in the same position, she was smiling and kept her eyes closed. I understood her that she’s been left alone unsatisfied. 10 minutes later we changed to standing posture and i stroked her in medium pace by enjoying her insides, i lifted her one leg up and stroked her for 5 minutes and did vice versa for another 5 minutes. Its very sexy feeling when you experience the feel when you are stroking your woman’s vagina slowly.

My balls, kept hitting her outer lips of pussy, sounding slowly, phat phat phat…meanwhile shalini was crying out her moans, how sweet….she unloaded her honey on my cock, and sucked my cock and caught hold of my small testicles,”wow my dear your hanging balls are beautifull let me taste it” and licked and sucked my testicles, i bent down and drank her juices, wow it was tasty and delicious. She kissed me with love, i too responded and we slowly moved to the bed and she pushed me on the bed and kept kissing for 5 minutes, we were deep into kissing, caressing each others asset. I made her in doggy style and lifted her ass more upward and i stood and throbbed her soft this time. My balls were hanging and hitting her clitoris hard. “aaahhh..hhhaaa..mmmm..yyyaaa….hhuuhhh” she was singing her moans, she looked like a giant slut on the mirror. After 10 minutes i said iam going to cum she said to cum deep inside me, i slowly stroked her while she held my back with her sexy legs, and tickled my balls “your balls are so adorable son” she said. I injected my load of cum deep inside her pussy. I asked her wat she gets pregnant, she said she will look after it. My cock became small inside her pussy and i slept beside her.

I asked her “how does your hubby fuck you aunt” she replied “son his stupid cock is small like 4 inches and he fucks me in some way, he lasts not even for 10 minutes and ejaculate a small sprinkles of sperms inside me and sleep”. I said sorry she replied ” why son you did a great job, you made my pussy more expandable with your long cock, you have a long cock son, i love you” and kissed me i too kissed her holding her neck, i came to her pussy and she wide spread her legs and pointed my head to her clit slowly rubbing, i parted her pussy lips and thrusted my tongue inside her fleshy vagina for 5 minutes, “…son…you are driving me mad..please dont stop”, i obeyed her and continued, i regained my erection in 10 minutes. “looks like you are ready again son, you have a good stamina” she smiled and kissed my cock, and sucked my dark balls. She tried fetish, tied my hands and legs to the corner of the bed and saw my 90 degree meatpole, she came on me and stroked herself in cowgirl posture, “aahhh..sss…hhmm…oohh…ffuucckkk…son you are sexy..” she moaned and kissed me and stroked herself. 5 minutes later she put my cock in her ass hole and penetrated hard,”aahhhhhh…ffuucck….fuuckkk…how you yong ppl have big cock man” i said its a gift, she stroked herself in her anal for 10 minutes and she was about to cum i said to cum in my mouth, she came to my mouth and cummed her sweet juices and i drank all of it.

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She untied me and i made her sit on me and grabbed her flesh in her back and slowly stood up holding her back. “son, you are mind blowing, my fuckin hubby didnt even tried to lift me saying im over weight and you just took me like a doll, i love you” and shalini was thus satisfied and kissed me. My shaft was out and shalini took it inside her wet love hole and said ” you deserve a service” i drilled her to the core. she was heavy of course, meanwhile i tried her fucking by lifting her up, she was kissing me and caressing my back, we were liplocked for 10 minutes and slowly we slept on the bed in the same posture. Shalini was humping herself trying to relax me, i was sucking her boobs madly, she caressed my head while i was sucking small amount of milk from her nipples. I pressed her nipples “aahhh…mmmm…do it again please ” she said i pinched both her nipples “yyyeess…yyesss…aahhh….it feels…very….horny” and bit her lips.

Few minutes later i ejected my cock and cummed more on her face, legs and thighs. She drank my cum on her face. Both were exhausted i asked her “how you feel now aunt”…..ahe gasped her breath and replied “son this is the actual sex that i ever ever ever enjoyed…thank you son”. I replied “welcome aunt”. I asked her “how much you weigh aunt”, she replied 75, i was embarrassed, she asked mine i said 57, “son you are sexy, you took me in our arms and fucked me very well”. We went to shower, and took long shower for 20 minutes, caressing each other, oral sex, massaging each other. We came out of shower dried ourselves. We were naked the whole night, i penetrated her through anal in doggy style, and slept naked. She said “i always had fantasy of getting fucked by young guys like you, i like them a lot”. I smiled and i gave her a erotic massage, and i masturbated her and she masturbated me. Both of us cummed at the same time and exchanged our juices. I said her she looks like the actress, she was pleasured and replied “really son?, you complimented very nice, please fuck me again” I said I will fuck you along with soumya. Please send me your feedback readers. Thank you

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